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  1. Good article Amazing Grace (2018 film) - August 2019
  2. Good article Aama (film) - August 2019
  3. Good article Samragyee RL Shah - September 2019
  4. Featured list Sanjay Dutt filmography - October 2019
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  1. Did You Know? ... that Nepal declared a national day of mourning after the 2019 Taplejung helicopter crash?
  2. Did You Know? ... that a documentary film of Aretha Franklin's (pictured) Amazing Grace concert in 1972 languished in a studio vault for decades because the director did not use a clapperboard?
  3. Did You Know? ... that Nepalese student Sangita Magar became a human rights activist after she survived an acid attack at the age of 16?'
  4. Did You Know? ... that Nepalese Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli praised the 2019 sports drama Captain for "delivering patriotism"?
  5. Did You Know? ... that Pema Dhondup studied filmmaking at the University of Southern California so he could use the medium to tell the story of his "lost generation" of Tibetan youth?
  6. Did You Know? ... that Binod Chaudhary is the first Nepali to be listed on Forbes's billionaire list?
  7. Did You Know? ... that Starting for the Hunt by Aelbert Cuyp is an early example of an equestrian portrait of someone who was not a member of court?
  8. Did You Know? ... that Vicky Knight, who played an acid-attack victim in her debut film role, works as a healthcare assistant in the hospital where she was treated as a child?
  9. Did You Know? ...see above for Dirty God.
  10. Did You Know? ... that the novel Trust Exercise was inspired by discussions about sexual abuse which followed the publication of the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape?
  11. Did You Know? ... that Samragyee RL Shah (pictured) is the highest-paid actress in Nepali cinema as of 2019?
  12. Did You Know? ... that Aama was the first Nepalese film to be produced in Nepal?
  13. Did You Know?... that a 2018 documentary depicts Nadia Murad (pictured), who escaped sexual enslavement by the Islamic State, alerting politicians and journalists to the atrocities being committed in her native Iraq?
  14. Did You Know?... that the 2019 film Ask Dr. Ruth features Holocaust survivor Ruth Westheimer reflecting on her career as a sex therapist?
  15. Did You Know? ... that director Avi Belkin said the title of his 2019 documentary Mike Wallace Is Here once constituted "the four most-dreaded words in the English language"?