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This DYK STATS/Archive 2010 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2010, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK.

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.


2010 DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)Edit

January 2010Edit

Article Image DYK views DYK hook
Princess Alice of the United Kingdom   24,000 ... that Princess Alice of the United Kingdom (pictured) was married to Prince Louis of Hesse in an atmosphere described by Queen Victoria as "more of a funeral than a wedding"?
Thor (film) 17,100 ... that Thor, scheduled for release in 2011, was envisioned and pitched to 20th Century Fox as early as 1990?
Al Bernardin   15,300 ... that although most famous for inventing the Quarter Pounder (pictured), Al Bernardin felt that his most important contribution to McDonald's was his development of frozen french fries?
Jarkov Mammoth 14,400 ... that the Jarkov Mammoth (pictured) was found when Simion Jarkov noticed the protruding tusks on a hunting trip?
Mary Rose   13,800 ... that the Mary Rose was a Tudor period warship that sank during the Battle of the Solent in 1545 and was salvaged (pictured) by maritime archaeologists 437 years later?
Iain Ciar MacLeod   12,400 ... that according to clan tradition, the wife of chief Iain Ciar MacLeod had two of her daughters buried alive within the dungeon of Dunvegan Castle (pictured)?
Red Tail Project   10,900 ... that the Red Tail Project evolved after a United States Air Force P-51 Mustang (pictured) flown by the Tuskegee Airmen was passed through several owners for over 40 years?
Alexander Pentland   10,600 ... that after engaging ten German fighters single-handed on 16 August 1917, Alexander Pentland (pictured) found that four bullets had penetrated his flying suit without injuring him?
Hydnellum peckii   10,200 ... that the bleeding tooth fungus (pictured) secretes a red juice that contains an anticoagulant similar in biological activity to heparin?
LA X 9,800 ... that Barack Obama's next annual State of the Union address was almost scheduled to preempt the broadcast of "LA X", the final season premiere of the television show Lost?
Scyllarides latus   9,600 ... that all that remains of the type specimen of the Mediterranean slipper lobster (pictured) is a 16th century watercolour?
Cultivator No. 6 9,200 ... that Cultivator No. 6 was an enormous fighting machine conceived by Winston Churchill and developed in Britain early in World War II?
Russian battleship Slava   9,100 ... that only one of the six torpedoes fired to scuttle (result pictured) the Russian pre-dreadnought battleship Slava during the Battle of Moon Sound in 1917 worked?
Tracked Hovercraft   8,700 ... that the prototype Tracked Hovercraft high-speed train (remains pictured) was expected to reach 300 mph on its test track north of London, but had only broken 100 mph on a short portion before the program was cancelled in 1973?
Nanodragster 8,300 ... that the Nanodragster is a nanocar which is 50,000 times thinner than a human hair and has a top speed of 0.014 millimeters per hour?
Ashley Madison 8,200 ... that Ashley Madison is an online dating service for people currently in a relationship who wish to cheat on their partners?
Corta Atalaya 8,100 ... that Corta Atalaya (pictured) in the province of Huelva, Spain, is the largest open-pit mine in Europe?
Arrival of the Hungarians   8,100 ... that a 1760 m2 cyclorama, the Arrival of the Hungarians (fragment pictured), was painted in 1894 to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin in 895?
Borodino class battlecruiser   8,000 ... that the Red Army prevented the incomplete Borodino class battlecruiser Izmail (pictured) from being converted to a carrier by gaining control of a commission appointed to review the needs of the Navy?
Economy of the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture 7,800 ... that the Cucuteni-Trypillian people experienced a considerable abundance of food, which contributed to why they had no evidence of war throughout their entire existence?
Paradox Valley   7,800 ... that a project aiming to lower the salinity of the Colorado River has triggered thousands of earthquakes in Colorado's Paradox Valley (pictured)?
Panellus stipticus   7,600 ... that only eastern Northern American strains of the bitter oyster (pictured), a widely distributed mushroom species, are bioluminescent?
The Last Theorem   7,500 ... that in The Last Theorem, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke (pictured) moved the equator north to Sri Lanka to allow for the building of a space elevator there?
Great raft spider 7,400 ... that the European great raft spider eats small fish and tadpoles?
Dale Nelson 7,400 ...that one of Canada's most prolific mass murderers, Dale Nelson, had been still hiding at the scene of his first killing when police left the scene?
Skimmington 7,100 ... that a skimmington, a custom in which victims were mocked and humiliated in a noisy public procession, occurred in England as late as 1917?
Gloria Nord 6,900 ... that pin-up girl Gloria Nord attracted more than a million people to her rolling skating exhibitions in 1942 and 1943 and later gave a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II?
HMS Princess   6,900 ... that the superior design of HMS Princess, a former Spanish ship captured (pictured) in 1740, led to the Admiralty initiating a series of increases in British warship dimensions?
Marcus Cornish   6,700 ... that British sculptor Marcus Cornish has created a sculpture of the fictional Paddington Bear (pictured) and a statue of Jesus Christ dubbed "Jesus in Jeans" by the media?
Anandita Dutta Tamuly 6,600 ... that Anandita Dutta Tamuly ate 51 ghost chillis in two minutes and squeezed the seeds of 25 onto her bare eyes in just one minute?
Million Dollar Maybe 6,600 ... that the Simpsons episode "Million Dollar Maybe" will feature a new character created by the winner of a fan-contest organized by the staff of the show?
Heinrich Hoffmann (pilot) 6,400 ... that World War II German fighter ace Heinrich Hoffmann was the first non-commissioned officer and first posthumous recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves?
I. M. Pei   6,000 ... that Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei (pictured) made three secretive trips to Paris to prepare for his design of the Louvre Pyramid?
HMS Lord Clive (1915) 6,000 ... that the British monitor Lord Clive was stationed in the Thames Estuary in 1916 to shoot down approaching German Zeppelins with shrapnel shells fired by her 12-inch (305-mm) main guns?
Upper Harz Water Regale   5,900 ... that the Upper Harz Water Regale (pictured), a network of dams, lakes, ditches, and tunnels built between 1536 and 1866 to supply water to the mines of the Harz mountains in Germany, is the largest of its kind in Europe?
Game Change 5,800 ... that the release of Game Change, a book about the 2008 United States presidential election, led Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to apologize over remarks he made about President Barack Obama?
Suvarnadurg   5,800 ... that Suvarnadurg (pictured), on the west coast of India, which was called a "Golden Fort" and the pride of the Marathas, was a naval fortification built to defend against European colonialist attacks?
List of heaviest bells   5,700 ... that the 90-ton Mingun Bell (pictured) in Mingun, Myanmar, was the world's heaviest hanging bell until 2000, when the 116-ton Bell of Good Luck was erected in Pingdingshan, China?}}
Amanita regalis   5,500 ... that the royal fly agaric (pictured) was the German Mycological Society's "Mushroom of the Year" in 2000?
Minuscule 545   5,500 ... that in Minuscule 545 iota adscript occurs up to Luke 1:77, then ceases?
Zero stroke 5,400 ... that during the period of hyperinflation in Germany of 1921–1923, there were reports of people suffering from zero stroke, a disorder where they had the desire to write endless rows of zeros?
Split Rock Lighthouse State Park   5,400 ... that Split Rock Lighthouse State Park in Minnesota has a clifftop lighthouse (pictured) on the North Shore of Lake Superior built without roads?
George Eyre 5,300 ... that Captain George Eyre narrowly escaped death in 1812, when he was hit in the head by a musket ball and three others passed through his clothes?
Agat computer 5,100 ... that despite being a clone of the Apple II, the Soviet Agat computer cost as much as twenty times the average monthly Soviet salary?
York Imperial   5,100 ... that the York Imperial apple (pictured) is easily identified by its lop-sided shape and was developed by Quaker Jonathan Jessop?
Lugares colombinos   5,100 ... that one of the Lugares colombinos is the Fontanilla (pictured), from which Christopher Columbus's crew, for his first voyage, are believed to have taken their drinking water?
Hotel Valley Ho   5,000 ... that Bette Davis, Roy Rogers, Frankie Avalon, Humphrey Bogart, Betty Grable, Janet Leigh, Cary Grant and Tony Curtis all stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho (pictured) in Scottsdale, Arizona?
Tax on childlessness 5,000 ... that Joseph Stalin imposed a tax on childlessness, which forced bachelors and childless families to pay an additional 6% income tax until the collapse of the Soviet Union?
Paduka   5,000 ... that Paduka (pictured), a footwear, is generally worn by mendicants and saints of Hindu and Jain religions, with significance in Hindu mythology linked to the epic Ramayana?
Schloss Rosenau, Coburg   5,000 ... that Schloss Rosenau, Coburg (pictured), was the "happy birthplace" of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert?

February 2010Edit

Article Image DYK views DYK hook
Armillaria gallica   18,100 ... that a humongous fungus (example pictured) caused a media stir after it was reported to cover an area of 37 acres (15 ha), weigh at least 21,000 pounds (10,000 kg), and be 1,500 years old?
Hetoimasia   17,600 ... that the intended occupant of the empty throne may have been Alexander the Great, Buddha, Julius Caesar, or Jesus Christ?
Porbeagle   17,500 ... that the porbeagle (pictured) has been known to "play" with kelp fronds, pieces of wood, and fishing floats?
SMS Helgoland   14,800 ...Did you know ... that a crowd of 20,000 rioted in an attempt to secure the release of the mutinous crew of the battleship SMS Helgoland (pictured) in November 1918?
Elephanta Caves   13,500 ... that Portuguese soldiers used Elephanta Caves – now a World Heritage Site – sculptures for target practice, sparing only the Trimurti (pictured)?
Russian battleship Sevastopol (1911) 12,600 ... that between 1930 and 1933, the Russian battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna (pictured) carried a Heinkel aircraft catapult?
Westgate, Canterbury   11,600 ... that the 600-year-old Westgate in Canterbury, Kent, is the largest surviving city gate in England, with double-decker buses still squeezing through it (process pictured)?
Nicholas Barbon 10,900 ... that Nicholas If-Jesus-Christ-Had-Not-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barbon is considered a pioneer of fire insurance in England?
The South Butt 10,900 ... that The North Face is suing The South Butt for trademark infringement?
Charles I Insulted by Cromwell's Soldiers   10,400 ... that the 1836 painting Charles I Insulted by Cromwell's Soldiers (pictured) by Delaroche was thought lost in The Blitz of London of 1941, but was found in 2009?
Bowmouth guitarfish   9,900 ... that the rare bowmouth guitarfish (pictured) has been called "the panda of the aquatic world"?
List of invasive species in the Everglades   9,900 ... that between 5,000 and 180,000 Burmese pythons (pictured) are estimated to be loose in the Everglades?"
Montague Druitt   9,400 ... that Montague Druitt (pictured) was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders?
Frank Freeman   9,000 ... that many works by "Brooklyn's greatest architect", Frank Freeman, have been destroyed, including the Hotel Margaret, Germania Club House, Brooklyn Waterworks, Bushwick Democratic Club House, Brooklyn Savings Bank and Thomas Jefferson Building (pictured)?
Short track speed skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics – Men's 1500 metres 8,700 ... that South Korea was on track to sweep the men's 1500 metre short track speed skating event at the 2010 Winter Olympics before Sung Si-Bak and Lee Ho-Suk crashed into each other on the final lap?
Remington 887 Nitro Mag 8,600 ... that the Remington 887, which has many of the inner workings of the famous Remington 870, uses a unique polymer-based finish which makes it virtually impervious to corrosion and inclement weather?
SM U-118 8,600 ... that after running ashore in a storm, the German submarine SM U-118 became a popular beachside tourist site?
Europa regina   8,600 ... that Europa regina (pictured) wears a hoop crown?
Battle of Kapyong 8,600 ... that although heavily outnumbered, two UN battalions—one Australian and one Canadian—halted an entire Chinese division at the Battle of Kapyong (22–25 April 1951) during the Korean War?
Rimon 20 8,300 ... that on July 30, 1970, Israeli and Soviet fighter pilots battled in the skies over Egypt in an engagement codenamed Rimon 20?
Roy Phillipps   8,300 ... that to join the Australian Flying Corps in 1917, future fighter ace Roy Phillipps (pictured) falsified his age by declaring he was four years younger?
Edward Loch, 2nd Baron Loch 8,200 ... that Lord Loch was a World War I British General who went to the dogs?
Russian battleship Imperatritsa Ekaterina Velikaya   8,200 ... that the Soviets scuttled the battleship Svobodnaya Rossiia (pictured) on 19 June 1918 in Novorossiysk harbor rather than turn her over to the Germans as required by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
Draughtsboard shark   8,100 ... that the draughtsboard shark (pictured) has been known to bark like a dog?
Niño Dios of Mexico   8,000 ... that images of the infant Jesus in Mexico (pictured) can be dressed as Aztecs, football players, and even drug traffickers?
Antelope Island State Park   7,900 ... that, despite being named for Antelope, Antelope Island State Park (map pictured) is noted for being the home of one of the largest herds of Bison in the United States?
Key Largo Woodrat   7,700 ... that in Florida, even Key Largo Woodrats (pictured) "want enormous homes"?
Imperatritsa Mariya class battleship   7,600 ... that the turrets from the lead ship of the Imperatritsa Mariya-class battleships (remains pictured) were salvaged after she sank and used for defending Sevastopol during World War II?
Mutunus Tutunus 7,300 ... that ancient Roman brides sat in the lap of Mutunus Tutunus before marriage?
Carlos IV in his Hunting Clothes 7,300 ... that in Francisco Goya's painting Carlos IV in his Hunting Clothes the artist showed his debt to Titian's 1533 Charles V by showing a dog sniffing at the royal crotch?
Palace of the Marqués del Apartado   7,200 ... that the Palace of the Marqués del Apartado (pictured) has an underground system pumping water to keep it from sinking?
The Actor (painting) 6,900 ... that the 1904 painting by Pablo Picasso, The Actor, estimated to be worth over $100 million, was torn when a woman stumbled and fell into it?
GT200 6,600 ... that Thai government and army officials have insisted on the effectiveness of the GT200 "remote substance detector", despite the BBC having found it to consist of an empty plastic case?
Shady Lady Ranch 6,600 ... that the Shady Lady Ranch, a licensed brothel in Nevada, just hired the state's first legal male prostitute?
Eastern chipmunk   6,500 ... that one burrow of the eastern chipmunk (pictured) was found to contain 390 acorns?
Men in the Philippines
courtship in the Philippines
  6,400 ... that Filipino men and women engage in a form of courtship (example pictured) that is far more subdued and indirect compared to Western cultures?
Cookham Bridge   6,300 ... that the residents of Cookham had to wait 1,400 years for a new bridge (pictured)?
Ouvrage Rimplas 6,200 ... that a Maginot Line fortification became a mushroom farm after it was deactivated in 1972?
Sally Amis 6,200 ... that British novelist Martin Amis believes his sister, Sally Amis, was one of the sexual revolution's most spectacular victims?
Amy Williams 6,100 ... that Amy Williams, gold medal winner in skeleton at the 2010 Winter Olympics, was accused of getting an unfair advantage from ridges in her helmet?
Galerina marginata   6,100 ... that the deadly skullcap (pictured) may cause gastrointestinal bleeding, a coma, kidney failure, or even death within seven days after eating?
Coregonus hoyi 6,100 ... that the bloater, which inhabits the depths of the Great Lakes, swells when brought to the surface?
Burmese–Siamese War (1548–49)   5,900 ... that the Burmese–Siamese War of 1548–49 saw the legendary death of Ayutthaya's Queen Suriyothai during elephant-mounted combat (statue pictured)?
Motorway man 5,900 ... that Motorway man is reluctant to cook, rarely has children, and may decide the next United Kingdom general election?
Tab Clear 5,900 ... that the president of Coca-Cola Co. believed that a new-age label would doom Tab Clear, the company's clear cola answer to Crystal Pepsi?"
Ngo Dinh Nhu   5,800 ... that Ngo Dinh Nhu (pictured right), a Hitler admirer, younger brother and chief adviser to President Diem of South Vietnam, tried to assassinate Sihanouk of Cambodia and publicly vowed to kill his father-in-law?
Landsverk L-120 5,800 ... that Norway's first tank was a Landsverk L-120 with an improvised turret and make-shift armour?
Parma (barque)   5,500 ... that the barque Parma (pictured) recorded the fastest ever time for a sailing ship from Australia to the United Kingdom?
1997 U2 concert in Sarajevo 5,400 ... that when U2 played a concert in Sarajevo in 1997 (concert stage pictured), they attempted to include all the conflicting ethnicities of the region in the audience?
HMS Princess Royal (1911)   5,400 ... that the British battlecruiser Princess Royal (pictured) fired 271 13.5-inch shells during the Battle of Dogger Bank, but only scored three hits?
Cyril Clowes   5,300 ... ... that despite winning the first land victory against Japan in World War II at the Battle of Milne Bay, Major General Cyril Clowes (pictured) was relieved of his command for showing insufficient "vigour"?
Plains Garter Snake   5,200 ... that the Plains Garter Snake (pictured) is one of the most cold-tolerant snakes and often emerges from hibernation to bask on sunny winter days?
130 mm/50 B13 Pattern 1936 5,100 ... that the Soviet 130 mm/50 B13 Pattern 1936 naval gun was produced in three versions with mutually incompatible ammunition and range tables?
Eastern harvest mouse   5,100 ... that the eastern harvest mouse (pictured) usually lives for less than a year in the wild?

March 2010Edit

Article Image DYK views DYK hook
HMS Vengeance (R71)   18,200 ... that the personnel of the aircraft carrier HMAS Vengeance (pictured) were complimented by Queen Elizabeth II on their forgery of her signature?
Afro   17,200 ... that the Afro hairstyle (pictured) was once banned in Tanzania and Cuba?
National Leprechaun Museum   15,500 ... that the National Leprechaun Museum, the first museum dedicated to leprechauns (example pictured), is designed in a way that makes humans seem very small?
Green Lantern (film) 15,200 ... that the film Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds has been in development since the 1990s and once included a comedic incarnation with Jack Black set to star?
Battles of Wenden (1577–1578)   14,400 ... that during the Battles of Wenden (1577–1578), 300 people blew themselves up in Wenden Castle (pictured) to escape capture?
Kongō class battlecruiser   13,800 ... that the Japanese Kongō-class battlecruisers (Kongō pictured) were designed by British naval engineer George Thurston?
Thomas S. Hammond   12,500 ... that American football player Tom Hammond (pictured) always played without protective padding, saying "I want them to feel my bones"?
Chhinnamasta   12,200 ... that the self-decapitated Hindu goddess Chhinnamasta (pictured) standing on a copulating couple signifies that life, death and sex are interdependent?
Thistle, Utah   11,500 ... that Thistle, Utah, was destroyed by the most costly landslide (pictured) in the United States and was the first federal disaster area declared by the U.S. President in the state of Utah?
Portrait of an Unknown Woman   11,300 ... that Ivan Kramskoi's 1883 Portrait of an Unknown Woman (pictured) caused a sensation when first exhibited, as critics assumed that the woman was of ill repute?
GRB 090423 10,900 ...that the gamma-ray burst (GRB) 090423 (pictured), whose light took approximately 13 billion years to reach Earth, is the oldest and most distant known object in the Universe?
Minuscule 658 10,600 ... that, during the bombing of Berlin, Minuscule 658, 659 and 661 were sent out of Berlin for safekeeping and were later found in Poland?
Crossing sweeper   10,100 ... that crossing sweepers (pictured) helped nineteenth-century women avoid having their dresses soiled with horse dung??
NGC 7027   9,600 ... that NGC 7027 (pictured) is the most extensively studied planetary nebula?
Plate reconstruction 9,500 ... that plate reconstructions (example pictured) that use magnetic stripe patterns can only go back to the Jurassic period, as there is no older oceanic crust?
The Mars Project   9,500 ... that The Mars Project, written by Wernher von Braun in 1948, has been regarded as "the most influential book" on manned missions to Mars (artist's conception pictured)?
Tanbo art   9,100 ... that tanbo art (example pictured) is a Japanese practice where giant pictures are created in rice fields?
French battleship Courbet (1911)   8,800 ... that the French battleship Courbet (pictured) was twice hit by German Neger manned torpedoes after she had been scuttled as part of a Mulberry harbour during the Normandy Landings of June 1944?
1901 Michigan Wolverines football team   8,700 ... that Michigan's 1901 "Point-a-Minute" team (pictured), rated one of the greatest college football teams of all time, outscored its opponents 550–0 and beat Stanford 49–0 in the first Rose Bowl game?
Anti-Michelle Obama humor 8,700 ... that Google Images caused controversy in 2009 after it was discovered that the number-one result for the search term "Michelle Obama" was a derogatory doctored photo of the US first lady?
Periyachi   8,700 ... that Tamil Hindu parents dedicate their one-month-old children to the goddess Periyachi (pictured), who is depicted ripping a woman's womb?
Confederate war finance   8,600 ... that more than 60% of the Confederacy's war finance came from printing money (pictured), which, along with bad military news, caused prices to increase 92 times over in the South during the American Civil War?
Lion class battlecruiser   8,500 ... that the British battlecruiser HMS Lion (pictured) fired seven torpedoes during the Battle of Jutland without success?
New Year's Day Battle of 1968   8,400 ... that Oliver Stone (pictured) based the final combat scene in his 1986 movie Platoon on a real battle that he survived when he was an American soldier in Vietnam?
Romualdas Marcinkus   8,400 ... that football champion Romualdas Marcinkus (pictured) was the only Lithuanian pilot to serve in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War?
Bacon Deluxe 8,200 ... that the Bacon Deluxe sandwich from Wendy's topped a list of the five most unhealthful gourmet burgers sold by national fast food restaurant chains in the United States?
Portrait of a Woman (Rogier van der Weyden)   8,100 ... that while veils in the 1400s were usually worn to preserve modesty, the garment worn by the sitter in Rogier van der Weyden's c. 1460 painting Portrait of a Woman (pictured) is used to draw attention to her unusual beauty and sensuality?
Tom Cruise Purple 8,100 ... that actor Tom Cruise does not endorse a potent strain of cannabis called Tom Cruise Purple?
Nissan Terranaut 7,900 ... that the Nissan Terranaut concept car has a glass dome over its roof for an easy escape in case of emergency?
Arabia (steamboat) 7,800 ... that the steamboat Arabia was missing for 132 years before it was discovered half a mile from the Missouri River under 45 feet of mud?
John Wright (Gunpowder Plot)   7,700 ... that John Wright (pictured), one of the Gunpowder Plotters, was considered the finest swordsman in Britain?
Tree of Life (craft)   7,700 ... that a Mexican Tree of Life sculpture (example pictured) appears on the cover of the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album?
Bikini barista 7,700 ... that bikini baristas can be found mixing up coffee drinks all over the Seattle area?
Admiral Apartments 7,400 ... that the Admiral Apartments, built in 1909, had "sporting girls" (prostitutes) operating out of it by 1913?
HMS E13   7,400 ... that the British submarine HMS E13 (pictured) was attacked and destroyed by German warships during World War I after running aground off the neutral Danish island of Saltholm?
Michele S. Jones   7,400 ... that Michele S. Jones (pictured) was the first woman in the U.S. Army to attain the rank of command sergeant major before she retired to a military liaison position in the Obama Administration?
Norrie May-Welby 7,300 ... that in March 2010, Australia became the first country in the world to officially recognise a 'non-specified' gender, when Norrie May-Welby was found to be neither a man nor a woman? Note: it has since become apparent that there is an earlier case in Australia, reported in 2003, see Alex MacFarlane
Flitch of bacon custom 7,200 ... that a flitch of bacon was offered at Wychnor Hall to married couples if they could swear that they did not regret their union, but it was so rarely claimed it was replaced with a wooden one?
Barge Haulers on the Volga   7,200 ... that the figures in Ilya Repin's Barge Haulers on the Volga (pictured) are based on real characters, including a former priest, a former soldier and a painter?
Battle of Bathys Ryax 7,100 ... that at the Battle of Bathys Ryax, the Byzantines attacked with only 600 men out of an army of 4,000–5,000, leaving the rest to raise much noise so as to simulate the arrival of a far larger force?
Woman with seven sons   7,000 ... that the unnamed woman with seven sons (pictured) portrayed in 2 Maccabees is known variously in other sources as Hannah, Miriam and Solomonia?
SMS Wörth   6,800 ... that the German pre-dreadnought battleship SMS Wörth (pictured) represented the Kaiserliche Marine at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Fleet Review in 1897?
Annunciation to the shepherds   6,700 ... that the phrase "peace on earth, good will to men" derives from the Annunciation to the shepherds (pictured), but reflects a dispute over a single letter in the Greek text of the New Testament?
Avukana Buddha statue   6,600 ... that according to legend, the 5th century Avukana statue (pictured), a large stone figure of the Buddha, is the result of a competition between a sculpting master and student?
Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind   6,600 ... that this year's best in show at Crufts, Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind, was the first time a Hungarian Vizsla (pictured) has won the competition?
Saltford Manor House 6,500 ... ... that Saltford Manor House is thought to be the oldest continuously occupied private house in England?"
German submarine U-1065 6,400 ... that the German submarine U-1065 was sunk after only six days at sea by rockets from 10 de Havilland Mosquitos?
Messier 100   6,300 ...that five supernovae have been found in the Messier 100 spiral galaxy (pictured)?
Giant George 6,300 ... that Giant George is recognised as the tallest dog ever by Guinness World Records and measures 43 inches (110 cm) high at the withers?
Adrian Crowley   6,300 ... that Ryan Adams cited Irish singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley (pictured) in a 2005 Rolling Stone interview when asked "Who's the best songwriter that no one's heard of"?
Tremella mesenterica   6,200 ... that witches' butter (pictured) is a jelly fungus that grows parasitically on a crust fungus?
John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel   6,200 ... that the final resting place of John FitzAlan, 14th Earl of Arundel (pictured), who died in 1435, was not definitely established until the discovery of a one-legged skeleton in 1857?
Getå Railroad Disaster   6,200 ... that the locomotive involved in Sweden’s worst rail accident (pictured) was later hit in an air raid near Korsør, Denmark, in 1943 after it had been re-hauled and sold to the Danes?
Beating Heart Cadaver 6,200 ... ... that doctors must regulate the blood pressure of a beating heart cadaver to keep the organs alive?
Irving Kane Pond   6,100 ... that Irving Pond (pictured) designed three National Historic Landmarks, performed a backflip on his 80th birthday, and scored the first ever touchdown for the Michigan Wolverines?
Unfortunate events in the front seats of the ring of Madrid, and the death of the Mayor of Torrejón   6,100 ... that Francisco Goya's etching Unfortunate events in the front seats of the ring of Madrid, and the death of the Mayor of Torrejón (pictured) records an event from 1801 when a Spanish politician was impaled and killed after a bull crashed through the barriers at a Madrid bullfight?
German submarine U-804 6,000 ... that while training in 1944, the German U-804 shot down a Norwegian Mosquito?
Hope (painting) 5,900 ... that after Egypt was defeated by Israel during the Six-Day War the Egyptian government issued copies of the Hope paintings to its troops?
Mohini   5,900 ... that the erotic Indian classical dance Mohiniattam is named after the seductress supreme of Hindu mythologyMohini (pictured), the female avatar of the male god Vishnu?
Robert Crichton Wyllie   5,800 ... that former Scottish doctor Robert Crichton Wyllie (pictured) proposed a plan for British colonization of California in the 1840s?
High Desert (Oregon)   5,700 ... that a 1996 National Geographic magazine map of the United States labeled the High Desert region of southeast Oregon (pictured) as the Great Sandy Desert?
Temple of Bel   5,600 ... that the Temple of Bel (pictured), dedicated in 32 AD, formed the center of religious life in Palmyra, Syria and is considered its "best preserved" ruin?
Art student scam 5,600 ... that the art student scam is a confidence trick in which scammers sell cheap paintings as original art by up-and-coming talents?
Sciurini   5,600 ... that members of the Sciurini group of squirrels, which includes the eastern gray squirrel (pictured), have been described as living fossils?
Paro Taktsang   5,500 ... that the nickname of Paro Taktsang (pictured) in Bhutan, "The Tiger's Nest", derives from the legend which tells that Padmasambhava founded a meditation cave there after travelling on a tigress?
Danaë (Titian series)   5,400 ... that in the Madrid version (pictured) of Titian's series of Danaë paintings, the aid by the side of the Greek legend Danaë is portrayed as a hag, while in the Vienna version, the dog by her side is absent?
Roman theatre of Bosra   5,300 ... that the Roman theatre of Bosra (pictured), built in the 2nd-century AD in Bosra, Syria, is the largest, most complete and best preserved of all the Roman theatres in the Middle East?
Exidia glandulosa   5,300 ... that black witches' butter (pictured) is a wood-decay fungus that loosens the bark of its host by disintegrating the vascular cambium?
Siobhan Magnus 5,300 ... that Siobhan Magnus, a current contestant on the ninth season of American Idol, started singing in public during a elementary school concert when she sang "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie?
Cheater plug 5,200 ... that the cheater plug has been used to remedy ground loops in audio systems, with reckless disregard of electrical safety?
SS Ragnhild (1941) 5,200 ... that Ragnhild was the only ship in convoy KMS 96G?
Aureole effect 5,100 ... that the aureole effect is an optical phenomenon seen in rippling water that creates sparkling light and dark rays radiating from the shadow of the viewer's head?
Motu Matakohe   5,000 ...that Motu Matakohe island is used as a safe location for baby Kiwis (pictured) until they weigh 1 kilogram and are brought to New Zealand?
Japanese lates 5,000 ...that the rare, "almost legendary" Japanese lates was considered to be the same fish as the barramundi until 1984?
1968 in the Vietnam War 5,000 ...... that 1968 was the deadliest year in the Vietnam war for the United States and its Vietnamese allies??

April 2010Edit

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Brad Stevens   46,100 ... that Butler men's basketball head coach Brad Stevens (pictured) has won 89 games in his first three years, exceeding the previous NCAA record by 8 games?
West Loch Disaster
(Apr. 23, 2010)
  29,500 ... that the hulk of LST-480 (pictured) is the only remaining evidence of the West Loch Disaster, the second tragedy to befall Pearl Harbor during World War II?
Fata Morgana (mirage)   23,400 ... that one possible explanation of the origin of the Flying Dutchman legend is a Fata Morgana (illustrated)?
Segregated prom 21,800 ... that despite criticism, some high schools in the United States still hold separate segregated proms for black and white students?
Fernie Swastikas   16,000 ... that in Canadian women's ice hockey history, the Fernie Swastikas (pictured) were the 1923 champions of the Banff Winter Carnival?
Arizona SB1070 14,300 ... that Arizona SB1070, the state's new immigration enforcement law, has attracted national attention as the broadest and strictest anti-illegal immigration measure in decades within the United States?
GCV Infantry Fighting Vehicle   13,900 ... that the GCV Infantry Fighting Vehicle (pictured) will be a networked tactical fighting vehicle with non-lethal weapons and the ability to export electricity?
Japanese battleship Tosa   13,400 ... that the sinking of the Japanese super-dreadnought Tosa (pictured) influenced the design of the Yamato class?
Brian Eaton   13,000 ... that RAAF fighter pilot Brian Eaton (pictured) was shot down three times in ten days in 1943, but went on to become his squadron's commanding officer and eventually retire as an Air Vice Marshal?
Kyaiktiyo Pagoda   12,700 ... that the sight of the "gravity defying" Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (pictured) or Golden Rock, in the Mon State of Myanmar, has been described as "enough to inspire a religious conversion"?
Extreme 19th 12,100 ... that at the Extreme 19th, the world's highest and longest par 3 golf hole, a tee shot takes almost 30 seconds to land?
URO VAMTAC   11,500 ... that the Spanish URO VAMTAC (pictured) is similar to the American HMMWV, since both were developed to meet similar requirements?
Les Clisby   11,500 ... that Flying Officer Les Clisby (pictured), Australia's first fighter ace of World War II, once landed beside a German bomber he had forced down and then captured the crew at gunpoint?
Northwest Airlines Flight 5 10,900 ... that the crew of Northwest Airlines Flight 5 didn't know an engine had fallen off at 35,000 feet and carried on flying for nearly 50 minutes?
Macrobrachium ohione   10,600 ... that until 2001, the Ohio River shrimp (pictured) had not been seen in the Ohio River for 50 years?
Doggles   10,400 ... that Doggles (pictured), a type of sunglasses for dogs, have been sent out to working military dogs in Iraq?
Silly Bandz 9,300 ... that Silly Bandz, popular silicone bracelets that spring into a shape when taken off, have been banned in classrooms for being too distracting?
Liberation of Saint Peter   9,300 ... that the Liberation of Saint Peter (pictured) has been described as a recapitulation of the resurrection of Jesus?
Walworth, County Durham
Walworth Castle
  6,100 + 3,100 = 9,200 ... that the village of Walworth, County Durham, England, contains a 400-year-old castle (pictured)?
Good Luck Charlie 9,000 ... that producers hope to use Good Luck Charlie "to debunk the myth that Disney never has the mom in the picture"?
German submarine U-450 8,900 ... that U-450 went on three war patrols, but did not sink any ships?
15 Broad Street   8,400 ... that in 1931, 15 Broad Street (pictured) in New York City was one of the 20 largest office buildings in the world?
Ghost stations of the Paris Métro 8,400 ... that there are a number of ghost stations along the Paris Métro, including two with no above-ground entrances?
Kii class battleship
Number 13 class battleship
3,800 + 4,500 = 8,300 ... that the Kii class and Number 13 class battleships were to be part of Japan's eight-eight fleet?
Hooker Emerald Brooch   8,100 ... that the Hooker Emerald (pictured) was used for a belt buckle by an Ottoman Sultan?
SMS Habsburg
SMS Babenberg
SMS Árpád
SMS Prinz Eugen
SMS Tegetthoff
2,200 + 1,300 + 1,400 + 1,800 + 1,300 = 8,000 ... that the Austro-Hungarian battleships Habsburg, Babenberg, Árpád, Prinz Eugen, Tegetthoff and Viribus Unitis participated in the bombardment of Ancona?
Nature fakers controversy   7,900 ... that naturalist John Burroughs (pictured) began the nature fakers controversy in 1903 after publishing an essay titled "Real and Sham Natural History" which lambasted popular nature writers of the day?
Marine art   7,700 ... that marine art (example pictured) features in America's Most Wanted Painting and in its variants for several other countries?
Kabandha   7,200 ... that the demon Kabandha (pictured), from the Hindu epic Ramayana, is described to be as big as a mountain, without a head and with eight mile long arms?
George Lane (commando) 7,100 ... that Hungarian-born Commando George Lane was spared execution after taking tea with Rommel?
Rhynchonkos   7,000 ... that the Early Permian microsaur Rhynchonkos (pictured) shares many similarities with Eocaecilia, and may be an ancestor of caecilians?
Mamba APC 6,900 ... that private military companies operating in Iraq use the Mamba armoured personnel carrier because it appears "less aggressive"?
Robert Grosvenor, 1st Marquess of Westminster   6,600 ... that Robert Grosvenor, 1st Marquess of Westminster (pictured) is reputed to have thrown either a Bible or a Prayer Book at the head of King George IV?
Alebrije   6,600 ... that the Mexican craft of alebrijes (pictured) is attributed to Pedro Linares, who supposedly dreamed the creatures and the name while sick with a fever?
Deutschland class battleship   6,500 ... that SMS Schleswig-Holstein, one of the five Deutschland-class battleships (pictured), fired the first shots of World War II during the Battle of Westerplatte?
Acra (fortress)   6,400 ... that a seam (pictured) along the eastern wall of the Temple Mount may be a clue to the location of the Acra, a Seleucid citadel in ancient Jerusalem?
Naval Aviation Photographic Unit   6,400 ... that Edward Steichen (pictured) asked Ansel Adams to be in charge of the darkroom of the U.S. Naval Aviation Photographic Unit during World War II?
Carbon nanocone   6,300 ... that the opening angle of hollow carbon nanocones (pictured) is not arbitrary, but has a few preferential values?
Dewoitine HD.730 6,300 ... that the Dewoitine HD.730, in order to avoid Axis prohibitions on the development of military aircraft, was described as a commercial liaison type despite having folding wings?
Wauconda, Washington 6,300 ... that an Australian couple bought the town of Wauconda, Washington, in an online auction for $370,601?
Olomana (locomotive) 6,200 ... that the steam locomotive Olomana was considered by Walt Disney to have been the closest thing to a "Mickey Mouse engine"?
Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt 6,100 ... that the Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt drag racing car had a metal tag attached to the inside of the glovebox door warning that the fit and finish were not to up to company standards?
Hangleton Manor Inn   6,100 ... that Hangleton Manor (pictured), the oldest secular building in Hove, England, has a cursed dovecote reputedly haunted by ghost pigeons?
Arthur Schmidt (soldier) 6,000 ... that Arthur Schmidt told Red Army officers after the Battle of Stalingrad that "a German Field Marshal does not commit suicide with a pair of scissors"?
SS Empire Cloud 6,000 ... that Empire Cloud was torpedoed on both her maiden and final voyages?
Malchik 6,000 ... that a monument at Mendeleyevskaya station in the Moscow Metro marks the location where stray dog Malchik was stabbed to death by a railway commuter?
Braer Storm of January 1993   6,000 ... that the Braer Storm of January 1993 (pictured) is the extratropical cyclone with the lowest central pressure ever known to have existed in the northern Atlantic Ocean?
Double-barreled question 6,000 ... that a double-barreled question asks about more than one thing, but allows only one answer?
Mausoleum of Saladin 5,900 ... that the mausoleum of Saladin was rebuilt in 1898 under the patronage of German Emperor Wilhelm II after he visited Damascus and found the tomb in a state of disrepair?
Kaiser Friedrich III class battleship   5,900 ... that the Kaiser Friedrich III-class battleships (SMS Kaiser Barbarossa pictured) introduced the standard configuration for pre-dreadnought battleships in the German Kaiserliche Marine?
Heathen hofs 5,900 ... that in 2000–04, excavations in Uppåkra, Scania, revealed that a heathen hof was located there for several hundred years?
No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando 5,800 ... that the British No. 10 (Inter-Allied) Commando unit included soldiers from different countries including Germany?
Copper shark   5,800 ... that schools of copper sharks (pictured) follow the sardine run off South Africa every winter?
Rene Farrell   5,700 ... that cricketer Rene Farrell (pictured) made her debut for Australia after only five matches for her state?
Louis Didier Jousselin   5,700 ... that Louis Didier Jousselin built a 3 km long bridge (pictured) in less than 3 months whilst the French occupied Hamburg?
Blanche Descartes 5,600 ... that the mathematician W. T. Tutte refused to admit that Blanche Descartes was a collective pseudonym?
Daniel Brottier 5,600 ... that Blessed Daniel Brottier, when asked by his mother what he wanted to be when he grew up, responded, "I will be the Pope"?
Iceberg Theory 5,700 ... that the Iceberg Theory refers to Ernest Hemingway's distinctive writing style?
Mottled skate   5,600 ... that mottled skate (pictured) is commonly served at weddings in South Korea?
Patuxai   5,500 ... that American money was redirected from an airport to build the Patuxai monument (pictured) in Vientiane, Laos?
Ortgies 7.65 mm Semi-Automatic Pistol 5,500 ... that the suicide weapon in J.D. Salinger's "A Perfect Day for Bananafish" was an Ortgies 7.65mm Semi-Automatic Pistol?
Google Guys 5,400 ... that the Google Guys, composed of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are among the richest people in the world with a net worth of US$17.5 billion each?
Gallifrey Base 5,400 ... that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat warned actor Matt Smith not to visit fan forums such as Gallifrey Base?
SMS Deutschland (1904)   5,400 ... that during the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916, SMS Deutschland (pictured) took part in the last engagement between capital ships in World War I?
Capilla abierta   5,400 ... that the capilla abierta (pictured) is considered one of the most unique construction types from Mexico in the world architecture?
Wonder Pot 5,300 ... that the Israeli-invented Wonder Pot bakes cakes, casseroles and roasts on the stovetop rather than in the oven?
Rustock botnet 5,300 ... that the Rustock botnet was capable of sending 30 billion spam messages every day, utilizing around 150,000 computers infected with a trojan horse?
Inventing the AIDS Virus 5,200 ... that Inventing the AIDS Virus, written by molecular biologist Peter Duesberg, argues that AIDS is not infectious and that HIV is an unrelated passenger virus?
Inimicus filamentosus
  1,800 + 3,400 = 5,200 ... that genus Inimicus includes highly venomous benthic stonefishes, such as Inimicus filamentosus (pictured), which use their pectoral fins as legs to walk on the seabed?
Woodhead Dam   5,200 ... ... that Thomas Stewart, who designed the internationally recognized Woodhead Dam (pictured), was called "the father of consulting engineering in South Africa"?
Mount Graham Red Squirrel   5,200 ... that the endangered Mount Graham Red Squirrel (pictured) was believed to be extinct in the 1950s until it was rediscovered in the 1970s?
St. Mary's Church, Chesham   5,200 ... that St. Mary's Church (pictured) in Chesham, England, incorporates a Bronze Age stone circle in its foundations?
Black_Virgin_Mountain 5,200 ... that during the Vietnam War, the top half of Black Virgin Mountain was held by American forces while the bottom was controlled by the Vietcong?
Pyongyang (restaurant chain) 5,100 ... that the government of North Korea operates an overseas chain of restaurants from which staff occasionally attempt to escape?
Commando Memorial   5,100 ... that the Commando Memorial (pictured) erected in the remote Scottish Highlands is dedicated to the original World War II British Commandos, who were trained at nearby Achnacarry Castle?
Clemuel Ricketts Mansion   5,100 ... that when the stone Clemuel Ricketts Mansion (pictured) was built in 1852 on the shores of Lake Ganoga in Pennsylvania, it was so remote it was nicknamed "Ricketts Folly"?
Eighty Mile Beach 5,100 ... that Eighty Mile Beach in Western Australia is 140 miles (230 km) long?
Shtojzovalle 5,000 ... that in Albanian mythology, when people go for a walk and step on a shtojzovalle they may get devoured by it?
Mason Plumlee 5,000 ... that 6' 10" Mason Plumlee plays basketball for the NCAA finalist Duke Blue Devils alongside his 6' 10" brother Miles, and their younger 7' 0" brother Marshall plays in high school?
Womb veil 5,000 ... that "womb veil" was the most common term for barrier contraception used by women in 19th-century America?
Manaslu   5,000 ... that Manaslu (pictured) is the eighth highest mountain in the world, located in the Mansiri Himal, part of the Nepalese Himalayas, in the west-central part of Nepal?
SMS Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand 5,000 ... that the Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand fought in World War I, a war started by the assassination of her namesake?

April 1 2010Edit

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Termitaradus mitnicki   26,600 ... that researchers have identified the pictured life form which no longer lives on this planet?
Prada Marfa 19,600 ... that the Prada Store in Marfa, Texas, is never open?
Blood rain 19,400 ... that a rain of blood in Germany foreshadowed the coming of the Black Death?
Buxbaumia 17,200 ... that humpbacked elves are rarely seen because their bodies are microscopic?
TSS The Queen 15,500 ... that The Queen was captured by the Germans in 1916??
James E. Brown III 14,500 ... that James Brown flew an F-22 Raptor and survived a fuel leak while traveling at almost the speed of sound?
Tachyoryctes rex 14,300 ... that T. rex survives underground in Kenya?
Buttock mail 14,200 ... that buttock mail was a form of punishment for fornication, an alternative to the stool of repentance?
Jedward 13,900 ... that two Irish musicians described as "tone deaf", and as "not very good" by British prime minister Gordon Brown, have been recently cited as more popular than The Beatles?
USS Van Buren (1839) 13,000 ... that Martin Van Buren was over twenty feet wide?
Máel Brigte of Moray 12,900 ... that despite dying in battle and being beheaded, Máel Brigte of Moray still managed to kill his opponent Sigurd the Mighty, a 10th-century Earl of Orkney, as he rode home afterwards?
Tickle Cock Bridge 12,700 ... that residents of Castleford, England, were incensed when their council tried to eliminate Tickle Cock?
Bertiespeak 11,300 ... that Bertie Ahern speaks Bertiespeak?
Cake (advertisement)   11,300 ... that the materials used in the production of a Škoda Fabia car (pictured) in 2007 included margarine and orange sugar paste?
Thomas Cruse 10,200 ... that Tom Cruse was awarded the Medal of Honor for gallantly charging hostile Indians?
Morchella esculenta
Phallus (genus)
5,700 + 4,400 = 10,100 ... that the yellow morel was once a Phallus?
PRR 460 9,600 ... that Lindbergh raced an airplane from Washington to New York in under three hours, without ever leaving the ground?
The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report 9,500 ... that Wikipedia covers the whole shebang?
Cliffe Castle Museum   9,200 ... that Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley, Yorkshire, boasts a wife-soothing cradle (pictured)?
Elvis Thomas 8,800 ... that Elvis is still alive and teaching soccer at Neil McNeil Catholic Secondary School?
Ugly Men's Association 8,700 ... that Perth, Western Australia, got rid of ugly men in 1948?
Ruth Belville   7,400 ... that Ruth Belville (pictured) and her parents had a business selling people Greenwich Mean Time?
SS Dumbo 6,300 ... that in October 1968, Dumbo was arrested in Las Palmas, Spain?
Bradford Industrial Museum 5,500 ... that the cod Yorkshire dialect, one on't cross beams gone owt askew on treadle, in Monty Python's "Trouble at Mill" sketch actually means something?
Picoazá 5,400 ... that the citizens of Picoazá, Ecuador, elected foot powder as their mayor?
Guinness Black Lager 5,300 ... that Guinness Black Lager is a new black lager which is being test marketed in Malaysia by Diageo for sale in the west under its Guinness brand name?

May 2010Edit

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2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade   53,000 ... that the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade (logo pictured) to be held today (9 May), will be the first Victory Day Parade to include foreign troops marching on Moscow's Red Square?
Longest recorded sniper kills   44,600 ... that the longest recorded sniper kill is from 2,475 m (8,120 ft) using a L115A3 Long Range Rifle (pictured)?
Frilled shark   25,000 ... that the frilled shark (pictured) may have the longest gestation period of any vertebrate, at three and a half years?
Colonel Mordaunt's Cock Match   23,800 ... that cleaning of the painting Colonel Mordaunt's Cock Match (pictured) revealed the arousal of the central figure?
Goose pulling   19,500 ... that goose pulling (pictured) was a popular blood sport practiced in Belgium, England, the Netherlands and the United States that involved a man on horseback galloping past a live goose and pulling its head off?
USS Recruit (1917)   18,900 ... that the battleship USS Recruit (pictured) was built in New York City's Union Square?
Bathsheba at Her Bath   15,100 ... that Bathsheba at Her Bath (pictured), has been called "Rembrandt's greatest painting of the nude"?
Amanita exitialis 14,300 ... that the Guangzhou destroying angel has fatally poisoned almost 30 people since the year 2000?
Boobquake 12,900 ... that during "Boobquake", thousands of women tested a hypothesis that they could start earthquakes by dressing immodestly?
Lake Balkhash 12,700 ... that water is fresh in the western part of Lake Balkhash (pictured) and is saline in the eastern part?
The Death of Nelson (West painting)   11,800 ... that Benjamin West's painting The Death of Nelson (pictured) proved so popular that, within about a month, it was seen by 30,000 people in his studio?
Cyrba   10,600 ... that Cyrba spiders are said to be primitive because they retain characteristics that other jumping spiders (example pictured) lost?
Spanish ship Duque de Tetuán (1874)   10,200 ... that the Spanish floating battery Duque de Tetuán (pictured) was considered a failure as a ship of war?
Rachel Chiesley, Lady Grange   9,800 ...that an Edinburgh judge and Member of Parliament had his wife, Lady Grange (pictured) kidnapped and effectively imprisoned for thirteen years in various remote parts of western Scotland?
Tilottama   9,700 ...that according to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the apsara Tilottama (pictured) was so beautiful that the god-king Indra developed a thousand eyes on his body to see her?
Burnham-on-Sea Round Tower
Burnham-on-Sea High Lighthouse
Burnham-on-Sea Low lighthouse
  2,700 + 2,500 + 4,400 = 9,600 ... that Burnham-on-Sea has had three lighthouses; the Round Tower, High Lighthouse and Low lighthouse (pictured), but only the last, the smallest, is still operating?
Abyssal plain   9,500 ... that despite covering more than 50% of this planet's surface, abyssal plains (pictured) are among the least explored regions on Earth?
Russian cruiser Gromoboi   9,200 ... that the crew of Russian cruiser Gromoboi (pictured) suffered heavily during the Battle off Ulsan because their captain ordered his gunners to remain at their guns even when they were out of range?
French battleship République (1902)
French battleship Patrie (1903)
7,400 + 1,700 = 9,100 ... that the French battleship République was hit by a torpedo from the Patrie, her sister ship?
Bykenhulle   9,100 ... that the hunting lodge at Bykenhulle (pictured) in East Fishkill, New York, can be entered only by turning a carved liquor bottle on the door to "pour" into a nearby shot glass, revealing a peephole?
Wem Town Hall 8,739 ... that a photograph of Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England, taken during a fire, appears to show the ghost of a young girl standing amidst the flames?
No. 2 Commando 8,700 ... that the first men executed under Adolf Hitler's Commando Order were from No. 2 Commando?
Cocker Spaniel   8,500 ... that the two modern breeds of Cocker Spaniel, American (pictured) and English, are thought to have been descended from only two dogs?
Bickerton Hill   8,400 ... that Raw Head (pictured), in Cheshire, England, was a Marilyn, but was demoted in 2009 after a re-survey?
Mycena californiensis   8,200 ... that the fungus Mycena californiensis (pictured) was "resurrected" in 1999?
FEMEN 8,200 ... that although known for their erotic protests, the Ukrainian women’s movement FEMEN is against legalizing prostitution?
Desireé Bassett 8,200 ... that seventeen-year-old rock guitarist Desireé Bassett has been called "the future of rock and roll"?
Hadley Richardson   8,000 ... that Ernest Hemingway's wife Hadley Richardson (pictured) lost a suitcase containing his early manuscripts at a Paris train station in 1922?
Russian battleship Oslyabya 8,000 ... that the Russian battleship Oslyabya was the first armored battleship ever sunk by gunfire alone, without any torpedo hits?
Young Spartans Exercising 8,000 ... that in Edgar Degas' painting Young Spartans Exercising, the four women in the foreground share ten legs?
Raghadan Flagpole 7,800 ... that while the 126.8-metre (416 ft) Raghadan Flagpole in Amman is both earthquake- and weather-resistant, excessive noise means the flag must be lowered during high winds?
Mulga Parrot
Scarlet-chested Parrot
Elegant Parrot
  2,300 + 2,800 + 2,700 = 7,800 ... that Many-coloured, Splendid (pictured) and Elegant Parrots inhabit Australia's southern hinterlands?
John Heaphy Fellowes   7,700 ... that "Happy Jack" Fellows, a prisoner of war for six-and-a-half years during the Vietnam War, was awarded the Silver Star for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while interned"?
Boeing Phantom Ray 7,700 ... that Boeing's Phantom Ray UCAV was kept a secret even within the company for almost two years?
Polydorus (Priam's Son)   7,500 ... that Polydorus (pictured being killed by Polymestor), son of Priam, features in Euripides' Greek tragedy Hecuba, Virgil's Roman epic The Aeneid and Homer's Iliad?
List of commanding officers of the USS Oklahoma (BB 37) 7,500 ... that the last commander of the USS Oklahoma held that position for only 34 minutes?
Curtiss XSB3C 7,400 ... that one of the reasons the U.S. Navy cancelled the Curtiss XSB3C dive-bomber project was the aircraft's requirement for the use of 115/145-octane avgas?
Douglas XP-48 7,400 ... that the U.S. Army Air Corps cancelled the Douglas XP-48 because its performance figures seemed to be too good to be true?
Windsor Swastikas 7,100 ... that before Blaine Sexton won Olympic bronze as part of the UK Hockey team he played for the Windsor Swastikas in Canada?
Kurtës Ambush 7,100 ... that although the 20 mm Breda is an anti-aircraft gun, during the Kurtës Ambush it was used against German trucks?
Self Portrait with Two Circles   7,100 ... that the meaning of the circles in Rembrandt's painting Self Portrait with Two Circles (pictured) has been the subject of much speculation?
Navajo Nation Zoological and Botanical Park 7,100 ... that the Navajo Nation Zoo was facing immediate closure after a visit by the gods in 1999?
George Clavering-Cowper, 3rd Earl Cowper   7,000 ... that George Clavering-Cowper (pictured) went on a Grand Tour and, despite becoming an earl and an M.P., he stayed in Florence and became a prince?
John Komnenos the Fat 7,000 ... that when the Byzantine usurper John Komnenos the Fat tried to sit on the imperial throne, it broke under his weight?
John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame 7,000 ... that millions have visited the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame, including one who knelt in front of the flame, fell, and burned to death?
Tupolev ANT-21 7,000 ... that the Tupolev ANT-21 was rejected by the Soviet Air Force because it was not armed with recoilless rifles?
68-pounder   6,900 ... that the Royal Armouries museum describes the 68-pounder (pictured) as the finest smoothbore gun ever produced?
Livadia (yacht, 1880) 6,900 ... that the hull of the Russian imperial yacht Livadia was compared to a pancake, a turtle, and a pair of soup plates?
Courageous class battlecruiser   6,900 ... that the British Courageous class battlecruiser HMS Courageous (pictured after aircraft carrier conversion) was damaged when her forecastle deck buckled during her sea trials while running at full speed in a rough head sea?
USS Washington (BB-47) 6,800 ... that even after being hit by three one ton bombs, the USS Washington (BB-47) had only a three degree list?
Christ Church, Ore   6,800 ... that past and present churches in Hastings, East Sussex, include one in the middle of a wood, one on the beach for the fishermen, one on a "crazy site" and one with "a very naughty turret"? (PS. The picture got 6,300 views!)
Reflex (magazine) 6,800 ... that reading an issue of the magazine Reflex so seriously disturbed the wife of a former Czech Prime Minister that she had to be hospitalized?
Caitlin Thomas 6,710 ... that when Dylan Thomas' wife, Caitlin Thomas arrived at his death bed, her words were reportedly, "Is the bloody man dead yet?"?"
List of Spanish battleships and monitors   6,700 ... that the battleships of Spain included the smallest dreadnoughts ever built (España pictured)?
Delamere Forest
Forests of Mara and Mondrem
  4,229 + 2,425 = 6,654 ... that Delamere Forest (pictured) is the remnant of the Norman hunting forests of Mara and Mondrem, which once covered over 60 square miles (160 km2) of Cheshire, England?
Limb infarction 6,625 ... that after appropriate treatment for limb infarction, approximately 70 percent of infarcted arms and legs remain alive and vital after six months?
RuBot II 6,600 ... that RuBot II is the world's fastest Rubik's cube solving robot?
Borneo shark 6,500 ... that the endangered Borneo shark was rediscovered in 2007, after not having been seen for many decades?
HMS Tynedale (L96) 6,500 ... that HMS Tynedale, a destroyer of the Royal Navy, attacked and damaged a U-boat in 1942 that would sink her a year later?
Monte Carlo (2011 film) 6,500 ... that 17-year-old Selena Gomez replaced 42-year-old Nicole Kidman as the lead in the film Monte Carlo?
Wooden Leg: A Warrior Who Fought Custer 6,400 ... that Wooden Leg didn't have one?
SM UB-50 6,300 ... that the U-boat SM UB-50 sank nearly 100,000 gross register tons of shipping?
Arlington Ladies   6,200 ... that members of the Arlington Ladies (pictured) attend the funeral of every servicemember buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
Benjamin Ogle Tayloe   6,200 ... that Alabama land- and slave-owner Benjamin Ogle Tayloe (pictured), reputed to be America's richest man in 1860, lost a half million dollars during the American Civil War?
Bloch MB.480 6,200 ... that the Bloch MB.480, despite proving successful in testing, was cancelled by the French Navy in favour of landplanes?
Nigel Cullen 6,200 ... that World War II fighter pilot Nigel Cullen, who became an ace with 16 aerial victories, was nicknamed "Ape" for his imposing physique?
Ernest Troubridge   6,100 ... that Rear-Admiral Ernest Troubridge (pictured) was court-martialled for his failure to successfully engage the German warships SMS Goeben and SMS Breslau?
Dubdi Monastery Yuksom Norbugang Chorten Pemayangtse Sanga Choeling Khecheopalri Lake Tashiding
(May 24, 2010)
  673 + 688 + 663 + 650 + 664 + 609 + 815 + 1,303 = 6,065 ... that Chogyal established the first monastery (pictured) in Sikkim at Yuksom in 1701, which is part of a Buddhist pilgrimage circuit including Norbugang, Pemayangtse , Rabdentse, Sanga Choeling, Khecheopalri Lake, and Tashiding?
Asphalt volcano 6,000 ... that the asphalt volcano is a rare underwater volcano composed of asphalt and erupting petroleum and methane instead of lava?
Galaxy 15 6,000 ... that Galaxy 15, a communications satellite, was originally designed to last 15 years but is currently out of control?
Chronic Tacos 6,000 ... that avid cyclist Randy Wyner founded Chronic Tacos because he was "tired of biking so far to find a good taco"?
Russian cruiser Rossia (1896)   5,800 ... that the Russian armored cruiser Rossia (pictured) became the first warship to use an aerial device on the high seas during a time of war when she flew an observation balloon in May 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War?
Crispin Black   5,800 ... that BBC terrorism consultant Crispin Black survived the bombing of RFA Sir Galahad (pictured) during the Falklands War?
China Aviation Museum   5,800 ... that the China Aviation Museum (pictured) is located in an underground bunker and includes a replica of the Wright Flyer?
F+W C-3605 5,800 ... that the nose of the F+W C-3605 had to be stretched by six feet (1.8 m) to balance its center of gravity?
Shcherbakov Shche-2 5,800 ... that the Shcherbakov Shche-2 was used by the Soviet Air Force to resupply partisan forces during World War II?
Khulda   5,700 ... that the Palestinian Arab village of Khulda (pictured), depopulated and destroyed during the 1948 Palestine war, had a history that stretched back to the period of the Crusades?
Interstate XBDR 5,700 ... that although two prototypes of the Interstate XBDR flying bomb were ordered, only a 1/17-scale model was ever built
Biosafety cabinet   5,600 ... that fume hoods are not biosafety cabinets (pictured), and vice-versa?
Minuscule 697 5,600 ... that Minuscule 697 was found in a village near Corinth, and bought by C. L. Merlin, British vice-consul in Athens, in 1865?
Dance in the Dark 5,500 ... that Lady Gaga's song "Dance in the Dark" is about a girl who likes to have sex with the lights off because she is embarrassed about her body?
Schwanenwerder   5,400 ... that the island of Schwanenwerder in Berlin, Germany, houses a column (pictured) from the former Tuileries Palace?
Lund 1 Runestone 5,400 ... that the Lund 1 Runestone depicts two wolves that have a sword and shield strapped to their bodies?
Ricardo Blas, Jr. 5,400 ... that Ricardo Blas, Jr. surpassed the previous record for the heaviest Olympic competitor by 44 lb (20 kg) when he competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics?
Type 1936B destroyer 5,400 ... that two ships of the German Type 1936B destroyer class, Z35 and Z36, both sank after hitting "friendly" mines on the same day in the Gulf of Finland?
George de Bothezat
de Bothezat helicopter
1,000 + 4,400 = 5,400 ... that Thomas Edison hailed George de Bothezat's rotorcraft, the "Flying Octopus", as "the first successful helicopter"?
Banksia lemanniana
Banksia caleyi
Banksia elderiana
  2,000 + 1,800 + 1,500 = 5,300 ... that the flower spikes of Banksia lemanniana, Banksia caleyi (pictured) and Banksia elderiana hang upside down rather than erect like most other Banksia species?
IBM 608 5,300 ... that the IBM 608, released in December 1957, was the first commercial completely transistorized computer?
Unity Ranger Station 5,300 ... that the historic Unity Ranger Station in northeastern Oregon has had a 60-foot high fire lookout tower (pictured) with a built-in water tank located on the compound since 1938?
Elena Myers   5,300 .. that 16 year old Elena Myers (pictured) is the first female motorcyclist to win a race in the 76 year history of AMA Pro Racing?
Unity Ranger Station 5,300 ... that the historic Unity Ranger Station in northeastern Oregon has had a 60-foot high fire lookout tower (pictured) with a built-in water tank located on the compound since 1938?
Admiral class battlecruiser   5,200 ... that the Admiral-class battlecruiser Hood (pictured) escorted British merchantmen into Bilbao in 1937, even though the Nationalist cruiser Almirante Cervera was attempting to blockade the port?
Morganna 5,200 ... that Morganna, the Kissing Bandit, originally wanted to be a nun but ran away from school at the age of 13 to become an exotic dancer and legendary kisser of baseball players?
Thomas C. Kinkaid   5,200 ... that Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid (pictured) received the Navy Distinguished Service Medal on three separate occasions, for his actions during the Battle of the Coral Sea, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, and the Battle of Attu?
Serpula   5,100 ... that the blood of Serpula tubeworms (pictured) appears green when deoxygenated, though it is light red when oxygenated?
Robert Krentz 5,100 ... that Arizona passed the toughest illegal immigrant law in the U.S. following the murder of rancher Robert Krentz?
French battleship Jauréguiberry 5,000 ... that the French battleship Jauréguiberry had a torpedo air chamber accidentally explode between her propellers when she fired her stern torpedo tube in 1905, flooding her steering compartment?
Milecastle 8 5,000 ... that Milecastle 8 of Hadrian's Wall lies beneath the A69 dual carriageway?
Countdown to Zero 5,000 ... that the documentary film Countdown to Zero, which analyzes the likelihood of the use of nuclear weapons, has been privately screened by United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton?
Convair Model 118 5,000 ... that the first prototype ConvAirCar crashed because its pilot read the wrong fuel gauge before takeoff?

June 2010Edit

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HZ-1 Aerocycle   23,300 ... that the de Lackner Aerocycle (pictured) was intended to be flown by infantrymen after only 20 minutes of flight training?
Gee Bee Model Z   11,500 ... that in 1931, frame-by-frame analysis of a movie was used to determine why the Gee Bee Model Z (pictured) crashed?
Australite   11,500 ... that for their peculiar shapes australites (pictured) were once thought to be glass meteorites?
Hans Litten 11,400 ... that Hans Litten so rattled Adolf Hitler on the witness stand that, years later, Hitler told Prince Wilhelm of Prussia that even he would be sent to a concentration camp if he supported Litten?
Charles Domery 10,600 ... that Charles Domery ate 174 cats in a year?
Kronan (ship)   10,600 ... that the warship Kronan was one of the largest ships in the world when she foundered and exploded with the loss of 800 men at the battle of Öland (pictured) in 1676?
Cryptoprocta spelea 9,400 ... that although the giant fossa, formerly one of the top carnivores of Madagascar, is thought to be extinct, there is some anecdotal evidence of very large living fossas?
Geography of New Caledonia   9,100 ... that New Caledonia, an island fragment of the sunken continent Zealandia since the Cretaceous, and home to the Kagu (pictured), has been likened to a "Jurassic Park"?
Focke-Wulf Fw 42 8,600 ... that despite proving promising in wind tunnel testing, no examples of the Focke-Wulf Fw 42 were ever built?
Laguna Madre   8,400 ...that the Laguna Madre (pictured) in Texas is one of the earth's six hypersaline bays?
Neuschwanstein (meteorite)   6,700 + 1,700 = 8,400 ... that the fall of the Neuschwanstein meteorite (computer graphic pictured) in 2002 was observed by the European Fireball Network and outdoor witnesses through most of Central Europe?
Sol Hachuel   7,700 ... that in 1834, the 17-year-old Moroccan Jewish girl Sol Hachuel was beheaded (pictured) for alleged apostasy from Islam?
1492 light sighting 7,200 ... that Christopher Columbus received a royal reward for the 1492 sighting of unknown light?
Royal Gold Cup   7,200 ... that the enamelled Royal Gold Cup (pictured) has a documented history since 1391, in the course of which it has been given away three times, pawned twice, and sold three times?
Operation Raviv   6,800 ... that during Operation Raviv of September 1969, Israeli troops used captured Arab armor (T-55 pictured) to raid Egypt's Red Sea coast?
Hedwig glass 6,700 ... that only fourteen complete examples of Hedwig glass are known?
Lofty Large 6,500 ... that Lofty Large once floored a donkey with a single punch while fighting rebels in Oman?
Holter Dam
Hauser Dam
  3,300 + 3,200 = 6,500 ... that construction of Holter Dam ceased in 1910 for six years after the 1908 collapse (pictured) of Hauser Dam almost drove the company constructing Holter into bankruptcy?
Dornier Do 29 6,400 ... that the propellers of the Dornier Do 29 could be tilted downwards by up to 90 degrees?
Donna Simpson (obese) 6,200 ... that Donna Simpson maintains a website where male fans pay to watch videos of her eating and measuring her waistline?
White Horse Prophecy 6,100 ... that the White Horse Prophecy, attributed to Mormon founder Joseph Smith, is "not embraced as Church doctrine" by the Mormon Church?
David Tidmarsh 5946 Unknown.
Bere Ferrers rail accident 5,700 ... that ten New Zealand soldiers lost their lives in 1917 in the Bere Ferrers rail accident due to being unaccustomed to the British railway system?
Brian Zembic 5,500 ... that professional gambler Brian Zembic had size 38C breast implants inserted into his chest to win a $100,000 bet?
Moonsault Scramble 5,500 ... that Moonsault Scramble (pictured) was the third-tallest shuttle roller coaster ever constructed, and the first roller coaster to stand over 200 feet (61 m) in height?
Harpy Tomb   5,500 ... that the Harpy Tomb (pictured) from ancient Xanthos was originally mounted on a stone pedestal seventeen feet above the ground?
Clock Tower, Brighton 5,400 ... that the Clock Tower in Brighton city centre has been variously described as "delightful", "worthless", "a giant salt-cellar", "charmingly ugly" and "supremely confident"?
Rice production in Vietnam 5,200 ... that Vietnam is one of world’s richest agricultural regions (pictured) making Vietnam the second-largest exporter worldwide and the seventh-largest consumer of rice?

July 2010Edit

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Paul (octopus)
Mani the Parakeet
  ~150,000 ...that Paul the Octopus (pictured) predicts Spain winning the World Cup today, while Mani the Parakeet tips a victory by the Netherlands?
Daniel Lambert   31,400 ... that English gaol keeper and animal breeder Daniel Lambert (pictured) weighed 52 stone 11 lb (739 lb; 335 kg)?
Toilet paper orientation   22,500 ... that most people orient their toilet paper with the loose end hanging over the top and away from the wall (pictured)?
Citadel of Arbil   19,800 ... that it has been claimed that the Citadel of Arbil (pictured) is the oldest continuously inhabited site in the world?
Megapenthes lugens 15,800 ... that the Queen's executioner lives in Windsor Great Park and feeds on weevils and nectar?
Rivadavia-class battleship   15,659 ... that the Rivadavia-class battleships (pictured) were the subject of a vicious competition between France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States?
With flying colors   14,200 ... that the phrase "pass with flying colors" comes from ships sailing into port (pictured)?
Larissa Riquelme 13,584 ... that Larissa Riquelme, who gained international fame as a spectator at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, is Paraguay's highest-paid model?
Hill 303 massacre   11,700 ... that US Army soldiers march to the top of Hill 303 in Korea every year to place flowers commemorating the victims of the Hill 303 massacre of the Korean War (memorial pictured)?
Moon Museum 10,900 ... that a drawing resembling a penis by Andy Warhol may be on the moon?
Calakmul   10,200 ... that Calakmul (pictured) was one of the largest and most powerful Maya cities?
Codex Boreelianus   9,800 ... that only a few manuscripts have fallen into such unworthy hands as Codex Boreelianus (pictured)?
Copper Bull 9,800 ... that the Copper Bull sculpture found in Iraq in 1923 was over 4,500 years old?
Thornbury Hoard   9,300 ... that the Thornbury Hoard was discovered in a back garden in South Gloucestershire, England, by a man digging a pond, and that it took two people to carry it to the local museum?
Salmon Creek Dam   9,200 ... that the Salmon Creek Dam (pictured) in Juneau, the capital of Alaska, was built in 1914 and was the world's first constant-angle arch dam?
Frome Hoard   8,800 ... that the Frome Hoard (pictured) was found by a metal detectorist just 35 cm (14 in) below ground in Somerset and contained 52,503 Roman coins?
Cave of the Negroes incident 8,297 ... that a cave in Okinawa is called the Cave of the Negroes because three apparently African American US Marines were killed by villagers and their bodies dumped in the cave?
Garima Gospels   ~8,000 ...that the Ethiopian Garima Gospels (pictured) was redated by radiocarbon testing to between 330 and 650, making it one of the oldest illuminated Christian manuscripts in the world?
Lula 3D 7,379 ... that critics found Lula 3D's "Bouncin' Boobs Technology" unrealistic?
Arnold Kramish 7,100 ... that though critically injured in a 1944 blast that was "perhaps then the largest release in history of radioactive materials", Arnold Kramish credited his survival to his mother's chicken soup?
Montfichet's Tower 7,086 ... that Montfichet's Tower was a fortress in central London first mentioned around 1136?
Nigel Gibbs 7,049 ... that in an attempt to "beef him up", Watford manager Graham Taylor placed a then 17-year-old Nigel Gibbs on a steak and Guinness diet?
Gulf of Finland   6,237 ... that the entire 30,000 km2 (12,000 sq mi) area of the Gulf of Finland may freeze (pictured) in winter?
Sefer ha-Temunah   6,100 ... ... that using concepts described in Sefer ha-Temunah (pictured) the 13th-century Kabbalist Isaac ben Samuel calculated the age of the Universe, a number relatively close to the one estimated by NASA?
Fujiyama (roller coaster)   6,000 ... that Fujiyama (pictured) was the tallest roller coaster in the world from 1996 until 2000?
Sisimiut   6,000 ... that Sisimiut (pictured) is the second-largest town in Greenland?
Flight of Refugees Across Wrecked Bridge in Korea 5,900 ... that Max Desfor's image Flight of Refugees Across Wrecked Bridge in Korea was taken during the longest retreat in the military history of the United States?
Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers 5,900 ...that a bus advertisement by the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers made the Governor of Iowa feel "personally disturbed"?
William Herschel Telescope   5,900 ... that at first light in 1987, the William Herschel Telescope (pictured) was the third largest single optical telescope in the world, and is still the second largest in Europe?
Bukit Timah Monkey Man 5,800 ... that the Bukit Timah Monkey Man is a cryptid said to roam around the city-state of Singapore?
Centrifugal Railway 5,400 ... that the world's first looping roller coasters were tested with eggs, flowers, glasses of water, and even a monkey before human riders were allowed?
Stenotus binotatus   5,300 ... that the timothy plant bug (pictured) causes "sticky dough"?
The Level Club ~5,000 ... ... that The Level Club has been called "the only true-to-size rendering of King Solomon's Temple that exists in the world today"?"

August 2010Edit

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Swimming Reindeer   30,000 ... that the Swimming Reindeer (pictured), a 13,000-year-old Ice Age sculpture, was originally thought to be two separate reindeer sculptures until Henri Breuil realised they fitted together?
Tower Optical   23,000 ... that Tower Optical coin-operated binoculars (pictured) can hold up to 2,000 US quarters and have kept their same distinctive look since first manufactured in 1932?
Ma'agan Michael Ship   18,100 ... that the 5th century BCE Ma'agan Michael Ship (pictured) shows no wear from recurrent use and no shipworm damage, leading its excavators to believe that it sank on its maiden voyage or not long afterward?
Witch window   15,700 ... that a Vermont window (pictured) is said to let coffins through, but keep witches out?
LZ 10 Schwaben 15,000 ...that the airship LZ 10 Schwaben (pictured) was the first commercially successful passenger aircraft in history?
Gyantse Dzong   14,500 ... that the Gyantse Dzong (pictured) was badly damaged and plundered during the 1904 British invasion because the primitively armed Tibetans were overwhelmed after holding off the British for two months?
Ain Sakhri lovers   13,500 ... that the Ain Sakhri lovers (pictured), the oldest representation of two people making love, was found near Bethlehem?
Winchester Hoard   12,400 ... that the Winchester Hoard jewellery (pictured), thought to be a diplomatic gift from the Romans, was so chunky that no "self-respecting" Roman would wear it?
Rati   12,100 ... that many sex positions derive their Sanskrit names from that of the Hindu goddess of sexual pleasure – Rati (pictured with her husband, the lovegod Kama)?
Japanese battleship Kirishima 11,700 ... that the Japanese battleship Kirishima was sunk in the middle of the night by an unseen ship?"
BMW Mega City Vehicle 11,200 ... that the BMW Mega City Vehicle is expected to be the first mass production urban electric car featuring a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic body?
Maggie Roswell   10,600 ... that voice actress Maggie Roswell left The Simpsons in 1999 after a pay dispute with Fox Broadcasting Company, but returned in 2002?
Mechanical Galleon   10,500 ... that the Mechanical Galleon (pictured) was not only a model nef and a clock, but also had smoking cannons, bells, trumpets, a drum, and a Holy Roman Emperor?
Mesopotamian Marshes   10,400 ... that the Mesopotamian Marshes (pictured) were deliberately drained to 10% of their original size before beginning a recovery after the fall of Saddam Hussein?
Hang Nga guesthouse   10,400 ... that the Antoni Gaudí-inspired "Crazy House" (pictured) in Da Lat, Vietnam, has been variously compared to the works of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney?
Mortal Kombat (2011 video game) 10,200 ... that Mortal Kombat has won multiple best fighting game awards at E3 2010 and is already being considered as the most violent video game ever?
Welsh League 1,800 + 1,300 + 1,400 + 1,500 + 1,400 + 1,300 + 1,400 = 10,100 ... that the Welsh League, consisting of Aberdare, Barry, Ebbw Vale, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid-Rhondda and Treherbert, was the first professional rugby league competition in Wales?
Gofraid Donn 9,800 ... that Gofraid Donn was blinded and castrated by a follower of his uncle, and later jointly ruled the Kingdom of Man and the Isles with his uncle?"
Operation Diamond 9,700 ... that Operation Diamond, mounted by the Mossad in 1966, resulted in an Iraqi pilot landing a Soviet-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 in Israel?
MV Geysir   9,500 ... that MV Geysir (pictured) was the center of a series of international incidents that involved Antonin Scalia, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Ken Starr, Elizabeth Dole, George Schultz and Ronald Reagan?
1949 Ambato earthquake 9,300 ... that the 1949 Ambato earthquake, which killed 5,050 people, caused an entire town to sink 1,500 feet into the ground?
Robert V. Whitlow   9,000 ... that former fighter pilot Robert V. Whitlow (pictured), although trying to secure an NFL franchise for Phoenix, said the Philadelphia Eagles' plans to relocate to Arizona did not "seem very wise"?
Myra (painting) 8,900 ... that Marcus Harvey's painting Myra was vandalised twice, by two different artists, on the opening day of the Sensation exhibition in 1997?
1303 Crete earthquake   8,800 ... that the 1303 Crete earthquake ruptured the eastern part of the Hellenic arc (pictured), and was one of the most powerful historical earthquakes in Greece?
The Avengers film project 8,700 ... that the planned 2012 Marvel Studios film The Avengers, to be directed by Joss Whedon, was first announced in 2005?
Carbuncle Cup 8,600 ... that nominations for the 2010 Carbuncle Cup, awarded annually to the worst new building in the UK, include the Strata tower block in London, and the redeveloped Burns Monument Centre in Kilmarnock?
Milton Keynes Hoard 8,400 ... that the metal detectorists who found the Milton Keynes Hoard were granted a larger share of the reward than usual, because the landowners falsely claimed that they had searched without permission?
Kalulu   8,400 ... that Kalulu (pictured), an African boy who died in 1877, was modelled in Madame Tussauds and attended Dr. Livingstone's funeral in London?
Walter Ohmsen   8,200 ... Walter Ohmsen (pictured) had another artillery battery fire on his position, which helped earn him the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross?
SS Empire Celia 8,100 ... that the merchant ship Empire Celia was still armed with a 4-inch gun over three years after the end of the Second World War?
Republic of Ostrów ~7,900 ... that the Republic of Ostrów was a short-lived autonomous republic created in the aftermath of World War I?
Battle of Flores (1591)   7,800 ... that in the Battle of Flores (illustrated), a naval engagement of the 1585 Anglo-Spanish War, the Spanish fleet of warships outnumbered the English warships, 63 to 22?
Eliot School rebellion ~7,800 ... that the beating of a child in a Boston public school sparked the Eliot School rebellion and motivated the creation of a nationwide system parochial schools?"
Henriette d'Angeville   7,700 ... that in 1838, Henriette d'Angeville (pictured), the first woman to climb Mont Blanc on her own strength, received a calling card from a Polish nobleman on her way to the summit, at 10,000 feet?
Cratendune 7,600 ... that the search for Cratendune continues though evidence that any one site is the lost village remains sparse?"?
Daniel-Johnson Dam   ~7,500 ... that the 20th Premier of Quebec, Daniel Johnson Sr., who was instrumental in the construction of the Daniel-Johnson Dam (pictured), died the morning of its scheduled inauguration in 1968?
Operation Titanic 7,300 ... that, on 6 June 1944, half the 12th SS Panzer Division were sent to deal with dummy parachutists from Operation Titanic?
Chimi_Lhakhang, Phallus paintings in Bhutan
(August 23, 2010)
  4600 + 2500 =7100 ... that that it is customary at Chimi Lhakhang to strike female pilgrims on the head with a 10-inch (25 cm) wooden phallus and that the monastery features phallic paintings on its walls?
Crown of Bolesław I the Brave   7,100 ... that the Crown of Bolesław I the Brave (replica pictured) was melted down in 1794 and recreated in 2003 using some of its original gold?
Princess Marie Isabelle of Liechtenstein 7,000 ... that the 1989 wedding of Princess Marie Isabelle was denounced by her own grandfather as "treason"?
Time Sculpture 6,700 ... that Toshiba's 2008 television advertisement Time Sculpture holds the world record for the highest number of moving-image cameras used in a composite shot?
Space Hawk 6,700 ... that because of a bug in the video game Space Hawk, the developers added black holes to explain why the player would sometimes jump to hyperspace at random?
List of non-marine molluscs of Afghanistan 6,700 ... that a large number of gastropods remain to be discovered in Afghanistan?
Indoplanorbis exustus + Schistosoma spindale   3,800 + 2,900 = 6,700 ... that the freshwater snail Indoplanorbis exustus (pictured) transfers veterinarily important parasites, including the fluke Schistosoma spindale?
Prince Ludwig of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg ~6,600 ... that Prince Ludwig of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg mysteriously disappeared from London society to the Philippines, where he was killed during a battle of the Philippine–American War?
Lee Lockwood + Richard A. Stratton 2,300 + 4,300 = 6,600 ... that a 1967 image by photojournalist Lee Lockwood of American prisoner of war Richard A. Stratton bowing to his North Vietnamese captors brought charges from the U.S. that POWs were being brainwashed?
Regent and Warwick House + Nantwich Castle   4,000 + 1,700 + 576 + 263 = ~6,539 ... that the bend in the street occupied by Regent House (pictured) in Nantwich, Cheshire, follows the line of the outer wall of the town's Norman castle?
Proletarian parties in Japan, 1925–1932 ~1,200 + ~1,300 + ~1,400 + ~1,100 + ~1,500 = 6,500 ... that unlike other proletarian parties at the time, such as the Japan Labour-Farmer Party, the Labour-Farmer Party and the Social Democratic Party , the Japan Farmers Party based itself solely amongst the peasantry instead of a worker–peasant class alliance?
Web content lifecycle 6,500 ... that the web content lifecycle can be so complex that most experts do not agree on descriptions of the number, name, or type of stages to include in the process?"
De ludo scachorum 6,400 ... that Leonardo da Vinci may have designed the chess pieces for The Boredom Dodger?
Crazy Water Park ~6,400 ... that women are now allowed to smoke hookahs at the Crazy Water Park in Gaza?
Mau Piailug   ~6,400 ... that Micronesian navigator Mau Piailug (pictured) enabled the first Hawaiʻi–Tahiti non-instrument sailing canoe voyage in more than 500 years by mentoring Nainoa Thompson?
Wonoboyo hoard   6,400 ... that the Wonoboyo hoard (examples pictured) is a collection of 9th century golden artifacts from the Medang Kingdom that were discovered in a paddy field in Central Java during irrigation work?
Hasan Tahsini 6,400 that when Albanian scholar Hasan Tahsini taught his students about vacuum by killing a pigeon in a bell jar, he was accused of witchcraft?
SS Dimitry Laptev 6,300 ... that Dimitry Laptev worked for Nazi Germany, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union under different names?
July 2010 R238 traffic collision ~6,100 ... that Ireland recently experienced its highest number of fatalities in a single traffic collision?
Motorcycles in the United Kingdom fire services 6,000 ... that Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service is to trial two fire bikes fitted with water and foam tanks and a 30-metre hose rig capable of fighting a fire for two minutes?
Hiromichi Shinohara 6,000 ... that World War II flying ace Hiromichi Shinohara once scored as many as 11 victories on a single day, setting a record in the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service?
Princess Lida of Thurn and Taxis ~5,900 ... that robbers stole $80,000 worth of jewelry from Lida, Princess Victor of Thurn and Taxis, but neglected to take a necklace valued at $400,000?
Michael Batterberry 3,500 + 2,300 = 5,800 ... that Michael Batterberry started his first magazine with startup funding from Hugh Hefner and a prototype issue printed in Playboy magazine?
African Barrick Gold 1,700 + 960 +
1,000 + 940 +
1,200 = 5,800
... that, in 2009, African Barrick Gold produced 716,000 ounces of gold from the Tulawaka, Bulyanhulu, Buzwagi, and North Mara Gold Mines?
Operation Burnt Frost 5,800 ... that Operation Burnt Frost was a military operation to intercept and destroy American satellite USA-193?
Maxwell's thermodynamic surface 5,700 ... that Maxwell's thermodynamic surface was sculpted in 1874 by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell to visualise the ideas of American scientist Josiah Willard Gibbs?
La Masia   5,700 ... that more than 440 players have lived at La Masia (pictured), but only 10% have made it into the FC Barcelona first team?
Bart's House of Weirdness 5,600 ... that the 1992 Simpsons video game Bart's House of Weirdness is mostly unknown today because it was only released for DOS, and therefore has almost no fan base?
St Cynhaearn's Church, Ynyscynhaearn   5,600 ... that St Cynhaearn's Church, Ynyscynhaearn, in Gwynedd, Wales (pictured), is located in an isolated position on a former island in a lake, and is approached by an ancient causeway?
Light front holography   5,400 + ~200 = 5,600 ... that light front holographic methods were originally found by mapping the spatial quark distribution in a proton to a higher dimensional warped space (example pictured)?
Cymbonotus lawsonianus 5,500 ... that bear's ears grow on the ground in New South Wales?
The New Christy Minstrels ~4,000 + ~1,500 = 5,500 ... that The New Christy Minstrels' 1962 debut album won a Grammy Award and sat in the Billboard charts for two years?
Silly Billy 5,500 ... that, at English fairs, women enjoyed sticking pins into Silly Billy's legs?
3D Express Coach 5,400 ... that the 3D Express Coach allows cars under two meters high to drive under it since the passengers are in an upper level of the bus elevated four meters above the ground?"
Queen's Aid House   5,392 ... ... that the Queen's Aid House (pictured) has a plaque commemorating Elizabeth I's aid in rebuilding Nantwich after a fire, the only time she is known to have contributed to such a cause?
Arthur Williams (Elevator Bandit) 5,300 ... that after 33 years in jail as the "Elevator Bandit", 63-year-old Arthur Williams went on a final crime spree with a gun in one hand, a cane in the other and an oxygen tank hooked up to his nose?
Sogen Kato 5,300 ... that the family of Sogen Kato now face an investigation into allegations they claimed 9.5 million yen in pension money when they kept Kato's death a secret for thirty years?"
Parrot Corporation 5,300 ... that the collapse of the Parrot Corporation, a manufacturer of floppy diskettes, caused a British political controversy?"
San Vicente Dam ~5,200 ... that the largest ever dam raise in the United States is occurring at the San Vicente Dam in California, which will increase its height by 117 feet (36 m) and more than double its reservoir size?
Mariposa botnet ~5,200 ... that before it was dismantled, the Mariposa botnet was estimated to consist of 8 to 12 million zombie computers, making it one of the largest botnets in history?
Mánička ~5,200 ... that long-haired males were persecuted by the Czechoslovak communist regime in the 1960s and '70s?
Adolfo Kaminsky 5,107 ... that Adolfo Kaminsky made forged IDs for Jewish refugees, South American leftists and North American draft dodgers?"
Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom 5,100 ... that the Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Warsaw, Poland, preserves cells in which Nazis tortured and killed Polish resistance fighters?
Prodryas   ~5,100 ... that the fossil butterfly Prodryas persephone (engraving pictured) is so well preserved that individual wing scales can be seen?
Sphaerotheriida 100x100px ~5,000 ... that millipedes in the order Sphaerotheriida (pictured) roll up into balls the size of a cherry, a golf ball, or even a baseball when disturbed?
Bungaroosh ~5,000 ... that the fragile building material bungaroosh is so prevalent in Brighton that much of the town "could be demolished with a well-aimed hose"?
Straw Millionaire ~5,000 ... that the Japanese legend of the Straw Millionaire depicts a peasant who becomes rich through a series of trades starting with a piece of straw?"

September 2010Edit

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Andaman Sea
Khao Phing Kan
  6,100 + 27,900 = 34,000 ... that there is a James Bond Island (pictured) in the Andaman Sea?
X-Men: First Class (film)
(Sept. 12, 2010)
15,000 ... that the planned Marvel Comics superhero film, X-Men: First Class is intended to take place during the 1960s and will parallel the history of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X?
Operation Power Flite   14,900 ... that Operation Power Flite, in which three U.S. Air Force B-52s flew non-stop around the world (route pictured), was made to show that "the United States had the ability to drop a hydrogen bomb anywhere in the world"?
This Ain't Avatar XXX 14,700 ... that This Ain't Avatar XXX, an American pornographic film parody of Avatar, is being shot in 3D and is the most expensive film Hustler Video has ever produced?
Veratrum nigrum   11,000 ... that Black False Hellebore (pictured) is a toilet cleaner which may be a cure for cancer?
Crosby Garrett Helmet
Ribchester Helmet
Newstead Helmet
  5,100 + 3,500 + 2,400 = 11,000 ... that the Crosby Garrett Helmet, discovered this year, has a winged griffin on it, whereas the similar Ribchester Helmet (pictured) may have had a sphinx on top, but the Newstead Helmet only had a plume holder?
Richard Etchberger 10,600 ... that Medal of Honor recipient Richard Etchberger's original nomination for the medal was rejected because the mission he was on was classified?
Amir Nachumi   10,200 ... that Israeli ace Amir Nachumi scored seven aerial kills while flying the F-4 Phantom II (pictured) during the Yom Kippur War and seven kills flying the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighting over Lebanon in the early 1980s?
The Most Unwanted Song 10,000 ... that "The Most Unwanted Song" includes bagpipes, a children's choir, and an opera singer who raps about cowboys?
Allen County Jail   9,600 ... that many prisoners escaped from the Allen County Jail (pictured), which was hailed as the best jail in southeastern Kansas upon its completion?
Hemilepistus reaumuri   8,800 ... that the woodlouse Hemilepistus reaumuri (pictured) can only survive in the desert because it looks after its young?
Operation Lucid 8,600 ... that Operation Lucid was a plan to "singe Mr Hitler's moustache" in 1940?
Batman rapist 8,200 ... that the serial sex offender Batman rapist has committed at least 17 attacks in Bath since 1991 and is the subject of Britain's longest-running serial rape investigation?
Eastern mole   8,100 ... that the eastern mole (pictured) is the most widely distributed mole in North America?
Maslenica Bridge (D8)   8,100 ... that the Maslenica Bridge (pictured) carrying the Adriatic Highway was completely destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence and reconstructed 14 years later?
11 Provinces in North Vietnam
(September 06, 2010)
  778 + 686 + 767+634 + 783 + 844 + 720 + 710 + 730 + 718 + 721 = 8,091 ... that the 11 provinces of Bắc Giang, Bắc Kạn, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lang Son, Lao Cai, Phu Tho, Quang Ninh, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang and Yen Bai are part of the 59 administrative provinces and 5 municipalities in Vietnam?
Operation Musketoon 7,800 ...that in 1942, seven commandos captured during Operation Musketoon were executed at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp?
Grace Sherwood 7,600 ...that every year a mysterious dancing light is said to appear over the spot where Grace Sherwood, "The Witch of Pungo", (pictured) was tested by ducking as part of her trial for witchcraft?
Cerithidea decollata 7,200 ... that Cerithidea decollata is a sea snail that can foresee the future?
Celtic brooch   7,200 ... that Early Medieval Irish penannular brooches (example pictured) were copied and imitated in the 19th century Celtic Revival?
Harrisburg, Utah 7,200 ... that Harrisburg, now a ghost town in Utah, was named after an early resident named Moses, and most of its residents left by 1895 due to grasshopper plagues and floods?
Darwin's bark spider 7,200 ... that Darwin's bark spider makes the longest known spider web, spanning distances of up to 25 metres (82 ft), using the toughest known biomaterial, that is ten times as tough as Kevlar
The Death of Captain James Cook (Zoffany)
3,300 + 3,800 = 7,100 ... that the Feathered Helmet that was included in the painting of Captain James Cook's death is said to be the helmet given to Cook when he first landed in Hawaii?
Princess Sophie of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1888-1913) 7,100 ...that suicide-victim Princess Sophie of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach is believed to have been the first royal woman cremated?
Franjo Tuđman Bridge (Dubrovnik)   7,100 ... that the opening of the Franjo Tuđman Bridge (pictured) was controversial due to a public naming dispute?
ADEOS II   7,000 ... that the ADEOS II satellite (artist's drawing pictured), which cost 70 billion yen (US$570 million) to develop, failed 10 months into the mission after the solar panel malfunctioned?
Meyrick Helmet   7,000 ... ... that the Meyrick Helmet (pictured) combines the shape of a Roman auxiliary helmet with Celtic La Tène style decoration?
Bill McKown   6,900 ... that Bill McKown (pictured) went from being a youth with 200 model airplanes hanging from his bedroom ceiling to being a Navy E2-C Hawkeye pilot, commander of squadron VAW-114, and Distinguished Eagle Scout?
Terra sigillata   6,900 ... that the "big kiln" at La Graufesenque in Roman Gaul could fire up to 40,000 terra sigillata vessels (example pictured) at a time?
William Trickett Smith II 6,700 ... that the missing wife of William Trickett Smith II was discovered in a suitcase that surfaced after the 2007 Peru earthquake?
Ages of Three Children puzzle 6,400 ... that it is possible to calculate the age of three children from just the sum, product and uniqueness of their ages?
Newfoundland 2 dollar coin   6,300 ... that with its two-dollar coin (reverse pictured), Newfoundland was the only British colony to issue circulating gold coinage?
Anton von Zach 6,200 ... that despite a warning by Field Marshal Michael von Melas that the man had "a soul as black as his countenance", Heinrich von Bellegarde retained Anton von Zach as Chief of Staff?
Waterloo Helmet 6,200 ... that the Waterloo Helmet, dredged from the River Thames in 1868, is the only Iron Age helmet with horns ever to have been found in Europe?
Jersey Circus 6,100 ... that Jersey Circus is a webcomic mashup of images from The Family Circus newspaper comic strip and dialogue from MTV's Jersey Shore?
West Baden Springs Hotel   5,900 ... that the domed atrium of Indiana's West Baden Springs Hotel (inside pictured) was the largest free-spanning dome in the United States for over 50 years and the world from 1902 to 1913?
Danish Golden Age   5,900 ... that the 19th-century Danish Golden Age did not just cover painting (example pictured) but a range of other cultural developments in architecture, sculpture, music and literature?
St John the Baptist's Church, Stanwick   5,800 ... that the redundant Church of St John the Baptist, Stanwick, North Yorkshire, (pictured) stands within the earthworks of a settlement originating in the early Iron Age?
Lynching of Laura and Lawrence Nelson 5,800 ... that the father of Oklahoman folk singer Woody Guthrie attended the lynching of Laura Nelson and her son Lawrence in May 1911?
Lessing Theater 1,296 + 1,140 + 1,145 + 1,127 + 1,030 = 5,738 ... that the family of Oskar Höcker, a German writer and a celebrated actor of the Lessing Theater, included three more writers: his brother Gustav, his son Paul Oskar, and his granddaughter Karla?
Ontario Highway 61
(September 22)
5,500 ... that the old bridge on Highway 61 at the OntarioMinnesota border, known as The Outlaw, was built by local citizens without approval from the Canadian or American governments?
Lhasa Gonggar Airport
(September 29, 2010)
  1,100 + 1,300 +883 + 1,200 + 993 = 5,476 ... that Gonggar County of Shannan Prefecture in Tibet contains the Gonggar Choide Monastery, a dzong, and a regional airport which serves Lhasa, despite being located about 62 kilometres (39 mi) from it?
Michaela Gigon
Christine Schaffner
Ksenia Chernykh
Adrian Jackson
Ruslan Gritsan
  1,100 + 1,300 + 1,100 + 915 + 1,000 = 5,415 ... that among mountain bike orienteers with multiple world championships gold medals are Michaela Gigon, Christine Schaffner (pictured), Ksenia Chernykh, Adrian Jackson and Ruslan Gritsan?
Little Zab
Great Zab
3,300 + 2,100 = 5,400 ... that Arab geographers described the Little Zab and the Great Zab as "demoniacally possessed"?
Francis Farm Petroglyphs 5,300 ... that the Francis Farm Petroglyphs are among Pennsylvania's leading petroglyph sites, even though the culture of their creators is unknown?
Craig Roh 5,300

... that Craig "Death" Roh adopted a diet of six meals and more than 4,000 calories a day because he considered himself "tiny" at 230 pounds (104 kg)?

Giora Romm   5,100 ... that Giora Romm assumed command of Israeli Air Force 115 Squadron a day before the Yom Kippur War broke out, making his debut flight in the A-4 Skyhawk (pictured) on a combat mission?
fifth largest tobacco market   5,100 ... that Indonesia is the fifth largest tobacco market (tobacco factory pictured) in the world, and that in 2008 over 165 billion cigarettes were sold there?
911 Is a Joke 5,100 ... that due to a copy-editing error, The Washington Post inadvertently suggested that Public Enemy's 1990 song "911 Is a Joke" referred to the September 11, 2001 attacks?
Atari 2600 homebrew 5,000 ... that over one hundred Atari 2600 homebrew games, including Duck Attack!, have been created since that console was withdrawn from the market in 1992?
Vespa luctuosa 5,000 ... that the Philippine hornet Vespa luctuosa has the most lethal venom by weight of any known wasp species?
Cat House (Riga) 5,000 ... that the cat statues atop the Cat House in Riga have their backside with raised tails turned to the house of the Great Guild to seek retribution?

October 2010Edit

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Giovanni de Ventura
plague doctor
beak doctor costume
plague doctor contract
  7,600 + 1,600 + 6,400 + 1, 700 + 17,800 + 5,000 + 3,700 + 865 =
... that Giovanni de Ventura, a plague doctor who may have worn a beak doctor costume (pictured), was restricted by a covenant to treat only infectious patients?
Sea of Japan
Kamome Island
  5,000 + 25,700 = 30,700 ... that according to a legend, the Heishi rock (pictured) represents the God of the Sea of Japan?
Etruscan shrew   30,400 ... that the Etruscan shrew (pictured on a human thumb) is the smallest known mammal by weight?
Earth's shadow   19,900 + 6,300 = 26,200 ... that the Earth's shadow (pictured) can be observed during twilight hours?
Benson raft   16,000 ... that the Benson raft (pictured) was a huge sea-going log raft designed to transport millions of board-feet of timber at a time through the open ocean?
Kurobe Dam   14,600 ... that the Kurobe Dam (pictured) is the tallest dam in Japan and its construction claimed the lives of 171 people?
Flame fougasse   14,400 ... that a flame fougasse (pictured) can shoot a jet of flame 10 feet (3.0 m) wide and 30 yards (27 m) long?
Throne of Weapons 13,100 ... that the Throne of Weapons which has been exhibited in British schools is made from AK-47s?
Craquelure   12,700 ... that the pattern of cracks (example pictured) in a painting can be used to detect forged art?
Halloween hermit crab   12,300 ... that a Halloween hermit crab (pictured) may trick a snail into becoming a treat?
Paracas textile   12,200 ... that the Paracas textiles found wrapped around 2,200 year old mummies (distorted skull shown) show a winged shaman carrying a severed head by its hair?
Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst   12,100 ... that Edward Hasted dismissed the existence of Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst (pictured) of Biddenden, Kent as "vulgar tradition"?
Auricularia auricula-judae 9,700 + 2,400 = 12,100 ... that the Jew's Ear is an edible reminder of a suicide?
World's littlest skyscraper 11,300 ... that the world's littlest skyscraper, located in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas, is only 40 ft (12 m) tall, with exterior dimensions of 18 ft (5.5 m) by 10 ft (3.0 m)?
Dikerogammarus villosus 11,100 ... that killer shrimp have invaded Western Europe and could soon invade North America?
John Albert Taylor 10,700 ... that John Albert Taylor chose to be executed by firing squad to embarrass the state of Utah?
Akan Drum   10,400 ... that the British Museum's oldest African-American object is the Akan Drum (pictured) that was used to "dance the slaves"?
Antimonial cup   10,200 ... that the tainted wine from an antimonial cup (examples pictured) was used to make oneself vomit?
Auricularia auricula-judae 9,700 ... that the Jew's Ear is an edible reminder of a suicide?
Nora W. Tyson, Carrier Strike Group Two 6,000 + 3,200 = 9,200 ... that Rear Admiral Nora W. Tyson became the first woman to command a United States Navy aircraft carrier task group when she was chosen to command Carrier Strike Group Two?
Jökulsárlón   9,000 ... that live coverage of Jökulsárlón (pictured) in Iceland on the American TV program Good Morning America in 2006 was viewed by an estimated 4 million people?
Thyreophora cynophila 8,800 ... that the bone skipper came back from the dead after 160 years to feed on rotting bones?
Sampi   8,400 ... that the archaic Greek letter Sampi (pictured) has also been called san, enacosin, angma, sincope, charaktir, or even parakyisma, which literally means "spurious pregnancy"?
Targeted killing 8,400 ... that 2.5-inch-long "nano-drones" now being developed for targeted killing will, like little killer bees, be able to follow their target, even entering a room through an open window?"
Anatomy of an Epidemic   8,300 ... that in Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker asks why the number of Americans disabled by mental illness nearly doubled since 1987 (chart pictured)?
List of Oval Office desks   7,900 ... that the Resolute Desk (pictured) is one of only five desks ever used in the Oval Office?
Ottoman–Mamluk War (1516–1517)   7,800 ... that the Ottoman–Mamluk War of 1516–1517 (map pictured) gave the Ottoman Empire control of Syria, Egypt and most of the Arabian Peninsula?
Podostroma cornu-damae 7,400 ... that Podostroma cornu-damae can shrink your brain, make your skin fall off, cause you to speak and move abnormally and kill you?
Mässmogge   7,400 ... that Mässmogge (pictured), Swiss candies sold in Basel at the autumn fair, are filled with ground hazelnuts?
Nevenka Urbanova   7,200 ... that before her death in 2007, Nevenka Urbanova (pictured) was the oldest living Serbian actor?
Bonfire toffee 7,100 ... that bonfire toffee is brittle, dark toffee associated with Halloween and Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom?
Jack Kershaw 6,100 + 1,000 = 7,100 ... that attorney Jack Kershaw sculpted a monument to Confederate Army general and KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1998, arguing that "somebody needs to say a good word for slavery"?
Beginning of the End 7,000 ... that the Beginning of the End could not begin until 200 grasshoppers had been sexed?
30th Battalion (Australia)   7,000 ... that even though it was disbanded three times, the Australian 30th Battalion (pictured) fought in the First and Second World Wars?
The Secrets of Scientology 7,000 ... that former Scientology official Mike Rinder was called a "whistleblower" for his appearance on the BBC Panorama documentary, The Secrets of Scientology
Sikorsky S-97 7,000 ... that the Sikorsky S-97 scout helicopter is intended to be able to fly with one, two, or no pilots?
Voorleser 6,900 ... that the powerful Voorleser would hold babies' heads under water, stuff children's brains, tie their parents together, dress up the dead, tell tales about them and prepare a place for them in the underworld?
City Car (Concept) 5,800 + 1,100 = 6,900 ... that prototypes of the CityCar, the ultra-small urban electric cardesigned by MIT Media Lab, are being built in Spain to be field tested by mid 2011 in Boston, Singapore, Taiwan and Florence?
Crumstone Irma 6,900 ... that World War II search and rescue dog Crumstone Irma barked differently depending on whether those buried by rubble were dead or alive?
Barford Court, Hove 6,800 ... that eccentric tycoon Ian Stuart Millar's seafront home in Hove, England, was built of specially-commissioned handmade bricks—the leftovers of which were reputedly buried elsewhere in Hove?
Demon Cat 6,800 ... that a Washington, DC, legend states that a Demon Cat lives in the basement crypts at Capitol Hill?
Canadian pipe mine 6,500 ... that the explosive charge in some Canadian pipe mines would soon deteriorate into a porridge-like mush?
Somerset Space Walk 6,500 ... that the Sun and Pluto are only 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) apart on the Somerset Space Walk?
Devils Brigade (album) 6,300 ... that the "Devils Brigade" was conceived to tell of 19 men who went halfway to hell?
Arthur's Quest: Battle for the Kingdom 6,300 ... that Arthur's Quest: Battle for the Kingdom was nominated for GameSpot's Worst PC Game of 2002 award?
Isabel Lyon 6,200 ... that Mark Twain denounced his former secretary as "a liar, a forger, a thief, a hypocrite, a drunkard, a sneak, a humbug, a traitor, a conspirator, a filthy-minded & salacious slut pining for seduction"?
Mecklenburg's Garden 6,200 ... that Mecklenburg's Garden in Cincinnati used a ship model to inform patrons whether alcohol could be sold safely during Prohibition in the United States?
Ramón de Bonifaz   6,200 ... that Ramón de Bonifaz (illustrated) broke the river defenses of Seville, leading to the city's capture from the Moors?
Hyalella azteca   6,150 ... that Hyalella azteca (pictured) is the most abundant amphipod in North American lakes?
Jaguar C-X75 5,200 + 933 = 6,100 ...that to honour Jaguar Cars' 75th anniversary, the carmaker developed the Jaguar C-X75, a plug-in hybrid two-seat concept car which debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show?
Princess Marie Adelheid of Lippe-Biesterfeld 6,100 ... that Nazi and neo-Nazi sympathizer Princess Marie Adelheid of Lippe-Biesterfeld translated numerous works into German, including Paul Rassinier's Holocaust-denying work The Drama of European Jews?
Adelaide leak 6,100 ... that the Adelaide leak could have landed the Australian economy in hot water?
Bill Andriette 6,000 ... that Bill Andriette was 15 years old when he joined the pedophile organization North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)?
Hitler's Reign of Terror 6,000 ... that upon the release of the 1934 Pre-Code film Hitler's Reign of Terror, Film Daily scoffed at the film's prediction that Hitler's Germany was a future threat to world peace?
Javad Alizadeh 5,800 ... that Iranian caricaturist and satirist Javad has created a scientific/philosophical cartoon on the theory of relativity entitled 4D Humor?
Miriam Shapira-Luria 5,800 ... that Miriam Shapira-Luria, known for her beauty, taught Talmud to elite young men from behind a curtain so that they would not get distracted by her appearance?
Round Church, Preslav ~5,800 ... that the interior of the 10th-century Round Church (pictured) in the medieval Bulgarian capital of Preslav features medieval inscriptions in three alphabets and two languages?
Operation Payback 5,700 ... that Anonymous hackers redirected to during Operation Payback?
Angel Porrino 5,400 ... that Holly Madison's personal assistant Angel Porrino will replace her in the lead role of the Las Vegas production Peepshow for nine weeks in 2011?
Manchester Courts   5,400 ... that demolition of Manchester Courts (pictured), a Category I heritage building damaged in the 2010 Canterbury earthquake, starts today?
Cardiff Kook 5,200 ... that the chicken wire statue who once rode behind the Cardiff Kook was retired to a ranch with poinsettias?
Jimi Heselden 5,200 ... that Jimi Heselden, owner of the company that makes the Segway personal transport system, died after a Segway he was riding fell off a cliff?
Javorova Kosa Tunnel   5,200 ... that Javorova Kosa Tunnel (pictured) caved in during construction, requiring removal of 400 cubic metres (14,000 cubic feet) of rock and soil before the work could resume?
Helmut de Boor 5,200 ... that when Helmut de Boor taught at the University of Bern, his neighbours objected to his many young German visitors, but also to his red and orange car paid for by the German embassy??"
Kenneth North 5,100 ... that Kenneth North was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War for almost six years?"
Flag of Macha   5,000 ... that the Flag of Macha (pictured) is considered to be the first physical flag of Argentina?"
Gilgel Gibe II Power Station 5,000 ... that shortly after its inauguration, part of the Gilgel Gibe II Power Station's 26 km (16 mi) tunnel, which was "considered one of the most difficult tunnel projects ever undertaken", collapsed?

November 2010Edit

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Contra Dam 20,800 ... that James Bond's leap from the 220 m (720 ft) high Contra Dam (pictured) in the 1995 film GoldenEye was voted in 2002 as the best film stunt ever?
Adaptive Vehicle Make 17,400 ... that the Adaptive Vehicle Make program plans to use crowdsourcing and an open source design to develop an infantry fighting vehicle (concept pictured) within just 30 months?
Berliner Helicopter 16,900 ... that an early example of the Berliner Helicopter (pictured) was thought to have potential as a "flying torpedo" to be used to hold cities for ransom?
Mere (weapon) 14,400 ... that a Mere (weapon) (held by a Māori woman in picture), which was made from jade, could be used to split a man's head open?
Thomas Barrie
Cropping (punishment)
8,100 + 5,800 = 13,900 ... that Thomas Barrie, found guilty in 1538 of spreading rumours about Henry VIII of England, had his ears cut off while in the pillory and later died from shock?
Heli-Sport CH-7
Augusto Cicaré
12,300 + 1,400 = 13,700 ... that the cabin of the Heli-Sport CH-7 (pictured) was designed by the creator of the Lamborghini Countach, while the helicopter's frame is the work of Argentine inventor Augusto Cicaré?
Fort de Loncin 13,600 ... that most of the approximately 300 Belgian soldiers killed in the explosion of the Fort de Loncin (entrance pictured) remain buried in the wreckage of the fort?
Hell's Half Acre Lava Field 12,600 ... that death can be found living on hell's half acre?
1902 Michigan Wolverines football team 12,200 ... that 10 players from the 1902 "Point-a-Minute" Michigan football team (pictured), which outscored opponents 644–12, became head coaches?
HIP 13044 b 11,200 ... that HIP 13044 b (artist's impression pictured), discovered in November 2010, is the first known case of a planet which originated outside of our galaxy, but then got absorbed into it?
Andriza Mircovich 10,700 ... that when Andriza Mircovich chose to be executed by shooting, prison officials were unable to find five men willing to participate in the firing squad and had to build a shooting machine?
Almirante Latorre-class battleship 10,300 ... that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States tried to buy the last Almirante Latorre-class battleship (pictured) from Chile?
Judy (dog) 10,100 ... that a Pointer named Judy was the only dog to be registered as a World War II prisoner of war?
Sirocco (parrot) 6,100 + 3,800 = 9,900 ... that Sirocco (pictured), an endangered flightless parrot, gained fame when he was caught on video attempting to mate with the back of a zoologist's head?
Psilocybe semilanceata 9,800 ... that Psilocybe semilanceata (pictured) is the world's most common psychoactive mushroom?
Holland Island 9,300 ... that Holland Island, currently underwater at high tide, used to be one of the largest inhabited islands in the Chesapeake Bay?
Jadeite Cabbage 9,100 ... that the Jadeite Cabbage (pictured), a piece of jadeite carved into the shape of a Chinese cabbage with a locust and katydid camouflaged in the leaves, is the "most famous masterpiece" in Taiwan's National Palace Museum?
Butchers Wheel 8,800 ... that Butchers Wheel, a cutlery and tool factory in Sheffield, could only be accessed through a single, guarded door?
Bihar legislative assembly election, 2010 8.700 ... that the 2010 Bihar legislative assembly election takes place across six phases and over one month?
Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine   8,700 ... how to tell which of the two possible Saint Catherines is shown marrying Jesus in a painting of the Mystic marriage of Saint Catherine (example pictured)?
Antarctica   8,600 ... that that NASA scientists have described Lake Untersee (pictured) in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, as one of the most unusual lakes on Earth with a pH like that of strong Clorox?
Hippika gymnasia 8,500 ... that in hippika gymnasia or Roman cavalry tournaments, riders wearing elaborate armour (helmet pictured) competed in teams to reenact battles from mythology such as between the Greeks and Amazons?
Frankism 8,400 ... that Frankism, an 18th-century movement derived from Judaism, maintained that the best way to emulate God—and one's most important personal responsibility—was to transgress every taboo?
All Saints Church, Buncton 8,300 ... that an ancient carving (pictured) of a person exposing their genitals, at All Saints Church in Buncton, West Sussex, was destroyed by a chisel-wielding vandal in 2004?
Guisborough Helmet 8,200 ... that the Guisborough Helmet (pictured), an ancient Roman cavalry helmet discovered at Guisborough, North Yorkshire, was buried in mysterious circumstances far from any known Roman sites?
Armadillo armoured fighting vehicle 7,800 ... that the Armadillo, an armoured fighting vehicle extemporised by the British in 1940, used a layer of gravel to protect its crew?
William Austin Burt,
Solar compass,
Equatorial sextant
1,600 + 1,900 + 2,200 + 1,600 = 7,300 that William Austin Burt was the first to invent a workable typewriter in America, as well as a workable solar compass (pictured), a solar use surveying instrument, and an equatorial sextant, a precision navigational aid to determine with one observation the location of a ship at sea?
Naval Aircraft Factory TDN 7,300 ... that production of the Naval Aircraft Factory TDN (pictured), a World War II assault drone, was subcontracted to a company better known for making bowling balls and billiard tables?
Kamadhenu 7,100 ... that Kamadhenu (pictured), "the mother of all cows", was born from the burp or the vomit of a deity, according to some Hindu scriptures?
Crusher (robot) 7,100 ... that the Crusher is a 13,200-pound (6,000 kg) autonomous robot capable of climbing 4-foot (1.2 m) walls and crossing 6.5-foot (2.0 m) trenches?
Gee Jon,
Nevada State Prison
6,100 + 998 = 7,098 ... that Gee Jon became the first person in the United States to be executed in a gas chamber, after Nevada State Prison officials found that pumping the poison directly into his cell did not work?
Masa Takayama 7,000 ... ... that Michelin-starred chef Masa Takayama (pictured) would deliver food only to Marlon Brando?
Fénix capsules 7,000 ... that one of the Fénix capsules (Fénix 2 capsule pictured) was used for the rescue of 33 miners trapped underground, in the San José Mine of Copiapó, Chile?
Cobb Seamount 6,900 ... that the 27-million-year-old Cobb Seamount is so heavily encrusted in sea life that no bare rock surface has been found in dives?
First and Second Battle of Wonju 6,800 ... that the French Battalion's bayonet charges at the Battle of Wonju impressed General Ridgway to encourage all American units to conduct bayonet fighting during the Korean War?
Action of 28 January 1945 6,500 ... that both the British Royal Navy and German Kriegsmarine were dissatisfied with the results of the Action of 28 January 1945?
Wallace Wilkerson 6,400 ... that Wallace Wilkerson declined to be executed by decapitation in Utah Territory, and instead took up to 27 minutes to die because the firing squad missed his heart?
Saint Anne, Alderney   6,400 ... that the Luftwaffe command bunker (pictured) and tower, and the German naval tactical headquarters were located in Saint Anne, Alderney during World War II?
Double Arches Pit 6,400 ... that evidence of a Roman settlement has been discovered at Double Arches Pit, a disused sand quarry that is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest?
Interstate TDR 6,300 ... that during World War II, the U.S. Navy planned to equip eighteen squadrons of assault drones with a thousand Interstate TDR and TBF Avenger aircraft?
Henry M. Senter 6,300 ... that Mort Senter (pictured), Michigan's 1896 football captain, became involved in a diplomatic incident after Colombian soldiers seized property from his home in 1902?
William Billington
John Billington (hangman)
1,966 + 4,322 = 6,288 ... that hangmen brothers William and John Billington formed England's primary execution duo until John fell through an open trapdoor on the gallows and died?
1950-51 Ashes series 6,000 ... that a rainstorm that disrupted the First Test in the 1950–51 Ashes series was blamed on the American atomic bomb experiments carried out on Bikini Atoll?
Pop's Props Pinocchio 6,000 ... that the Pop's Props Pinocchio, an ultralight aircraft, was designed to resemble the Fokker Eindecker of Fokker Scourge fame?
Action of 6 October 1944 5,900 ... that the Kriegsmarine attributed the sinking of U-168 in the Java Sea to the presence of the crew's Indonesian girlfriends on board for a party?
Troughman 5,900 ... that Troughman is mythically famous in Sydney, Australia, for lying down in urinals?
Montevideo and Parque Batlle 3,000 + 2,800 = 5,800 ... that Parque Batlle is considered the "lungs" of the city of Montevideo (pictured) due to the large number of trees planted there?
Heppner Flood of 1903 5,800 ... that with a death toll of 247 people, the Heppner Flood of 1903 (pictured) remains the deadliest natural disaster in Oregon, and the third deadliest flash flood in the entire United States?
Rans S-6 Coyote II 5,800 ... that a Rans S-6 Coyote II (example pictured), a type of homebuilt aircraft, has flown across the Atlantic Ocean twice?
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand / Sie Liebt Dich 5,700 ... that The Beatles recorded "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" and "Sie Liebt Dich" because the German label Odeon Records insisted that they record their hit songs in German to generate more sales there?
Microsoft hoax 5,700 ... that a 1994 hoax suggesting that Microsoft had acquired the Catholic Church was considered to be the first Internet hoax to reach a mass audience?
BBC-Marconi Type A 5,600 ... that in the 1930s, there were concerns that the BBC-Marconi Type A microphone (pictured) would infringe the patent of a similar, but more expensive, microphone made by RCA?
British Engineerium 5,600 ... that the British Engineerium, created by a steam enthusiast who started with £300, was later bought for £3 million by another enthusiast?
Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders 5,600 ... that the 2007 home invasion murders in Cheshire, Connecticut, have been called 'possibly the most widely publicized crime in the state's history'?
Prince Friedrich Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe 5,600 ... that in 1939, three Icelandic Nazi-sympathizers approached Prince Friedrich Christian of Schaumburg-Lippe with the hope of making him king of Iceland??
Nipple adenoma 5,518 ... that nipple adenomas are rare benign growths in the nipple that can look like cancer?
Amulet MS 5236 5,500 ... that the Greek gold amulet MS 5236 was created by block printing as early as the 6th century BC?
Devils River (Wisconsin) 5,300 ... that two American presidents nearly lost their souls to the Devils River?
Military history of Jewish Americans 5,200 + 100 = 5,300 ... that more than 500,000 Jewish Americans served in the United States armed services during World War II (one soldier's grave pictured), and roughly 52,000 received military awards?
Spodomancy 5,300 ... that by riddling your ashes on Halloween, you might determine who in your household will be the next to die?
Yale Bulldogs football 5,300 ... that the Yale Bulldogs football team (mascot pictured) has won 27 national championships and ranks second in wins in college football history?
William Dennison Clark 5,200 ... that William Dennison Clark, whose "wretched blunder" in 1905 ended Michigan's 56-game unbeaten streak in football, killed himself 27 years later, reportedly expressing the hope to atone for his error?
Ernst Werner Techow 5,100 ... that after right-wing, anti-Semite activist Ernst Werner Techow was released from jail he joined the French Foreign Legion and helped save hundreds of Jews during World War II?
Douglas Cloudster II 5,100 ... that the Douglas Aircraft Corporation's Cloudster II, intended for use as an executive transport, was powered by two engines but only had a single propeller?
Fort de Tancrémont 5,000 ... that Belgian soldiers continued to defend Fort de Tancrémont even after Belgium had already capitulated to Nazi Germany?
Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Trinity 5,000 ... that the altar of the church of the Patriarchal Monastery of the Holy Trinity (pictured) near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, was once used for pagan sacrifices?
Thomas Henry Scott 5,000 ... that executioner Thomas Henry Scott was fired for being with a prostitute on the night before a hanging job?

December 2010Edit

Article Image DYK views DYK hook
1907 Tiflis bank robbery   32,200 ... that a 1907 stagecoach robbery organized by Vladimir Lenin (pictured) and Joseph Stalin killed an estimated 40 people and netted approximately 250,000 rubles (over $3 million in current USD)?
Spragg Bag   32,200 ... that a large waterbag (pictured) can bring water to California and, according to its inventor, peace to the Middle East?
Untitled Spider-Man reboot   ~23,000 ... that Sony plans to develop a Spider-Man reboot starring Andrew Garfield (pictured) as Spider-Man that will be released in 2011 in 3-D?
Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Car   21,800 ... that the Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Car (pictured) was designed to not only hide the MGM-118 Peacekeeper ICBM from Soviet attack but also to act as a platform for launching the missile?
The River (1997 film) 20,000 ... that The River was called a "porn movie" by the lead actor's father?
Blood Qur'an   18,700 ... that the Blood Qur'an, formerly displayed in the Mother Of All Battles mosque in Baghdad (pictured), was written in over 20 litres of Saddam Hussein's blood?
Michael Stroukoff
Chase XCG-20
Chase XC-123A
  3,021 + 9,200 + 5,853 = 18,074 ... that Michael Stroukoff, a Russian emigrant from Kiev, designed the largest glider ever built in the United States (pictured), as well as its first jet-powered transport?
Satyavati   17,800 ... that in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Satyavati (pictured) – who initially stank of fish – was blessed with the musk fragrance by a sage, with whom she had premarital sex?
Rip (dog)   16,900 ... that Second World War search and rescue dog Rip (pictured) is credited with saving over a hundred lives during 1940 and 1941?
Spoons sex position 15,300 ... that a woman's G-Spot can be easily reached in the spoons sex position?
Patton Seamount   15,200 ... that the decomposing skeleton of a right whale was found on the underwater volcano Patton Seamount (pictured)?
William M. Morrow, Elmer Beach, Frederic L. Smith, Royal T. Farrand, J. De Forest Richards, Edmond H. Barmore, Thomas H. McNeil, Thomas Jesse Drumheller   4,400 + 2,300 + 1,700 + 1,400 + 1,300 + 1,000 + 986 + 863 = 14,000 ...that the quarterbacks for the Michigan Wolverines football teams of the 19th century included a Brigadier General decorated for valor in World War I, the brother of a famous novelist, one of the founders of General Motors, the physician at a Kimberly-Clark mill, the son of the Governor of Wyoming, a steamboat builder, a Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias (pictured) and a sheep rancher from Walla Walla?
William Wilson Talcott   13,300 ...that ice cream manufacturer William Wilson Talcott (pictured) killed himself by jumping from an excursion steamer into Lake Michigan with rocks in his pockets after he was unable to extricate his wife from a "love cult" in 1922?
Jelling stone ship 13,300 ... that remains of the largest known stone ship, either 170 or 354 metres long, have been found under the two royal barrows at Jelling in Denmark?
Scott sisters 13,100 ... that the Scott sisters of Mississippi are serving life sentences for their alleged involvement in a robbery in which $11 was stolen and no one was injured, although they had no previous criminal records?
Yanar Dag   12,400 ... that Yanar Dag (pictured) is a natural fire that burns "eternally" on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula in Azerbaijan?
Laserblast 12,400 ... that the science fiction film Laserblast consistently ranks among the Internet Movie Database's bottom 100 films list, and was featured in the last episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 broadcast on Comedy Central?
Harry Yount   11,900 ... that Harry Yount (pictured) killed 70 antelope in one day during a hunting competition, but was ashamed because "it went against his heart to kill so many innocent creatures just for the glory"?
Walter D. Graham   11,800 ... that Michigan football player "Octy" Graham (pictured) at age 16 was called a "young Hercules" after "gripping machines did not register high enough to show his strength"?
23 Minutes in Hell 11,500 ... that Bill Wiese claims to have spent 23 Minutes in Hell?
Platt-LePage Aircraft Company
Platt-LePage XR-1
  3,900 + 6,400 = 10,300 ... that the Platt-LePage Aircraft Company, formed after one of its founders was impressed by a Nazi rotorcraft, beat Sikorsky for the contract to supply the first American military helicopter (pictured)?
Wolffia arrhiza   9,600 ... that Wolffia arrhiza (pictured) is the smallest vascular plant on earth?
2010 Sharm el-Sheikh shark attacks   9,400 ... that while the origin of recent shark attacks in Egypt (species pictured) is unknown, experts cite overfishing and illegal dumping of animal carcasses as possible causes?
James W. Rodgers 9,200 ... that James W. Rodgers requested a bulletproof vest before he was executed by firing squad?
Don't touch my junk 9,000 ... that John Tyner and Charles Krauthammer don't want you touching their junk, but Michael Kinsley wants you to go ahead and touch his, and Wendy Kaminer thinks Krauthammer just wants you to touch someone else's?"
La Salle Hotel   9,000 ... that Chicago's La Salle Hotel (pictured) became an ex-officio White House during U.S. President William Howard Taft's extended stay in its presidential suite?
Red Basilica 8,900 ... that at the "Red Basilica" of Pergamon (pictured), worshippers of the Egyptian gods may have reenacted the flooding of the Nile?
Wank (mountain) 8,900 ... that visitors to the Wank mountain in Germany can use a Wankpass to ride the Wankbahn up to the Wank-Haus at the summit?
John and Sarah Makin 5,600 + 3,300 = 8,900 ... that Australian child murderers John and Sarah Makin were caught after the bodies of two of their many victims were discovered in a blocked drain?
Flight deck cruiser 8,700 ... that one design for a flight deck cruiser was described as a cross between a Brooklyn-class light cruiser and the aircraft carrier USS Wasp?
Rosendale trestle 8,400 ... that the Rosendale trestle, once the highest span bridge in the United States, was sold in 1986 for one dollar?
Tiger of Pilibhit 8,300 ... that the Tiger of Pilibhit was responsible for killing and partially eating eight people before being captured?
John Deering 7,800 ... that John Deering volunteered to have his heart monitored by an electrocardiogram while he was shot to death?
Gia Allemand 7,700 ... that Maxim model and reality television contestant Gia Allemand has been selected to play the role of Ava Gardner in an upcoming film about the life of Gianni Russo?
MO class small guard ship 7,500 ... that the Soviet 50.6 t (49.8 long tons; 55.8 short tons) ship MO-103 sank the German submarine U-250, capturing the commander and five crewmen in July 1944?
Rans S-12 Airaile   7,400 ... that although the Rans S-12XL Airaile (pictured) was scheduled to go out of production in 2006, customer demand has kept the kitplane in production?
History of hotel fires in the United States   7,200 ... that the 1946 fire at the Winecoff Hotel (pictured) in Atlanta, Georgia was the deadliest hotel fire in U.S. history?
Sotra Facula   7,200 ... that Sotra Facula (pictured), a prominent feature on Saturn's giant moon Titan, is thought to be an ice volcano that may have erupted water, methane, polyethylene, paraffin waxes or even asphalt?
Socks Seybold   7,200 ... that baseball player Socks Seybold (pictured) held the American League home run record before Babe Ruth broke it in 1919?
Ole Carlson House 6,900 ... that a self-educated Norwegian immigrant farmer built the finest farmhouse (pictured) in Dodge County, Minnesota?
Ravens of the Tower of London 6,700 ... that the ravens of the Tower of London are enlisted as soldiers of the Kingdom, and can be dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct?
Project Isinglass 6,700 ... that the second CIA spyplane developed under Project Isinglass was designed to fly at Mach 22?
Kingsbridge Armory   6,600 ... that New York City offered the 5-acre (2.0 ha) Kingsbridge Armory (pictured), in The Bronx, reputedly the largest in the world, to the UN General Assembly as a temporary meeting space?
Nels Johnson
Century tower clocks
1,200 +5,400 = 6,600 ... that Nels Johnson built Century tower clocks, designed to last 100 years?
Radioplane RP-77D 6,600 ... that the Radioplane RP-77D target drone was planned to be capable of launching target drones itself?
Time pyramid 6,500 ... that the Time pyramid, a public work of art begun in 1993, is scheduled for completion in the year 3183?
Rans S-11 Pursuit 6,400 ... that the wings of the Rans S-11 Pursuit provide only 20% of the aircraft's lift?
John Francis Jackson   6,300 ... that after RAAF Tomahawk pilots John Jackson (pictured) and Bobby Gibbes shared in destroying a Vichy French fighter plane in 1941, they tossed a coin to see who would take the credit for it?
Bedsitcom 6,100 ... that the reality TV programme Bedsitcom featured actors following the producer's instructions, as well as unaware members of the public, leading to it being labelled "morally reprehensible"?
Infinity Blade 6,100 ... that the action role-playing game Infinity Blade is the fastest grossing application on Apple's iOS, selling 271,424 copies in merely four days?
Wormy hillock henge 5900 ... that according to legend, Wormy hillock henge was the burial site of a dragon?
Thaddeus P. Mott   5,900 ... that Thaddeus P. Mott (pictured), a 19th century adventurer and soldier of fortune, recruited ex-Union and Confederate veterans for service in the Egyptian Army?"
No. 201 Flight RAAF 5,600 ... that No. 201 Flight's role was considered so secret by the Royal Australian Air Force that few people outside the unit knew that it even existed?
Sperrbrecher 5,500 ... that British spies helped sink some German minesweepers of the Sperrbrecher type, through determining how to adjust the fuses on magnetic mines?
Johanna Long 5,400 ... that 18-year-old NASCAR driver Johanna Long became the second woman to win the Snowball Derby?
Bill Naito   5,300 ... that Bill Naito (pictured), who abruptly left Portland, Oregon, at age 16 to avoid Japanese-American internment during World War II, later became one of the city's most esteemed business and civic leaders?
Rhys Jones (soldier)   5,300 ... that New Zealand Army officer Rhys Jones, the next Chief of the Defence Force, was told in 2000 that he would receive no further promotions?
Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer 5,200 ... that the Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer autogyro is used by traffic reporters and farmers as well as sport pilots?
Grassy Hill Light 5,100 ... that a radar station which was active at Grassy Hill Light during World War II included an imitation lighthouse keeper's cottage for camouflage purposes?