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Love too Poup and go pe,.
– Voltaire

Elsewhere, I have been a manager, mechanical engineer, programmer, writer, welder, fabricator and forklift driver (albeit not in that order).

On here, I'm just some guy who's an editor for fun. I'm the editor-in-chief of the Signpost, and write some articles for it: check it out! I have the autopatrolled, page mover, mass message sender, new page reviewer, pending changes reviewer, and rollbacker user rights, so I can help out wherever those are necessary. I'm an administrator, which includes all of those, plus extra bonus stuff.

I take lots of photos: one is a Featured Picture. Check out my Commons userpage if you want to see more. Below is some of the stuff I've done around here, mostly so I can keep track of it. If you are trying to form an opinion of me quickly, take a look at this software and this article.

Private inquiries can be made through EmailUser or directly to jppiss@gmail.comxg-dëv at pröpiss@gmail.comtönmail döt cöm (type it in without the umlauts).

Software edit

All AfDs from 2005 to 2020, analyzed with the Oracle

These will help you be a cool guy, like me.

  • Oracle for Deletion: a live dashboard of all open AfD discussions. You can click to instantly sort by age, subject, keep/delete ratio, number of comments, page size, et cetera. There are also detailed statistics and sortable month summaries for all 482,281 discussions going back to 2005 (including sick-ass graphs). You ever wonder what the biggest deletion discussion of all time was? Now you know.
  • PressPass: a collection of tools for using, including enhanced search and configurable auto-citation in five different formats. This will automatically generate fully formatted {{cite news}} templates from clippings (not that half-assed Citoid output), from the convenience of your own browser window.
  • CurrentSwitcher: this gives you links on your contribs page to hide duplicate entries, current revisions, rollbacks, huggles, twinkles, and redwarns. This allows you to use your contribs page as an easy way to check if people have responded to your comments/questions, or look at which discussions/pages have been active since your last post.
  • I've made a couple Solarized versions of Wikipedia skins, here and here (which look like this). Only the Vector (and legacy Vector) skin (here) is actively maintained.

The ones after this are pretty boring, and recommended only for extreme nerds.

  • TrackSum: this lets you automatically sum the lengths of tracks in templates like {{track listing}} and get total runtimes.
  • WigOut: this gives you clickable links to Earwig's Copyvio Checker next to each diff on a CCI casepage.
  • Unbreaker: this gives you a button to fix those messed-up <br /> tags (i.e. <br>) which cause the syntax highlighter to go bonkers.
  • CopyTitle: a fork of Novem Linguae's CopyTitle.js, which puts a small button next to the title of an article which copies it to your clipboard. Mine makes it a little smaller and shortens it from "copy" to "c".
  • Monthcounter: A very, very niche script: adds a button to the "more" tab at the top of the page which goes through the text in the edit box, counts the occurrences of "January", "February" [...] "December", and outputs a tab-delimited summary of each count in the edit box. I made this for the sole purpose of tallying up arb enforcement log entries for arbitration reports in the Signpost. Maybe it will be useful for something else.
More random crap can be found in my PrefixIndex, although I don't provide any warranty for what you find in there being useful or finished.

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 This user has created and written 1 Featured Article.[1]
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 This user has created and written 156 of the 6,812,109 articles on Wikipedia.
 1 of this user's photographs is a Featured Picture on Wikipedia,[1] and was PoTD for 2022 March 15.
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Stubs—or as I call them, "GAs that haven't been finished yet".

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 This user received the Editor of the Week award.
 This user was identified as an awesome Wikipedian on 2022 April 5.
 This editor won the Million Award for bringing Simp to Good Article status.
 This user received a Four Award because they started, had displayed as a Did You Know..., improved to Good Article status, and improved to Featured Article status Powder House Island.
 This user has been awarded the Triple Crown for outstanding contributions relating to Gateway Generating Station.
 This user has been awarded the Imperial Triple Crown Jewels for a DYK, GA and FA at Powder House Island.
 This user was awarded the Guild of Copy Editors Leaderboard Award, Total Articles for copyediting 15 articles during the GOCE January 2021 Backlog Elimination Drive.
 This user was awarded the Cleanup Barnstar for copy edits totaling over 12,000 words during the GOCE January 2021 Backlog Elimination Drive.
 This user was awarded the Modest Barnstar for copy edits totaling over 4,000 words during the GOCE March 2021 Backlog Elimination Drive.
 This user was awarded the Multiple Good Article Reviewer's Barnstar for completing 21 reviews in the March 2021 GAN Backlog Drive.
 This user was awarded the Anti-Vandalism Barnstar quadrice.[1][2[3][4]
 This user was awarded the Tireless Contributor Barnstar.
 This user was awarded the GA Barnstar.
 This user was awarded the Citation Barnstar for sourcing Passive attack after 17 years, 79 days, at the time the longest any Wikipedia article had been unsourced.
 This user was awarded the Sewer Cover Barnstar: "You can read through anything. You don’t know the meaning of attention deficit disorder, laugh in the face of boredom, and are wasting your talents if you don’t become a patent examiner."
 This user was awarded the Geography Barnstar for finding sources on New York, Florida.
 This user was awarded the Barnstar of Integrity.
 This user was awarded the Barnstar of Diligence: "Thanks for your many updates to Wikipedia:Wikipedia records. That's a lot of research to do and I appreciate it!"
 This user was awarded the Signpost Barnstar twice.[1][2]
 This user was awarded the Graphic Designer's Barnstar: "Absolutely love your visualizations of AfD submissions with your Oracle; keep up the awesome work!!!"
 This user was awarded the Barnstar of Good Humor thrice.[1][2][3]
 This user was awarded the Technical Barnstar.
 This user was awarded the Writer's Barnstar.
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GA reviews I've done of others' articles edit

Islands edit

This is an adapted version of {{Islands of Suisun Bay and the Sacramento–San Joaquin River delta}}, but instead of all 100 islands, it only lists the 75 I wrote articles for.

This is the same thing, for 26 of the 60 articles in {{Islands of the San Francisco Bay Area}}.

Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense edit