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The Military history WikiProject's incubator is a temporary host for new groups and initiatives within the project while they gather interest and evolve into more permanent elements of the project's infrastructure.

Starting a new group or initiativeEdit

All project members are encouraged to start new groups and initiatives in their areas of interest. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose a word or phrase that describes the topic or purpose of your new group. The description should be short and easy to understand, such as "Submarines" or "Amphibious warfare"; please don't use codenames or cryptic phrases.
  2. In the box below, enter your description in place of "TOPIC", and click the "Create my new group or initiative!" button.
  3. You will be taken to a page pre-loaded with boilerplate contents and structure; make any changes you need, and click the "Save page" button to finish creating the page.
  4. Add a link to the new page in the "Current groups and initiatives" section below. This will let other interested editors find it.

Current groups and initiativesEdit

The following groups and initiatives are currently hosted here:

Graduating from the incubatorEdit

Once a group or initiative has gathered a reasonable number of interested editors and demonstrated a consistent level of activity, it can graduate from the incubator and become a full-fledged task force, special project, or project department. If you think your group is ready to graduate, please contact the project coordinators and request an evaluation; once the coordinators have confirmed that there is enough interest to sustain a more permanent group, they will create any additional infrastructure needed and move your group to its new location within the project.