Generalmajor (Sweden)

Generalmajor is an officer's rank in Sweden and Finland, immediately above Brigadgeneral and below Generallöjtnant.

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Finnish Defence Forces rank of Kenraalimajuri is comparable to Ranks of NATO armies officers as OF-7

Holders of the rank in SwedenEdit

  • The Inspectors of the Army and Air Force hold this rank. As commanders of (respectively) Land Component Command and the Air Component Command, they command all units within their respective areas of responsibility defined as being operational and active.
  • The commander of the Military Intelligence and Security Directorate "MUST".

History and related ranksEdit

In Sweden, the equivalent Naval rank is Konteramiral


In Finland a kenraalimajuri typically commands a corps or army chief of staff. The commander of Finnish Air Force is a kenraalimajuri. There are also several special tasks for kenraalimajuri or senior.

Origin - Middle AgesEdit

The rank was originally a pure staff officers' rank used for those who served a general. Those staff servants were named Sergeant Major Generals. The sergeant part was later dropped.

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