World Pool Masters

The World Pool Masters is an annual international nine-ball tournament. Formerly, it was called the European Pool Masters (until 1995) until players from other parts of the globe were invited.


Throughout much of its history, the tournament has been featuring sixteen world-class pool players, competing in single-elimination format. In 2010, the number of players was doubled to 32. The first round of the event was played in double elimination with the second round in single-elimination.[1]

In 2011, the tournament reverted to the original 16-player single elimination format, with each match a race-to-8, winner breaks. The 2011 edition was held in SM North EDSA Mall in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Ralf Souquet of Germany won the said tournament for the record-setting sixth time, beating defending champion Dennis Orcollo of the Philippines, 8–5.[2]

For the 2019 World Pool Masters, the field will be changed to accompany 24 players, with seeded players being given a bye through the first round.[3]


Date Host city Winner Runner-up Final score
1993 Plymouth, England   Werner Duregger   Ralf Souquet 2–1 (sets)
1994 Doncaster, England   Ralf Souquet   Jimmy White 2–1 (sets)
1995 Blackpool, England   Daryl Peach   Lee Kendall 2–0 (sets)
1996 Blackpool, England   Ralf Souquet (2)   Vincent Facquet 2–1 (sets)
1997 Thurrock, England   Earl Strickland   Tommy Donlon 2–1 (sets)
1998 Thurrock, England   Francisco Bustamante   Ralf Souquet 11–9
1999 Thurrock, England   Alex Lely   Efren Reyes 7–5
2000 Thurrock, England   Ralf Souquet (3)   Alex Lely 7–3
2001 Thurrock, England   Francisco Bustamante (2)   Earl Strickland 7–6
2002 Milton Keynes, England   Ralf Souquet (4)   Efren Reyes 9–4
2003 Egmond, Netherlands   Tony Drago   Hsia Hui-kai 8–6
2004 Egmond, Netherlands   Thomas Engert   Oliver Ortmann 8–6
2005 Doncaster, England   Raj Hundal   Rodney Morris 8–7
2006 Egmond, Netherlands   Ralf Souquet (5)   Alex Pagulayan 8–4
2007 Egmond, Netherlands   Thomas Engert (2)   David Alcaide 8–5
2008 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States   Alex Pagulayan   Mika Immonen 8–6
2009 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA   Darren Appleton   Nick van den Berg 8–4
2010 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA   Dennis Orcollo   Tōru Kuribayashi 8–3
2011 Quezon City, Philippines   Ralf Souquet (6)   Dennis Orcollo 8–5
2012 Kielce, Poland   Karol Skowerski   Mateusz Śniegocki 8–6
2013 Barnsley, England   Niels Feijen   Darren Appleton 8–6
2014 Nottingham, England   Shane Van Boening   Nikos Ekonomopoulos 8–2
2015 Manchester, England   Shane Van Boening (2)   Darren Appleton 8–2
2017 Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar   David Alcaide   Jayson Shaw 8–7
2018 Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar   Niels Feijen (2)   Shane Van Boening 8–4
2019 Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar   David Alcaide (2)   Alexander Kazakis 9–8


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