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This WikiProject is about Nigeria.
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Welcome to WikiProject Nigeria! This project aims to expand, cleanup and wikify, better organize, and neutralize the point of view on articles related to Nigeria. It is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page.


This WikiProject aims to help coordinate efforts to improve and maintain pages related to:


Goals for the project may be divisible into two domains: a general domain encompassing aims for all Nigeria-related articles, and specific goals pertaining to particular articles or sets of articles. Both sets of goals are expounded upon in the subsequent sections and both are subject to modification and discussion.

General goalsEdit

  1. Ensure that all Nigeria-related articles remain "cleaned up" and accurate, minimising vandalism and spam links as much as possible. These issues are the most pervasive to Nigeria-related items and therefore assume top priority; the aforementioned are also to some degree subsumed in the other general goals to follow.
  2. To create a body of articles that accurately depicts the history and cultures of Nigeria and Nigerian peoples.
  3. To highlight Nigeria's relationships and/or bringings to the rest of the world.
  4. To standardize articles on Nigeria and related subjects with similar layouts and formatting.
  5. To include all relevant information, making especially certain to include the voices of women, the poor, the indigenous, and basically all the rest of Nigerian society. Note also that all information must be sourced. Whether in the form of refs or at least external links, please try to provide a way to verify the information provided, especially that which you add.
  6. To standardize the use of native language terms, names, and translations into English across the series.

Specific goalsEdit

Specific goals may be created or abrogated on an ad hoc basis as deemed necessary and appropriate by project participants. More goals should be discussed and added; please feel free to make suggestions on the discussion page. High priority goals may include:

  • Nigeria; the article is subject to nearly constant vandalism, spam links, and the addition of false and/or biased information at all times, largely by unregistered or new users. The page thus requires constant upkeep to prevent further degradation, in addition to requiring general improvement. The Foreign relations section has been complained about frequently, as have issues regarding vandalism associated with census controversies (probably needs its own article to begin with), Nigerian cities, and other ethno-religious based unhelpful edits.
  • Adding the name of the local language(s) from Ethnologue to articles about towns and villages, with a wikilink to the article about the language. The cite for this is easy: <ref> {{e17| [3 letter language code goes here] }} </ref>

Other suggested workEdit

  • Looking at "What links here" for Nigeria-related articles can often turn up uncategorised Nigerian articles. Categorizing them (even as Category:Nigeria for now) will put them somewhere where they can be accessed for improvement.
  • Add Template:WikiProject Nigeria to the talkpages of Nigeria-related articles.

Requests for uncreated articlesEdit

Created articles that might need improvementEdit


We hope to have this many members some day.

Please add your name below if you are interested in participating. Everybody is invited to get involved!

You may want to add the userbox {{User WikiProject Nigeria}} to your user page, which will produce a userbox and category indicating that you are a member of this project. (Alternately, just adding directly in your userpage might suit you).

Please consider clicking here so as to add this page and its talkpage to your watchlist.

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