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I mostly bounce around fixing articles linked to the community portal, or related to a topic I care about. In particular, I like doing translation tasks and copyediting. Lately, I've been doing a lot of work to help out with the New page patrol backlog, and there's a solid chance you're here because I reviewed a redirect you created and you're not sure why. My current long-term project is improving coverage for Freedom of religion by country, one country at a time. I also help out by closing RfC discussions that have been listed at the (misleadingly titled) Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Requests for closure.

I'm still not sure if I'm more flattered or annoyed that new users keep copying my signature after I message them.


New page queue backlog


Wait but why did you review my redirectEdit

I patrol the back end of the new page queue for redirects daily to make sure we're always at least two days from the cutoff point of 30 days. In principle, we should have always been reviewing redirects (or at least since we started reviewing new pages in general), but due to a software bug, redirects were silently slipping off the new page queue sooner than regular articles, and thus most of them were not being reviewed. Reviewing, in this case, means that I looked at the redirect and assessed that it was in fact an appropriate redirect. Otherwise, I would have sent it to RfD, tagged it with a CSD template, or potentially taken some other action to make sure the redirect is pointing at a useful target.

Hopefully we're going to be able to turn over a fair amount of this to bots soon (most recent thread), but we're rolling it out slowly so for now the bot just catches redirects from foo (disambiguation) –> foo and between titles where the only difference is the presence of diacritics

Articles createdEdit

Articles I've put a lot of work intoEdit

Articles that may or may not look great now, but that I once took from being near completely illegible to having halfway decent English

Translation cleanupsEdit

Reorganization and copy editingEdit

Added contentEdit

Select XfDsEdit


Hah as if I plan ahead

Stuff that I'm not satisfied with:Edit

Small ThingsEdit

  • Red star should have galleries shrunk for things like Soviet flags and emblems, and augmented with links to articles specifically on those topics.
  • Flesh out Virunga Foundation and Virunga National Park with more information from sources.
  • Expand A Stab In The Dark (film)
  • Write stubs for SuperCoin (cryptocurrency) and Le Supercoin (a pub in France) to disambiguate Supercoin

Medium ThingsEdit

  • Add DAB page for Semantic decomposition that differentiates between different uses of the term, and create stubs for missing uses
  • In Communist symbolism, the Other Communist Symbols section could use more pictures.
    • More symbols that could be added:
      • Depictions of socialist leaders, and especially depictions of Marx, Engels, Lenin, (and Stalin and Mao) "The 3/4/5 Heads".
      • Guerillero Heroico
      • Soviet Realism
        • If notable, the unique propaganda styles of other socialist countries
      • Space Race Imagery
  • History of Russian journalism needs info about journalism in the USSR 1953-1991. Right now it's written as if glasnost never happened.
  • Photojournalism in North Korea needs actual sources that aren't just Radio Free Asia and the Daily Mail
  • Fix up the mess that is the tail end of History of the Soviet Union (1927–1953).
  • Improve Kirsten Johnson article.

Big ThingsEdit

  • Red star honestly needs a well thought-out reorganization of its sections.
  • Judaism and politics should probably have a section on anti-Semitism that explains both how Jewish political activity has changed in response to it, and how anti-Semitic tropes about Jews sometimes include political allegations (e.g. "Jews control X", "Jews are all Y who are plotting Z")
  • Abraham Cahan could use more information about his politics specifically. Time to go dig up old copies of The Forward
  • Religious test should have a more comprehensive overview of laws concerning religious tests by American state
  • Human rights needs way less Gandhi, who was not a fan of the concept

Stuff that needs help that I'm not qualified to doEdit

Expert attention:Edit

  • Common ownership needs to have more examples, both historically and in modern capitalist economies.
  • Judaism and politics needs expansion, especially for the sections on the Medieval and Modern era, and especially about non-Ashkenazi Jewish communities
  • Socialism with Chinese characteristics should have a better fleshed-out criticism section.
  • Religious test needs to reflect a worldwide view WP:CSB
  • Jalil Mammadguluzadeh has some claims regarding the subject's history of feminist activism that I can't find English sources for, and whose Azerbaijani sources (to my cursory knowledge) seem unreliable

Articles to createEdit

Award cabinetEdit

Ooo shiny

Admin nomination requestEdit

  This user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be nominated.

I would like to become an admin in order to be able to see deleted articles, which is useful while patrolling new articles, as it would allow me to file CSD WP:G4 with more confidence, rather than just guessing whether a page is sufficiently similar to a previously-deleted version by reading through its AfD. It would also let me take care of some uncontroversial anti-vandalism, copyvio, and housekeeping tasks that can come up while patrolling new pages, and it would also allow me to expand my discussion-closing activities to deletion and other discussions that can only be closed by admins.

I'm aware that my participation in editing contentious topics (in particular, politics, social science, and Israel/Palestine, as well as my decision to start off my Wikipedia tenure by assigning ratings to a bunch of articles listed in the Socialism WP) may cause trouble for me at RfA, but I think that my contributions to Wikipedia, as well as my consistent civility and compliance with policy while editing contentious topics, well outweigh the editors who may feel compelled to oppose my nomination due to their perceptions of my personal opinions. In a similar vein, my work-in-progress of improving coverage of religious freedom by country currently includes many articles that are nowhere near complete; while I intend to eventually improve them, I may not get to them any time soon, and I could see some editors taking issue with my creation of several articles that are only backed by one source for the time being. If necessary, I could prioritize bringing these articles up to C status in order to improve my chances of passing.


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