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Welcome to WikiProject Redirect! We are a group of fellow editors who are dedicated to the improvement of the standards, categorization and maintenance of redirect pages. This is important, because redirect pages in the article space outnumber actual articles by about 3 to 2.

What links here

  • Click on "What links here" in the toolbox of the left column of a page, then Use the Filters to show redirects. One may also access the tool by clicking Special:WhatLinksHere and typing in the page title.


  • Sagittarius – a redirect editing gadget.
  • Sagittarius+ (now known as Capricorn) – a modified version of Kephir's gadget updated February 2018 with more Rcats.
  • Archer, a user script forked from Sagittarius+ maintained as an alternative to Capricorn. It keeps the old rcat order, though. It's also said to be more lightweight.

Requested redirects

This section was once used for filing requests

If you don't have an account, and therefore can't create pages, please place requests at the end of the next section, in the format:

20 April 2008
NewRedirect > TargetArticle

Request queue

27 April 2009
Gadgets (Windows) > Microsoft Gadgets   Done
11 August 2009
Pelagornithid > Pelagornithidae   Done
3 July 2012
Jewettsport Ford Bridge > Indiana State Road 225   Done
2 November 2012
Guasa > Gua Sha   Done
12 July 2013
thermal penetration depth > Thermoacoustics#Penetration depths   Done
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