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  • Add DAB page for Semantic decomposition that differentiates between different uses of the term, and create stubs for missing uses

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  • Red star honestly needs a well thought-out reorganization of its sections.
  • Judaism and politics should probably have a section on anti-Semitism that explains both how Jewish political activity has changed in response to it, and how anti-Semitic tropes about Jews sometimes include political allegations (e.g. "Jews control X", "Jews are all Y who are plotting Z")
  • Religious test should have a more comprehensive overview of laws concerning religious tests by American state
  • Human rights needs way less Gandhi, who was not a fan of the concept
  • Translate [1] to English

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  • Common ownership needs to have more examples, both historically and in modern capitalist economies.
  • Judaism and politics needs expansion, especially for the sections on the Medieval and Modern era, and especially about non-Ashkenazi Jewish communities
  • Socialism with Chinese characteristics should have a better fleshed-out criticism section.
  • Religious test needs to reflect a worldwide view
  • Jalil Mammadguluzadeh has some claims regarding the subject's history of feminist activism that I can't find English sources for, and whose Azerbaijani sources (to my cursory knowledge) seem unreliable

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