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name image description occupation date of birth date of death place of birth place of death wikidata item site links
Karine Lagueux film actor
No/unknown value Q3193291 2
Marie-France Lambert
Canadian actor actor No/unknown value Q3291790 2
Roxane Bourdages
Canadian actor actor No/unknown value No/unknown value Q3445680 2
Carole Forget
Canadian writer and poet writer
No/unknown value Saint-Jérôme Q108648167 1
Louise Soumande
Canadian religious hospitaller nun 1664-05-16 1708-11-28 Quebec City Quebec City Q112055032 1
Louise de Ramezay 6 Jul 1705 - 22 Oct 1776 businessperson 1705-07-06 1776-10-22 Montreal Quebec City Q26240190 2
Marie-Louise Plante 1725-03-10 1832-06-14 Sorel‐Tracy Quebec Q3292077 2
Tante Blanche 1738 Grand-Pré Q113004827 1
Vénérande Robichaud Canadian businesswoman businessperson 1753-03-01 1839-11-22 Annapolis Royal Quebec City Q3564191 2
Marie-Charles Le Moyne Canadian noble businessperson 1756-03-21 1841-02-17 Montreal Montreal Q3291605 2
Julie Papineau
women letter writer 1795-01-19 1862-08-18 Quebec City Montebello Q55670304 2
Eliza Anne Baby writer 1803 1890 Q108917628 1
Henriette-Julie Juchereau Duchesnay
1813-09-19 1873-06-17 Beauport Mont-Saint-Hilaire Q107509370 1
Elizabeth Keen White
Canadian botanical and scientific artist (ca. 1870) botanical illustrator
scientific illustrator
1827-12-12 1892-02-20 England Ottawa Q110666807 1
Sophia Tayler Griswold hymnist poet 1828-09-27 1903-05-22 Canada Chicago Q56856563 2
Annie Howells Fréchette Canadian magazine editor and writer magazine editor 1844 1938 Q106669190 1
Françoise Simard
Canadian Catholic nun 1851-01-18 1937-05-11 La Baie Chicoutimi Q26222209 2
Julie-Marguerite-Lia Blanchard Canadian superior general of the Sisters of Charity of Providence and author religious sister
1854-03-19 1939-01-24 Saint-Isidore Montreal Q111166755 1
Mildred Peel
Canadian artist (1856-1920) sculptor
1856 1920 Q116946153 1
Adèle Bibaud Canadian author writer 1857 1941 Q23048900 2
Augustine Bourassa
Canadian painter painter 1858-07-05 1941-03-13 Montebello Montebello Q67297899 2
Hermine Lanctôt
Quebec schoolteacher and author school teacher
1861 1943-04-09 La Prairie Q125235115 2
Elma MacGibbon
Canadian-born American writer writer 1863 1942 Nashwaak Village Q52512870 2
Lydia A. Trimble Canadian missionary in China (1863-1941) missionary 1863 Canada Q106957562 1
Helen Leah Reed
American writer writer 1864-03-15 1926-07-21 Saint John Cambridge Q22102945 2
Maud Ogilvy Canadian journalist, writer and poet writer
1864-07-14 1935-04-01 Montreal Berkeley Q108975038 1
Katherine Merritte Yates American-Canadian writer (1865-1951) writer 1865-11-12 1951-10-25 Drumbo Honolulu Q106777682 2
Кайданова, Ольга Владимировна teacher 1867 No/unknown value Q105341871 1
Rebecca Christina Harrington Canadian painter painter 1869-04-21 1930 Toronto Q105696302 1
Joséphine Wells Thériault writer 1870 19th century Q113950570 1
Jennie Mather
Canadian American physician 1870-03-20 1947-11-10 Toronto Pasadena Q113094312 1
Adèle Bourgeois
1870-06-05 1935-05-21 Saint-Hyacinthe Ottawa Q21521904 3
Élisa Michaud writer 1871 1942-01-10 Saint-Jean-Port-Joli Q113187851 1
Ann de Bertrand Lugrin Canadian writer writer 1874 1962-10-07 Grand Falls Victoria Q110029014 2
Barbara Anderson
Canadian writer writer 1874-04-19 1951-09-19 Cayuga Saskatoon Q108134838 1
Jeanne Anctil
Canadian director of the Quebec Household Schools 1875 1926 Q18707142 3
Valance St. Just Patriarche Canadian writer writer
1875-07-21 1970-01-18 Toronto Victoria Q108483469 2
Gertrude Bartlett
Canadian poet writer 1876 1942 New Haven Q110901025 1
Louise Birt Baynes
photographer photographer 1876 1958 Halifax Q115544457 1
Juliette Blum
Canadian-Belgian painter and sculptor actor
1877 1931 Victoria Ixelles - Elsene Q106162127 2
Annie Campbell Huestis
Canadian poet poet 1878 1960 Q70529550 2
Blanche DuBuisson Canadian actress stage actor
1879-12-01 No/unknown value Quebec City Montreal Q2905977 2
Marie-Louise Cikwic (Cikowic)
atikamekw personality midwife 1879-12-08 1965 Manawan Q115648261 1
Mary Ann Rhodes Canadian supercentenarian 1882-08-12 1998-03-03 United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Kingston Q30608849 4
Magali Michelet French-born Canadian author and journalist author
1883-04-17 1960-10-27 Grasse Q47331897 2
Blanche Gauthier Canadian actress (1884-1960) actor 1884-01-26 1960-10-08 Montreal Montreal Q2905983 2
Genevieve Lipsett Canadian teacher, journalist and suffragist school teacher
1885-07-29 1935-01-29 Kankakee Montreal Q111153484 1
Jeanne Demons Canadian actor (1888-1958) film actor 1886-01-18 1958-11-27 Agen Montreal Q3176027 3
Nana de Varennes Canadian actress actor 1887-02-21
1981-07-01 Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan Montreal Q3335521 2
M. Jean Gates 1887-04-30 1969-05-02 Annapolis Royal Q106916652 1
Amanda Alarie Canadian actress actor
1888-01-02 1965-12-09 Sorel‐Tracy Montreal Q2841017 2
Berthe Roy Canadian pianist and teacher pianist
music teacher
university teacher
1889-02-08 1951-11-09 Quebec Quebec Q86352123 2
Berthe Chaurès-Louard
businessperson 1889-10-02 1968 Limbourg Montreal Q27942286 2
Marie Gérin-Lajoie
Canadian social worker social worker 1890-06-09 1971-01-07 Montreal Q3292569 2
Anne Samson nun 1891-02-27 2004-11-29 Nova Scotia Moncton Q9155930 3
Thorstina Jackson Walters writer 1891-07-27 1959-02-02 Q114418486 1
Cécile Beauregard
Canadian writer writer 1892-02-09 1975-11-28 Q27189108 2
Madame Conrad Bastien Canadian writer writer 1893 1942-06-05 Q60964687 2
Michelle Le Normand
Canadian writer (1895-1964) writer 1893-06-13 1964-11-01 L'Assomption Q16223589 3
Cédia Brault Canadian singer opera singer 1894-01-04 1972-06-27 Montreal Q29867038 2
Maud Maloney Watt
Canadian explorer explorer
game warden
1894-04-16 1987-03-31 Ottawa Q102297573 1
Mary Josephine Ray Supercentenarian 1895-05-17 2010-03-07 Bloomfield Westmoreland Q2333463 5
Margaret Fitzgerald Canadian supercentenarian politician 1896-09-16 2009-10-20 New Brunswick Moncton Q3290487 2
Gladys Egbert Canadian pianist and music educator (1896-1968) pianist
music teacher
1896-12-31 1968-03-07 Rapid City Calgary Q15812379 2
Adrienne Senécal writer 1897 1940 Q108917544 1
Evelyne Bignell nurse 1897 1978 Limoilou Q115780556 1
Ruth Ann Wilbur
American illustrator illustrator 1897-06-10 1991-06-15 Toronto Q110321496 1
Renée Reichmann 1898-10-27 1990-02-13 Khust Toronto Q51457100 2
Christiane Fournier French novelist and journalist writer
1899-03-23 1980-05-21 Dieppe Neuilly-sur-Seine Q110211959 1
Leila Fletcher Canadian pianist (1899-1988) composer
1899-08-12 1988-04-09 Hamilton Q6519871 2
Antoinette Giroux Canadian actress (1899-1978) actor 1899-09-27 1978-07-08 Montreal Longueuil Q2856960 2
Sarah Louise Brittain 19th century 20th century Q117280650 1
Juliette Petrie Canadian humorist (1900-1995) humorist
stage actor
1900-02-18 1995-03-13 Saint-Hyacinthe Montreal Q3189774 2
Odette Oligny franco-Quebec journalist and writer writer 1900-11-25 1962-05-01 Troyes Montreal Q103927055 2
Elissa Ambrose Canadian writer writer 19th century Montreal Q3051146 2
Chloe Bellande Canadian screenwriter and film director film producer
19th century Montreal Q18021989 2
Irène Senécal
Canadian painter painter 1901-12-05 1978-11-25 Montreal Montreal Q30728477 2
Juliette Chabot 1902-01-24 1987-08-24 Q106261368 1
Yvonne Maisonneuve
Canadian social worker 1903-04-20 1980-12-25 Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Q78175106 2
Kimiko Okano Murakami farmer 1904 1997 Steveston Saltspring Island Q106454940 1
Caro Lamoureux Canadian opera singer opera singer 1904-01-03 1998-08-11 Montreal Montreal Q36206775 2
Marthe Pelland Canadian physician physician 1905 1996 Q120122653 1
Ève Bélisle Canadian poet and writer poet
1905-04-17 2002 Rimouski Q3577299 2
Béatrice Clément comics writer
children's writer
1905-12-22 2001 Paris Q105947993 1
Isabel Coursier
Canadian multisportsperson, especially ski jumper ski jumper
cross-country skier
athletics competitor
basketball player
ice hockey player
baseball player
tennis player
ski teacher
school teacher
1906-03-21 1980-10-16 Revelstoke Q16187800 3
Manda Parent Canadian humorist (1907-1992) humorist
stage actor
1907-07-16 1992-08-03 Montreal Montreal Q3285395 2
Cécile Chabot
1907-09-11 1990 Q38006020 2
Mimi D'Estée
Canadian actor (1908-2004) actor 1908-02-09 2004-03-07 Paris Q3314597 2
Blanche Pronovost nurse 1908-02-27 1994-02-11 Saint-Tite Saint-Lambert Q111668801 1
Claudine Vallerand A Canadian television presenter, radio personality, educator, singer and writer television presenter
radio personality
1908-10-08 2001-09-16 Montreal Longueuil Q103658072 1
Hattie Briggs Canadian speed skater speed skater 1909 Temiskaming Shores Q17333984 3
Shige Mineshiba Canadian supercenetarian 1909-05-18 2023-01-06 Ama District Vancouver Q112239324 1
Laure Berthiaume-Denault Canadian painter (1910-1971) painter 1910-06-10 1971-02-05 Ottawa Ottawa Q3218745 2
Alvine Bélisle
Quebec librarian librarian 1910-08-13 1997-03-31 Sillery Q55725047 2
Frances Brittain
1911 Q117280725 1
Muriel Kerr Canadian pianist and music educator pianist 1911-01-18 1963-09-18 Regina Los Angeles Q4219676 2
Mary Henderson Canadian classical singer opera singer 1912-12-17 2006-02-06 Longueuil New York City Q4497221 2
Louise André soprano and music teacher musician
opera singer
1913-02-26 2001-04-10 Saint-Tite Q55517570 2
Olha Mack writer from Imperial Russia writer
children's writer
1913-07-20 1998-01-18 Kamianets-Podilskyi Toronto Q12120505 2
Simonne Voyer dance ethnologist, researcher and author university teacher
1913-10-11 2013-10-08 Montreal Montreal Q104245444 1
Erastia Peretz
Romanian female writer writer
1914 No/unknown value Iași Q124540725 2
Rose Rose Canadian activist (1914-1981) activist 1914-11-02 1981-01-22 Ferme-Neuve Montreal Q104762265 2
Karolina Jus
Polish neurologist (1914-2002) neurologist 1914-12-31 2002-11 Vienna Q100591440 2
Agnes Butcher Canadian pianist pianist 1915-04-11 Q15133341 2
Betty Chandler politician (1915-2006) politician 1915-05-06
2006-05-03 Canada Beijing Q850313 2
Chrystia Kolessa cellist
music teacher
1915-10-15 1978-07-22 Vienna Ottawa Q2967443 3
Wong Yuk Lin
Canada Cantonese opera actress actor 1916 1981-06-23 Jiangmen Q11176624 1
Yvette Thuot Canadian actress actor 1918-10-13 2021-12-05 Iberville, Quebec Q30728754 2
Phyllis Gummer Canadian composer composer 1919-03-12 2005 Kingston Q20643362 2
Gretl Keren Fischer Czech-Canadian writer, critic, and university teacher university teacher
literary critic
1919-04-18 2013-11-24 Olomouc Ottawa Q56868136 2
Andrée Paradis Director and editor-in-chief of Vie des arts magazine editor-in-chief
radio personality
television presenter
art critic
1919-05-26 1986-08-27 Montreal Q111011920 1
Ariadna Stebelska sculptor
literary scholar
public figure
1919-08-23 2002-06-06 Hnivan Toronto Q12157597 2
Jeanne-Marguerite Saint-Pierre
1919-11-28 2002-07-22 Ottawa Q105981663 1
Anne Chraplywa-Smith military personnel 1920 2005-02-18 Manitoba Winnipeg Q20065646 2
Maggie Dubé
atikamekw personality midwife 1921-04-05 1990-08-21 Q105441368 1
Suzanne Piuze
Canadian journalist journalist 1921-09-11 2004 Montreal Q2379738 2
Rosemary Deveson
ballet dancer
dance teacher
1921-12-28 2008-03-14 Bowsman Burnaby Q109466695 2
Jeanne d'Arc Lemay-Warren judge
1922 2022 Q117781182 1
Rhona Wurtele Canadian alpine skier (1922-2020) alpine skier 1922-01-21 2020-01-17 Saint-Lambert Q1147403 1
Lotte Brott Canadian musician (1922-1998) musician
1922-02-08 1998-01-06 Mannheim Montreal Q3260043 3
Madeleine des Rivières
Canadian writer writer
1922-04-29 Quebec City Q3275771 2
Julie Vaillancourt Quebec personality from the world of the arts visual artist 1923 2019-08-07 Taschereau Rouyn-Noranda Q111342966 1
Sylvia Ary
Canadian painter (1923-2015) painter
1923-04-15 2015-11-08 Moscow Montreal Q3507205 3
Глібович Олена Юріївна musician
public figure
1923-05-20 2001-09-10 Velykyi Bychkiv Q107230845 1
Rose-Aimée Bélanger Canadian sculptor sculptor 1923-07-04 2023-11-12 Guérin Q105703927 2
Jeanne Brault Laurin
mechanic 1923-12-16 2012-09-11 Canada Q28920014 2
Jean Hunt dancer ballet dancer 1924 Nanaimo Q109483795 1
Carmen Judd
stage actor
television actor
1924-03-30 2020-10-22 Saint-Eustache Laval Q109396734 1
Marian Waldman Canadian actress actor
stage actor
film actor
1924-12-16 1985-07-05 Toronto Toronto Q6762004 4
Anna Istomina
ballet dancer 1925— ballet dancer
dance teacher
1925-10-09 2014-01-10
Vancouver Q106251024 2
Marjolaine Hébert
Canadian actress (1926-2014) actor 1926-04-13 2014-07-28 Ottawa Longueuil Q3293932 3
Yvone Duruz swiss artist (1926-2007) artist 1926-05-01 2007-05-08 Bern Montreal Q85095452 2
Mary Morrison Canadian soprano opera singer 1926-11-09 Winnipeg Q47465876 2
Aline Cloutier drawer 1927 Q104537644 1
Jeanne d'Arc Jutras Canadian journalist, novelist and activist (1927-1992) journalist
1927-02-14 1992-06-07 Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults Montreal Q60462420 2
Mary Alice Danaher 1928 2005 Q104246351 1
Audrey Ronning Topping Canadian photojournalist photographer
film director
1928-05-21 Camrose Q101406313 1
Arlene Pach music teacher
1928-05-26 2000-03-02 Kamloops Q47157292 2
Claire Meunier
Canadian painter (1928-2010) painter 1928-07-11 2010-01-01 Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu Montreal Q2975086 3
Marie-Célina Pitcikwi
midwife 1928-08-28 Q105438255 1
Dorothy Howard Canadian music educator music teacher
opera singer
1929-02-04 2013-03-01 Winnipeg Winnipeg Q18222307 3
Renée Maheu Canadian journalist journalist
opera singer
1929-02-14 2007-03-19 Quebec City Quebec Q3427156 2
Fernande Chiocchio Canadian opera singer and pianist opera singer 1929-05-29 2021-09-27 Montreal Q29167049 2
Katarzyna Pospieszyńska Polish cookbook writer writer 1930-02-13 2007-08-04 Windsor Warsaw Q11737045 1
Hélène Beck Canadian painter painter 1930-05-09 Saguenay Q3144705 2
Solange Harvey
Canadian journalist (1930-2008) journalist 1930-12-09 2008-07-02 Q3489140 2
Yvonne Tremblay-Gagnon
Canadian artist painter 1931-06-29 Métabetchouan–Lac-à-la-Croix Q3574230 3
Nicole Deschamps
Québec writer writer
university teacher
1931-10-16 2023-07-31 Chandler Q3341031 2
Lorette Gallant Canadian musician musician
1932-01-16 Dieppe Q3259535 2
Janine Lachance
Canadian pianist pianist 1932-02-22 2017-12-16 Quebec City Laval Q55739124 2
Solange Chalvin
Canadian journalist, writer, and civil servant writer
civil servant
1932-03-20 Montreal Q18214336 2
Aglaé Canadian actor and singer singer
1933-05-13 1984-04-19 L'Épiphanie Montreal Q2826887 2
Francine Brunel-Reeves
Québécois singer and researcher, specialized in traditional arts researcher
1933-10-29 2018-02-03 Montreal Montreal Q110363221 1
Koo Mei Hong Kong actress and singer singer
film actor
1934 Guangzhou Q2587604 3
Ann Suzuki Japanese-Canadian artist artist 1934 Ontario Q110830744 1
Alla Savchenko
Canadian ballet dancer ballet dancer
1934-03-03 2022-02-01 Moscow Winnipeg Q15081812 2
Shirley Topley basketball player
softball player
1934-04-14 Hondo Q118645030 1
Lise Lasalle
Canadian actress actor 1934-09-16 1979-10-01 Montreal Montreal Q3242499 2
Micheline Dumont
Canadian historian historian
university teacher
1935 Montreal Q3311351 2
Ethel Groffier
university teacher
1935 City of Brussels Q55989005 2
Naomi Shiraishi Japanese actress and cooking expert actor
food writer
1935-01-24 2019-08-03 Vancouver Chofu Q11580157 1
Dagmar Hyková-Táborská film editor
film director
film producer
1935-05-10 2005-01-22 Prague Toronto Q101245493 1
Else Methi Norwegian speed skater (1935-2006) speed skater 1935-05-17 2006-12-21 Q106690861 1
Mireille Lagacé Canadian organist organist 1935-06-08 Saint-Jérôme Q3315982 2
Rita Gombrowicz
French specialist in literature literary scholar 1935-11-28 Pierrefonds Q2154913 4
Yael Man spy 1936 2021-08-27 Canada Q108315123 2
Nadia Fahmy-Eid academic
university teacher
1936 Port Said Q111297176 1
Urve Karuks Estonian poet and translator in Canada poet
1936-01-18 2015-07-18 Tallinn Toronto Q20741955 3
Margot Lefebvre Canadian singer and radio host (1936-1989) singer
radio personality
1936-04-20 1989-12-19 Montreal Q11455470 1
Isabelle Pierre Canadian singer singer
1936-06-11 Rouyn-Noranda Q3155012 2
Élizabeth Chouvalidzé Canadian actor and dub actor actor
dub actor
1936-06-24 France Q3587982 2
Michèle Stanton-Jean
Canadian historian historian
1937 Quebec City Q26715068 2
Jeanne Pomerleau writer writer 1937 Q116944600 1
Myra Cree Canadian television presenter television presenter 1937 2005-10-13 Laurentides Q3331484 2
Rosanne Laflamme Canadian athletics competitor (1937-1991) athletics competitor 1937-02 1991-07-18 Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud Montmagny Q36042922 2
Patricia Parr Canadian classical pianist classical pianist
music teacher
1937-06-10 Toronto Q104825372 1
Linda Tellington-Jones
Canadian, horse breeder, non-fiction writer non-fiction writer
1937-06-30 Canada Q1825907 3
Liliane Welch Luxembourgish writer (1937-2010) writer 1937-10-20 2010-09-22 Esch-sur-Alzette Q16440297 2
Francine Desbiens
Canadian film director & film producer film director
film producer
1938 Montreal Q49715404 2
Julie Stanton
Canadian poet and writer poet
1938-01-26 Quebec City Q3189273 2
Sœur Angèle
Québécois nun and cook nun 1938-08-11 Q3511705 2
Maymar Gemmell Canadian and American female curler and coach curler
curling coach
1938-08-16 Toronto Q106098767 1
Louise-Michelle Sauriol
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1938-10-11 Montreal Q3263642 2
Anna Ferguson Canadian actress film actor 1938-10-22 Tillsonburg Q2850492 2
Yvonne Laflamme
Canadian actress actor 1939 Q3574210 2
Naomi Caruso editor
1939 Q108760624 1
Renée duRocher
canadian painter painter 1939-07-24 Granby Q101580035 2
Marie-Claire Blais
1939-10-05 Canada Q118347811 1
Madeleine Lemire Canadian painter painter 1940 Quebec Q3275680 2
Micheline Labelle
writer and sociologist writer
1940 Q18785056 2
Ginette Ravel Canadian singer singer 1940-10-06 2022-02-17 Joliette Q3106744 2
Yvette Michelin arrow finger weaver, writer, researcher sashweaver
1941 Q118521672 1
Jacqueline Laurent Canadian actress actor
pornographic actor
1941 Quebec Q3157748 3
Kecia Nyman Finnish-Canadian model and actress model
1941-01-17 Mänttä Q65237094 2
Lise Bourbeau Canadian conferencier and author conferencier
1941-02-14 Canada Q3242486 5
Pauline Gill
writer from Canada teacher
1942 Q3372719 3
Pierrette Froment-Savoie
1942 Hull Q111595871 1
Maria de Aragon
Canadian actress actor 1942-12-26 Montreal Q65937244 2
Joy Margaret Randall 1943 2020-07-10 Ontario Q104782193 1
Luce Gauthier Canadian physicist physicist 1943 Montreal Q107097681 1
Célyne Fortin Canadian poet and illustrator writer
short story writer
visual artist
youth book author
artist's book
1943 La Sarre Q108648532 1
Louise Trottier
1943 Quebec Q115865281 1
Donna Purkey American female curler and coach curler
curling coach
1943 2018-08-05 Toronto Gore Bay Q119217728 1
Louise Desjardins
Canadian poet poet
university teacher
1943-01-02 Rouyn-Noranda Q3263729 2
Lorraine Guay Canadian nurse and activist nurse 1943-01-25 2022-06-17 Verdun Q112777119 1
Marie-France James French writer and teacher writer
university teacher
1943-02-14 Montreal Q3291788 2
Paule Beaugrand-Champagne
Canadian journalist journalist 1943-05-08 Outremont Q18620987 2
Lucie Gascon Canadian harpist composer 1944-01-01 Normandin Q15124579 2
Marianne Henn germanist 1944 Q106688683 1
Micheline Carrier Canadian teacher, journalist, essayist and publisher essayist
1944-07-31 2019-06-22 Mont-Joli Q112767073 1
Louise Turcot Canadian actress actor 1944-10-05 Montreal Q3263837 2
Naomi Bronstein Canadian philanthropist 1945 2010-12-23 Montreal Guatemala Q3335841 2
France Vanlaethem canadian architect architect
university teacher
1945 Q105962685 2
Odette Gagnon actor 1945 Montreal Q107528482 1
Victoria Zinde-Walsh Canadian economist economist
university teacher
1945 Q2522838 2
Carole Simard-Laflamme Canadian visual artist visual artist
installation artist
1945 Baie-Saint-Paul Q2939914 2
Annette Hayward
Canadian essayist essayist 1945-06-05 Grand Falls Q21294687 2
Волянська Лілея Олегівна singer
art historian
1945-06-28 Paderborn Q106037192 1
Marg Curry Canadian basketball player basketball player 1945-07-23 Moose Jaw Q100251724 1
Avalon Roberts
Canadian politician physician 1945-08-18 Dominion of Newfoundland Q4827596 2
Louise Deschâtelets
Canadian actress actor 1945-10-28 Montreal Q3263726 2
Shirley Théroux
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1945-11-29 Montreal Q3482363 2
Marie-Éva de Villers
Canadian linguist and lexicographer linguist
1945-12-14 Q3292320 2
Francine Ruest-Jutras
Canadian mayor politician 1946 Drummondville Q3081248 2
Gloria Ruyle-Douglas botanist botanist
1946 Q5881328 2
Claire Bergeron
Quebec novelist and nurse writer 1946 Q55725415 2
Danielle Thibeault Artist from Canada painter
1946 Trois-Rivières Q86100504 2
Jane Jenson Canadian social scientist researcher 1946 Q100605453 1
Lucie Sauvé
university teacher 1946-01-24 Q105839753 1
Elizabeth Abbott Canadian writer and historian (b. 1946) writer
1946-03-13 Ottawa
Q5362268 7
Michèle Richard Canadian actor and television presenter actor
television presenter
1946-04-17 Sherbrooke Q3311683 2
Claudette Carbonneau
Canadian trade unionist trade unionist 1946-05-06 Q2978376 2
Jenny Rock Canadian singer singer 1946-11-10 Q15944913 2
Marta Saenz de la Calzada
Quebec personality from the world of the arts storyteller 1946-12-24 León Q111343006 1
Andrée Lacelle Canadian writer and poet writer
1947 Ontario Q28495391 2
Carol Lillian Richards Canadian physiotherapist physiotherapist
university teacher
1947 Q101204268 1
Charlotte Melançon poet
editing staff
1947 Sherbrooke Q112618824 1
Louise Laprade
Canadian actress actor 1947-02-16 Montreal Q3263768 2
Hélène-Andrée Bizier Canadian historian, essayist and writer historian
1947-04-07 Q3144693 3
Danielle Ouimet
Canadian actress actor 1947-06-16 Montreal Q3015020 2
Julie Arel Canadian singer-songwriter singer-songwriter 1947-08-02 Quebec City Q3189146 2
Marie-Josée Longchamps
Canadian actor and television actor actor
television actor
art director
theatrical director
stage actor
1947-08-16 Montreal Q3291994 3
Christiane Pasquier Canadian actress film actor 1947-10-23 Q2390063 2
Pol Pelletier Canadian actress actor 1947-11-06 Ottawa Q3394003 3
Lise Denis
Canadian politician politician 1948 Montreal Q18221306 2
Rojas Benavente
noblewoman university teacher 1948 Q24941489 2
Nicole Giguère
Canadian, born 1948; artist artist
film director
Quebec City Q55219023 2
Erica Goodman Canadian harpist harpist 1948-01-19 Toronto Q43885778 3
Catherine Fortin Canadian poet writer
1948-02-04 Saint-Jean-Port-Joli Q108648169 1
Olga Prokhorova actor actor 1948-03-24 Riga Q4382196 2
Christine Chartrand Canadian television presenter television presenter 1948-03-28 Montreal Q2965898 2
Marie Eykel
Canadian actress actor 1948-04-02 Q3292515 2
Jenny Arasse
French actress actor 1948-08-30 Montreal Q3177132 2
Russel-Aurore Bouchard
Canadian writer writer
1948-10-04 Saguenay Q3453429 2
Claudette Dion
Canadian singer singer 1948-12-10 Charlemagne Q2978381 2
Marie-Lou Dion Canadian actress actor
theatrical director
1948-12-11 Q3292038 2
Danièle Starenkyj
Canadian writer writer
1949 Strasbourg Q3015163 2
Zina J. Gimpelevich slavist
cultural historian
cultural studies scholar
1949 Minsk Q112548960 1
Danielle Palardy Roger French-Canadian composer composer
1949 Laval Q117030628 1
Chiang Fang Chih-yi
Taiwanese politician politician 1949 Kaohsiung Q8274122 2
Gigi Wong
Chinese actress actor
film actor
1949-10-10 Guangzhou Q8260590 2
Louise Tondreau-Levert
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
short story writer
1949-12-24 Montreal Q3263836 2
Daneen Boone Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 19th century Niagara Falls Q625288 2
Helen Doyle
Canadian film director film director
19th century Quebec City Q3129604 2
Margaret Little
Canadian viol player viol player 19th century Q3290498 2
Nora Atalla
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
19th century Cairo Q3343436 2
Jane Sowerby Canadian actor actor
19th century Canada Q11719727 2
Allison Daley Canadian paleontologist paleontologist 19th century Canada Q26025080 2
Lorry Ayers Canadian actor actor 19th century St. Catharines Q26213698 2
Rhona Shekter Canadian actress film actor
television actor
19th century Q29640084 2
Sophia Walker
Canadian actress actor 19th century Q54834201 2
Briony Glassco actor actor 19th century Q55234668 2
Marcelline Boivin-Coocoo writer 1950 Wemotaci Q107486859 1
Isabelle Hachey journalist journalist 19th century Q116687497 1
Mara Marković Silađi
Canadian judoka judoka 1950 Novi Sad Q12754892 2
Patricia Patkau Canadian architect architect 1950-02-25 Winnipeg Q42701739 3
Rainbow Ching actress actor
film actor
1950-10-10 Q7216163 2
Jocelyne Cazin
Canadian journalist and television presenter journalist
television presenter
1950-12-12 Vire Q3179857 2
Kitty Sewell Swedish novelist novelist 1951 Sweden Q10314469 3
Élizabeth Turgeon
Canadian writer children's writer
1951 Q15406975 2
Sylvie Van Brabant
Canadian film director film director
film editor
film producer
1951 St. Paul Q29267261 2
Katherine Mousseau Canadian actress actor 1951-03-09 Montreal Q3194037 2
Anne Hurley Canadian basketball player (1951-) basketball player 1951-03-22 Toronto Q3617942 2
Louise Lafortune
Canadian professor (*1951) university teacher 1951-05-24 Q30727109 2
Gaëtane Breton
Canadian singer singer 1951-06-28 Sainte-Hénédine Q15944910 2
Deborah Lee Hong Kong actress film actor 1951-10-27 British Hong Kong Q7220251 2
Stephanie Sloan freestyle skier 1952 Toronto Q9347607 3
Pierrette Dubé
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1952 Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Q114799310 2
Marie Yanick Dutelly writer
1952 Port-au-Prince Q116785995 1
Martine Beaulne canadian actress and writer theatrical director
1952-03-25 Montreal Q26921690 2
Lise Pichette
actor and stage actor actor
stage actor
1952-08-26 2014-10-26 Rouyn-Noranda Q111490548 1
Barbara Shrier
film producer 19th century Q2884030 2
Beverley Elliott Canadian actress and singer-songwriter actor
19th century Listowel Q2900378 6
Claire Vezina
Canadian singer singer-songwriter
19th century Q2975133 2
Debra Lynne McCabe Canadian actress actor
film actor
19th century Quebec Q3020921 3
Isabelle Choinière
research professor
19th century Montreal Q3154890 2
Isabelle Vincent actress actor 19th century Q3155051 2
Jeanne Painchaud Canadian writer writer
children's writer
19th century Montreal Q3176137 2
Jenny Salgado
Canadian singer singer 19th century Quebec Q3177166 2
Julie Lamontagne Canadian pianist pianist 19th century Q3189229 2
Louise Royer
Canadian writer writer 19th century Montreal Q3263822 2
Manon d'Inverness
Canadian singer singer 19th century Inverness Q3286476 2
Marie-Andrée Poulin
performing artist in Canada television presenter
radio personality
ballet dancer
19th century Q3291469 2
Marie-Anna Murat journalist
television presenter
news presenter
19th century Q3291498 2
Marie-Élaine Proulx
Canadian radio host and television presenter television presenter
radio personality
19th century Quebec City Q3292308 2
Maryse Legagneur
Canadian film director film director 19th century Q3296335 3
Nancy Fortin
Canadian singer singer 19th century Q3335573 2
Pascale Wilhelmy Wilhelmy, Pascale television presenter
radio personality
19th century Q3367715 2
Sarain Boylan Canadian actor actor
film actor
19th century Q3473446 2
Sonia Cordeau
Quebecois actor television presenter
19th century Q3490418 2
Sophie Bérubé
Canadian writer writer 19th century Quebec City Q3490871 2
Sylvie Gosselin actor actor 19th century Q3507325 2
Émilie Proulx Canadian singer-songwriter singer-songwriter 19th century Q3588871 2
Sharlene Martin Canadian actress actor
film actor
19th century Vancouver Q9335930 2
Dominique Leduc
actor actor
theatrical director
stage actor
19th century Q15059437 2
Isabelle Forest
canadian poet and novelist poet
19th century Q16028145 2
Rachael Ancheril Canadian actress actor
television actor
19th century Toronto Q16145966 3
Chloé Bourgeois
Canadian actress actor 19th century Gatineau Q18202453 2
Lise Castonguay Canadian actor actor 1953-01-12 Canada Q18215155 3
Mitzi Gurgel Valente da Costa
Brazilian diplomat diplomat 1953-05-02 Ottawa Q94135971 2
Sylvie Tremblay
Canadian singer singer 1953-06 Kénogami Q3507402 2
Louise Bombardier
Canadian actor and writer actor
1953-07-11 Sherbrooke Q3263683 3
Barbara Haering
Swiss politician politician 1953-09-20 Montreal Q17274306 4
Christine Lamer
Canadian actor, television presenter and radio host actor
television presenter
radio personality
1953-10-27 Q2965935 2
Claire Varin
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
1954 Montreal Q2975129 2
Yolande Okia Picard Canadian writer writer
1954 Q110236735 1
Nalini Warriar writer
short story writer
1954 Kerala Q112184750 1
Oriah Mountain Dreamer Canadian author writer 1954 Q2030418 2
Markita Boies
Canadian actress actor
film actor
television actor
stage actor
Montreal Q3294349 2
Sylvie Potvin
Canadian actress actor 1954-02-04 Q3507388 2
Elaine Hinnegan squash player 1954-02-24 Brownsburg-Chatham Q102348241 1
Danielle Roger Canadian short story writer writer
short story writer
1954-06-04 Q108828996 1
Jeannie Elias Canadian voice actress actor
voice actor
film actor
1954-08-23 Montreal Q6172340 5
Mireille Cliche
Canadian poet writer
1955 Saint-Georges Q108648540 1
Germaine Mornard
Quebec essayist, poet, and teacher writer
1955 Montreal Q108648577 2
Désirée Szucsany
Canadian writer writer
1955-02-14 2019-07-17 Montreal Q85518566 2
Nicole Taillon Quebec sculptor sculptor
1955-04-12 Sainte-Monique Q3341128 2
Sylvie Boucher
Canadian actress actor 1955-06-26 Q3507281 2
Olga Glagoleva scientist historian
local historian
museum professional
1955-07-07 Tula Q4139260 2
Lise Dion
Canadian humorist humorist 1955-09-18 Montreal Q3242491 2
Adriane Muttenthaler
Canadian-born Austrian jazz pianist composer
jazz pianist
1955-10-07 Hamilton Q101552661 2
Isabelle Panneton Canadian woman composer composer 1955-11-27 Sherbrooke Q3155001 2
Diane Lavallée
Canadian actress actor 1955-11-30 Montreal Q3026220 2
Diane Auger
Quebec personality from the world of the arts visual artist 1956 Barraute Q96964887 2
Val Napoleon Legal scholar academic
legal scholar
1956 Q108618123 1
Sylvie Nicolas Quebec children's writer, short story writer, poet, translator, and novelist writer
children's writer
short story writer
1956 Q108680545 1
Vanita Haining alpine skier 1956 Q116257198 1
Louise Warren
Canadian poet, essayist, novelist and writer poet
children's writer
1956-03-21 Montreal Q3263842 2
Mimi Blais
Canadian musician composer
1956-03-22 Sillery Q522703 3
Anny Schneider
Quebec writer and herborist, originally from Alsace herbalist
1956-04-11 Ingwiller Q2851815 2
Thérèse Niquay
1956-06-27 Wemotaci Q111472251 1
Sienna Mercer Canadian writer (1956-) writer
children's writer
1956-09-18 Toronto Q5402153 2
Sonja Ball Canadian actress actor
voice actor
1956-10-20 Montreal Q3551455 5
Danièle Lorain Canadian actress actor
opera singer
1956-12-17 Quebec Q3015152 2
Maryse Barbance
Canadian writer writer
literary criticism
1957 Q3296313 2
Fiona Gordon Australian film actor, television actor and film director film actor
television actor
film director
film producer
1957 Australia Q21866353 2
Suzanne Joly Canadian poet and teacher writer
1957 Verdun Q108828796 1
Karen Cloutier alpine skier 1957 2016-05-18 Q118946013 1
Marie-France Brière Canadian sculptor sculptor 1957 Montreal Q3291774 2
Élisabeth Nardout-Lafarge
Canadian professor and essayist essayist
university teacher
literary critic
honorary professor
1957 France Q3587906 2
Louise Gauthier
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1957-01-26 Trois-Rivières Q3263748 2
Marilyn Lerner
Canadian pianist pianist 1957-02-04 Montreal Q1898173 2
Diane Boudreau
Canadian writer (1957-2017) writer
1957-03-22 2017-11-20 Sherbrooke Q3026183 2
Alena Joukova Canadian writer writer
editing staff
film critic
1957-05-31 Odesa Q4181428 2
Crystal Kroetch equestrian 1957-06-18 Innisfail Q1142372 2
Ingrid Meyer Canadian lexicographer lexicographer
university teacher
1957-08-06 2004-05-06 Canada Q115329226 1
Marie Michaud
Canadian actress film actor 1957-08-14 Rivière-du-Loup Q3292693 2
Lynn J. Gillespie Canadian botanist and curator botanist
1958 Toronto Q2518674 4
Joane Hétu Canadian composer composer
1958 Montreal Q106294106 1
Marie-Andrée Lamontagne
Canadian writer writer
1958 Q109715513 1
Dale Kavanagh
Canadian professor professor
1958 Halifax Q1157851 1
Marie Bélisle
writer and multidisciplinary artist digital artist
1958-03-15 Q111968015 1
Lori Freedman
Canadian clarinetist and composer composer 1958-03-19 Toronto Q1662984 4
Joëlle Rabu Canadian Esperantist Esperantist
1958-04-06 Winnipeg Q3187516 2
Sophie Faucher
Canadian actress actor
dub actor
1958-04-10 Montreal Q3490928 2
Sylvie Payette Canadian writer writer
1958-06-30 Montreal Q16269568 2
Lynne Taylor Canadian historian historian 1958-08-28 Q11764445 1
Mireille Deyglun Canadian actress actor 1958-09-22 Montreal Q3315962 2
Danielle Dussault
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
university teacher
1958-10-16 Quebec City Q3014986 2
Fabienne Larouche Canadian film producer film producer
1958-10-26 Saint-André-du-Lac-Saint-Jean Q3063695 3
Marjolaine Bouchard
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
children's writer
1958-11-11 La Baie Q44742193 2
Carole Tremblay Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1959 Montreal Q2939919 2
Claire Pelletier
Canadian singer singer 1959 Saint-Pascal Q2975107 2
Sylvie Rancourt
Canadian comics artist comics artist
1959 Abitibi-Témiscamingue Q16678398 2
Sylvie Brien Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1959 Q17354088 2
Dominique Dufour Canadian Miss Canada beauty pageant contestant 1959 Laval Q21512487 2
Anne Bruneau Canadian botanist, botanical collector, university teacher and scientific director of the Biodiversity Center at the University of Montreal university teacher
chief scientific officer
botanical collector
1959 Montreal Q28870606 2
Marie Goyette film actor
stage actor
1959 Montreal Q30108262 2
Carole Laganière
Canadian film director, screenwriter and producer film director
film producer
1959 2023-02-06 Montreal Q96652421 2
Gail Pimm squash player 1959
Q104665225 2
Galina Gladkova dancer
dance teacher
1959 Q111200775 1
Patricia Tulasne Canadian actress actor 1959-01-16 Boulogne-Billancourt Q3369153 2
Brigitte Aime Canadian former pornographic actress pornographic actor 1959-03-31 Montreal Q13422178 2
Annette Garant actress actor 1959-06-10 Chicoutimi Q2851497 2
Sylvie Massicotte
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
short story writer
1959-06-11 Richmond Q3507365 2
Hélène Fortin
Canadian singer opera singer 1959-07-02 2008-10-26 Dolbeau-Mistassini Quebec City Q3144764 2
Carole Baillargeon
1959-07-26 Quebec City Q63315389 2
Lysanne Thibodeau
Canadian director director
film director
film producer
1959-11-12 2018-04-15 Montreal Montreal Q1878956 2
Lauralee Bowie freestyle skier 1959-11-16 Canada Q11753257 2
Estelle Lemire composer and ondes Martenot performer ondist
music teacher
1960 Montreal Q107076194 1
Louise Marois Quebec poet writer
graphic designer
1960 Montreal Q108828955 1
Cindy Devine cyclist sport cyclist 1960 Maracaibo Q11690649 4
Pascale Archambault Canadian sculptor sculptor 1960 Quebec City Q60312946 2
Hélène Mercier-Arnault Canadian pianist pianist
1960-02-05 Montreal Q3144816 4
Lydia Wong Canadian pianist musician
1960-02-11 Q53410469 2
Dianne Lehodey Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1960-03-11 Q114733809 1
Monique Jean
Canadian electroacoustic composer composer 1960-04-17 Caraquet Q3320858 3
Heidi Sorenson Canadian model and actor model
Playboy Playmate
film actor
1960-08-05 Vancouver Q4356394 2
Nathalie Coupal
Canadian actress actor
dub actor
stage actor
film actor
1960-08-11 Q3336560 3
Isabelle Courteau
Canadian writer poet 1960-10-05 Shawinigan Q24691653 2
Sylvie Legault Canadian actress actor 1960-11-02 Q3507356 2
Anna Kisil
social activist
1960-11-19 2020-11-16 Yaremche Toronto Q105898593 2
Sheila Cooper 1960-11-30 2021-06-21 Grimsby Vienna Q107431947 2
Lynda Dion Quebec novelist writer
1960-12-15 Q108648156 1
Dominique Deslandres
Canadian historian historian
university teacher
1961 Q3035098 2
Marie Desjardins
Canadian writer writer 1961 Montreal Q3292476 2
Michelle Blanc
Blanc, Michelle, 1961- businessperson 1961 Q3311397 2
Alexandra Richie Canadian historian historian
non-fiction writer
1961 Victoria Q19267124 2
Sylvi Belleau Canadian writer and artistic director writer
artistic director
1961 Q109476663 1
Natalie Jean
Canadian novelist writer
short story writer
1961 Q109678560 1
Nicole Richard Canadian short story writer, novelist short story writer
1961 Q110237574 1
Judy Richardson alpine skier 1961 Q115896507 1
Dominique Pétin
Canadian actress actor 1961-06-28 Q3035409 2
Svetlana Alexandrovna Medyanik singer 1961-07-24 Temryuk Q109411209 1
Peggy McIntaggart
Miss January 1990 model
film actor
Playboy Playmate
personal stylist
1961-09-06 Penetanguishene Q55163937 2
Diane Martin Japanese actress actor 1961-12-19 United States of America Q11316631 2
Agathe Martel Canadian singer singer 1962 Saint-Nazaire Q103825266 1
Céline Lafrance
Quebec writer and film director film director
radio personality
1962 Maniwaki Q107467805 1
Louise Beauchamp Quebec poet writer
1962 Montreal Q108828830 1
Josée Boileau
Canadian author, journalist and columnist journalist
news director
editorial columnist
1962 Q109937023 1
Élaine Richard storyteller 1962 Île du Havre aux Maisons Q111036438 1
Ève Christian meteorologist
weather presenter
1962 Q111311842 1
Lisa Qiluqqi Koperqualuk militant
1962 Puvirnituq Q114059316 1
Liette Remon Canadian violinist and singer musician
1962 Montreal Q118983782 1
Sonia Marmen Canadian writer writer
1962 Oakville Q3490438 2
Jodi Yvonne Rutledge model 1962 Winnipeg Q70777267 2
Véronique-Marie Kaye Canadian writer writer 1962 Toronto Q104778336 1
Marie Charlebois Canadian actress actor 1962-04-09 Q3292428 2
JulieAnne White Canadian triathlete triathlete 1962-04-10 Birmingham Q13739928 4
Lyne Fortin
Canadian singer opera singer
performing artist
1962-04-28 L'Islet-sur-Mer Q3269522 2
Linda Gourjade French politician politician 1962-07-13 Timmins Q3241340 2
Julie Saint-Pierre Canadian actress actor
voice actor
1962-09-19 Q105593298 1
Deborah Moore Canadian television host television presenter 1962-09-21 Q5238202 3
Nabila Ben Youssef
Canadian actress actor 1963 Sfax Q3334716 2
Véronique Lacroix
French canadian conductor conductor 1963 Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Q3564321 2
Lynn Lacasse Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1963 Q114364467 1
Amanda Forbis Canadian film director film director 1963 Calgary Q453903 2
Patricia Puntous Canadian triathlete triathlete 1963 Montreal Q2057267 3
Merrilyn Gann Canadian actress actor
film actor
voice actor
1963-01-03 Vancouver Q535886 9
Chantal Lamarre
Canadian actor and television presenter actor
television presenter
1963-01-03 Quebec Q2956297 2
Diane Creech equestrian 1963-02-04 Columbus Q1208958 2
Marthe Saint-Laurent
Canadian writer writer 1963-06-12 No/unknown value Q50328424 2
Marie-Josée Taillefer
Canadian presenter and actor presenter
1963-07-22 Longueuil Q18684497 2
Violette Chauveau
Canadian actress actor
dub actor
stage actor
1963-11-18 Palestine Q3560438 2
Sophie-Andrée Blondin
journalist and columnist journalist
1964 Q16677498 2
Marie-Claude Larivière Canadian-New Zealand entomologist entomologist
1964 Quebec Q21339329 2
Chantal Neveu
Canadian writer poet
1964 Q55725768 2
Janice Fiamengo
Canadian professor and author literary scholar 1964 Vancouver Q58197597 5
Luce Pelletier Canadian artist artist
1964 Sainte-Luce Q88211954 2
Martine Roy
1964 Q115407251 2
Marie-Joëlle Zahar Canadian political scientist researcher
senior lecturer
1964 Q3292011 2
Marie-Lise Pilote
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1964-02-02 Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Q3292037 2
Natasha Beaulieu
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
1964-02-29 Montreal Q3336451 2
Christine Giguère
Canadian musician musician 1964-03-21 Montreal Q2965922 2
Christine Richard Quebec poet writer
1964-04-04 Baie-Saint-Paul Q108828992 1
Melissa Wolf Canadian model model 1964-04-14 New Westminster Q153240 6
Anne Guérette
1964-05-11 Quebec City Q2851126 3
Carrie Moon American pornographic actress pornographic actor
1964-05-24 Toronto Q6075479 2
Cary Lawrence American actress actor 1964-05-28 Montreal Q5047639 2
Karen Ramstead
musher musher 1964-06-11 Q11980148 1
Anna Maria Kaufmann
Canadian singer and opera singer opera singer
1964-10-15 Edmonton Q151433 7
Deanna Panting Canadian skeleton pilot skeleton racer 1964-10-25 Q1181165 1
Stéphanie Hurtubise
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1965 Montreal Q3502179 2
Sonia Lupien
researcher in psychology cognitive scientist 1965 Q60833846 2
Catrine Godin writer
1965 Quebec Q112186392 1
Leanne Geale
Executive Vice-President, General Counsel, Corporate Governance and Compliance - Nestlé 1965 Canada Q115735508 1
Sylvie Desgroseilliers Canadian singer singer 1965 Montreal Q16603774 2
Marie Turgeon
Canadian actress actor 1965-04-23 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Q3292831 2
Janet Fowler Canadian basketball player (1965-) basketball player
basketball coach
1965-05-18 Victoria Q3807025 2
Nathalie Mallette
Canadian actress film actor 1965-05-27 Beauharnois Q3336633 2
Isabelle Maréchal
Canadian actor, television presenter and radio host actor
television presenter
radio personality
1965-06-08 Q3154977 2
Tina Tyler
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1965-07-16 Vancouver Island Q287140 9
Marie-Claude Thifault historian
university teacher
1965-07-21 Q104845566 1
Diana Bentley
film actor
stage actor
theatrical producer
film producer
television actor
1965-07-24 London Q115017250 2
Ellen Valter Canadian lawyer of Estonian origin lawyer 1965-07-30 Toronto Q116612119 1
Christiane Bélanger
Canadian dancer choreographer 1965-09-04 Quebec Q19790124 2
France Parent
Canadian actress film actor 1965-10-04 Sherbrooke Q3080734 2
Chantal Fontaine
Canadian actress actor 1965-10-11 Saint-Hyacinthe Q2956282 2
Josée Lavigueur
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1965-11-04 Q3186635 2
Chantal Chamberland Canadian vocalist singer
1965-12-01 Q22180654 3
Joanne Rochette
Quebec poet, novelist and short story writer writer
1965-12-17 Q109303596 2
Anne Peyrouse
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
1966 Nîmes Q108648586 2
Catherine Lussier Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1966 Q110519008 1
Anne Bernard-Lenoir
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1966 Q2850985 2
Annie Landreville
Canadian poet poet
performance artist
culture mediation
1966 Saint-Sulpice Q105197972 2
Nancy Ruth
Canadian singer and songwriter, dedicated to jazz, Latin and world music singer
1966-01-03 Edmonton Q30144305 2
Nancy Niro Canadian weightlifter weightlifter 1966-09-21 Q27049513 2
Christine Redfern exhibition curator
art critic
1966-10-17 Q104451987 1
Isabel Brousseau Canadian actress actor 1967 Quebec Q30133325 2
Katerine Caron Canadian novelist novelist 1967 Quebec Q109553087 1
Nathalie Roy
writer 1967 Sherbrooke Q112471665 1
Corinne Chevarier actor
1967 Montreal Q2997311 2
Marie-Josée Bastien
actrice et dramaturge, scénariste québécoise actor 1967-01-11 Q55725239 2
Tania Kontoyanni Canadian actress film actor
television actor
1967-04-24 Q3515177 2
Kendra Kobelka Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1967-05-01 Q87779189 2
Lulu Hugues
Canadian singer singer 1967-05-14 Q3267245 2
Isabelle Miron
Canadian poet poet
1967-06-12 Q3154985 2
Denise Kelly cyclist sport cyclist 1967-11-25 Q61522996 2
Manon Brouillette businessperson 1968 Mauricie Q107099721 1
Rardi Van Heest Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1968 Q111938670 1
Maryse Pepin
Quebec children's writer and illustrator writer
children's writer
1968 Lachute Q116818852 1
Nadine Vincent
Quebecer lexicograph and linguist linguist
university teacher
1968-02-21 Montreal Q3334954 2
Louise Stratten Canadian actress actor
film producer
1968-05-08 Vancouver Q529635 2
Sophie Lavaud
grimpeuse et alpiniste française mountaineer
1968-05-15 Lausanne Q56194811 3
Élyse Marquis
Canadian actor, television presenter and radio host actor
television presenter
radio personality
1968-06-26 Boucherville Q3588062 2
Geneviève Borne
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1968-09-25 Quebec City Q3100604 2
Elyzabeth Diaga
Canadian musician musician 1969 Q3051886 3
Danielle Boulianne
children's writer
1969 Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Q16546043 2
Lenna Koszarny
Canadian Ukrainian investments entrepreneur businessperson 1969 Q105552914 2
Orly Erez Likhovski lawyer 1969 Ottawa Q108846033 1
Julie Klotz Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1969 Q112873541 1
Caroline Lizotte Canadian musician composer
1969 Q117038780 1
Catherine Dallaire violinist 1969 Q117640018 1
Marie-Claude Barrette
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1969-01 Montreal Q16663022 2
Giorgia Volpe artist contemporary artist
new media artist
1969 São Paulo Q61745658 2
Josée Bilodeau
Canadian theatre critic and writer theatre critic
1969-01-11 Val-d'Or Q3186626 2
Valérie Valois Canadian actress actor 1969-02-10 Q3554317 2
Pamela Peaks
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
1969-03-15 Vancouver Q20664363 2
Geneviève Bilodeau canadian actress, singer, songwriter actor
documentary filmmaker
1969-04-09 Q111454088 1
Marylin Star
Canadian pornographic film actress pornographic actor 1969-04-12 Prince George Q6781600 9
Isabelle Brouillette
Canadian actress film actor
1969-04-20 Q3154878 2
Catherine Lachance
Canadian actress actor 1969-05-28 Q2941959 2
Aline Kutan
Canadian singer opera singer 1969-05-29 Istanbul Q2837030 3
Geneviève Rochette
Canadian actress actor 1969-07-09 Q2402243 2
Guylaine Guay actress television presenter
1969-07-14 Q3122338 2
Mara Tremblay
Canadian singer singer 1969-07-21 Hauterive Q3287332 2
Vanessa Schwartz Canadian animator animator
film director
1969-09-18 Canada Q6560942 2
Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar
Dutch politician politician 1969-09-20 Toronto Q16069977 2
Julie McClemens
Canadian actress actor
stage actor
1969-09-26 Q3189242 2
Marie-Hélène Thibault Canadian actress actor 1969-10-11 Trois-Rivières Q3291900 2
Heather Poole badminton player badminton player 1969-10-21 Q1592561 2
Kianna Dior
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
erotic photography model
Vancouver Q10314285 7
Noémie Kocher Swiss actress film actor
television actor
university teacher
1969-11-18 Lausanne Q3345725 3
Simone Bailly
Canadian actress actor 1969-12-31 Calgary Q7520252 4
Olga Duhamel-Noyer
1970 Montreal Q55723034 2
Nadine Walsh
Canadian storyteller puppeteer
theatrical director
stage actor
art director
1970 Chicoutimi Q100450799 1
Céline Bellot Canadian researcher, lawyer, criminologist and professor jurist
1970 Q100605492 1
Nancy Thomas
Canadian children's writer teacher
1970 Salaberry-de-Valleyfield Q104836470 1
Christine Tassan French musician in Canada musician
1970 France Q105086283 2
Isabelle Néron Canadian female curler curler 1970 Q108923775 1
Sonja Rusch Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1970 Q110787173 1
Terri Smith triathlete triathlete 1970-01 Q3984752 2
Brenna MacCrimmon Canadian singer singer
1970 Montreal Q2924447 3
Stéphanie Jasmin
scenographer and video artist theatrical director
1970-02-11 Neuville Q52634926 2
Catherine Sénart Canadian actress film actor 1970-04-17 Quebec City Q2942076 3
Vicki-May Hamm
politician 1970-05-11 Q104778329 1
Judith Bérard
Canadian actress actor
film actor
1970-09-30 Montreal Q15906856 2
Marie-Annick Béliveau performing artist in Canada opera singer
pop singer
choir director
backing vocalist
1970-12-29 Quebec City Q4081886 3
Michelle Rowen
Canadian writer writer
science fiction writer
1971 Toronto Q3311461 4
Orthoula Papadakos Greek basketball player basketball player 1971 Toronto Q16328410 2
Cléo Palacio-Quintin Canadian composer composer
1971 Leuven Q106195396 2
Isabelle Dumais Canadian poet writer
1971 Q108648160 1
Christine Germain Canadian writer 1971 Montreal Q109677731 1
Ada Rothenberg designer 1971 Montreal Q112659801 2
Caroline Caron Canadian painter painter
comics artist
1971-02-28 Q2939971 2
Kim Hye-yeon South Korean singer singer 1971-03-28 Toronto Q12589299 3
Barbara A. Paldus
American entrepreneur and scientist entrepreneur
1971-05 Canada Q56809006 2
Renee Hock Canadian judoka judoka 1971-05-06 Q21573108 2
Melanie Dekker
Canadian singer-songwriter singer-songwriter 1971-06-01 Calgary Q1918953 2
Mandy Poitras track cyclist 1971-08-05 Montreal Q11767011 5
Elladee Brown athlete 1971-08-17 Q24960746 3
Chantal Machabée Canadian sports journalist, television presenter and news presenter sports journalist
television presenter
news presenter
1971-09-04 Laval Q2956305 2
Kennedy Ryan freestyle skier 1971-09-05 Canada Q11738723 1
Catherine Durand
Canadian singer singer 1971-09-23 Montreal Q1050959 3
Kyllike Sillaste-Elling
Estonian diplomat diplomat 1971-11-05 Toronto Q108172687 4
Marie Potvin Canadian writer writer 1971-11-25 Greater Sudbury Q24940361 2
Anick Dumontet
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1971-12-09 Q16021026 2
Tiffany Towers Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
erotic photography model
1971-12-19 Toronto Q10382431 2
Marie-Claude Savard
Canadian journalist journalist 1971-12-21 Trois-Rivières Q3291730 2
Geneviève Lafrance
Canadian professor and researcher university teacher 1972 Q40789389 2
Anick Arsenault poet 1972 Montreal Q109475651 1
Béatriz Mediavilla
Quebec personality from the world of the arts artist
1972 Rouyn-Noranda Q109480899 1
Margo Green squash player 1972-02-17 Ottawa Q98915238 2
Lindsey Roberts Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1972-03-11 Rossland Q108532967 1
Donna Phelan
Canadian triathlete triathlete 1972-06-08 Q1241779 2
Kate Luyben
Canadian actress actor
film actor
1972-06-30 Canada Q15729040 3
Iggy Waxman Israeli singer and songwriter songwriter
1972-07-08 Toronto Q7059843 2
Mélikah Abdelmoumen
Canadian writer writer 1972-09 Saguenay Q3332923 2
Guylaine Tanguay
music interpreter 1972-09-23 Girardville Q55712905 2
Mélanie Maynard
Canadian actress actor 1972-10-04 Ange-Gardien Q3332886 2
Katya Herman Canadian rower rower 1972-10-15 No/unknown value Q11737484 1
Sophie Bourgeois Quebecer actor actor 1972-12 Montreal Q3490865 2
Varda Étienne radio personality 1972-12-13 Q3554691 2
Catherine Florent Canadian actress actor 1973 Quebec Q2941918 2
Canadian singer singer 1973 Saint-Méthode Q11578057 2
Dominique T Skoltz
film director
1973 Montreal Q109249123 1
Natasha Niederstrass artist video artist
plastic artist
1973 Montreal Q112145756 1
Stacey DePass Canadian actress voice actor 1973 Q2887354 2
Catherine Lepage
Canadian illustrator illustrator
comics artist
graphic designer
1973-01-09 Quebec City Q55725368 2
Annie Dufresne
Canadian actor and singer actor
1973-03-12 Quebec City Q2851647 4
Edith Rozsa Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1973-03-19 Whistler Q1285145 3
Shay Sights
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1973-03-27 Edmonton Q3088874 7
Isabelle Regout Belgian painter painter
1973-04-15 Braine-l'Alleud Q3155022 3
Jennifer Ryz Canadian amateur wrestler amateur wrestler 1973-05-11 Winnipeg Q1686974 4
Nicole Stevenson Canadian athletics competitor athletics competitor 1973-09-13 Hamilton Q1987101 2
Karine Champagne
Canadian journalist and television presenter journalist
television presenter
1973-11-10 Q3193275 2
Nadine Dupérré Canadian arachnologist arachnologist
Montreal Q2414255 4
Pascale Lefrançois university teacher 1974 Q3367680 2
Jennifer Hillier Canadian writer writer 1974 Toronto Q28497900 3
Sonia Johnson Canadian singer actor
pop singer
backing vocalist
opera singer
1974 Mauricie
Q67220616 2
Sophie Royer
Canadian painter painter
visual artist
1974 La Sarre Q106270225 1
Catherine E. Lussier Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1974 Q109120794 1
Yannick B. Gélinas
Canadian writer and critic film director
1974 Montérégie Q109476189 1
Joanna Magee Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1974 Banff Q109672608 1
Stephanie Hoolahan Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1974 Q110787181 1
Kelly Kaye snowboarder 1974-02-12 Canada Q11738677 1
Tereza Macel
Czech-Canadian triathlete triathlete 1974-04-03 Prague Q2404680 2
Annie Perreault
short story writer
1974-11-06 Saint-Hubert Q111972461 1
Maxine X
Cambodian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1974-11-08 Phnom Penh Q31796932 3
Ariane Labonté Canadian writer writer
1974-12-25 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Q109715511 1
Mélanie Vincelette
Canadian writer novelist
1975 Montreal Q3332898 2
Karine Gottot
Quebec comic author comics writer 1975 Sherbrooke Q105826771 2
Kylie Booth Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1975 Q109376640 1
Meredith Terretta researcher and historian researcher
1975 Q114227247 1
Janis Locas
Canadian writer writer
1975 Saint-Jérôme Q3162027 2
Emmanuelle Caron
French writer writer
1975 Suresnes Q48760044 2
Chloé Legris Canadian engineer engineer 1975-02-23 Outremont Q2964187 2
Odessa Munroe film actor 1975-03-28 Vancouver Q11796096 1
Erica Jo Sharp Canadian amateur wrestler amateur wrestler 1975-03-29 British Columbia Q1351811 5
Marie-Joanne Boucher
Canadian actress actor 1975-03-29 Saguenay Q3291937 2
Catherine-Anne Toupin
Canadian actress actor
1975-04-03 Ottawa Q16536526 2
Tania Boulet
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1975-04-24 Q3515168 2
Fabiola Toupin
Canadian singer singer 1975-05-06 Trois-Rivières Q3063756 3
Amy Lathrop researcher herpetologist 1975-06-01 United States of America Q21338485 2
Nikki Keddie Canadian biathlete biathlete 1975-07-06 Toronto Q1990362 2
Maria Bertrand Canadian actress actor
1975-08-29 Montreal Q1393549 2
Nadja Bernhard
Austrian television presenter and news presenter television presenter
news presenter
1975-09-17 Windsor Q1361302 2
Sheryl Preston Canadian rower rower 1975-10-11 Winnipeg Q9336013 2
Noémie Godin-Vigneau
Canadian actress actor 1975-10-25 Hull Q3345730 3
Francesca La Marca
Italian politician politician 1975-10-30 Toronto Q15926449 3
Carrie Salmon Canadian model model 1975-10-31 North Bay Q5046295 2
Catherine Proulx-Lemay
Canadian actress actor
dub actor
1975-12-22 Montreal Q2942037 2
Sarah-Jeanne Salvy Canadian actress actor
film actor
1976 Q3473303 2
Hélène Frédérick
French writer writer
1976 Saint-Ours Q16028116 2
Yara El-Ghadban
1976 Q55724737 2
Annie Ranger
theatrical director
art director
stage actor
1976 Q84685106 2
Hélène Guilmette
Canadian operatic soprano opera singer
1976 Montmagny Q97401437 2
Stéphanie Yates
political scientist
university teacher
1976 Q108309020 1
Gule Sheikh Fitness expert bodybuilder 1976 Canada Q5617350 3
Atlantide Desrochers
Quebec writer and activist writer
1976-02-08 Quebec City Q105698040 2
Marisol Drouin
Canadian novelist novelist
1976-04 Baie-Saint-Paul Q104158882 2
Ursule Wong
Hong Kong TV hostess actor
television presenter
1976-04-02 British Hong Kong Q8967999 2
Kristin Hagel Canadian athletics competitor athletics competitor 1976-05-04 Q11748211 1
Candice Drouin Canadian snowboarder snowboarder
1976-06-04 Toronto Q9184407 2
Julie Perreault
Canadian actor and photographer actor
1976-06-06 Le Gardeur Q3189253 2
Marie-Joëlle Clément Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1976-06-20 Q108532968 1
Cynthya Tan Canadian judoka judoka 1976-07-04 Q23641600 2
India Desjardins
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1976-07-15 Quebec City Q3150062 2
Marilyse Bourke
Canadian actress actor 1976-09-01 Q3293099 2
Kristen Harris Canadian actress actor
film actor
television actor
1976-11-16 Calgary Q122354191 3
Natasha Zwarich archivist
university teacher
1976-12-02 Greenfield Park Q104226689 1
Julie Hétu
Canadian writer writer
1976-12-13 Montreal Q23714988 2
Rafaële Germain
Canadian writer novelist
cultural critic
1976-12-17 Montreal Q3417311 3
Priska Poirier Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1977 Granby Q18816672 2
Josée Bournival
television presenter
radio personality
stage actor
1977 Saint-Étienne-des-Grès Q55724063 2
Nadia Labrie
Canadian musician musician
1977 Quebec Q105911753 2
Brigit Repas Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1977 Q109376620 1
Sophie Rondeau Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1977 Montreal Q11457687 1
Cindy Arthur badminton player badminton player 1977-01-20 Q1092298 1
Marsha Moreau Canadian actress actor 1977-01-26 Niagara-on-the-Lake Q1902708 2
Francesca Gosselin
Canadian actress actor
1977-02-02 Q3080868 2
Cathy Gauthier
Canadian humorist humorist 1977-02-25 Rouyn-Noranda Q2942196 2
Mélanie Leclerc
(1977- ) Canadian comics artist comics artist 1977-04-04 Q76843455 3
Judy Batalion Canadian writer writer
art historian
exhibition curator
Montreal Q107791043 2
Marie-Soleil Michon
Canadian television presenter and radio host television presenter
radio personality
1977-04-14 La Présentation Q3292237 2
Sarah Ulmer Canadian rugby union player rugby union player 1977-04-24 Regina Q3473429 2
Canadian singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of The Birthday Massacre singer-songwriter
1977-04-26 Q2963267 4
Rachel Fontaine Canadian actress film actor 1977-05-16 Montreal Q3416091 3
Tammy Verge Canadian actress actor 1977-06-23 Quebec City Q3514844 2
Adeline Lamarre Canadian painter painter 1977-08-28 Quebec City Q2824216 2
Jennie-Anne Walker actor
television presenter
1977-09-19 Touraine Q85853613 2
Annie Blanchard
Canadian singer singer 1977-10-21 Maisonnette Q107117990 1
Colombe St-Pierre Canadian chef chef
1977-10-26 Le Bic Q109474658 1
Nadine Descheneaux
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
1977-12 Greenfield Park Q16666025 2
Logan LaBrent
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1977-12-19 Thunder Bay Q3257849 2
Theresa Plut Slovene opera singer opera singer
concert singer
1978 Vancouver Q12804070 2
Melissa Mollen Dupuis
Canadian film director and radio personality film director
radio personality
1978 Mingan Q55598595 3
Annie Boulanger
Quebec personality from the world of the arts illustrator
visual artist
1978 Val-d'Or Q105745932 1
Julia Delich Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1978 Q108796648 1
Valérie Forgues
Quebec writer writer
short story writer
1978 Château-Richer Q108828889 2
Gillian McFetridge Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1978 Q109376614 1
Isabelle Gaudet-Labine
canadian author poet
1978 Montreal Q107274345 1
Jacynthe Maloney Canadian judoka judoka 1978-03-26 Q23641685 2
Michèle Losier
Canadian singer opera singer
performing artist
1978-03-27 Saint-Isidore Q3311647 2
Rachel McBride Canadian triathlete triathlete 1978-03-28 Q24286774 3
Nadia Nascimento Canadian actress actor 1978-06-06 Vancouver Q6957715 2
Jennifer Mickelson Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1978-06-13 Q108118291 1
Geneviève O'Gleman
Canadian cookbook author and nutritionist nutritionist
cookbook writer
1978-07-07 Q106086196 1
Rhonda Dent Canadian actress actor
television actor
1978-08-18 Langley Q29346632 6
Sabrina Deep
pornographic performer pornographic actor 1978-09-11 Toronto Q20647685 2
Monica Lo Canadian actor and model model
beauty pageant contestant
1978-09-26 Toronto Q3320723 4
Marie-Annick Lépine
Quebec singer and violinist pianist
1978-11-05 Repentigny Q3291535 3
Katie Dunn Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1978-11-05 Q108796646 1
Leighann Doan Canadian basketball player basketball player 1978-11-06 Stettler Q112800963 1
Julie Boulianne Canadian singer opera singer 1978-11-21 Dolbeau-Mistassini Q3189172 2
Meghan Black is a Canadian actress actor
film actor
voice actor
1978-12-02 West Vancouver Q4409089 5
Jennifer Hill Canadian actress actor 1978-12-31
Toronto Q6178426 4
Annie Major-Matte Canadian pianist pianist 1979 Quebec Q2851606 2
Kim Doré
1979 Montreal Q3196709 2
Angie Ng Canadian founder of SlutWalk Hong Kong 1979 Canada Q43292435 2
Catherine Voyer-Léger
Quebec chronicler and writer writer
children's writer
1979 Q108648417 1
Marie St-Hilaire-Tremblay
Quebec poet writer
1979 Quebec City Q109303603 2
Megan Mullen Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1979 Calgary Q109376627 1
Geneviève Jodoin performing artist in Canada singer-songwriter
pop singer
choir director
backing vocalist
1979 Q111455318 1
Caroline Dawson Chilean author writer
1979 Valparaíso Q113090000 1
Susan Murray Canadian basketball player basketball player 1979-03-08 Mississauga Q112801249 1
Queen Ka actress in the theatrical field in Quebec poet
1979-03-25 Montreal Q17516161 3
オリビア・ゲルーラ boxer boxer 1979-05-01 Winnipeg Q11292680 1
Anna Prchal Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1979-05-10 Toronto Q106964402 1
Lauren Phoenix
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
jazz musician
erotic photography model
talent agent
film actor
ballet dancer
Toronto Q540553 19
Marilou Addison
Canadian writer writer 1979-05-14 Montreal metropolitan region Q30727793 2
Jesse Capelli
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
Vancouver Q287038 17
Caroline Gendron
canadian actress actor
theatrical director
stage actor
1979-05-31 Q2939999 2
Aminata Sall Canadian judoka judoka 1979-06-08 Q23641791 2
Laura Thompson
Canadian journalist journalist 1979-08-10 Kitchener Q6499500 3
Vicki Etiebet British rower rower 1979-08-12 Ottawa Q9368600 3
Tara Lynn Wilson Canadian actress (born 1979) actor
television actor
film actor
1979-08-18 Vancouver Q7685095 2
Kira Clavell Canadian actress actor 1979-08-20 Mississauga Q6414746 2
Anne Maltais short-track speed skater 1979-09-26 Quebec City Q565549 2
Melissa Galianos Canadian actress actor 1979-09-26 Montreal Q3305116 4
Valérie Harvey
Canadian writer writer 1979-10-02 Capitale-Nationale Q3554267 4
Gail Kelly Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1979-10-04 Q104903801 1
Peggy DeVos Canadian rower rower 1979-10-11 Kamloops Q11815428 1
Erika Guntherová Canadian actress actor
film actor
1979-12-15 Teplice Q11967773 1
Shannon Baker
Canadian actor, model and businesswoman actor
190s British Columbia Q7488826 2
Shauna Baker
Canadian actor, model and businesswoman model
190s Stellat'en First Nation Q7491019 2
Annick Lefebvre canadian writer, 1980- author 1980 Q60835192 2
Maryse Goudreau
Canadian photographer photographer
1980 Campbellton Q78362727 2
Nini Bélanger
Canadian director theatrical director
art director
19th century Q96656950 2
Florence Longpré
actor in the theatrical field in Quebec actor
theatrical director
film actor
television actor
stage actor
190s Q101114140 2
Marilyse Hamelin
Quebec writer, essayist, journalist, chronicler, TV Host, lecturer writer
women's rights activist
television presenter
1980 Amos Q104904740 2
Ania Morton Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1980 Q107272941 1
Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake politician 1980 Kahnawake Q107415322 2
Danielle Bird Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1980 Q107534025 1
Amélie Laurence Fortin exhibition curator
conceptual artist
1980 Quebec City Q108572802 1
Josée Marcotte
Quebec poet and novelist writer
1980 Q109303572 1
Mandy Gull-Masty
politician 1980 Waswanipi Q109315431 1
Pattie O'Green canadian writer writer 1980 Montreal Q118111649 1
Mannshin novelist 1980 Hong Kong Q115782579 1
Jessica Welch Canadian actress actor 1980-01-06 Montreal Q2114987 2
Ayavi Lake Quebec short story writer and poet writer
short story writer
1980-02-19 Dakar Q108648527 1
Dawn Cressman Canadian basketball player basketball player 1980-03-04 Corner Brook Q109591241 1
Brooke Berry
Canadian playboy playmate Playboy Playmate
1980-03-07 British Columbia Q2926120 7
Julie Patzwald
Canadian actor (1980-2012) actor 1980-03-11 2012-04 British Columbia Vancouver Q13218392 2
Sandra Walter
Canadian cyclist sport cyclist 1980-03-27 Vancouver Q113658521 1
Melissa Bruntlett
Canadian community advocate activist
1980-04-02 Q104643434 1
Morgan McLaughlin
Canadian basketball player basketball player
1980-04-26 Toronto Q1447773 2
Mélanie Pilon
actor actor
film director
1980-05 Q3332890 2
Sabrina Alberghetti
Canadian storyboard artist storyboard artist
television director
1980-05-24 Q16149052 2
Sophie Bienvenu Canadian writer writer 1980-06-13 Q3490853 2
Chéli Sauvé-Castonguay
Canadian actor and television presenter actor
television presenter
1980-06-23 Ottawa Q2972026 2
Émilie Bibeau
Canadian actress actor 1980-07 Quebec City Q3588833 2
Émeline Pierre
French writer writer
short story writer
Littérature jeunesse au Québec
1980-07-14 Les Abymes Q3588165 3
Karine Rosso
Quebec writer, film director and bookseller writer
film director
short story writer
1980-07-16 Q55712276 2
Brigitte Pogonat Canadian actress film actor 1980-07-21 New Brunswick Q2925464 2
Andrea Dupont
Canadian cross-country skier cross-country skier 1980-08-09 Canada Q24955749 2
Julie Langevin Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1980-08-22 Q106964413 1
Violet Marcell
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1980-09-09 Toronto Q20202097 2
Véronique Côté
theatrical director
art director
stage actor
1980-11-01 Q55722978 2
Tammy Mahon Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1980-11-04 Q2391752 3
Menina Fortunato
Canadian actress actor 1980-11-28 Revelstoke Q13478574 3
Erika Heaven
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1980-11-28 Montreal Q31796934 2
Jennifer Delich Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1980-12-01 Q107987159 1
Natasha Fraser Canadian athletics competitor athletics competitor 1981 Q11790062 1
Véronique Grenier canadian poet and philosophy professor poet
college professor in Quebec
1981 Q97188722 2
Marie-Pierre Brasset composer 1981 Q107172378 1
Arleen Thibault Canadian storyteller storyteller 1981 Quebec City Q110272484 1
Emily Thomey
radio journalist
1981 Maria Veen Q106690185 2
Breanne Graham Canadian amateur wrestler amateur wrestler 1981-04-10 Q22944716 2
Heather Tobin American film director film director
1981-04-12 Barrie Q21634593 2
Darla Deschamps skeleton racer 1981-05-05 Calgary Q1166328 2
Ingrid Falaise
Canadian actress actor
film actor
television actor
1981-05-10 Montreal Q3150970 2
Fanny Rainville
1981-05-10 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Q113835749 2
Angélique Duruisseau
Canadian songwriter songwriter 1981-05-23 Q19629408 3
Pénélope Jolicoeur
Canadian actress actor 1981-06-06 Quebec City Q3374702 2
Vicky Boissonneault figure skater 1981-07-01 Saguenay Q11352032 1
Lanny Barby
French Canadian pornographic actress erotic photography model
pornographic actor
1981-08-29 Montreal Q234670 23
Lindsay Maxwell Canadian actress actor 1981-09-10 Powell River Q4276059 3
Rachel Belliveau freestyle skier 1981-09-10 Canada Q11833210 1
Viviane Audet
Canadian actor and singer actor
1981-11-10 Maria Q3561566 2
Kimberley Stanfield Canadian model model
Playboy Playmate
1981-11-18 Vancouver Q3196857 2
Sophia Santi
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
erotic photography model
1981-12-06 Winnipeg Q260712 18
Kim Dunn Canadian snowboarder snowboarder 1981-12-14 Q106763100 2
Mélanie Renaud
Canadian singer singer 1982 Haiti Q3332893 2
Pascale Picard
Canadian singer-songwriter singer-songwriter
pop singer
1982 Quebec City Q16585297 3
Sally Folk
Canadian singer-songwriter singer-songwriter 1982 Montreal Q19958530 2
Marie-Ève Nadeau
film director
film editor
1982 Montreal Q21127558 2
Stéphanie Ouellet-Décoste Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1982 Q107272942 1
Hoda Zarbaf
Iranian-born Canadian artist, mixed media sculptor (1982–2020) sculptor 1982 2020 Q109550151 1
Marie-Hélène Voyer canadian author writer
1982 Le Bic Q117351815 1
Julie Fournier Franco-Canadian actress actor 1982 Quebec Q1500831 3
Marjolaine Beauchamp Canadian poet poet
slam poet
1982 Buckingham Q50825944 2
Stacey Gordon Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1982-01-25 Oshawa Q3495421 3
Kimberly Franklin Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1982-02-24
Montreal Q11222352 1
Capri Cavanni
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1982-03-14 Vancouver Q8262743 9
Mireille Gagné
Canadian poet, writer and novelist poet
short story writer
1982-04 Chaudière-Appalaches Q3315970 2
Judy Star
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
1982-04-08 2010-07-07
Saint-Amable Longueuil Q5954191 3
Émilie Brassard
Canadian radio host and television presenter radio personality
television presenter
1982-04-15 Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Q18684185 2
Devon Campbell Canadian basketball player basketball player 1982-06-15 Vancouver Q5804767 2
Kristin Adams
Canadian actress actor 1982-07 Toronto Q58849649 2
Geneviève Blouin
Quebec novelist and short story writer short story writer
1982-07-06 Q27581976 2
Maggie Ma Canadian actress actor
film actor
1982-07-09 Vancouver Q465543 8
Evelyne Audet
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1982-07-17 La Malbaie Q3592757 2
Jenny Poussin Canadian glamour, bikini, fitness & nude model pornographic actor 1982-07-19 Montreal Q20047184 2
Mélodie Vachon Boucher
Canadian comic strip creator, graphic novelist, poet , tattoo artist (*1982) comics artist
graphic novelist
tattoo artist
1982-08-07 Princeville Q104482725 2
Virginie Brunelle
performing artist in Canada dancer
chief operating officer
Mont-Saint-Hilaire Q3560715 2
Brigitte Boisjoli
Canadian singer-songwriter singer-songwriter 1982-09-14 Drummondville Q2925401 2
Stéphanie Bédard Canadian singer singer 1982-09-17 Drummondville Q3502162 2
Michaela Mann Canadian actress actor
film actor
1982-12 Canada Q6835607 5
Kristin Jeffery Canadian rower rower 1982-12-01 No/unknown value Q11748212 1
Andrea Lui Canadian actress actor 1982-12-30 Vancouver Q476802 2
Amy Lachapelle
Canadian writer writer 1983 Q2844561 2
Catherine Bérubé
actor actor
pop singer
ballet dancer
1983 Chambly Q29021625 3
Judith Lussier
Quebec journalist, television host and author journalist
1983 Q60833543 3
Mireille Camier
work in the theatrical field theatrical director
stage actor
art director
pop singer
1983 Dolbeau Q100450394 1
Rébecca Déraspe writer in the theatrical field in Quebec playwright 1983 Rivière-du-Loup Q101115496 1
Blanche Baillargeon
Canadian musician double-bassist
music arranger
1983 Q105226768 1
Maggie Pattillo Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1983 Q107033579 1
Genevieve Leclerc
art director
record producer
1983 Gatineau Q113377709 1
Sarah Marylou Brideau
acadian poet from New-Brunswick writer 1983 Q16675676 2
Lisa L'Heureux Canadian writer writer 1983 Q104536519 1
Marie-Line Leblanc Canadian artist artist 1983 Magdalen Islands Q106559725 1
Riva Di Paola
Canadian actress actor 1983-01-07 Toronto Q7336942 2
Lauren Wells Canadian rower rower 1983-01-30 Toronto Q11753270 1
Blandine Tona
Canadian politician politician
1983-03-31 Edéa Q111905306 2
Annik Plamondon short-track speed skater 1983-04-07 Longueuil Q567089 2
Émélie Rivard-Boudreau
journalist and author journalist 1983-04-10 Sherbrooke Q109302730 1
Noémie Yelle
Canadian actress actor 1983-04-15 Montreal Q3345716 2
Jen Oda Canadian actress actor
1983-04-21 2015-02-25 Montreal Beverly Hills Q56876487 2
Marie-Élaine Guay Quebec poet and essayist poet 1983-04-27 Q102221069 1
Jenifer Nadalin Italian basketball player basketball player 1983-05-04 Guelph Q3807858 2
Suzie Villeneuve
Canadian singer singer 1983-05-05 Saguenay Q3506098 2
Alexandra Norman Canadian Squash player squash player 1983-05-27 Horsham Q4720704 2
Sarah Berthiaume
Canadian writer translator
theatrical director
stage actor
1983-05-30 Quebec Q44742206 2
Amber Borycki Canadian actress actor
film actor
1983-06-06 Toronto Q456835 3
Isabel Latulippe Canadian judoka judoka 1983-07-02 Q23641933 2
Nadine Alphonse Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1983-07-22 Canada Q11788786 2
Marie-Andrée Joncas
Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1983-08-09 Murdochville Q3291466 2
Alyson Queen pornographic performer (b. 1983) pornographic actor 1983-08-11 Quebec City Q2840672 2
Hilary Jardine Canadian actress actor 1983-10-06 Q101172772 1
Alycia Purrott Canadian actress actor
1983-10-24 London Q2840663 3
Laurence Dauphinais Canadian actress actor
theatrical director
stage actor
1983-11 Montreal Q59994037 2
Christina Risler Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1983-11-01 Q103831246 1
Élise Daoust Canadian fencer fencer
1983-11-02 Q2387486 2
Zara Taylor Canadian actor and singer actor
film actor
1983-11-05 Vancouver Q147664 3
Devon Weigel Canadian actress actor 1983-11-18 Calgary Q514431 2
Keeva Mak
Hong Kong singer singer
1983-12-07 Q9012368 2
Heather Newhouse
Canadian opera singer opera singer 1983-12-11 Regina Q20751749 2
Caroline Dusseault
performing artist in Canada choreographer
performing artist
1983-12-12 Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs Q105840111 2
Terra Vnesa actress actor
film actor
1984 Toronto Q2405130 3
Widia Larivière
film director 1984 Quebec Q50380371 2
Renée Robitaille
Quebec storyteller writer
1984 Q55725779 2
Ché Aimee Dorval
Canadian singer singer
Vancouver Q76890854 2
Alexie Morin
Canadian writer author
1984 Windsor Q105090156 1
Anne-Marie Proulx
Canadian photographer photographer
1984 Lévis Q108745906 1
Véronique Prince
journalist 1984 Quebec City Q108896947 1
Gabrielle Giasson-Dulude
Canadian writer essayist
1984 Montreal Q109677732 2
Christelle Boulé artist
1984 Lausanne Q113976735 1
Victoria Hett
1984 Q2522735 2
Ayana O'Shun
Canadian actress actor
film director
1984 Montreal Q57983136 3
Achol Jok Mach
Refugee from South Sudan, peace activist podcaster
1984 Sudan Q61483351 3
Mercedes Lander Canadian musician singer 1984-01-25 London Q6818199 3
Kim Rusk
Canadian television presenter television presenter 1984-02-10 Q3196794 2
Tatiana Polevoy
Canadian actor and television presenter actor
television presenter
1984-02-21 Montreal Q3516054 2
Suzanne Morisset
association football referee 1984-04-02 Q26507639 2
Carolyn Ganes Canadian basketball player basketball player 1984-04-10 Saskatoon Q109590995 1
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1984-04-17 Calgary Q20647711 2
Sandra Kisil Canadian rower rower 1984-05-12 No/unknown value Q9333536 3
Marie-Soleil Dion
Canadian actress, host, and improviser actor
television presenter
1984-07 Quebec City Q19952342 2
Vanessa Davidson
Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1984-08-15 Kirkland Q3554518 3
Aimée Verret
poet 1984-08-31 Montreal Q101859197 1
Christie Lee
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1984-09-16 Greater Sudbury Q2668337 10
Jaclyn LaBerge Canadian skeleton racer skeleton racer 1984-09-20 Calgary Q1564457 2
Vandal Vyxen Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1984-09-20 Montreal Q13533429 2
Crystal Geoffré Canadian model and actor actor
beauty pageant contestant
1984-11-13 Montreal Q3006017 2
Kate Ground
Canadian model erotic photography model 1984-11-22 British Columbia Q3193966 2
Larissa Lagzdins Canadian rower rower 1984-11-26 Ottawa Q11752876 1
Ariane Gélinas
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
1984-11-29 Grandes-Piles Q30728884 2
Marie-Noëlle Marineau
Canadian children's writer children's writer
1984-12 Grand-Mère Q117316024 1
Amanda Brown Canadian basketball player (1984-) basketball player 1984-12-01 Montreal Q3613579 2
Lisa Cant
Canadian model model 1984-12-28 Edmonton Q10318884 4
Rose Eliceiry Canadian poet poet 1985 Quebec City Q55649561 2
Juliana Léveillé-Trudel Quebec playwright and novelist playwright
1985 Montreal Q106857659 1
Nadège Grebmeier Forget performance artist artist 1985 Q109303633 1
Vanessa Bell
canadian writer writer
1985 Q109482482 1
Sara Létourneau
Canadian artist contemporary artist 1985 Quebec Q63975328 2
Clara B.-Turcotte Canadian writer writer 1985 Montreal Q101067868 1
Jenny Lavigne
Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1985-02-02 Lac-au-Saumon Q693372 3
Stéfanie Thompson Canadian painter painter 1985-02-15 Laval Q101500236 1
Dominique Noel
Canadian actress actor 1985-03-13 Q18229803 2
Emma Darling Canadian rower rower 1985-03-22 Vancouver Q9253716 2
Sophie Splawinsky alpine skier 1985-03-27 Montreal Q3964952 2
Lara Baldesarra Canadian journalist journalist 1985-04-02 Toronto Q6488523 2
Jen Annett
Canadian triathlete triathlete 1985-04-21 Kelowna Q43325412 3
Amy Anderssen
pornographic performer (b. 1985) pornographic actor 1985-05-04 Leamington Q20646511 3
Cassie Hawrysh Canadian skeleton racer skeleton racer 1985-05-06 Brandon Q7000350 3
Ève Côté comedian 1985-05-06 Gaspé Peninsula Q111208934 2
Tonya Mokelki Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1985-05-10 Canada Q9360021 2
Éliane Gagnon Canadian actress actor 1985-05-23 Montreal Q65027865 2
Rebecca Hardy
Canadian model model 1985-05-30 Vancouver Q7301762 3
Iris Graham Canadian actress actor 1985-05-30 British Columbia Q54541771 2
Tasha-Ray Evin
female musician composer
1985-06-12 Canada Q4529671 3
Bianca Gervais
Canadian actress actor 1985-06-21 Lorraine Q2900809 3
Erin Agostino actress actor 1985-06-27 Montreal Q109023988 3
Beauty Obasuyi Canadian Chef chef 1985-07-10 Benin City Q123979546 3
Vanessa Pilon
Canadian actor and television presenter actor
television presenter
1985-07-26 Montreal Q11457155 2
Shauna Denis Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1985-09-17 Stittsville Q3481585 2
Ariel Rebel French-Canadian pornographic actress and model pornographic actor
erotic photography model
film actor
1985-09-23 Montreal Q36222 12
Maimouna Diakhaby Canadian writer of Guinean descent writer 1985-10 Conakry Q61998619 2
Sarah Waterfield Canadian rower rower 1985-12-04 Kingston Q9333845 3
Virginie Beauregard-D. actor in the theatrical field in Quebec poet
1986 Q100729312 2
Alice Pascual actress in the theatrical field in Quebec actor
stage actor
film actor
television actor
1986 Q101114169 1
Véronique Archambault-Léger Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1986 Q101121476 1
Christiane Vadnais Quebec poet and short story writer writer
short story writer
1986 Quebec City Q108648504 1
Charlotte Qamaniq Inuit Throat Singer singer 1986 Iglulik Q111576250 1
Yaëlle Azoulay performing artist in Canada choreographer
step dancer
190s Q112602683 1
Amber Rae Giroux
Canadian moto cross motocross rider 1986 Q456913 2
Chantal Prosser Canadian biathlete biathlete 1986 Moncton Q1062411 1
Almeda Rive
Canada based motorcyclist motorcycle racer 1986 Q2649647 2
Clémence Dumas-Côté Quebec artist and poet poet
1986 Montreal Q104093420 1
Inga Skaya Canadian model model
beauty pageant contestant
1986-01-07 Moscow Q4200561 2
Natalie Boll Canadian actress actor 1986-01-09 Kelowna Q6968092 2
Deanna Casaluce
Canadian actress actor 1986-02-07 Mississauga Q3020676 3
Samantha McLeod actress actor
film actor
1986-02-10 Canada Q3470622 2
Lindsay Schoolcraft
Canadian heavy metal singer singer-songwriter
heavy metal singer
1986-02-26 Oshawa Q84166415 3
Carly Hill
Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1986-03-06 Beaconsfield Q2939536 3
Cynthia Clark Canadian biathlete biathlete 1986-03-07 Canmore Q1148046 1
Julie Young Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1986-03-07 Winnipeg Q11729167 1
Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite
singer singer 1986-03-14 Montreal Q45992402 2
Fanny Bloom
Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist singer-songwriter
1986-03-20 Saint-Télesphore Q3066440 2
Marie-Pier Murray-Méthot Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1986-03-23 Baie-Comeau Q15975307 2
Alyssa Reece
pornographic performer (b. 1986) pornographic actor 1986-05-03 Vancouver Q35419 6
Jasmine Barker Canadian amateur wrestler amateur wrestler 1986-05-06 Q22945645 2
Christine Morency
Canadian artist actor
plus-size model
1986-05-15 Q64873768 2
Jennifer Tuters Canadian rower rower 1986-05-22 Toronto Q11724191 3
Kadie Riverin Canadian basketball player basketball player 1986-05-31 Ottawa Q112799482 1
Claude Godbout Canadian biathlete biathlete
cross-country skier
1986-06-18 Quebec Q1096783 2
Elana Dunkelman canadian actor actor 1986-07-11 Q118557789 1
Monic Néron journalist
film director
1986-07-19 La Malbaie Q97367919 2
Sumela Kay Canadian actress actor
film actor
1986-07-25 Toronto Q516421 2
Colette Meek Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1986-07-25 Edmonton Q2982511 2
Vanessa Morley Canadian actress actor 1986-08-09 Vancouver Q4302802 4
Caroline Côté Canadian film director film director
ultramarathon runner
1986-09-11 Q100146037 1
Laetitia Beaumel
canadian poet born in France writer
1986-09-25 Q108648515 2
Sarah Rotella
Canadian actress actor
film director
1986-11 Niagara Falls Q63870952 2
Amay Laoni
performing artist in Canada singer-songwriter
pop singer
backing vocalist
1986-11-03 Q108746629 2
Sophie Pelletier
1986-11-27 Quebec Q55266623 2
Julie Demers Canadian writer writer 1987 Quebec City Q28055233 2
Érika Soucy
Canadian poet, author and comedian poet
1987 Portneuf-sur-Mer Q50379275 2
Alison Leighton Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1987 Q100805217 1
Angela Morris Canadian jazz musician jazz musician 1987 Q104403945 1
Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba
Canadian translator and writer translator
1987 Montreal Q105943211 2
Annie France Noël
Canadian photographer artist
1987 Moncton Q114593657 1
Vanessa Massera
1987 Montreal Q117011222 2
Andi Muise Canadian model model 1987-01-12 North Bay Q3615375 2
Kylee Strutt Canadian former pornographic actress pornographic actor 1987-02-12 Vancouver Q13420237 3
Anna Burtasova
Russian chess player chess player
mind gamer
1987-02-19 Vladimir Q560110 4
Mallorie Nicholson Canadian canoeist canoeist 1987-05-15 Q17621317 2
Geneviève Lefebvre-Tardif performing artist in Canada television presenter
1987-06-14 Ange-Gardien Q105939829 1
Marie-Lyne Joncas Canadian comedian comedian 1987-06-21 Roberval Q105476023 2
Stéphanie Denino
Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1987-07-06 Montreal Q3502172 2
Lena Ma former Miss World contestant model
beauty pageant contestant
1987-07-07 Jinan Q6522144 2
Eli Rose singer-songwriter 1987-07-08 Montreal Q113502586 1
Sarah Bergeron-Larouche
runner 1987-07-12 Quebec City Q111279872 2
Leanna Sweet Hungarian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1987-07-18 Budapest Q12284692 3
Rebecca Martindale Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1987-08-31 Kingston Q3421715 2
Emmanuelle Blais
Canadian ice hockey player ice hockey player 1987-11-07 LaSalle Q3052939 3
Lisa Keller model
1987-12-20 Canada Q11347965 1
Marie-Michèle Bélanger-Timothy Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1988 Q100805218 1
Sarah Brunet Dragon novelist
1988 Saint-Hyacinthe Q110622668 1
Leah Ryerse
Canadian model beauty pageant contestant 1988 Stoney Creek Q6509254 2
Chloé Savoie-Bernard
Canadian writer writer
short story writer
1988 Montreal Q30728275 2
Émilie Turmel
Canadian poet poet 1988 Montreal Q101858925 1
Margaux Benn
French-Canadian journalist journalist
documentary filmmaker
1988 Landes Q115485193 2
Alexandra Purvis Canadian actress film actor 1988-01-27 British Columbia Q1122242 2
Meghan Collison
Canadian model model 1988-02-02 Edmonton Q6809036 4
Alysson Marshall
Canadian cross-country skier cross-country skier 1988-03-18 Salmon Arm Q20028167 3
Laurelle Weigl Canadian basketball player basketball player 1988-04-05 Edmonton Q112800421 1
Jennifer Hinze Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1988-05-20 Canada Q11724183 2
Kendel Ross Canadian basketball player basketball player 1988-06-02 Sarnia Q112799091 1
Lauren Hutchins Canadian rower rower 1988-06-07 North Vancouver Q11753266 1
Bree Wasylenko Canadian actor actor 1988-06-13 Canada Q22968562 2
Kaitlyn Leeb Canadian actress actor 1988-06-18 Toronto Q56651332 3
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Canadian actress actor 1988-07-06 Toronto Q438834 4
Caroline Truchon short-track speed skater 1988-07-07 Chicoutimi Q1044574 1
Ève Routhier Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1988-09-01 Sherbrooke Q273236 2
Valérie Chevalier
Canadian actress actor
television presenter
1988-09-19 Repentigny Q60833166 2
Geneva Locke Canadian actress actor 1988-10-07 Vancouver Q2239904 3
Janelle Bekkering Canadian basketball player basketball player 1988-10-07 Taber Q3807023 2
Kacie MacTavish
Canadian beach volleyball player beach volleyball player 1988-10-09 Q111575339 1
Rebecca Amsellem
Franco-Canadian entrepreneur, economist and feminist activist economist
women's rights activist
business executive
1988-10-16 Paris Q62697280 2
Megan Pinske Canadian basketball player basketball player
basketball coach
1988-10-31 Coquitlam Q112800121 1
Émilie Guimond-Bélanger
Canadian politician and social activist politician
1988-11-11 Q3052299 2
Jessica Sedlock
Canadian biathlete biathlete 1988-11-12 Victoria Q1688265 2
Estelle Bachelard
comics artist
graphic designer
1988-11-12 Quebec Q60438772 2
Paulina Gretzky American pop singer and model singer
film actor
1988-12-19 Los Angeles Q11734751 3
Zara Barring
Indian actress and film producer film producer
film actor
television actor
1988-12-26 Victoria Q19560043 4
Nicole Garrido speed skater from Canada speed skater 1988-12-29 Edmonton Q4133905 2
Lindsay Webster runner 1989 Caledon Q114598480 1
Chantal Boudreau association football assistant referee
association football referee
1989-01-20 Regina Q115111700 1
Christina Broccolini Canadian actress, writer and director actor
film actor
1989-03-09 Montreal Q5110754 2
Natalie Ceballos
Canadian actress actor
television actor
1989-04-04 Winnipeg Q54976739 4
Vickie Gendreau Canadian writer (1989-2013) writer 1989-04-14 2013-05-11 Montreal Montreal Q20807823 2
Valerie Tian actress actor
film actor
television actor
1989-04-21 Vancouver Q663741 6
Allie Bertram
Canadian actress (1989-) actor
film actor
1989-06-23 Calgary Q16526273 7
Katherine Levac
Canadian humorist humorist
1989-07-11 Ontario Q20723783 2
Ashleigh Rains Canadian actress actor 1989-08-24 Toronto Q4805321 3
Joëlle Morissette
Canadian author writer 1989-10-30 Lévis Q3187512 2
Zoé Istaz-Slangen politician
1989-11-10 Quebec City Q59914342 2
Léa Jarry
singer-songwriter 1989-11-11 Baie-Saint-Paul Q108039505 2
Ariane Lessard Quebec novelist, poet, and short story writer writer
short story writer
1990 Lévis Q108648525 1
Andréane Frenette-Vallières
Canadian poet writer
1990 Q109591323 1
Lara Wong
Flute and Bansuri from Canada flautist 1990 Vancouver Q114161160 2
Emilie Grace Lavoie
artist 1990 Canada Q114692693 1
Natalie Griffith
Barbadian model model
beauty pageant contestant
1990 Scarborough Q1332230 4
Daina Ashbee choreographer
1990 Nanaimo Q107338108 1
Cathon comics artist comics artist
comics creator
1990-02-03 Quebec Q47159365 2
Caleigh Whitaker
Canadian beach volleyball player beach volleyball player 1990-02-14 Q111577449 1
Victoria Stevens Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1990-02-15 Q2522809 2
Mylène St-Sauveur Canadian actress actor 1990-03-12 Saint-Hyacinthe Q3331420 3
Sarah-Maude Beauchesne
Canadian writer writer
children's writer
short story writer
1990-03-26 Granby Q28495672 2
Natasha Cramble
Canadian amateur wrestler amateur wrestler 1990-03-27 Winnipeg Q18432597 4
Jessie Volt
french pornographic actress actor
pornographic actor
1990-03-29 Bordeaux Q3177702 15
Canadian progamer professional gamer
esports commentator
1990-04-05 Q117441368 1
Myriam Lamarche Canadian judoka (1990-) judoka 1990-04-24 Q24449690 2
Alycia Chan
actor actor 1990-05-21 Q18604413 2
Christine Evans Canadian singer singer 1990-05-25 Q5111012 2
Miruna Tarcau Canadian novelist novelist 1990-06-15 Q105354357 1
Rachel David Canadian television host, broadcaster, and journalist journalist 1990-06-16 White Rock Q16202311 2
Mariana Mazza
Canadian comedian comedian 1990-07-05 Montreal Q20139916 2
Ève Lemieux actor actor 1990-07-18 Q27969752 2
Loni Evans
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1990-08-05 2017-01-01 Ontario California Q20647710 2
Rebecca Zimmerman Canadian rower rower 1990-08-13 Q47460284 3
Marie-Pier Houle Canadian boxer boxer 1990-08-15 Cap-de-la-Madeleine Q108438469 2
Mélissa Bédard
television actor
1990-09-07 Q108775657 2
Lorela Manu Canadian athletics competitor athletics competitor 1990-12-20 Q11762585 1
Chelsae Durocher Canadian model model 1990-12-22 Tecumseh Q3667047 2
Carsen Gray
Canadian actress singer
1991 Haida Gwaii Q15104163 2
Solène Paré work in the theatrical field art director
theatrical director
1991 Quebec City Q100450677 1
Alison Hooper
triathlete 1991 Q113568676 1
Erin Saoirse Adair
Canadian folk musician singer
1991 Ottawa Q108937766 2
Nata De Leeuw
Canadian ski jumper ski jumper 1991-02-02 Calgary Q533144 4
Zoya Lynch Canadian ski jumper ski jumper
1991-02-20 Q14128897 2
Brittney Wilson Canadian actress actor 1991-03-26 Chilliwack Q4971676 3
Camille Saxton Canadian beach volleyball player beach volleyball player 1991-04-08 Calgary Q32979670 2
Ariane Brunet
Canadian singer singer 1991-04-26 Kirkland Q15944908 2
Lam - Ho-Yi (Elisa Lam) Canadian student who was found dead student 1991-04-30 2013-02-19 Vancouver Cecil Hotel Q14835066 9
Katie Willis Canadian ski jumper ski jumper 1991-05-01 Calgary Q526535 4
Ashley Hegi Canadian student (1991-2009) student 1991-05-23 2009-04-21 Lethbridge Q11283265 1
Charlotte Legault Canadian actress actor
opera singer
1991-06-04 Pointe-Claire Q101149268 1
Caroline Jarmoc
Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1991-06-16 Calgary Q18423643 3
Justine Colley Canadian basketball player basketball player 1991-06-19 East Preston Q112798716 1
Annika Hicks Canadian cross-country skier cross-country skier 1991-06-26 Q28736094 2
Madison Irwin Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1991-07-18 Toronto Q1883366 2
Kim Robitaille volleyball player 1991-10-16 Repentigny Q115273326 1
Maggie Cogger-Orr
rugby union match official
1991-12-23 Ontario Q114986453 2
Coco Belliveau
Canadian comedian, actress and battle rapper comedian
1991-12-24 Perth-Andover Q109018651 2
Lyla Porter-Follows television actor
stage actor
1991-12-29 Toronto Q114930510 1
Heather Rogers Canadian female curler and coach curler
curling coach
1991-12-31 Calgary Q110880180 1
Kimm Carrière Canadian karateka karateka 1992 Q101084845 1
Rashida Timbilla 1992 Q111671938 1
Emily Kemp athlete 1992-01-18 Ottawa Q27683067 3
Wumi Agunbiade Canadian basketball player basketball player 1992-01-31 Pickering Q112056575 1
Ashley Kraayeveld Canadian taekwondoin taekwondo athlete 1992-02-03 Toronto Q47494117 2
Judy Jiao model 1992-02-17 Winnipeg Q11728885 1
Denyzee French Canadian YouTuber video blogger
1992-03-06 Nice Q113646069 1
Zoé Boivin
Canadian painter painter 1992-03-18 Granby Q42894528 2
Vyxen Steel
Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1992-03-29 Montreal Q20608058 5
Myriam Marcotte Referee association football referee 1992-04-08 Q114082505 2
Kendra Timmins Canadian television actor television actor 1992-04-24 London Q6389010 2
Amber Skyrpan Canadian sitting volleyball player volleyball player 1992-04-26 Q108940854 1
Courtney Stott Canadian sprint canoeist canoeist 1992-05-11 Q107986171 1
Alicia Perrin volleyball player 1992-06-01 Creston Q29556098 2
Ito Aghayere actress actor 1992-06-06 Alberta Q110665632 1
Cassandra Brown
basketball player (1992-) basketball player 1992-06-16 Vernon Q21501705 2
Judy Kwong
Canadian actress actor 1992-07-02 Q28650810 2
Bridget Graham film actor
television actor
1992-08-13 Cambridge Q115557779 1
Madison McLeish Canadian alpine skier alpine skier 1992-10-31 Richmond Hill Q1883374 2
Rosalie Vaillancourt
Quebec comedian, actress and singer humorist
1992-11-13 Saint-Hyacinthe Q27962749 2
Laura Dally Canadian basketball player basketball player
basketball coach
1992-11-14 Sarnia Q112798430 1
Dominika Jamnicky 1992-11-15 Q106405170 1
Haylee Wanstall Canadian actress film actor 1992-12-21 Toronto Q5686795 2
Carolanne Foucher
writer, poet and actor in Quebec actor
1993 Q111450129 1
Gabrielle Goulet
Canadian composer and singer composer
1993-01-21 Bourget Q20851314 2
Kaleigh Hole
figure skater figure skater 1993-03-18 Brandon Q11301218 2
Jemmy Echaquan Dubé
Canadian artist actor 1993-03-25 Manawan Q84033510 2
Zoë Belkin Canadian actress actor
film actor
1993-05-03 Toronto Q227110 6
Gabriella Laberge
Canadian singer-songwriter and violinist singer-songwriter
1993-05-20 Saint-Basile-le-Grand Q23816455 2
Rachel Thevenard Canadian actress actor 1993-06-11 Waterloo Q3928564 3
Erin Yungblut
Canadian biathlete biathlete 1993-06-18 Q18585186 2
Olivia Jones
figure skater figure skater 1993-10-03 Montreal Q11292681 2
Haya Jumaa
Canadian karateka karateka 1993-11-08 Q104127707 1
Prabdeep Kaur Sanghera
Canadian weightlifter weightlifter 1993-11-15 Jalandhar Q26837748 2
Valérie Carpentier
Canadian singer singer 1993-11-17 Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade Q15401795 2
Jazmine White
Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1993-12-14 Oshawa Q97043885 3
Tamara Jemuovic Canadian female model model 1993-12-28 Q107994230 4
Kaitlyn McGregor Swiss speed skater and ice hockey player speed skater
ice hockey player
1994-03-03 Herisau Q2086592 3
Shaina Harrison athletics competitor 1994-03-11 Aurora Q111274078 1
Vanessa Lau entrepreneur 1994-04-29 Vancouver Q118142805 2
Margaret Casault
Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1994-05-22 Edmonton Q46943012 2
Marianne Verville
Canadian actress actor 1994-05-28 Saint-Lambert Q3291329 3
Juliette Louie
Hong Kong actress actor
1994-06-13 Jiangmen Q39123195 3
Marley Brinx Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1994-08-04 Toronto Q28031898 4
Danielle Brisebois
Canadian volleyball player volleyball player 1994-08-12 Bolton Q22956668 3
Charlotte Mitchell
Canadian ski jumper ski jumper 1994-08-23 Calgary Q9189136 4
Namasthée Harris-Gauthier short-track speed skater 1994-08-28 Montreal Q51182608 2
Michelle Desrochers
comedian comedian 1994-10-27 Châteauguay Q111686001 1
Samantha Hill Canadian basketball player basketball player 1994-11-22 Brooklyn Q97368703 2
Samantha Ardente Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor
film producer
1994-12-13 Quebec City Q27062901 2
Sophie Bukovec Canadian beach volleyball player beach volleyball player 1995 Q65162192 4
Anouk Purnelle-Faniel freestyle skier 1995-01-05 Canada Q28320840 2
Riley Nixon Canadian pornographic actress pornographic actor 1995-02-13 Brandon Q47067526 3
Karissa Tynes American actress actor 1995-02-28
Vancouver Q1410092 2
Samantha Cooper Canadian basketball player basketball player 1995-03-19 Greater Sudbury Q105627627 1
Christian Brennan Canadian athletics competitor athletics competitor 1995-03-27 Q11690205 1
Jasmine Sepandj
Canadian ski jumper ski jumper
Nordic combined skier
1995-04-05 Q11721327 3
Morgan Taylor Campbell actress actor 1995-04-09 Fort McMurray Q16195449 2
Maya MacIsaac-Jones
Canadian cross-country skier cross-country skier 1995-05-27 Q23013984 3
Sonya Esman
Russian and Canadian videoblogger, fashion model video blogger
Saint Petersburg Q61695692 4
Alex Steele actress actor
film actor
1995-07-03 Toronto Q17544548 2
Quinn Dornstauder Canadian basketball player basketball player 1995-08-16 Prince Albert Q112395241 1
Rhianna Jagpal Canadian actress film actor
1995-08-18 Vancouver Q114338500 1
Anne Fergusson Canadian sitting volleyball player volleyball player 1995-10-11 Q109282558 1
Sara-Jane Caumartin Canadian canoeist canoeist 1995-12-15 Q17629560 2
Alexandra Pretorius