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The visible pinball machine, co-created by Pacific Pinball Museum owner Michael Schiess based on the pinball machine Surf Champ by Gottlieb from 1976

Welcome to WikiProject Pinball, a WikiProject formed to become a source for improved Wikipedia coverage of the great pastime of pinball. Please consider participating if you have any interest in the game and wish to help us help Wikipedia cover this great game.

Goals and scopeEdit

Circus by Bally 1973
Fan artwork
  • Make Wikipedia a quality source for information about pinball.
  • Create guidelines for articles about pinball, to improve article consistency and make article creation and editing easier.
  • Arcade pinball machines, notable home (small-scale) pinball machines, video game pinball simulators, pinball-related devices or equipment.
  • Individual biographies with a strong association with pinball, including those of pinball developers, designers, artists, champions, etc.
  • Companies, organizations, publications and other non-individuals with a strong association with pinball
  • Games ancestral or closely related to pinball, including pachinko and bagatelle (some of which may also be within the scope of WP:WikiProject Cue sports)
  • Video simulation games of pinball (also within the scope of WP:WikiProject Video Games)
  • All articles with a strong association with pinball, even if it is not the primary topic of the article, which may be within the scope of other projects as well (e.g., Tommy (rock opera)).

Sources for Pinball informationEdit

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Wonderland Arcade, 1200 Grand Ave. Kansas City, Missouri in 1968




A row of pinball machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Pinball machines at the Pacific Pinball Museum


Feel free to sign up as a participant in this project, and add yourself manually or with the userbox {{User WikiProject Pinball}} to Category:WikiProject Pinball participants. Any help is very welcome. :) Feel also free to make suggestions or ask questions on the project's talk page.

  1. Fractalchez - Longtime pinball player and enthusiast, current league & tournament organizer
  2. DuoDeathscyther 02 - Casual pinball player; created or improved these pinball articles
  3. David Pro - Longtime pinball player and enthusiast, has created these pinball articles
  4. Rich Fife - Longtime collector and enthusiast.
  5. SarahStierch long time pinball enthusiast and will lend a hand when possible to articles (especially the pinball article itself.
  6. VMzB - 8-bit era veteran, especially interested in the electronic guts of pinball machines (and some arcade games) and their repair. Imho IPDB is a great resource and we should try to refer to it, or even establish automatic data transfer.

Open tasksEdit

  To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Pinball: edit·history·watch·refresh· Updated 2021-10-23

Top-priority article tasks

Nominate improved or new aricles for Good Article status (then work towards Featured Article)



Top-priority admin tasks
  • Find and cite industry and reviewer sources. The number 1 way to prevent article (especially stub) deletion at WP:AFD is to cite 2 or more sources (other than blogs or other personal homepages). There must be some kind of magazine, or major online site (GameSpy for pinball?). It needs to be editorially controlled, i.e. not a wiki or other community-built tertiary source.

General article tasks
  • Split up any article containing more than one topic into separate articles. Examples include: O. D. Jennings, Stern (game company) and at least one game article.
  • Expand existing pinball stubs.
  • Improve main pinball article.
  • Find images to use for existing articles.
  • Add more machines with articles already to List of pinball machines, and remove all redlinks from that page.
  • Disambiguate (via DAB pages or hatnotes) articles to account for existing pinball articles. Example: Judge Dredd.
  • Create more manufacturer articles, with at least 2 sources
  • Create more designer/industry-person articles, with at least 2 sources.
  • Create more tournament/league/organization/event articles, with at least 2 sources
  • Low priority: Make more pinball machine stubs. Use data at IPDB to create new pages, but include another non-wiki, non-forum, non-user-contrib-database source. Improving existing stubs is more important.
  • Low priority: Create redirects for slightly-typo'd article names
  • Lowest priority: Start creating "YEAR in pinball" lists (e.g. 1995 in pinball), and begin changing links appropriately to point to them

General admin tasks
  • Develop criteria for "the ideal pinball article". Start with our best articles as models.
  • Create a "beginner's guide to making a new pinball machine stub" page
  • Continue assessing existing articles for quality, importance


A list of completed tasks can be found in the project's archive.

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Key articlesEdit

Video game simulations
Digital preservation & creation


Pinball machine around 1930, Ravensburg, Museum Humpisquartier


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