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The Archer
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DescriptionEditing redirects
Author(s)Original: Keφr (modified by Sam Sailor)
Current: MJL
Updated17 January 2021; 7 months ago (2021-01-17)
Browser supportGoogle Chrome
Skin supportVector

The Archer is a user script forked from Sagittarius+ maintained as an alternative to Capricorn. It keeps the old rcat order, though. It's also more lightweight which is a fancy way of saying it has fewer features ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Sagittarius+ was a modified version of Keφr's redirect editing script sagittarius. The script had been updated with more Rcats, listed by their name rather than a description, and ordered approximately as the functional list on Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages. A link to WP:TMR had been added in the lower right corner.

Installation instructionsEdit

This script can be imported to skin.js or common.js by using User:Enterprisey/script-installer.

It can also be installed by adding the following code to skin.js or common.js:
importScript( 'User:MJL/Archer.js' );// [[User:MJL/Archer.js]]


A redirect can be sorted into non-article categories per the editing guideline Wikipedia:Categorizing redirects. Wikipedia:Template messages/Redirect pages provides information about usage of the different templates.


  • An odd notation such as #Redirect: [[target]] that works as a redirect, results in a parser error.
  • Language codes should be added manually to {{R from alternative language}}, and when they have been added, the script will not always read the R cats.
  • Former target needs to be added manually to {{R avoided double redirect}}, and when it has been added, script will not always read it.

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