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Welcome to the African military history task force. If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the main military history talk page, or you can directly approach one of the task force participants below.

The coordinators of the Military history WikiProject can be contacted here.

Scope edit

This task force covers the military histories of all African states, as well as military activity in Africa by non-African powers.

Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding African-task-force=yes or African=y to the {{WPMILHIST}} project banner at the top of its talk page (see the project banner instructions for more details on the exact syntax). This will automatically place it into Category:African military history task force articles.

Participants edit

If you approach anyone from this list for advice or help, please check their contributions first to check if they've edited recently. This list may contain people who have not edited Wikipedia in a long time.

  1. Aldux (talk · contribs) (Chad and neighbouring countries)
  2. Buistr (talk · contribs) (North African and colonial military history 1830-1962)
  3. Cliftonian (talk · contribs) (mostly Rhodesia, including Rhodesian forces in WWI and WWII, etc)
  4. Ctatkinson (talk · contribs) (British and Boer colonial Africa with an emphasis on Southern Africa)
  5. DanieB52 (talk · contribs) (Mainly WWII history and South African history)
  6. Dodger67 (talk · contribs) (Modern African military history and technology, particularly South Africa and neighbouring countries)
  7. Farawayman (talk · contribs) (South African forces in WWI and WWII)
  8. FunkyCanute (talk · contribs) (Southern African colonial history, c1820-1945, especially biographies)
  9. Grant65 (talk · contribs) (Mostly the various African campaigns of World War II. To a lesser degree the Second Boer War and the World War I campaigns)
  10. Icelandic Hurricane (talk · contribs) (suddenly developed an odd interest in this)
  11. Indy beetle (talk · contribs) (20th century conflicts)
  12. ISUtahraptor (talk · contribs) (Primary bush wars focused)
  13. IZAK (talk · contribs) (military history of Southern Africa)
  14. llywrch (talk · contribs) (Ethiopia and related countries)
  15. sf46 (talk · contribs) (Interested mainly in southern Africa, particularly Rhodesia)
  16. Brigade Piron (talk · contribs) (colonial and post-colonial, particularly Central Africa.)
  17. .sprika. (talk · contribs) (British and German Colonial, as well as South Africa and Rhodesia)
  18. Washoe_the_Wise (talk · contribs) (The Scramble for Africa, internal feuds post-1750)
  19. Iazyges (talk · contribs) Mostly Rome and Byzantium.
  20. WvanZyl (talk · contribs) (Modern South African military equipment and technology)
  21. OakMapping (talk · contribs) (Ongoing and recent conflicts)
  22. CXDS (talk · contribs) (Somali Civil War and Medieval East African Battles)

If you wish to identify yourself as a participant of this task force, simply copy and paste this userbox to your user page: {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Members/User WPMILHIST African military history task force}}

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Open tasks edit

Attention needed referencing and citation (4,199) • coverage and accuracy (3,804) • structure (841) • grammar (186) • supporting materials (1,059)
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South African National Defence ForceZimbabwe Defence Forces
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Battle of PwetoBattle of Kisangani (1999)Cannon KopjeCentral Africa RegimentCommando MoissiJerry PurenEgyptian-Hittite warsBattle of TigrayThird Battle of Amba AlagiRashidi MuzeleinBattle of NamacurraMakombe rebellionAdaka Boro AvengersAsawana Deadly Force of Niger DeltaNiger Delta Justice Defence GroupNiger Delta VolunteersNiger Delta Red SquadNiger Delta Revolutionary CrusadersReformed Egbesu FraternitiesEgbesu Boys of the Niger DeltaEgbesu Red Water LionsEgbesu Mightier FraternityNsiloulou (militia)Oromo Youth Revolutionary MovementEthiopian National Liberation FrontMai Mai GédéonCoordination for a Referendum on Self-determination for KatangaProgressive Katanga CongressMai Mai YakutumbaSiege of Bahnasa(639)Jaysh al-Mujahidin (Libya)Brega Martyrs BrigadeAjdabiya Shura CouncilM27 (militia)NyaturaRUD-UrunanaMai Mai ShekaMai Mai YakutumbaFLEC-N'ZitaFLEC-LubotaUniao Nacional de Libertaçao de CabindaFederal Alliance of Eastern SudanNational Liberation Army of KamerunMilitary history of Egypt (currently a redirect) • Umgobhozi Ovela EntabeniCentral Africa RegimentEast Africa RiflesUganda RiflesEast African RegimentUganda Volunteer RiflesBattle of TshaneniFirst Witbooi RebellionBattle of HuamboBattle of Abidjan (2011)Duékoué massacre (currently a redirect) • Blolequin and Guiglo massacres1956 Hausa pogromsSarra Dispute
Expansion needed
Colin CockcroftEugene RaymondNicolaas NieuwoudtDavidson MasukuRepublic of the Congo Civil War (1993–94)Rhodesia RegimentMilitary history of AfricaMilitary history of AlgeriaMilitary history of MoroccoUqba ibn NafiMilitary Committee for National SalvationBattle of GondarBattle of Amba Alagi (1895)Battle of Amba Alagi (1941)Union Defence Force (South Africa)Oromo conflictUganda People's Democratic ArmyHoly Spirit MovementNational Army for the Liberation of UgandaCaprivi Liberation ArmyForças Armadas de CabindaAlliance of Revolutionary Forces of West Sudan2016 Burkinabé coup d'état attempt1986 Lesotho coup d'étatFredrick Mugisha2002–03 conflict in the Pool DepartmentPeter VilhoBaixa de Cassanje revoltMOD Alliance
Images needed
Crocodile Armoured Personnel CarrierCitizen Force (South Africa)Jean SchrammeJean-Marie RunigaKikuyu Home GuardKaronga WarLaurent NkundaMaroon CommandosNatal Native ContingentOdong LatekPaul ErmensRonald Reid-DalyRoyal West African Frontier ForceStanleyville mutiniesUganda National Liberation FrontZimbabwe African National Liberation ArmySamuel Ogbemudia
Merging needed
Add an article here!
Citations needed
Jurinus Janse van RensburgKenya Defence ForcesKing's African RiflesList of South African military chiefsMilitary history of AfricaNigerian Armed ForcesVejaynand RamlakanAubrey SedibeSouth African ArmySouth African NavyZimbabwe National ArmyAir Force of Zimbabwe
Translation needed
es:Acuerdo de Angra de Cintra

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Resources edit

  • If you know of any useful resources, please feel free to add them here.

Books edit

  • Akyeampong, Emmanuel Kwaku; Gates, Henry Louis, eds. (2012). Dictionary of African Biography. Oxford University Press USA. ISBN 9780195382075.
  • The Congo Rebellion. Léopoldville: Press Service of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 1964. OCLC 781977731.
  • Lefever, Ernest W.; Joshua, Wynfred (30 June 1966). United Nations Peacekeeping in the Congo: 1960–1964 (PDF). Vol. 2. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution. OCLC 631685344.

Journals edit

Photos edit

  • MONUSCO Photos - MONUSCO Flickr account, all photos licensed with Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)