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Hello, I am SamHolt6. I edit/create Wikipedia articles, and review new articles as part of my role as a new page reviewer. I can be reached for comment on my talk page, or you may email me via this tool [1].

  • In 2018 I was named [2] the English Wikipedia's "Asian Ambassador" for 2018 as a result of having participated in Wikipedia Asia Month; during this event, I created more articles relating to Asia than any other editor on the English version of Wikipedia.
  • In December 2018, I created my 400th article on the English language Wikipedia.
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Notable individuals I have discovered via WikipediaEdit

Notable things I have discovered via WikipediaEdit

For LaughsEdit

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Quotes and WitticismsEdit

Motto: "To purvey wisdom, to disseminate knowledge, to benefit without detriment." "You call it satanic ritual, I call it alternative medicine" . V for Wikipedia. Only the lowest of men think highly of themselves "Time heals all wounds, except for the fatal ones."

My favorite quotes from others about meEdit

  • "the boomerangs were invented to hit the monkeys. you are not, you are just an "inseistive nick-fake virtual without a real life" comments on wikipedia the life of others because you do not fundamentally exist and you do not have one. peace & love ... and goodbye"

Significant contributionsEdit

First Opium War, Battle of Gangwana, Penal military unit, Battle of the Lines of Elvas, Battle of Montes Claros

Articles saved/cleanedEdit

Found HoaxesEdit

  • Thomas Malroi, alleged 16th century English author and "Earl of Kit". Backed with faked print sources.
  • Vlad Skergio, alleged 13th century Slavonian noble with a vendetta towards dwarfs and short people in general; this hatred was allegedly inflamed when a dwarf assassin killed Skergio's parents. The biography cited a legitimate print source, but is a fabrication.