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This Task force aims to help organize and contribute to the growing collection of articles about the Inland Empire.

This can be achieved by:

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This task force is part of WikiProject California, and has several sibling task forces

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Here is a list of Inland Empire task force members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User name Talk page Comments or Special Interests Sub-projects Joined

Amerique talk Housekeeping 6 July 2009
Asiaticus talk So. Cal. History esp. 19th century. Lived in So. Cal all my life, last 20 in Lake Elsinore. Have already written or supplemented quite a few articles on Wikipedia about Inland Empire and Southern California history. 29 May 2009
Bte99 talk Maintaining various IE articles 5 July 2011
chuzyrf8 talk I was looking for venue information for locations all over the IE and saw the need for a few things to be updated, here and there. Will throw in where I can! Active in local and regional progressive politics. 4 October 2015
CraziFuzzy talk Born, raised and working in Fontana, now living in Rubidoux (Jurupa Valley). Interested in consolidating separate pages to a single Jurupa Valley page to reflect new incorporation. 24 March 2011
CurryTime7-24 talk Particular focus on Montclair, Upland, and San Bernardino, especially relating to their connections with literary and classical music history. 9 May 2021
House1090 talk (Creator of this WikiProject), Inland Empire, San Bernardino, SB County, California. 6 July 2009
Jman279 talk 'Raised in Murrieta my whole life. Working on the Murrieta, Temecula, Wildomar, and other pages. Would like Julian charter school to be considered part of the task.' 20 December 2009
jstroudr talk I was born in the ie, still live here, more specifically in hemet. I am working on Hemet, San Jacinto, and San Jacinto Valley pages. 16 December 2009
Lvi56 talk Resident of the IE. Working on various IE-related pages 15 September 2010
MissionInn.Jim talk Primary focus is Riverside and Riverside County related articles, but willing to help with other articles as needed. 6 July 2009
Snoopyloopy talk was born in ie, current resident as well. will contribute where able. 10 July 2009
Srich32977 talk Native Riversider – interested in R'side & Coachella Valley First day of Autumn 2012
stevenmg talk Librarian at University of California, Riverside and project lead of the Inland Empire Memories Initiative at UCR. 4 December 2013

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