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The purpose of the WikiProject:Motorsport is to maintain its child Wikiprojects; organise and improve the common areas between different motorsport projects; and improve aspects of motorsport that are not covered by other projects.

Please feel free to contribute to the project. You are welcome to add your name to WikiProject: Motorsport's list of members. Please include some information about your specialist areas of knowledge to assist other members.

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  • The Subjects page includes all articles related to the project that lack their own subprojects. If you find such an article that is not currently included, please add its link to the appropriate section of the page, and place the project template on the article's talk page.
  • The Project Task List includes articles in need of improvement, and articles yet to be created.
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Advice about grading criteria can be found on the Assessment page. Articles that have been tagged with the project banner, but have yet to receive a rating, can be viewed at Category:Unassessed motorsport articles. Please help to populate this category by placing the {{WikiProject Motorsport}} template on the talk pages of applicable articles (see project talk page). Related categories include:

Parent projects Edit

Child WikiProjects Edit

Listed below are the child WikiProjects of WikiProject: Motorsport. You can access each project's list of participants from the links below.

Formula One Edit

WikiProject Formula One aims to create, expand, update and standardize Wikipedia articles related to Formula One, including drivers, teams and constructors, regulations, and history.

World Rally Edit

WikiProject World Rally aims to create and improve articles related to the World Rally Championship, rallying in general, and hillclimbing.

Sports Car Racing Edit

WikiProject Sports Car Racing is a collective effort by Wikipedia editors to create, maintain, expand, update, and align articles about all elements of sports car racing.


WikiProject NASCAR is a project to better organize information in articles related to NASCAR.

Motorcycle racing Edit

WikiProject Motorcycle racing aims to create, maintain, expand, update, and align articles about all elements of motorcycle racing.

American Open Wheel Racing Edit

WikiProject American Open Wheel Racing is a project to better organize information in articles related to Open Wheel Racing held or based in the United States, with an emphasis on the IRL, Champ Car, and Indy/Championship racing under the AAA and USAC banner dating to c.1902, the first year of nationalized event sanctioning.

British Motorsport Edit

WikiProject British Motorsport aims to create, expand, update, and standardize Wikipedia articles related to Motorsport in the United Kingdom.

Australian motorsport Edit

WikiProject Australian motorsport is a project to help create, improve, and maintain articles relating to motorsport in Australia.

TCR Series Edit

WikiProject TCR Series aims to create and improve articles related to series, using the TCR regulations - including World Touring Car Cup, Touring Car Endurance Series and continental, regional or national championships utilizing the regulations.

References Edit

  • Official Formula One website - Archive is free to use, highly recommended for referencing Formula One World Drivers' Champion Bios and race reports from 2003 onwards.
  • - GP Encyclopedia contains info from all Grand Prix reports, Driver bios, F1 people bios, Team Profiles, Sponsor profiles, Engine profiles for Formula One and news archiving from January 1995 to the present day on general motorsport as well as Formula One news.
  • - The website has driver's statistics, owner's statistics, race results, track results, and season championship information for the 3 major NASCAR divisions. Continues to be expanded to include IROC, American open wheel racing (IndyCar, IRL, USAC), NASCAR touring series, defunct NASCAR series (Convertible, Speedway, etc.)
  • Motor Racing Circuits Database - Although no longer updated since 2005, this website contains layout histories of nearly every race course in the world, current or defunct. Also includes results for most international series of any discipline. Also useful is which is still active.
  • - a resource of American and Canadian circuits, sanctioning bodies, print publications, and internet publications.

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