I am a Nigerian Wikipedian. An Optometrist In-view and a software developer in training.

Projects edit

Project lead/Organizers edit

Wikipedia awareness in Akure (Project lead)

Wikiclimatecampustour Nigeria Project (Core Organizer)

As a Facilitator edit

  • Wikimedia awareness in Federal University of Kashere

Previous Post(s) edit

Free knowledge Africa (Training Associate 2022-2023)

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Articles created edit

  • Nigerian Entertainment :
  • African Cuisines :
  • Libraries:

Articles translated to Yoruba edit





Winner/Top Editor/Honor/Award edit

  1. Explore Nigeria : 7th Position
  2. Nigerian Cuisine : Winner and Top editor
  3. SheSaid Nigeria 2022 (3rd Position
  4. Public Domain contest: 2nd runner up
  5. AfroCreatives WikiProject/Afro Creatives WikiProject +film (Top editor for Gender caterogry)