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Welcome to WikiProject Golf! We are always looking for new contributors to golf-related articles. Check out the talk page for the latest discussions. Have a great time!

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Scope edit

  • This project covers most areas relating to golf, including golf tournaments, golf courses, golfers and a wide range of other golfing topics.
  • Specific areas not covered by the project include: fictional films, books, etc. with golf content and golf video games. Variations of golf which are played with normal clubs and balls are covered (e.g. miniature golf) but sports like disc golf and footgolf are not covered.

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A list of core articles exists. This corresponds to those articles with importance=Top.

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Articles for deletion

  • 18 May 2024 – Golf Course News International (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Hemiauchenia (t · c); see discussion (0 participants; relisted)

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Articles currently under peer review edit

This section lists those articles that are currently undergoing Peer review or are currently featured content candidates. Current good article candidates can be found on the good article candidates page under the Sports subheading.

Current Featured Content candidates
Article Status Peer Review FAC/FLC
Articles currently undergoing peer review
Article Status Peer Review FAC/FLC

Showcase edit

Some of the articles supported by WikiProject Golf have reached featured article or featured list status (FA and FL, respectively), meaning they are amongst the very best content in Wikipedia. They are listed below; a bold title indicates the article was "today's featured article" for the date listed. Also included here are articles that are featured article candidates (FAC) that failed, those that have undergone peer review (PR) as part of an effort to get them to FA status, and those that have achieved good article (GA) status, the next-highest level of quality.

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For a list of templates see Wikipedia:WikiProject Golf/Templates.

Current assessment summary edit

Assessment links
  • 1.6% List-Class
  • 37.3% Stub-Class
  • 56.8% Start-Class
  • 3% C-Class
  • 1.1% B-Class
  • 0.1% GA-Class
  • 0% A-Class
  • 0.1% FA-Class

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