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This Task force aims to help organize and contribute to the growing collection of articles about Los Angeles and its neighbors.

This can be achieved by:

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This task force is part of WikiProject California, and has several sibling task forces

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Here is a list of Los Angeles area task force members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User name Talk page Comments or Special Interests Sub-projects Joined

Agtaz talk Born somewhere in L.A. County, having interest in the City itself, watching all communities and regions covering L.A. 9 January 2008
AlexTheMartian talk San Gabriel Valley, forest/parks, LACMTA/Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority), buildings, future development. 7 January 2009
BeenAroundAWhile talk Added entries to Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles Common Council and List of Los Angeles municipal election returns. Have done cleanup and added information, also wrote some new articles about the most important regions and neighborhoods of Los Angeles. In particular, completed new articles dealing with the formerly ignored parts of South Los Angeles. Striving to keep non-Notable people from being listed in neighborhood articles. 8 January 2008
Chuck Entz talk San Fernando Valley. Third generation Angeleno 28 July 2016
Dakart talk South Bay 21 August 2008
Dcoffida talk Statewide Water Infrastructure, Housing and growth policies. Los Angeles, South Bay, Antelope Valley and Owens Valley. 14 June 2014
DeathRattle101 talk Hollywood, West LA, Mid-City Area, Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Downey, Norwalk. 28 December 2007
DocOfSoc talk Eastern San Gabriel Valley 20 June 2010
Doncram talk Historic sites 17 May 2008
Emailcriticalmass talk Los Angeles related topics 19 September 2018
Ethraen talk Geographically, the San Gabriel Valley (especially Pasadena); topically, the intersection of religion and activism 19 September 2018
Hardly conscious talk The governance of Los Angeles 24 March 2010
Grassfire talk Pretty much anything... 9 December 2007
Gmd8 talk Northern LA - Pretty much everything... Beverly Hills. 20 March 2008
Guyzero talk West Los Angeles, Los Angeles 17 December 2007
Jcovarru talk Metro Rail 20 April 2010
Jdaskew talk Granada Hills 7 March 2010
Jkfp2004 talk Politics, History, Sports 4 March 2010
Kafziel talk Beaches and PCH, Orange County, Hollywood 9 December 2007
Lasdlt talk Transportation, geography, parks and open spaces, and government agencies. 10 December 2007
Legotech talk General LA stuff 30 June 2008
Linkracer talk West LA as well as the Non-LA cities of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica 21 July 2008
Mfield talk California, Los Angeles, Hollywood, photography 9 December 2007
Manway talk Los Angeles, Orange County 5 November 2009
minnaert talk West Hollywood, Hollywood, buildings, museums 17 December 2007
Moreau36 talk The city of Los Angeles plus unincorporated areas in L.A. County (especially areas in South L.A.) 25 March 2008
No Relation Wayne talk Hancock Park native, just looking to help out especially in Mid-City/Hollywood areas and preservation. 19 September 2018
Penny Richards talk women's history, disability, arts, South Bay 12 November 2014
Procrastinasian talk Los Angeles Clippers, and Los Angeles Clippers only! Anything to do with them is fine. No Lakers though. 16 June 2015
Purplebackpack89 talk Politics, neighborhoods, historic preservation 25 November 2009
PWdiamond talk West Hollywood, CA -Love L.A. and taking pictures of just about anything in and around it. 28 February 2008
Quetzal123 talk North Hollywood, Stadiums, Teams 17 December 2007
Rcstampede talk Mainly transit in and around the area. 10 December 2007
Redspork02 talk Los Angeles, American icons, Skyscrapers 17 December 2007
Rick7425 talk Native Angeleno, born and raised. San Fernando Valley 10 February 2010
RickyCourtney talk Santa Clarita Valley, Transit in and around Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties 17 December 2007
SantiLak talk Everything related to L.A. and CA 16 August 2014
Snake bgd talk Everything related to L.A. and USA 10 December 2007
Socal gal at heart talk California, Los Angeles, US politics, the environment 8 December 2007
SoCal L.A. talk Southern California: L.A., OC, & SD and Newport Beach. WP:WLA 14 December 2009
Some Guy421 talk USA, cars, food, politics, religion, money, history, military-related stuff, photography, video games, architecture, technology, American Culture 17 January 2008
Subtropical-man talk Generally, I will try to help with climate, tranportation-related articles and some other. WP:WLA 12 October 2010
Taifarious1 talk (Creator of this WikiProject), Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, California, NZ politics, US politics, created: New Zealand-United States relations and Wikipedia:WikiProject Auckland. 7 December 2007
Thomascornyn talk history, art, philosophy, aerospace 30 March 2012
TJH2018 talk Pasadena Native. Anything involving LA County, LACMTA/Metro, Amtrak CA, Metrolink, and the LASD. {{subst:CURRENTISODATE}}
VartanM talk Little Armenia, Glendale, Burbank, San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, individuals, buildings etc. 14 February 2008
Virakhvar321 talk San Pedro/South Bay 17 December 2007
Will Beback talk Everything related to L.A. 10 December 2007
WTGDMan1986 talk Lived in Salinas at a young age - wishes to revert vandalism. Have storybook characters from the Los Angeles area as well. 29 July 2008
Yesopenilno talk Long Beach / Orange County 28 January 2009
Zigzig20s talk historic buildings, architects and street names in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Westwood, Holmy Hills, Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica, churches, gay history, conservative (Republican or pro-business) history 24 April 2013
Zoidbergmd talk From the Glen/Westwood; lived in Feliz, Silverlake, Venice, Laurel. 26 April 2008

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