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Recipients of the Legion of Merit

RL George Legion of Merit with Gen Westmoreland

The Legion of Merit is a decoration of the United States of America and is awarded to foreign military personnel in four grades and to U.S. military personnel without distinction of degree. The following are recipients within the award.


Chief comanderEdit

Nationality Rank Name Force Date Comments
  Lieutenant-General Sir Kenneth Anderson KCB MC British Army June 18, 1943
  Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek Chinese Armed Forces July 1943
  Lieutenant-General Tai An-lan (戴安瀾) Chinese Armed Forces 1943 In command of 200th Division, Chinese Expeditionary Force (Burma). KIA on May 26, 1942 in Burma.
  Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery KG GCB DSO British Army August 6, 1943 General at the time
  Temporary Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder GCB Royal Air Force August 27, 1943
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Vasilevsky Soviet Army June 22, 1944
  Chief Marshal Of Aviation Alexander Alexandrovich Novikov Soviet Air Force June 22, 1944
  Rear-Admiral Sir Victor Crutchley VC KCB DSC Royal Australian Naval Squadron September 1944 For exceptionally meritorious conduct 1942–44 in command of Task Force 44 in the Pacific.
  Air Marshal Arthur Harris OBE AFC Royal Air Force October 17, 1944 Known as "Bomber" Harris; because of moral qualms, he was the only major British commander not to receive a peerage after World War II. He instituted "area bombing" of German cities.[1]
  King George VI Commonwealth armed forces 1945
  Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham Bt GCB DSO** Royal Navy First Sea Lord
  Admiral Sir John Cunningham KCB Royal Navy For gallant and distinguished service during the invasion operations in Northern Italy and the South of France.
  Acting Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham KCB DSO MC DFC AFC Royal Air Force
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Stepanovich Konev Soviet Army 1945
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov Soviet Army 1945
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Leonid Aleksandrovich Govorov Soviet Army
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Kirill Afanasievich Meretskov Soviet Army
  Army General Stanislav Gilyarovich Poplavsky Soviet Army
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky Soviet Army
  General Andrey Ivanovich Yeryomenko Soviet Army
Lieutenant admiral
Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld Netherlands Armed Forces Was a General in the Royal Netherlands Army, Royal Netherlands East Indies Army and the Royal Netherlands Air Force and was a Lieutenant admiral in the Royal Netherlands Navy. Appointed a Honorary Air commodore in the Royal Air Force in 1941 and later appointed to the honorary rank of Air marshal by Queen Elizabeth II on 15 September 1964.[2] Was also a Honorary Air commodore in the Royal New Zealand Air Force since 1948.
  King Michael I of Romania Romanian Armed Forces 1945 "Rendered exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the cause of the Allied Nations in the struggle against Hitlerite Germany. In July and August, 1944, his Nation, under the dominance of a dictatorial regime over which the King had no control, have allied herself with the Germany aggressors, he, King Mihai I, succeeded in giving purpose, direction and inspiration to the theretofore uncoordinated internal forces of opposition to the ruling dictator.

In culmination of his efforts, on 23 August 1944, although his capitol was still dominated by Germany troops, he personally, on his own initiative, and in complete disregard for his own safety, gave the signal for a coup d'etat by ordering his palace guards to arrest the dictator and his chief ministers. "[3]

  Marshal Michał Rola-Żymierski Polish Armed Forces 1945
  Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay KCB KBE MVO Royal Navy January 15, 1945 For gallant and distinguished service whilst in command of the invasion operations on Normandy.
  Commander-In-Chief Crown Prince 'Abd al-Ilah Iraqi Armed Forces June 1, 1945
  Vice Admiral Sir Philip Vian KBE CMG Royal Navy July 17, 1945
  Brigadier general Charles de Gaulle French Armed Forces August 24, 1945
  Air Chief Marshal Sir William Douglas GCB MC DFC Royal Air Force August 28, 1945 made Commander of the Legion 28 July 1944
  Emperor Haile Selassie Ethiopian Armed Forces 1945
  Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake KCB DSO Royal Navy November 6, 1945
  Chief of Defence of Norway Crown Prince Olav Norwegian Armed Forces November 23, 1945 "exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services from August 1944 to July 1945."
  Marshal of the Soviet Union Rodion Malinovsky Soviet Army 1946
  Commanding General Sir Baber Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana Royal Nepalese Army 1946[4] Brother of Prime Minister Mohan Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana who was decorated in 1948.
  General Ludvík Svoboda Czechoslovak Army 1946
  King Abdulaziz bin Abdur Rahman Al Saud Saudi Arabian Armed Forces February 18, 1947
  President Miguel Alemán Valdés Mexican Armed Forces May 1, 1947
  Shah Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Iranian Armed Forces October 7, 1947
  General Dragoljub Mihailović Yugoslav Royal Army March 29, 1948 "General Mihailovich and his forces, although lacking adequate supplies, and fighting under extreme hardships, contributed materially to the allied cause, and were instrumental in obtaining a final Allied Victory." Recommended by Dwight D. Eisenhower. The award was kept secret until 1966.
  Field Marshal Sir William Slim GBE KCB DSO MC ADC British Army 1948
  Field Marshal & Prime Minister Tin Maharaja Mohan Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana Royal Nepalese Army 1948[5] Brother of Sir Baber Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana who was decorated in 1946.
  Prime Minister The Rt Hon Sir Robert Menzies,KT AK CH QC Australian Armed Forces
  Field Marshal OBE Kodandera Madappa Cariappa Indian Army 1950
  King Paul I Greek Armed Forces October 28, 1953
  President Celâl Bayar Turkish Armed Forces January 27, 1954
  President Marcos Pérez Jiménez Venezuelan Army November 12, 1954 [6][7]
  Field Marshal Luang Plaek Pibulsonggram Thai Royal Army May 2, 1955
  General Satyawant Mallana Srinagesh Indian Army September 2, 1955 [8]
  King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) Thai Armed Forces June 28, 1960
  Major General Senussi Letaiwish Chief of staff of the Royal Libyan Army June 5, 1961 For Exceptionally Meritorious Conduct in the performance of outstanding services.
  General Kim Yong-Bae Republic Of Korea Army February 14, 1968 For service April 1965 to March 1966. The initial award of Commander degree was revoked and replaced with Chief Commander.
  Minister of National Defense Kim Sung-Eun Republic Of Korea December 9, 1968 For service March 1963 to June 1966.
  Admiral Jal Cursetji Indian Navy 1978 [9]
  President Kenan Evren Turkish Armed Forces June 27, 1988
  General Wolfgang Schneiderhan Bundeswehr
  General Hilmi Özkök Turkish Armed Forces 2002
  Admiral Shahid Karimullah Pakistan Navy July 21, 2004 For his steadfast support of American-Pakistan cooperation in regional maritime, security affairs, demonstrated superb resolve and unwavering dedication to the Global War on terrorism
  Admiral Afzal Tahir Pakistan Navy January 23, 2006 Legion of Merit in recognition of his efforts in conducting maritime security operations and strengthening of cooperation between the two navies in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility.
  Admiral Mohammad Anwar Mohammad Nor Malaysian Armed Forces 2006
  Lt General Tariq Khan Pakistani Army December 9, 2007 Legion of Merit for meritorious services as a liaison officer at CENTCOM during Operations Enduring Freedom (December 9, 2007).
  General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani Pakistani Army January 1, 2009
  General Babaker Shawkat B. Zebari Iraqi Army January 7, 2010
  Admiral Noman Bashir Pakistan Navy March 18, 2010 For distinguished service and strengthening American-Pakistani relations. Also, for his role in establishing and strengthening the Pakistan Navy and U.S. Navy relations in Arabian sea.
  General Bikram Singh[10][11] Indian Army December 5, 2013[12]
Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Gen. Raymond T. Odierno presents Chief of Staff of the Indian Army Gen. Bikram Singh with the Legion of Merit.
  General Raheel Sharif Pakistan Army November 19, 2014
Chief of Army Staff Gen Raheel Sharif on November 19, 2014 was conferred with the US Legion of Merit Medal in recognition of his brave leadership and efforts to ensure peace in the region.
  General Hulusi Akar Turkish Armed Forces January 27, 2015 For his outstanding contributions to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
  General Ismail Fathalli Tunisian Army April 13, 2015 Chief of Army Staff General Ismail Fathalli was presented with the United States Legion of Merit.[13]
  Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah Pakistan Navy March 17, 2017 Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah was presented with the United States Legion of Merit.[14]
  Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman Pakistan Air Force March 12, 2018 Chief of Pakistan Air Force Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman was presented with the United States Legion of Merit.[15]


Nationality Rank Name Force Date Comments
  Brigadier General Alexandre Zacharias de Assumpção Brazilian Army 1942 General of Brigade Alexandre Zacharias de Assumpcao, Brazilian Army, was cited for service as Commanding General of the 8th Military Region, Brazil. The 8th Military Region was headquartered in Belem, which was a major support base for US aircraft transiting to North Africa and the Mediterranean. The Army made 31 awards of the Legion of Merit, commander grade, to Brazilian officers during World War II.
  Brigadier General Amaro Soares Bittencourt Brazilian Army 1942 First recipient of this medal in any degree.
  Rear Admiral Harold Farncomb CB, DSO, MVO, RAN Royal Australian Navy 1942 Commanded various International military units.
  Major General George Pearkes VC PC CC CB DSO MC CD Canadian Army 1942 General Officer Commanding in Chief Pacific Command (Canadian Army)
  Wing Commander Guy Penrose Gibson, VC, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar Royal Air Force December 3, 1943[16] WWII leader of the Dams raid (Operation Chastise) in 1943.
  Brigadier General Paul Devinck French Army 1943
  Lieutenant General Louis Koeltz French Army 1943 Commander of XIXth Army Corps
  Brigadier General François Le Clercq French Army 1943
  Colonel General Of Aviation Alexander Repin Soviet Air Force June 22, 1944[17] President Roosevelt presented the award for further delivery to Marshal Stalin on February 11, 1945 at the Yalta Conference.
  Lieutenant General Władysław Anders 2nd Polish Corps August 1, 1944
  Major General Paul Bergeron French Army 1944
  General Etienne Beynet French Army 1944 Head of the French Military Mission to Washington
  General Georges Catroux French Army 1944 Governor General of French Algeria
  General (later maréchal de France) Jean de Lattre de Tassigny French Army 1944 Commander of the French Forces in Italy
  Lieutenant General Henry Martin French Army 1944 Commander of the French Forces in Corsica
  Brigadier General Louis Rivet French Army 1944 Former Head of French Military Intelligence
  Air Marshal Sir Francis John Linnell KBE, CB Royal Air Force January 30, 1945[18] Deputy Commander-in-Chief (RAF MED ME) Mediterranean Allied Air Forces, 29 February 1944 – 29 June 1944. Awarded posthumously by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  Admiral Sir Gerald Charles Dickens KCVO, CB, CMG Royal Navy 1945 WWII Commander
  Air Commodore Andrew James Wray Geddes DSO, OBE Royal Air Force 1945 Responsible for the planning of Operations Manna and Chowhound
  Major General Sir Miles William Arthur Peel Graham KBE CB CBE MC British Army 24 April 1945 Responsible for organising and coordinating activities in connection with the invasion of Normandy in June 1944.
  Lieutenant General Sir Bernard Cyril Freyberg, VC, KCB, KBE, CMG, DSO 2nd New Zealand Division, New Zealand Military Forces August 2, 1945
  Major General William Henry Evered Poole, CB, CBE, DSO 6th South African Armored Division Unit is part of the 5th US Army during the Italian Campaign in World War II
  Major General Sir Donald Banks KCB, DSO, MC, TD Petroleum Warfare Department 24 January 1946[19] For his role in the production and manufacture of an improved American flamethrower fuel, and other work of Petroleum Warfare Department employed during the liberation of Europe which "contributed substantially to the successful prosecution of the war".[20]
  Major General Georges Vanier 1946 Canadian representative to the United Nations and Ambassador to France, later Governor General of Canada.
  Rear Admiral Leonard W. Murray Canadian Northwest Atlantic 1946 Architect of the Battle of the Atlantic.
  Lieutenant General Bengt Nordenskiöld Swedish Air Force 9 July 1946[21] Chief of the Air Force
  Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Rodney Park Royal Air Force June 27, 1947 WWII commander during the Battle of Britain and later Allied Air Commander South East Asia
  General Rajendrasinhji Jadeja Indian Army 1946 [8]
  General Alfredo M. Santos Armed Forces of the Philippines
  Colonel Ramon Barquin Armed Forces of the Republic of Cuba 1955 Military Attaché to the United States, Mexico, and Canada; Cuba Delegate to the Inter-American Defense Board; Vice-Director and Joint Chiefs of Staff Commander of the Inter-American Defense Board. For his organizing and coordinating activities to eliminate coups d'état in the Americas. Barquin later became the last Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and de facto Head of State of the Republic of Cuba in January 1959, before the Revolutionary government established by Fidel Castro. Barquin served as Chief of the Army and was later named Ambassador-at-Large to Europe in April 1959 and resigned in 1960.
  General Keizō Hayashi Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) November 10, 1958 Chairman of the Joint Staff Council, JSDF. First Japanese recipient of this medal.[22]
  Lieutenant General Thord Bonde Swedish Army December 4, 1959 Chief of the Army. For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States, from July 1943 to September 1945 and October 1957 to March 1958.[23]
  Lieutenant-General Ulrich de Maizière Bundeswehr March 9, 1965
  Lieutenant-General Amer Khammash Jordanian Armed Forces April 3, 1969 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces from 9 October 1967 till 30 June 1969. Awarded by President Richard Nixon for Exceptionally Meritorious Conduct in the Performance of Outstanding Services throughout his entire military career with the Arab Army.
  Lieutenant-General Stefan Grot-Rowecki Polish Armed Forces (Armia Krajowa) August 9, 1984 Awarded by Ronald Reagan posthumously forty years and one week after his death at the hands of the Gestapo.
  General Fidel Ramos Armed Forces of the Philippines 1990
  Brigadier General Abdul Muneem Mansur Ahmed Bangladesh Army January 16, 1991 The first Bangladeshi General to receive this award for his outstanding service as the Defense Attaché in the Bangladesh Embassy, United States
  Lieutenant General Michel Roquejeoffre French Army July 14, 1991
  General Sir Peter de la Billière KCB, KBE, DSO, MC & bar British Forces to the Middle East during the First Gulf War July 14, 1991
  General Ehud Barak Israeli Defense Forces 1992 Later became Israeli Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001
  Teniente General Martín Balza Argentine Army 1994 Chief of Argentine Armed Forces 1991 to 1999
  General Alfred John Gardyne Drummond de Chastelain, OC, CMM, CH, CD Canadian Forces 1995 In 1999, he was made a Companion of Honour by Queen Elizabeth II. He is the former Chief of the Defence Staff for the Canadian Forces and he is the Chairman of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning since November 1995 for the Northern Ireland Peace Process.
  General I. M. Elias Nino Herrera Colombian Marine Corps For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as Commandant of the Colombian Marine Corps. General Nino's cooperation and understanding have been a significant contribution to the mutual friendship between Colombia and the United States.
  General Michael John Dawson Walker, Baron Walker of Aldringham GCB, CMG, CBE, ADC, DL Implementation Force in Bosnia May 13, 1997[24] Former Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) in the United Kingdom
  General de Ejército
(General of the Army)
Paco Moncayo Ecuadorian Armed Forces January 1998 For of his exceptionally superior performance as Chief of the Armed Forces Joint Command and his contribution to Ecuadorian history, politics and democracy.
  Vice Admiral Donald Chalmers AO, RAN Royal Australian Navy 1998[25] Chief of Navy
  General Sir Phillip Bennett AC, KBE, DSO
John Baker AC, DSM
Sir Peter Cosgrove AK, MC
Australian Defence Force Chiefs of the Defence Force
  General Adolf Heusinger
Klaus Naumann
Wolfgang Schneiderhan
Carl-Hubertus von Butler[26]
  General Edgard de Larminat
Alain de Boissieu
Vincent Desportes
Jean-Louis Georgelin
  Vice Admiral David Shackleton AO, RAN Royal Australian Navy 2001 Chief of Navy
  General Md Hashim bin Hussein Royal Malaysia Army 2001 Chief of Army
  Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie AO, RAN Royal Australian Navy Chief of Navy
  Major General Yedidya Ya'ari Israeli Navy December 4, 2003[27] Commander in Chief, Israel Navy
  Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard Deputy Commander NORAD 2004 Commander of NATO forces enforcing "No Fly Zone" Libya 2011
  Lieutenant General Peter Leahy AC
Australian Army 2004 Chief of Army
  Admiral Jorge Godoy Argentine Navy October 1, 2004 Chief of Staff, Argentine Navy
  General Yoshimitsu Tsumagari Japan Air Self-Defense Force October 19, 2004 Chief of Staff, Air Self Defense Force
  Commander-in-Chief Mehmet Yaşar Büyükanıt Turkish Armed Forces December 12, 2005
  Lieutenant General Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury Bangladesh Army 2005 Former Chief of Army Staff (Bangladesh)
  Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola Italian Navy Incumbent Minister of Defence in the Monti Cabinet
  General Tadashi Yoshida Japan Air Self-Defense Force October 24, 2006 Chief of Staff, Air Self Defense Force
  Lieutenant General Andrew Leslie Canadian Army December 8, 2006
  Admiral of the Fleet Vladimir Vasilyevich Masorin Russian Navy August 24, 2007 The first Russian recipient for meritorious conduct of the Russian Federation Navy to increase cooperation and interoperability with the U.S. Navy and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from September 2005 to August 2007.
  General Ryoichi Oriki Ground Self-Defense Force October 1, 2007 Chief of Staff
  General Franciszek Gągor Polish Armed Forces May 22, 2008 For exceptionally meritorious service as the Chief of Staff of the Polish Armed Forces from February 2006 to May 2008.
  Lieutenant General Hebrew: Rav Aluf Gabi Ashkenazi Israeli Defence Forces July 24, 2008 Chief of Staff – Israeli Defence Forces
  Vice Admiral Refiloe Johannes Mudimu South African Navy 2008 For role in strengthening ties with US Navy[28]
  General Toshio Tamogami Air Self-Defense Force August 19, 2008 [29]
  Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie AC, DSC, CSM Australian Army 2009 Chief of Army
  Colonel Jaap Reijling Royal Netherlands Air Force October 29, 2009 For his large contribution to improving U.S.-Dutch relations during his posting as Air Force attaché at the Dutch Embassy in Washington in 2004–2008. He worked in particular on JSF cooperation and the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.
  General Sverker Göranson Swedish Armed Forces 2010 Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces. For dedication and professionalism as supreme commander led the continuing transformation of the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish international operations.
  General Kenichiro Hokazono Japan Air Self-Defense Force January 22, 2010 Chief of Staff, Air Self Defense Force
  Major General Milinda Peiris RWP, RSP, USP Sri Lanka Army For service as military attaché to the Sri Lankan Embassy in the United States
  General Godfrey Ngwenya South African Army 20 May 2010 for his leadership during a time of transition in the South African military and his country’s support of vital NATO peacekeeping operations in Sudan, Burundi and Congo
  Vice Admiral Russ Crane AO, CSM, RAN Royal Australian Navy Chief of Navy
  General Yoshifumi Hibako Ground Self-Defense Force June 8, 2011 Chief of Staff
  General Edmund Entacher Austrian Armed Forces November 22, 2011[30] Chief of Staff
  Major General Ido Nehoshtan
Israeli Air Force 15 April 2012[31] Chief of IAF
  General Ants Laaneots Estonian Defence Forces July 4, 2012 Former Commander-in-Chief
  Lieutenant General David Morrison AO Australian Army 2012 Chief of Army
  General David Hurley AC, DSC Australian Army 2012 Chief of the Defence Force
  Colonel Todd Balfe Royal Canadian Air Force June 5, 2012[32] For his exceptional devotion to duty, and his significant contributions both to the maintenance of North American air security as well as to the close relationship between United States and Canadian Forces in NORAD.
  Colonel General Tibor Benkő Hungarian Ground Forces September 4, 2012[33] Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces
  Major General Berndt Grundevik Swedish Army September 2012[34] Inspector of the Swedish Army
  Lieutenant General Claudio Graziano Italian Army February 11, 2013 Chief of the General Staff of the Italian Army
  Vice Admiral Paul Maddison Royal Canadian Navy 26 April 2013 Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy
  Vice Admiral Ray Griggs AO, CSC, RAN Royal Australian Navy May 2013 Chief of Navy
  Brigadier General Shamsher Thakurathi Nepal Army 29 January 2013
  General Knud Bartels Danish Army October 2014 During his visit at the Pentagon General Bartels was awarded the Legion of Merit by General Dempsey in recognition of his exceptional conduct while serving as Chief of Defence of the Danish Armed Forces (2009–2011) and as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.[35]
  Brigadier General Mohammad Abdul Moeen Bangladesh Army July 31, 2015 Brigadier General Moeen received this prestigious medal for his exceptional meritorious service as the Bangladesh Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attache to the United States, from May 2010 to July 2013. Brigadier General Moeen facilitated cooperation between the United States and Bangladesh Armies in numerous events through United States Pacific Command,to include those focused on peacekeeping operations, disaster management and counter terrorism.
  Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot Israel Defense Forces August 2016 Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces
  Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, AO, DSC Australian Army 13 June 2017 Chief of Army
  Lieutenant general Mahmoud Freihat Jordanian Armed Forces July 2017 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces[36]
  Major General Amir Eshel Israeli Air Force August 2017 On change of command of the Israeli Air Force, awarded as outgoing commander.


Movlid Visaitov, a Chechen colonel and a commander of 255th Separate Chechen–Ingush cavalry regiment, first to meet American forces on the Elbe river during World War II.
Ehud Barak, later Prime Minister of Israel, with the Legion of Merit in 1993
  • At the beginning of the North African campaign, Brigadier General Lyman L. Lemnitzer accompanied Major General Mark Wayne Clark by submarine to North Africa. Upon arrival, about 60 officers were awarded the Legion of Merit and were among the first awarded the medal. By some misunderstanding as to the rules governing the awards, these 60 American officers were awarded the degree of Officer. According to Lemnitzer, President Roosevelt was quite annoyed but did not rescind the awards. These were the only U.S. officers (or service personnel of any rank) awarded the Legion of Merit with a degree.
  • In 1945, Lieutenant Colonel William E. Fairbairn, a former British General Service Corps who transferred to United States as "officer in rent" to train SOE agents and later the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), for his achievements in training OSS personnel. Fairbairn eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel by the end of the war, and received the U.S. Legion of Merit (officer grade) at the specific request of "Wild Bill" Donovan, founder of the OSS. Known as the teacher of close combat fighting in Camp X and teaching defendu, a special forces close combat system. Following his instruction at Camp X, Fairbairn was rejoined by his pupil Col. Applegate to form the United States "School for Spies and Assassins", then called "Camp B", now known as Camp David. Not well known by the public because his techniques were often brutal, and were considered too dangerous to be widely publicly known. Some people considered him as a British agent in disguise and a prototype of Ian Fleming's character of James Bond. Fairbairn was also the teacher of Lt. Colonel Robert T. Frederick, the designer of Army Special Unit knife V-42 stiletto which was based on Fairbairn–Sykes commando knife. Fairbairn also a friend of Captain Dermot Michael "Pat" O'Neill, the First Special Service Force's close-combat instructor.[37][38]
  • In 1945, Colonel Movlid Visaitov, commander of the 255th Separate Chechen-Ingush Cavalry Regiment and the 28th Guards Regiment. Visaitov was the first Soviet officer to shake hands with General Bolling at the Elbe River.[39][40]
  • On 18 October 1945, Harry Truman, Commander-in-Chief, and James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, personally signed the Legion of Merit, Degree of Officer awarded to Lieutenant Commander Gerhard Heinrich Heyen, Royal Australian Naval Reserve. The citation reads in part: “For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States as Hydrographic Officer, attached to Task Group 51.24, during the attack on enemy Japanese-held Tori Shiwa, Okinawa Gunto, from May 11 to 14, 1945…"[41]
    Lt Cmdr Heyen leading the first wave at Okinawa
  • Group Captain Harry Day, Senior Officer at numerous POW camps during World War II, and significantly helped American POWs endure the captivity, as well as organizing escape operations. He received the award on July 5, 1946.[42]
  • In 1946, Commodore Alfred Victor Knight of the Royal Australian Navy was awarded the commendation for honorary services. The citation described him as a 'forceful leader' who, by his 'splendid co-operation in the conduct of a vital training programme, aggressive determination and untiring energies ... contributed materially to combined large-scale operations'.[43]
  • In 1947, Colonel Valentine Patrick Terrel Vivian head of counter-espionage, Section V, and Vice-Chief of the S.I.S. or MI6. The citation reads, as deputy director of a special British agency in the European Theater of Operations from January 1943 to June 1945, rendered exceptionally devoted and meritorious service to the Allied armies, by American forces in a special province of military operations, and continuing it through the long period of preparation for the Normandy invasion and during the march into Germany, Colonel Vivian made an outstanding contribution to Allied military and to the enemy's defeat.[44][45]
  • In 1948, then Brigadier General John Frederick Boyce Combe was made an Officer of the Legion for his contribution "to the over-all success Allied forces in Italy" during World War II.[46]
  • In 1948, Air Chief Marshal Donald Perera VSV, USP, Sri Lanka Air Force.
  • In 1950 Air Commodore Leonard Birchall (Royal Canadian Air Force) was made an officer of the Legion for his life imperiling heroic actions as a Japanese POW in WWII: "His exploits became legendary throughout Japan and brought renewed faith and strength to many hundreds of ill and disheartened prisoners." – U.S. President Harry S. Truman.[47]
  • In 1952, Captain Jean Arthur Leon Muller (Netherlands Navy) was made an Officer of the Legion for his "exceptionally meritorious conduct in performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States" during the Korean War.[48]
  • In 1953, The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, 20 July 1942, takes pleasure in presenting the Legion of Merit, in the Degree of Officer to Major General [then Brigadier General] Ham Byong Sun, Republic of Korea Army, for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States from 28 April 1951 to 3 April 1952.[49]
  • For service 10 September 1952 – 27 April 1954, Brigadier General Shim On Bong of the Republic of Korea Army[50]
  • For service August 1953 – March 1955, Major General Chang Kuk Chang of the Republic of Korea Army[50]
  • In 1959, Major General Mian Ghulam Jilani was made an Officer of the Legion for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States, from October 1952 to June 1955.[51]
  • In 1960 Major General Mian Hayaud Din was made an Officer of the Legion for his role as Chief of the Pakistan Military Mission to the United States from 1955 to 1960.[52]
  • In 1996, Lieutenant General Roméo Dallaire of the Canadian Army was made an Officer of the Legion for his role as Commander of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Rwanda during the civil war and subsequent genocide.[53]
  • On 18 December 1980 Major General Shlomo Inbar, Israel Army, was made an Officer of the Legion of Merit for his exceptionally meritorious conduct in the outstanding performance of duties as Defense and Armed Forces Attache, Embassy of Israel to the United States of America, from July 1977 to August 1980.
  • In 1990, Colonel Stanisław Wożniak from Poland was made an Officer of the Legion of Merit for his exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services.[54]
  • In 2006, Lieutenant General Nick Houghton, British Army, "in recognition of gallant and distinguished services during coalition operations in Iraq."[55]
  • Lieutenant General Tariq Khan became the fourth Pakistani officer to receive the award for meritorious services as a liaison officer at CENTCOM during Operations Enduring Freedom (December 9, 2007).
  • In 2008, Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy Head of the Royal Air Force, for his part in Operation Telic / Operation Iraqi Freedom.[56]
  • Lieutenant General Sir James Dutton, Royal Marines, "in recognition of meritorious, gallant and distinguished services during coalition operations in Afghanistan".[57]
  • Major General Colin Boag, British Army, "in recognition of gallant and distinguished services during coalition operations in Iraq" (March 2008).[58]
  • Lieutenant General James Bucknall, British Army, "in recognition of gallant and distinguished services during coalition operations in Iraq" (July 2009).[59]
  • Major General Mohamed Elkeshky, Egyptian Army Defense, Military, Naval and Air Attaché to the United States. (2013)[citation needed]
  • In 2011, Vice Admiral Tomohisa Takei, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, "as recognition for Takei's exceptional leadership and expertise in maturing and expanding the JMSDF and U.S. Navy partnership during his role as director of operations and plans department, JMSDF Maritime Staff Office from April 2008 to July 2010".[60]
  • In 2013, Lieutenant General Walter Souza Braga Netto, Brazilian Army, Military Attaché to the United States of America. "For exceptionally meritous conduct in the performance of outstanding services from March 2011 to May 2013.
  • In 2014, Major General Brett Cairns, Canadian Air Force, NORAD J3. "For exceptionally meritorious service as Director of Operations, Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, from May 2005 to August 2008."[61]
  • In 2016, Brigadier General Paul Rutherford, Canadian Army, United States Central Command. "For exceptionally meritorious service as Deptuy Director, Strategy, Plans and Policy Military to Military, Strategy, Plans and Policy Directorate, United States Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, from August 2013 to August 2015."[62]
  • In 2018, LTC Bruce Edward Campbell


When the Legion of Merit is awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States, it is awarded without reference to degree. The medal and ribbon of this fourth degree (Legionnaire) are used for such purpose though.[63]

The US Army and US Air Force do not authorize the "V" Device for the Legion of Merit. The U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps,[64] and the United States Coast Guard do.[65]

The first U.S. Armed Forces recipient of the Legion of Merit medal was WWII combat veteran Lt. (j.g.) Ann Bernatitus, U.S.N., one of the "Angels of Bataan" and the only U.S. Navy nurse to escape from Bataan and Corregidor during the war.[66][67] She was also the first person authorized to wear the "V" Device with the award.[68] Her medal is now housed at the Smithsonian Institution.


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