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Welcome to the Crusades task force, a joint venture of the Middle Ages and Military history WikiProjects. If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the main military history talk page, or you can directly approach one of the task force participants below.

Mind that you do not need any kind of approval to edit an article. Important for edits in the first place is that they are balanced and neutral or bring (more) balance or (more) neutrality in an article, and edits must be verifiable from reliable sources.

The coordinators of the Military history WikiProject can be contacted here.

Scope Edit

This task force aims to cover aspects of the military expeditions initiated and organised by the Roman-Catholic church in the early Middle Ages in Europe and the Middle East, labeled from some 100 years afterwards on as Crusades.[1]

The task force covers the Crusader states in the Middle East, crusades against what the Roman-Catholic church saw as heretics and pagans in Europe, the military operation of the Roman-Catholic church and it's allies coined "Reconquista" in Iberia, and crusades against the Ottomans in the Later Middle Ages, as well as Muslim, Eastern Christian, Jewish, and other societies affected by the crusades.

The task force tries to go beyond purely military matters, to social, administrative, legal, art, religious, and literary history, and modern historiography of the period. However at the moment not much knowledge or interest exists on these matters within the task force, so the task force welcomes editors who could contribute in these fields, to join.

Hopefully in the future, due to edits of Wikipedians all over the world, articles also will contain information about the way crusades, crusaders and crusade-thinking affected societies in other ways than military gain and loss and tells the story from all possible perspectives, not mainly that of the Roman-Catholic narrative.

The people in this task force would like to have any article related to the topics mentioned, be marked by adding the following to the project banners at the top of its talk page

  • Crusades-task-force=yes (or Crusades=y) to {{WPMILHIST}} (see the instructions for more details on the exact syntax)
  • Crusades-task-force=yes to {{WPMA}}

This will automatically place it into Category:Crusades task force articles.

Mind, this is not an obligation, the request makes it easier for the task force to keep an eye on edits.

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Participants Edit

If you approach anyone from this list for advice or help, please check their contributions first to check if they've edited recently. This list may contain people who have not edited Wikipedia in a long time.

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With most of our articles assessed as Stub- or Start-Class, there's a lot of work to be done. However, we also have a number of good, A-Class, and featured articles, which have been assessed as amongst the best Wikipedia has to offer. These article serve as a yardstick for what can be achieved and should be aimed for, and can provide ideas about how to write an article and what sources to consult; they are listed below:

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Open tasks Edit

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Reinald (Crusader)Saad el-Dawleh
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Charles III, Duke of LorraineMassacre at AyyadiehAoife MacMurroughSiege of Jerusalem (1244)Fall of ArsufFall of CaesareaFall of Haifa (1265)
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First CrusadeSecond Crusade
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Resources Edit

The following resources may be useful when developing articles:

Primary Sources
First Crusade
Guibert of Nogent The Deeds of God Through the Franks
Fulcher of Chartres Historia Hierosolymitana, 1096-1127 (Latin)
Anna Comnena Alexiad
Anonymous Gesta Francorum (Latin)
Anonymous Anonymi Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolymitanorum (ed. Heinrich Hagenmeyer)
Various Epistulae et chartae ad historiam primi belli sacri spectantes (ed. Heinrich Hagenmeyer)
Various The first crusade; the accounts of eye-witnesses and participants (ed. August C. Krey)
Radulfus Cadomensis Gesta Tancredi (Latin)
Second Crusade
Otto Frisingensis Gesta Friderici (Latin)
Various Letters concerning the Second Crusade (doc)
Third Crusade
Anonymous Itinerary of Richard I and others to the Holy Land (pdf)
Ralph of Coggeshall (attributed) De Expugnatione Terra Sanctae per Saladinum (doc)
Fourth Crusade
Geoffrey of Villehardouin The Conquest of Constantinople
Jean de Joinville Memoirs of the Lord of Joinville
Guntherus Cistercensis Monachus Historia Captae A Latinis Constantinopoleos (Latin) (doc)
Various The Fourth Crusade: Selected Texts (doc)
Pope Innocent III Letters of Pope Innocent III concerning the Fourth Crusade (doc)
Caffaro di Rustico The Capture of Almeria and Tortosa (doc)
Anonymous Liber maiolichinus de gestis Pisanorum illustribus (Latin) (pdf)
Osbern De expugnatione Lyxbonensi (excerpt)
General crusades
Guilelmus Tyrensis Historia rerum gestarum in partibus transmarinis (Latin)
Anonymous Old French translation of William of Tyre (Old French)
Bernard le Tresorier Continuation of William of Tyre
Louis de Mas Latrie Chronique d'Ernoul et de Bernard le Trésorier
Alexis Paulin Paris Guillaume de Tyr et ses continuateurs
Reinhold Röhricht, Gaston Raynaud Annales de Terre Sainte, 1095-1291
Philip of Novara Les gestes des Chiprois
John Schmitt Chronicle of Morea
Anonymous Tractatus de locis et statu sancta terre (doc)
Jacques de Vitry A Letter of Jacques de Vitry (doc)
Gaspard Thaumas de la Thaumassiere Coustumes de Beauvoisis et Assises de Jérusalem
Victor Foucher Assises du royaume de Jérusalem
Sempad the Constable Assises d'Antioche
De Roziere Cartulaire de l'église du Saint Sépulchre de Jérusalem
Henri-François Delaborde Chartes de Terre Sainte provenant de l'Abbaye de N.-D. de Josaphat
André d'Albon Cartulaire général de l'ordre du Temple: 1119?-1150
Reinhold Röhricht Regesta regni Hierosolymitani (MXCVII-MCCXCI)
Gottlieb Lukas Friedrich Tafel, Georg Martin Thomas Urkunden zur älteren Handels- und Staatsgeschichte der Republik Venedig
Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society Vol. 5: Fetellus, John of Wurzburg, Joannes Phocas, Theoderich, crusader letter
Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society Vol. 6: Anonymous 11th-12th century pilgrims, etc
Palestine Pilgrims' Text Society Vol. 13: Baha ad-Din's Life of Saladin
Ibn Jubayr The Travels of Ibn Jubayr (ed. William Wright)
Du Cange| Les familles d'outre-mer, ed. E.G. Rey
Recueil des historiens des croisades RHC Occ vol. 1; RHC Occ vol. 2; RHC Occ vol. 3; RHC Occ vol. 4; RHC Occ vol. 5; RHC Or vol. 1; RHC Or vol. 2.1; RHC Or vol. 2.2; RHC Or vol. 3; RHC Or vol. 4; RHC Or vol. 5; RHC Arm vol. 1; RHC Arm vol. 2; RHC Grec vol. 1; RHC Grec vol. 2
Secondary Sources
Bon, Antoine La Morée franque. Recherches historiques, topographiques et archéologiques sur la principauté d'Achaïe
Brodman, J. W. Ransoming Captives in Crusader Spain
Burns, Robert I., S.J. The Crusader Kingdom of Valencia
Laiou, Angeliki E. and Mottahedeh, Roy Parviz (eds.) The Crusades from the Perspective of Byzantium and the Muslim World (pdf)
Setton, Kenneth (ed.) A History of the Crusades

A little peripheral, but hopefully of use to some. A standard history; and a mixture of primary and secondary sources:

Notes and references Edit

  1. ^ Note: When Pope Urban II, at Clermont in 1095, proposed the operation that would become the First Crusade, he described his strategy in speeches and letters as an armed pilgrimage or a God-approved, non-sinful war.