Triumph Tiger 900 (2020)

The Triumph Tiger 900 is a middle-weight dual-sport motorcycle introduced in 2020 by British manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles. While there was a motorcycle called the Triumph Tiger 900 (T400) manufactured from 1993 to 1998, this model is a completely new design intended as a successor of the Triumph Tiger 800[1] (which it has a similar appearance to).[2]

The Tiger 900's upgrades included a higher-capacity 900 cubic centimetres (55 cu in) engine, a larger 5.3-gallon fuel tank, and LED lighting.[1] Additionally, major updates were made to the suspension, and new Brembo disc brakes were added.[3][2] Rider Magazine described its "T-plane" triple crankshaft as "a first in the motorcycling world, near as we can tell".[3] On the GT, GT Pro, Rally, and Rally Pro, there is also a 7 inches (18 cm) TFT display, cornering anti-lock brake system, and cornering traction control system.[1] The manufacturer's price for the base model is $12,500, for the GT Pro is $16,200, and for the Rally Pro is $16,700.[3]

There are six variants: the base model, GT, GT Low, GT Pro, Rally, and Rally Pro.[1]

The "street-oriented"[3] GT models (the GT, GT Low and GT Pro) were intended to be "way more of a road bike", and were designed for "urban adventures" including long-distance touring; like the base model, they come with cast wheels.[3] The GT Low (short for "Low Ride Height") has a specialized suspension and lower seat height.[1] ZigWheels called it "beautifully balanced", although not "as adept as the Rally on a trail".[4] The GT Pro's front wheel is 19 inches (48 cm).[3]

The "dirt-oriented"[3] Rally models (the Rally and Rally Pro) were intended to be "way more of an off-road bike";[1] they come with tubeless spoke wheels.[3] They were described by ZigWheels as "the all terrain conquering variant of Triumph's middleweight adventure series", and a "massive upgrade" over the Tiger 800 XCx.[4] The Rally's seat is 40 millimetres (1.6 in) higher than the GT.[4] The manufacturer's claimed curb weight for the Rally Pro was 443 pounds (201 kg).[3] The Rally Pro's front wheel is 21 inches (53 cm).[3]


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