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This space intentionally left blank. Well, it's acquired userboxen, so I guess that's not quite accurate anymore. Hell, it's not even uncluttered anymore.

I've basically become one of the go-to editors about the MBTA system. If you've got a question about transportation in Southern New England, I can probably help. Edit: for better or worse, you can add BART and Muni Metro to that list.

I edit a lot, mostly content and some templates. I hit 10,000 edits on December 16, 2015, and 10 years on July 6, 2016. I edit a lot more on Commons, where I do a mixture of category creation, grabbing public domain images from other sources, and uploading my own photos. I am an administrator on Commons; I have no advanced permissions on enwiki.


Current ProjectsEdit

My primary project right now is working on articles about the stations and lines of the MBTA, Boston's transit system. I'm slowly working my way through the system as I photograph things. My output is low - one to several articles a week - but I'm slowly amassing a complete history of the system. Compare, for example, this old version to the modern Uphams Corner (MBTA station) article.

Some things I'm working on occasionally:

Very old creations of mine that are now substantial articles:


I strive to keep to Neutral Point of View as much as possible. However, I'm not perfect, and I do have a few soft spots / potential conflicts of interest.

I am a diehard inclusionist, especially when it comes to academics, though I try not to be a grump about it. I don't work a ton with biographies, especially BLP, but I believe that scientists and other academics on the low end of notability - including nonprofessionals like amateur astronomers - who make discoveries that endure in the historical record, even if not widely publicized, should have articles. If there is not a controversy over their work, and the resulting article would be neutral, I support it. See Kin Endate - one of the most prolific asteroid discoverers - for an example. I generally otherwise stay out of BLPs and AfD unless they relate to my technically-oriented editing.

I have a tendency to leave funny and sarcastic (though usually still clear) edit summaries after tedious, uncontroversial edits. I think I'm funny, even though I know I'm not.

And, if I do something monumentally stupid, be sure to slap me with a trout.

Useful stuffEdit