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Welcome to WikiProject Cue sports. Some Wikipedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of cue sports (pool, snooker and billiards) and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.

Goals and scopeEdit


The scope of this WikiProject may be relatively hands-off in the case of cue sports subtopics that already have their own "child" WikiProjects (e.g., WikiProject Snooker), whom this WikiProject will work closely with.


Ongoing activitiesEdit

  • Popular pages: A bot-generated list of pageviews, useful for focused cleanup of frequently viewed articles.
  • Quality operations: A bot-generated detail log for "Cue sports" articles.
  WikiProject Cue sports Work in Progress: edit · history · watch · refresh
Overall status
33%: Basic project structure complete, some but not all needed templates created, category structure complete, many missing or incomplete key articles identified, much article cleanup done.
News and results

Note: To Watch this activities list, click on "watch" at top right of this table. Watching the WikiProject page won't watch this list.

Article alertsEdit

All WP:CUE project participants should watchlist this alerts page.
Featured article candidates

Good article nominees

Requested moves

Open tasksEdit

Editing adviceEdit

Authoring & editingEdit

Style and naming conventionsEdit

All articles and categories within the scope of this WikiProject should adhere to WP:Manual of Style (cue sports) style and naming convention guideline. The super-short version:

  • The game is "nine-ball" (likewise eight-ball, one-pocket, etc.) — not "9-ball". (Exception: "blackball" is fully compounded, almost universally)
  • Non-compound-noun game names are not hyphenated (bank pool, carom billiards, English billiards, straight rail)
  • The ball is "the 9 ball" (likewise the 15 ball, the cue ball, the solid balls, etc.) — not "the 9-ball" or "the nine ball".
  • Scores and rankings are given as numbers, per long-standing sports statistics tradition — "1st place", "3–2 victory", "ranked number 45".
  • Other numbers should be spelled out: "a six ball game-ending run on the 9 ball in the fourth round of the match, to finish for a 5th place finish", or "the number twelve shakebottle pill was right next to the 9 ball, and I don't know why it was there because we were playing nine-ball; maybe it's because we'd already had seven beers each and had been playing for four hours".
  • Don't use (gramatically optional) compound adjective hyphenation with numbers, as it is too easily confused with a game name — not "a nine-ball run", even if you would write "a highly-skilled player".

Please see the actual guideline for more details and the rationale for this level of consistency control; it genuinely is important for article intelligibility, especially for non-native English speakers.


Please read and follow the WikiProject Cue sports notability recommendations and advice on compliance with Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines (This is not an Official Wikipedia Notability Guideline, but following it may well save your article from deletion.) The super-short version:

  • If he/she/it isn't important, don't make an article (or section) on that topic.
  • Don't pollute articles with games you and your friends made up, rules variants peculiar to your home town, novelty games, gimmick equipment, spam or non-neutral statements.
  • There's no need to split out into an article everything that possibly could be an article; no one needs a four sentence "article" about cue tip chalk.

Use the Glossary to make linksEdit

Articles within the scope of this Wikiproject will inevitably be using terms of art specific to the cue sports. A good resource for making links to words that are not self-explanatory for the uninitiated is the Glossary of cue sports terms. In order to make such links, a special template is used, as follows:

{{Cuegloss|Word or phrase you are linking, exactly as its heading appears in glossary|word or phrase you want to display}}

Thus, if one wanted to wikify "apex ball", the following markup would be employed: {{Cuegloss|Apex|apex ball}} (because the entry for "apex ball" in the Glossary is "Apex"), which when saved would look like this: apex ball.

Using the glossary to define terms will greatly reduce redundant "definitionitis" in article after article, enable newcomers to the topic to find consensus-edited definitions in a central location, and keep old hands from becoming bored to tears reading things they already know. However, try to avoid overloading articles with specialized terms; people should not have to use the glossary several times per paragraph to understand an article.

Naming and disambiguation conventionsEdit

When it is necessary to disambiguate player names, use "John Q. Public (pool player)" or "John Q. Public (snooker player)" for either of those particular disciplines, or "John Q. Public (billiards player)" for all others. If the player is notable for more than one discipline, use "John Q. Public (billiards player)", unless the player was mostly notable for either pool or snooker. If the person was notable both as a player and for some other role in the field, use the "player" disambiguation unless the subject was most notable for a non-player role, e.g. "John Q. Public (pool referee)" or "John Q. Public (billiards promoter)". If the subject was more notable for something else than a cue sport but was also at least marginally notable as a cue sports personage, use the field he or she was more notable for, e.g. John Hennigan (poker player). Regardless, do not use truncated forms such as "John Q. Public (billiards)", "John Q. Public (pool)" or "John Q. Public (snooker)"; per Wikipedia:Naming conventions (people), a player is a person (a player) not a billiard, a pool or a snooker.

For non-biographical articles, use "(billiards)" (e.g. Pocket (billiards)), as a disambiguator unless something more specific is warranted, in which case use "(snooker)" or "(pool)". There will be no need to disambiguate further, as in "(carom billiards)", except under the most unusual of circumstances, which should probably be revisited for some other solution anyway, such as an article merge. Prefer natural disambiguation when practical, e.g. Cue stick, not Cue (billiards), though the latter redirects to the former.

Article "templates"Edit

To the extent possible, all cue sports articles should be based on the WikiProject Cue sports basic article template or a more specific one [forthcoming] (That said, these templates are only suggestions, not an official Wikipedia Guidelines. The templates are [will be] here to help you focus and to get you going, especially if you aren't yet certain what to write or in what order, or where to begin. But mainly, we just want you to write articles!)

Cue sports conceptual hierarchyEdit

Cue sports articles and categories are arranged in relation to each other by way of the following hierarchy. This hierarchy is not perfect in every way for every conceptual purpose, but is entirely adequate for our purposes here. Note that some items appear more than once; see in-section footnotes for explanations. See "Major articles" and "Major categories" for extant actual major articles and categories.

[Bracketed] items show relationships to other sports probably not within the scope of this WikiProject.
Italics indicate a relationship that may be relevant to articles (e.g., History sections), but are not be represented in categoryspace.
Bold indicates the five main divisions of cue sports for Wikipedia article & category purposes (plus a bolded entry for the overarching topic itself).

  • [Ancient non-team lawn games]
  • [Modern non-team lawn games (lawn bowling, horseshoes, golf, bocce, croquet, etc.)]
  • [Non-cued indoor adaptations of non-team lawn games (bowling, shuffleboard, curling, etc.)]*1
  • Cue sports (i.e. cued indoor adaptations of non-team lawn games)
  • Ancestral early variants using a mace instead of a modern cue*2
  • Obstacle billiards
  • Bar billiards
  • Bumper pool
  • Bagatelle
  • (other variants)
  • Carom (carambole, pocketless) billiards*3
  • Pocket billiards*4
  • [Non-cue tabletop ball(s)-and-obstacles games (pachinko, pinball, etc.)]
  • Carom (carambole, pocketless) billiards*3
  • Straight rail
  • Balkline games
  • Three-cushion
  • English billiards*5
  • (other variants)
  • Pocket billiards*4
  • Pool*6
  • Nine-ball
  • Seven-ball
  • Ten-ball
  • Eight-ball
  • Blackball
  • One-pocket
  • Bank pool
  • Finger pool*1 (?? or is this actually a carom game ??)
  • (other variants)
  • English billiards*5
  • Snooker*7
  • (other variants)
  • Snooker*7
  • [Ancient board games]
  • [Non-cued disk-flicking games]
  • Table-top cue games
  • Carrom (cued variants)
  • Novuss
  • Crokinole (cued variants)

*1 Finger pool, though technically a non-cue game is a direct descendant of billiards, and uses otherwise identical equipment.
*2 To be covered in Cue sports#History; not enough can be said (and cited) about this to warrant a separate article. On the slim chance that this does spawn enough articles for a category, that category should be at the same level as carom, obstacle, pocket and snooker under cue sports.
*3 Carambole games evolved from pre-bagatelle, croquet-like tabletop obstacle games. Within categoryspace and for most purposes in articlespace it is treated as one of the four main divisions of cuesports.
*4 Pocket billiards began as a variant of obstacle billiards.
*5 English billiards is a hybrid carom/pocket game, and we treat it as a variant of both equally. Same goes for Cowboy (billiards) and Bottle pool.
*6 Though not one of the four main subcategorizations of cue sports for our purposes, pool is obviously one of the top subjects and will likely represent the bulk of the articles in the cue sports articlespace. It is not ranked with snooker at the top level under cue sports, because it does not have the consistency and monolithic subculture that snooker does, it is a blanket term for a class of games played with pool equipment (eight-ball, nine-ball, etc.), and the terms "pocket billiards" and "pool" are used as synonyms in the industry.
*7 Historically and technically, snooker is a variant of pocket billiards. However, as an organized sport and subculture it has a life of its own and does not significantly overlap with any other form of cuesports, even the closely-related pool and English billiards.

Avoid creating unnecessary articlesEdit

For instance, unless someone has a wealth of reliably sourced information about the composition, history, importance, differences between different kinds, alternatives to, etc., etc., of cue chalk, then we almost certainly do not need to create a Chalk (cue sports) article.

Do split articles that are getting unwieldyEdit

The entire topic of cue sports aside from snooker was once represented mostly by a single long article at Billiards (now Cue sport). It was sensibly broken up into sub-articles and that work is still ongoing. So, for example if the eight-ball article becomes unwieldy and there is enough sourced material available about blackball, consider splitting the article into two. Note: This was actually done in March 2007, making the example particularly salient.

Don't unnecessarily duplicate lots of informatonEdit

Articles about games or specific classes of games, for example, do not need to reiterate the entire history of cue sports, just the history of that particular variant. Likewise, we do not need wholesale reiterations of basic concepts, such as racking, lagging, etc. Use the {{Cuegloss}} template as much as possible (without creating redundant wikilinks in the same article; only the original introduction of a term needs such a wikilink in most cases.)

Articles within this WikiProject's scopeEdit

See "Cue sports conceptual hierarchy", above, for organizing principles.

= Principally the work of someone not connected with the project, usually someone from WikiProject Snooker more specifically.

Major articles  Edit

These are the largest of the cue sports "master" articles, from which many other articles descend. Not surprisingly, the list bears a strong resemblance to the organization of the cue sports categories.

Important supporting articles

"Featured Article" status  Edit

Main Page "Today's Featured" Articles  Edit

Today's Featured Articles on the Main Page  Edit

Featured Articles (current)  Edit

  1. Masako Katsura (nom)
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  15. 2021 Masters (snooker) (nom)
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  21. 2021 Tour Championship (nom)
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  25. Walter Donaldson (snooker player) (nom)
  26. 2021 World Snooker Championship (nom)
  27. 1982 World Snooker Championship (nom)
  28. 2016 World Snooker Championship (nom)
  29. 2022 Welsh Open (snooker) (nom)

Featured Lists  Edit

  1. 2018 in cue sports
  2. 2019 in cue sports
  3. 2020 in cue sports
  4. List of snooker Triple Crown finals
  5. List of World Snooker Championship winners
  6. List of world number one snooker players
  7. Snooker world rankings 1976/1977
  8. Snooker world rankings 1977/1978
  9. Snooker world rankings 2018/2019
  10. Snooker world rankings 2019/2020
  11. 2020–21 snooker world rankings
  12. Women's Professional Billiards Championship

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All were previously included in Ver. 0.7 unless otherwise noted.

First included in Ver. 0.8.

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"Good Article" status  Edit

Good Articles (current)  Edit

Check Wikipedia:Good articles/Sports and recreation#Billiards, pool, and snooker periodically to ensure we're in sync.

  1. 1927 World Snooker Championship
  2. 1928 World Snooker Championship
  3. 1929 World Snooker Championship
  4. 1930 World Snooker Championship
  5. 1931 World Snooker Championship
  6. 1932 World Snooker Championship
  7. 1933 World Snooker Championship
  8. 1934 World Snooker Championship
  9. 1935 World Snooker Championship
  10. 1936 World Snooker Championship
  11. 1937 World Snooker Championship
  12. 1938 World Snooker Championship
  13. 1939 World Snooker Championship
  14. 1946 World Snooker Championship
  15. 1952 World Snooker Championship
  16. 1952 World Professional Match-play Championship
  17. 1953 World Professional Match-play Championship
  18. 1955 World Professional Match-play Championship
  19. 1956 World Professional Match-play Championship
  20. 1957 World Professional Match-play Championship
  21. 1964–68 World Snooker Championships
  22. 1969 World Snooker Championship
  23. 1971 World Snooker Championship
  24. 1976 World Professional Match-play Championship
  25. 1979 UK Championship
  26. 1981 World Snooker Championship
  27. 1982 World Snooker Championship
  28. 1983 World Snooker Championship
  29. 1985 British Open
  30. 1985 World Snooker Championship
  31. 1985 World Snooker Championship final
  32. 1986 World Snooker Championship
  33. 1987 World Cup (snooker)
  34. 1987 World Snooker Championship
  35. 1988 World Snooker Championship
  36. 1989 World Snooker Championship
  37. 2000 Champions Cup
  38. 2001 Champions Cup
  39. 2001 Irish Masters
  40. 2001 Nations Cup (snooker)
  41. 2001 Malta Grand Prix
  42. 2001 Scottish Masters
  43. 2002 Scottish Masters
  44. 2002 Irish Masters
  45. 2002 LG Cup (snooker)
  46. 2002 Masters (snooker)
  47. 2002 World Snooker Championship
  48. 2003 World Snooker Championship
  49. 2004 British Open
  50. 2004 European Open (snooker)
  51. 2004 Masters (snooker)
  52. 2004 Grand Prix (snooker)
  53. 2005 Masters (snooker)
  54. 2005 World Snooker Championship
  55. 2006 UK Championship
  56. 2006 World Cup of Pool
  57. 2007 Malta Cup
  58. 2007 Welsh Open (snooker)
  59. 2007 World Cup of Pool
  60. 2008 World Snooker Championship
  61. 2009 World Cup of Pool
  62. 2011 European Pool Championships
  63. 2011 WPA World Nine-ball Championship
  64. 2013 World Snooker Championship
  65. 2014 World Snooker Championship
  66. 2015 World Snooker Championship
  67. 2016 World Snooker Championship
  68. 2017 Masters (snooker)
  69. 2017 UK Championship
  70. 2018 Masters (snooker)
  71. 2018 UK Championship
  72. 2019 Antalya Open
  73. 2019 Austria Open
  74. 2019 China Championship
  75. 2019 English Open (snooker)
  76. 2019 European Pool Championship
  77. 2019 International Championship
  78. 2019 Leende Open
  79. 2019 Masters (snooker)
  80. 2019 Northern Ireland Open
  81. 2019 Paul Hunter Classic
  82. 2019 Q School (snooker)
  83. 2019 Riga Masters
  84. 2019 Scottish Open (snooker)
  85. 2019 Shanghai Masters
  86. 2019 Six-red World Championship
  87. 2019 Treviso Open
  88. 2019 UK Championship
  89. 2019 Veldhoven Open
  90. 2019 World Cup (snooker)
  91. 2019 World Open (snooker)
  92. 2019 World Pool Masters
  93. 2019 WPA World Ten-ball Championship
  94. 2019–20 Championship League
  95. 2019–20 Challenge Tour
  96. 2019–20 snooker season
  97. 2020 Championship League (2019–20 season)
  98. 2020 European Masters (2019–20 season)
  99. 2020 European Masters (2020–21 season)
  100. 2020 German Masters
  101. 2020 Gibraltar Open
  102. 2020 Masters (snooker)
  103. 2020 Players Championship (snooker)
  104. 2020 Snooker Shoot Out
  105. 2020 Treviso Open
  106. 2020 World Grand Prix (2019–20 season)
  107. 2021 Tour Championship
  108. 2021 British Open
  109. 2021 UK Championship
  110. 2021 Welsh Open (snooker)
  111. 2021 World Snooker Championship
  112. 2022 Masters (snooker)
  113. Adams, Yank
  114. Alcaide, David
  115. Balabushka, George
  116. Balukas, Jean
  117. Bottle pool
  118. Cahill, James
  119. Carom billiards
  120. Chamat, Marcus
  121. Crane, Irving
  122. Davis, Joe
  123. Davis, Steve
  124. Ding Junhui
  125. Fjafilawa, Marharyta
  126. Griffiths, Terry
  127. Ground billiards
  128. Hofstätter, Gerda
  129. The Color of Money
  130. Honolulu (pool)
  131. The Hustler (film)
  132. Hunter, Paul
  133. Jimmy White's 2: Cueball
  134. Kaplan, Ina
  135. Kelly pool
  136. Lely, Alex
  137. Nine-ball
  138. Maximum break
  139. Mehta, Aditya
  140. Moore, Jimmy
  141. Murphy, Shaun
  142. O'Sullivan, Ronnie
  143. Ortmann, Oliver
  144. Ouschan, Jasmin
  145. Peach, Daryl
  146. Pot Black
  147. Pulman, John
  148. Reardon, Ray
  149. Reece, Tom
  150. Reyes, Efren
  151. Everton, Clive
  152. Selby, Mark
  153. Slosh (cue sport)
  154. Snooker
  155. Spinks, William A.
  156. Straight pool
  157. Tabb, Michaela
  158. Taylor, Dennis
  159. Thorburn, Cliff
  160. Tkach, Kristina
  161. Tour Championship (snooker)
  162. Triple Crown
  163. van den Berg, Nick
  164. Walderone, Rudolf
  165. Williams, John
  166. Wilson, Cliff
  167. Wilson, Kyren
  168. Women's Billiards Association
  169. World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association

Assessed/Peer-reviewed B-Class articles  Edit

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"Did You Know?" articles  Edit

New articles  Edit

Please feel free to list your new cue sports-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Listings will be removed as they age, unless they still need serious cleanup.

Any articles created (or existing and expanded at least five-fold) within the previous seven days that have an interesting or unusual fact in them, have a minimum of 1,500 characters of prose (ignoring infoboxes, categories, references, lists, tables etc.), don't have any dispute templates on them, and cite their sources, should be suggested for the Did you know? box on the Wikipedia Main Page. Note that articles developed in a subpage and later moved to the mainspace are considered new as of the date of the move.

This list was generated from these rules. Questions and feedback are always welcome! The search is being run daily with the most recent ~14 days of results. Note: Some articles may not be relevant to this project.

Rules | Match log | Results page (for watching) | Last updated: 2022-09-28 20:05 (UTC)

Note: The list display can now be customized by each user. See List display personalization for details.

Unsourced bios of living people, subject to deletion  Edit

It is the highest priority to add at least two reliable, independent non-trivial sources to any articles that appear here (updated daily by a bot):

There are no unreferenced BLPs tagged by Template:WikiProject Cue sports.

There are no unreferenced BLPs tagged by Template:WikiProject Snooker.

Other unsourced stubs and articles in danger of deletion  Edit

Consider it a high priority to add at least one reliable source to each of these articles (properly – use <ref name="something-unique">{{Cite web| DETAILS HERE}}</ref> to provide source details and provide references for specific facts, inline in the article) and then remove it from the list. See "Newly discovered articles" list above for more.

Bot-generated lists of articles needing cleanup   and general article alertsEdit

Article alerts are available, updated by AAlertBot. More information...

Categories within this WikiProject's scopeEdit

See cue sports conceptual hierarchy for organizing principles.
See categorization map for an overview of all the categories.

Major categoriesEdit

These are the largest of the cue sports "master" categories, from which many other categories descend. Not surprisingly, it bears a strong resemblance to the organization of the hierarchy.

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The project banner, {{WikiProject Cue sports}}, should be placed above any less specific ones (e.g. for WikiProject Biography, WikiProject Japan, etc.). The best way to use it is to just copy-paste the appropriate code block below, and modify the parts in italics.

Code {{WikiProject Cue sports|class=Stub|importance=Low|needs-image=yes}}
[other banners]
{{Find sources|{{PAGENAME}}|billiard}}<br />{{Find sources|{{PAGENAME}}|pool}}
WikiProject Cue sports (Rated Stub-class, Low-importance)
 This article is within the scope of WikiProject Cue sports, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of pool, carom billiards and other cue sports on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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[other banners]
Find sources: Google (books · news · scholar · free images · WP refs· FENS · JSTOR · NYT · WP Library
Find sources: Google (books · news · scholar · free images · WP refs· FENS · JSTOR · NYT · WP Library

Usage On talk pages of non-bio cue sports articles (other than snooker articles — for those, use {{WikiProject Snooker}} instead). The values shown are defaults for typical new articles. In some cases, another project's banner should be above ours. E.g., if it's a film, the {{WikiProject Films}} banner should be first. The DEFAULTSORT must come after all project banners and such (but before any cleanup categories) or it won't work. Please do include it, as it helps sort articles in our internal categories, instead of having them all under "T" for "Talk:..."
Code {{WikiProject banner shell|blp=yes|1=
 {{WikiProject Cue sports|class=Stub|importance=Low}}
 {{WPBiography|listas=FamilyName, GivenName
  |sports-work-group=yes |living=yes
  |class=Stub |priority=Low |sports-priority=Low

 [other banners]
{{Photo requested|cue sports people}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Familyname, GivenName}}
{{Find sources|FirstName LastName|billiard}}<br />{{Find sources|FirstName LastName|pool}}
Appearance As above, but with additional features. A demo of it is on the project sandbox talk page; (It cannot be displayed here because some of the templates involved will not display properly on a non-talk page.)
Usage On talk pages of biographical cue sports articles (other than snooker articles — use {{WikiProject Snooker}} for those instead). The values shown are defaults for typical new articles. Remove |blp=yes and change |living=yes to read no if deceased. The DEFAULTSORT must come after all project banners and such (but before any cleanup categories) or it won't work. Please do include it, as it helps sort articles in our internal categories, instead of having them all under "T" for "Talk:..." Please also use the DEFAULTSORT in the article too, immediately above the first category, and then you won't need to do any "|Familyname, Givenname" stuff after the category names. Note that |needs-photo-yes= is not added to our banner; the special {{Photo requested}} call will take care of this for us (but it is still used with {{WPBiography}}). The {{Find sources}} template works best with a singular keyword, such as "billiard" or "pool", and there can be more than one:
{{Find sources|FirstName(s) LastName|billiard}}<br />{{Find sources|FirstName LastName|pool}}
Additional instances of {{Find sources}} can be used for alternative names.


Put stub tags at very end of page, after categories and language transwikis, with two blank lines before them; this will prevent them running up against the nav box when the page renders.

Code What it looks like Where to use
{{Cue-sports-stub}} On stub articles related to cue sports (except if snooker-related — use {{Snooker-stub}} instead.)
{{Cue-sports-bio-stub}} On stub articles related to cue sports players and non-player personalities (except if snooker-related — use {{Snooker-bio-stub}} instead or pool-related — use {{Pool-bio-stub}} )
{{Pool-bio-stub}} On stub articles related to pool (pocket billiards) players and non-player personalities


Code What it looks like Where to use
{{Cue sports nav}}
(Depending on your browser, this may look smaller than the real thing will)
On the bottom of all relevant article pages.


Code What it looks like Where to use
{{Infobox pool player}}
Use {{Infobox Snooker player}} for now.
Efren Reyes
Efren Reyes in the World 9-Ball Pool Championship
Born (1954-08-26) 26 August 1954 (age 68)
Sport country  Philippines
Nicknamethe Magician, Bata
Pool games8 Ball, 9-Ball
Tournament wins
World Champion4 time (8 Ball), 1 time (9 Ball)
Ranking info
Medal record
At top of every pool player article. Add in medals for World Games/Olympics.
{{Pool tournaments}}
Pool tournaments
WPA World Nine-ball Championship
IPT Masters Eight-ball Championship
Mosconi Cup
World Cup of Pool
Ranking tournaments
WPA Asian Nine-ball Tour
Euro Tour
Another regional one
Other tournaments
An amateur one
Another amateur one
Related sports
Carom billiards
On every pool tournament main page. Draft version is here.


You might like to add a userbox to your userpage:

Code What it looks like Where to use
{{User WikiProject Cue sports}} On your user page (or your userbox subpage).


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Convenient time-saversEdit

  • {{Cuegloss|Entry to link to|text to link from}} — Used for convenient wikilinking of a term in an article to the appropriate #-linkable entry in the Glossary of cue sports terms without having to type such a long wikilink name. Please do not "subst:" this template. Example usage: {{Cuegloss|Break|break shot}} is the equivalent of [[Glossary of cue sports terms#Break|break shot]].
  • =={{subst:Cue sports heading}}== — Used to quickly create section headings for cue sports in the "year in sports" articles (e.g. 1965 in sports). This template should be subst'd.
  • Flag templates (with and without country names/abbreviations) for tournament results tables, champions lists, etc., are available from WikiProject Flag Template, and are much easier to use than [[image:Filename.svg|size|etc.]] [[Country Name]] manual coding. Please review WP:FLAGCRUFT about avoiding overuse and abuse of these templates (it is not an official guideline yet, but it probably will be).

Reference citation shortcutsEdit

  • {{Shamos 1999}} - used inside <ref name="Shamos 1999"></ref> to cite Mike Shamos's The New Illustrated Billiards Encyclopedia without having to manually fill in {{Cite book}}; takes page numbers (with "p." or "pp.") as semi-optional parameter. Example: Blah blah blah.<ref name="Shamos1999">{{Shamos1999|accessdate=2022-09-29|pp. 123-125}}</ref>
  • There are a bunch more, for Stein & Rubino's encyclopedia, and for various pool/billiards periodicals, at Category:Cue sports source templates.

Tournament chartsEdit


Results chartsEdit

Current eventsEdit

These warn readers that article may be updated frequently as results come in:

As the links in these templates suggest, any such event should be added to Portal:Current events/Sports.


  • {{Category redirect}} - put at top of categories slated for rename, deletion or merging (subst and edit as needed, if target category does not exist yet).


To sign on as a project member, simply add your name to the list below, and feel free to tell us about your relevant interests, focus, editing so far, etc. You can see who's been active lately at this auto-generated report.

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List of participantsEdit

Active or semi-active
  1. SMcCandlish [talk] [contrib] — originator of this WikiProject and one of its principal coordinators; a league eight-ball and nine-ball player
  2. Fuhghettaboutit (talk · contribs) 12:43, 18 November 2006 (UTC) -- Professional pool player (generally retired for a real career). Dabbler in three cushion (high run 13). Expert "Pool Teacher" at allexperts (Q&A column). Main contributor/creator of Carom billiards, Balkline and straight rail, Cushion caroms, Billiards, Rack (billiards) Glossary of cue sports terms (forked from billiards), Artistic billiards, Irving Crane, George Balabushka, Jean Balukas, Straight pool, cue sports techniques, cowboy pool, Honolulu (billiards), Kelly pool, Baseball pocket billiards and Bottle pool. I have quite a billiard library and can provide resources upon request.
  3. ChaChaFut (talk · contribs) 02:37, 27 November 2006 (UTC) -- cue sports enthusiast, some time ago winner of a couple of amateur rotation tournaments, and particularly attracted to 3-cushion carom. Frequent contributor of many sports-related Wikipedia articles.
  4. The Rambling Man (talk · contribs) - I've contributed quite a few of the Mosconi Cup bits and pieces and stubbed bios of players involved therein. The Rambling Man 08:21, 17 January 2007 (UTC)
  5. Cocoaguy (talk · contribs) I always enjaoy being wikiprojects and i enjoy pool so them mixed is great. Cocoaguy 従って contribstalk 12:50, 27 January 2007 (UTC)
  6. FoxLad (talk · contribs) Practitioner in pool. Also a fanatic in some sports and animation.
  7. Samasnookerfan (talk · contribs) A big snooker fan, and I create and try to improve many snooker player and snooker related articles. 17:41, 16 August 2008 (UTC)
  8. Armbrust (talk · contribs) I create and try to improve many snooker tournament, rankings and season articles. I'm also interested in the Mosconi Cup, Cue sports at the World Games, the World Professional Billiards Championship and the Artistic Billiards World Championship.
  9. Howard the Duck (talk · contribs) — creating/updating tournament articles. 16:31, 23 February 2011 (UTC)
  10. Alexfromm44 (talk · contribs) - Avid Billiards Player and looking to help out in any way I can as a college student. 13:48, 8 February 2012
  11. eengner (talk · contribs) - Billiards player who competes in pro-am leagues and who's wife is also an avid billiards player (and recent Amateur National Championship Finalist). I was a Division Representative for APA and an official referee at the 2013 APA National Team Championships in Las Vegas, NV. I am an engineer in the U.S. who uses a physics based approach to billiards and life. Created the page American rotation and am looking forward to contributing and advancing the sport. (Eengner (talk) 18:07, 30 September 2014 (UTC))
  12. AbsconditumEtIncognitum (talk · contribs) - Amateur pool player and amateur Wikipedia contributor. At the moment I'm working/gathering sources for the eventual creation of the Fifteen-ball pool page. I hope to be a useful contributor to this project. AbsconditumEtIncognitum (talk) 22:14, 6 March 2017 (UTC)
  13. Lee Vilenski (talk · contribs) - I edit all the cue sports up to GA/FA. Feel free to join me. Best Wishes, Lee Vilenski (talkcontribs) 15:16, 3 August 2020 (UTC)
  14. Countakeshi (talk · contribs) - A member of the board and table games project with interest in cue sports, especially its history. I've recently sorted out the Wikimedia Commons categories on billiards.
  15. SHISHIR DUA (talk · contribs) I'm gonna enhance the provided articles.
  1. RebSkii (talk contribs) 13:56, 11 December 2006 (UTC) i'm currently working on the Asian Games pages and i'm a member of the Wikiproject:Sports Olympics. so i'll be contributing on Asiad and Olympiad related articles. i might as well make a cue sports templates for the Asian Games.
  2. MichaelJHuman (talk · contribs) Contributor of the first substantial content to the initial billiards stub. Pool enthusiast (strictly average player), and long time student of the history of the game and it's players.
  3. Psdubow (talk · contribs) I have a family member who is a pool and billiards promoter/event marketer/enthusiast/salesman, and also I find cue sports fun and interesting
  4. RailbirdJAM (talk · contribs) Transcriptionist and American pool enthusiast, familiarity with the evolution of pocket billiards in the United States and its players, past and present.
  5. Vandalfighter101 (talk · contribs) trick shot pool player.
  6. Hippodrome (talk · contribs) Lifelong student of physics and pool (the physicist's game).
  7. HandGrenadePins (talk · contribs) real life fanatic of many different cue sports, mainly snooker and american 9-ball but also many others.
  8. AntonMagsino (talk · contribs) Want to join here really cool!
  9. Gui11er Apan (talk · contribs) I improve articles about Filipino pool players.

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