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MusikBot fighting in Operation Enduring Encyclopedia
OperatorMusikAnimal (talk)
Edit rateVariable
Edit period(s)Continuous
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)Ruby
Exclusion compliant?No
Source code published?GitHub
Emergency shutoff-compliant?Yes

Task BRFA Description Source Periods Activity Errors
PermClerk Approved Bot clerking at WP:PERM GitHub Continuous checkY Running
CategoryCounter Approved Populates JSON pages with the sizes of categories over time for use in charts GitHub Daily checkY Running
FilterMonitor Approved Reports functional changes to edit filters on a watchable page GitHub Bihourly checkY Running
ECPMonitor Not needed Reports pages recently put under extended confirmed protection GitHub Bihourly checkY Running
RotateTDYK Approved Rotates date headers at T:TDYK GitHub Daily checkY Running
TAFIWeekly Approved Carries out the weekly maintenance duties of the WP:TAFI project GitHub Weekly checkY Running
TAFIDaily Approved Carries out the day to day maintenance duties of the WP:TAFI project GitHub Twice daily checkY Running
BLPCat Approved Replaces certain categories on BLPs to the BLP-specific counterpart. GitHub Daily checkY Running
StaleFilters Not needed Reports enabled edit filters with no hits in the past 30 days GitHub Daily checkY Running
AbuseFilterIRC Not needed Relays all edit filter hits to #wikipedia-en-abuse-log-all connect and allows you to subscribe to notifications when specific filters are tripped. GitHub Continuous checkY N/A
StaleDrafts Approved Reports stale non-AfC pages in the draftspace GitHub Daily ☒N Inactive
NPPChart Approved Populates historical data of NPP backlog size for use in on-wiki charts. GitHub Every 4 hours checkY Running
CopyPatrol Not needed Maintains a WikiProjects database for pages in the toollabs:copypatrol feed GitHub Continuous checkY Running
TFATagger Approved Tags Today's Featured Article with {{Current TFA}} GitHub Daily ☒N Inactive
MassPageMover Approved Mass moving of pages based on configuration GitHub As needed checkY Done
ACCMonitor Not needed Reports inactive account creators GitHub As needed checkY Done
RestoreHistories Approved Restores deleted revisions of a list of IP talk pages GitHub One-time checkY Done
SoundSearch Approved Finds music files of notable composers on Commons that aren't being used on enwiki GitHub One-time checkY Done

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At your service! MusikBot is an Apache helicopter, armed with a 30mm M230 chain gun and an endless supply of missiles and rockets. She does not care if you like doing things the hard way. She forces you to not worry about repetitive tasks and focus on improving Wikipedia in ways that a helicopter can't.


MusikBot is one of the few (if only) bots on the English Wikipedia written entirely in Ruby, using a fork of the MediaWiki::Gateway framework. The source code is hosted on GitHub. The bot lives on Wikimedia Toolforge where its tasks are booted up via a cronjob.

Bugs/feature requests?

MusikBot has no bugs. You can dispute this at User talk:MusikAnimal. Feel free to request new features for its approved tasks. In the event of a supposed malfunction, MusikBot will obey your orders to terminate a task, and respect any changes in its on-wiki config files. Please do not block the bot.

PermClerk report

PermClerk is MusikBot's most complex task. Here's the human-readable generated report for convenience:

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