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This WikiProject aims to help organize and contribute to the growing collection of articles about California.

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This WikiProject is an offshoot of WikiProject United States, and has several descendant projects

WikiProject United States
WikiProject California (semi-active)
Southern California task force
Santa Barbara County task force (semi-active)
Los Angeles area task force
Inland Empire task force
WikiProject San Diego
San Francisco Bay Area task force
WikiProject University of California (w/ WikiProject Universities)
California State University task force
WikiProject California State Highways (w/ WikiProject U.S. Roads)
WikiProject Indigenous languages of California

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Here is a list of Wikiproject California Area members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order.

User name Talk page Comments or Special Interests Sub-projects Joined

Active participantsEdit

To join WikiProject California, edit this section and insert your username into the following table of participants in alphabetical order as shown above. Participants should also place participant identification on their user page.

Activist talk Places and people. Have contributed to many articles. Traveled every mile of every Interstate + Highways 1, 14, 58, 99, 101, 395 WP:SFBA 22 June 2017
Alvincura talk California Missions, Roman Catholic Churches and Dioceses, Eastern Catholic Churches and Dioceses WP:SFBA 6 May 2010
AnthonyWS talk Central Valley and state politics. If I can be of any help, let me know. 9 November 2006
Armona talk Central Valley, particularly Kings County. 15 May 2010
BDS2006 talk Have lived throughout California, from Eureka to Riverside. I'm interested in contributing to articles related to geography and socio-economic issues in California. I regularly add images to Wikimedia Commons. 1 November 2011
Binksternet talk Oakland resident, fan of Spanish and Mexican history of California, early San Francisco Bay Area history, California architecture, California art movements, Bohemian Club history WP:SFBA 23 August 2009
Boothsift talk California in general 20 March 2019
Bte99 talk IE and Butte County 5 July 2011
Busicksmith talk Central Coast, San Juan Capistrano, California outdoor activities 30 August 2009
CASportsFan talk California History, California Sports, California Republic, Orange County, SF Bay Area, University of California. WP:UC 18 December 2010
Cullen328 talk Sierra Nevada, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, California mountaineering, Napa Valley, San Francisco, biographies, national parks and historic sites 28 September 2010
Cynthisa talk Inland Empire in general and Riverside County in particular, historic register sites, ecosystems, public utilities and infrastructure 8 September 2012
Darkest tree talk Geography of California, southern California, Los Angeles area, eastern deserts, all mountains, roads, natural features, airports--anything geography-related. 8 February 2011
DENAMAX talk Hollywood-related topics
DevinCook talk Sacramento, California. Interested in the history of the great California Republic. 16 February 2008
DocOfSoc talk Eastern San Gabriel Valley Cities 15 June 2010
Ed. Jishnu talk Politics & the culture. 20 January 2019
Ellin_Beltz talk Humboldt County, California 4 March 2011
Emailcriticalmass talk Los Angeles related topics 22 July 2019
Epicgenius talk Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco/Oakland 19 January 2015
Evancahill talk Upper-southern Californian coast. In other words, Santa Barbara, maybe Ventura, County. I'll work on Geography and wildlife. 16 October 2015
Fimatic talk Mainly the San Francisco Bay Area 22 October 2014
Futurist110 talk Demographics, history 1 August 2012
Garbolia talk history and development of California 18 September 2009
GeorgeLouis talk Many 10 December 2009
Gmatsuda talk Manzanar, Los Angeles Kings WP:SOCAL, WP:WLA 31 July 2007
Gmcbjames talk Industrial ceramic and studio pottery history, mid-century modern design 12 March 2015
GrapefruitSculpin talk Infrastructure, San Diego & surrounding areas, California aerospace (airports, test sites, launch installations, companies), California military installations WP:CAL, WP:SOCAL, WP:SAN 22 January 2017
Grey3k talk San Jose & surrounding area 6 February 2009
Griffin5 talk Sacramento, CA 1 August 2008
haha169 talk Primarily Bay Area locations and schools. Will peer review any California-related article upon request, time permitting, of course. 11 February 2008
Hjal talk mostly Marin County, Fremont, San Jose, environment, UCSC WP:SFBA 23 October 2006
House1090 talk SoCal, San Bernardino City & County, Inland Empire Metropolitan Area WP:WIE 8 December 2009
Ikluft talk Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, Mt Shasta, Mojave, mountain ranges, aerial photography WP:SFBA 26 July 2009
Jamesontai talk Reverting vandalism in California-related articles, special interest in engineering subjects, robotics, and San Francisco Bay Area-related topics WP:SFBA 10 September 2008
JayCoop talk I live in San Diego. I significantly cover the politics of California. November 10, 2012‎
Jkfp2004 talk Los Angeles, Politics, Transit, Sports WP:WLA 28 March 2010
Johnl1479 talk Sacramento, and its suburbs. Particularly those I have lived in, North Highlands and Antelope 28 February 2008
Jojhutton talk Southern California and San Diego native. 3 April 2010
KDTW Flyer talk San Fransicso and the surrounding area; Airports 25 October 2016
KevinOKeeffe talk I reside in San Jose, and have spent the vast majority of my life in Santa Clara County (having moved to Los Gatos in 1972). I majored in Political Science at San Diego State University, and remain very active and well-versed in the field, albeit in a non-professional context. I just wrote a stubby article on 2000's Proposition 39, and will likely be doing a whole series of new articles on neglected California ballot propositions. 28 October 2008
Killiondude talk I live in the Sacramento Area and like editing articles on different places in the Northern California area. I'm into local history and stuff. 11 October 2008
Kurykh talk Generally Bay Area-related articles WP:SFBA 22 October 2006
Lightningmist talk Southern California Upper coast nature 15 December 2015
Lj123 talk Southern California, California State Politics, University of California System 20 August 2017
mattmc76 talk California military history 20 April 2011
Mark Miller talk Northern California, Central Valley, Central coast, Bay area, Yosemite and a bit more. 1 March 2012
Marx01 talk Mainly The Southern California Area, focusing on Riverside County 15 June 2009
Mercurywoodrose talk Bay Area mostly. images, cleanup, new articles. 24 November 2011
Mikechen talk Silicon Valley, state politics 12 August 2009
NHRHS2010 talk especially Central Coast; I used to live there until 1999 12 September 2009
Nimrodor talk Bay Area, Silicon Valley 3 December 2015
Norcalal talk Humboldt County, Mendocino County, Del Nore County County, And Surrounding Areas within the Far Northern Coast of California, otherwise known as the Redwood Empire. 20 June 2009
Ombudsman talk WP:SFBA 10 June 2006
Paulvta talk California government, North San Diego County WP:SAN 6 January 2013
Plattypus1 talk Mass transit in the Inland Empire WP:IE 3 June 2010
Purplebackpack89 talk Whittier (hometown), Los Angeles (college town), Historic Buildings, Politics WP:WLA, WP:SOCAL 18 October 2009
Pzoxicuvybtnrm talk San Diego County, Greater Los Angeles, Inyo County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Imperial County 3 January 2010
Redtitan talk From WA state, climate geek. I've spent a lot of time in CA. Plan to add updated weatherboxes and Köppen types to location pages. 26 November 2015
RightCowLeftCoast talk San Diego County, San Francisco Peninsula, Military of California. WP:WPSC, WP:SANDIEGO 2009
rlm3md talk California Health Care policy, issues, infrastructure 2 December 2014
SantiLak talk Greater Los Angeles, mostly LA County 16 August 2014
Shannon1 talk geography, water features, dams, bridges 4 January 2008
Socrates Burrito talk Early Sacramento Valley history, politics, geography 16 March 2017
Spartan7W talk Governors, Presidents, Lake Tahoe, Ventura County, Aviation 23 April 2015
Spongie555 talk Chula Vista, California, California Military history 13 July 2009
Subtropical-man talk I'm interested in California. WP:Spain, WP:POR, WP:MAL, WP:GIB, WP:CYP, WP:Los Angeles, WP:San Diego, WP:Miami, WP:SYD, WP:BRIS, WP:METEO 12 October 2010
Sue Rangell talk I love california. Replacing myself on the active list, as it appears I was removed for some reason. 22 July
Tattoodwaitress talk Sacramento and Surrounding areas 24 August 2013
Tbhotch talk Hollywood-related topics {{subst:CURRENTISODATE}}
Thewellman talk Geography and history of water features and transportation including Environment of California. 27 June 2011
Trusilver talk Enforcement of external link policy and general article cleanup and maintenance. 18 April 2010
Universalstonecutter talk Universal Studio Tours - history 1964, Universal Pictures Tours-Grayline Tours - before 1964, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Foolish Wives- Hunchback of Notre Dame - Broadway - All Quiet on the Western Front -Uncle Tom's Cabin colonial mansion- Phantom of the Opera Stage, Colonial Street - Western Streets - European Streets - Newyork Streets - Spanish/mexican streets, WP:SFBA 17 December 2008
Vlarian559 talk 2 May 2009
Viriditas talk WP:SFBA 23 May 2007
WikiEditCrunch talk Los Angeles related articles mainly WP:Los Angeles 23 July 2017
Wyvern_t talk San Francisco, Electrical Engineering, Public Utilities WP:SFBA 7 February 2012
ZappaOMati talk Sports WP:SFBA 22 February 2012

Former participantsEdit

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active table when you can participate again.

3bulletproof16 talk Usually around to expand Stadium/Arena articles 23 September 2006
Agtaz talk I too live in California, and I keep my eyes the main article, as as the Los Angeles area. 5 August 2007
Ali talk 27 May 2007
Anlace talk Working on ecology and historical articles for Northern California WP:SFBA 21 October 2006
Ba'Gamnan talk 1 March 2007
Calbear22 talk California politics biography articles. Places in California too. 18 January 2008
Canaen talk I'll be around. 22 December 2005
Cgingold talk I've worked on all manner of CA-related articles: history, locales, politicians & other bios, etc. 23 November 2007
Daniel Olsen talk Actively working on articles about the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland in particular. WP:SFBA 7 September 2006
Dspserpico talk 7 May 2006
Dureo talk Live in Kings County will be working on local articles. 14 December 2007
Erielhonan talk also working on Wikipedia:WikiProject Pennsylvania and Wikipedia:WikiProject Virginia 6 November 2006
Ethicalhacker talk Native of Stockton, CA 17 November 2006
Exhartland talk past mayors of San Francisco and other early Bay Area topics 16 December 2006
FCYTravis talk Generally involved in air transportation and assorted East Bay articles. 21 October 2006
Graham talk I'm interested in helping with California natural history. 19 August 2006
Happyme22 talk I'm a California native, and mostly deal with politicians from our state 24 September 2007
Jamescocks talk Architectural history, theory & criticism, as well as some technical aspects of buildings, such as materials, construction, maintenance, repair, and preservation. 11 April 2007
Johntex talk Various, especially San Diego area articles and college-football related. 22 October 2006
Justvote talk California political history 10 March 2007
J.smith talk Well, thought I'd join, since I live here. :) 22 October 2006
Leo III talk Live in 'West Side' Poway CA, Extremely into the Bear Flag Republic time Period! 15 January 2008
LorenzoB talk SoCal, Desert 26 October 2006
Mattl2001 talk 2 June 2007
Missingno255 talk I live in Los Angeles county in Santa Clarita and I have traveled all over California. I'm interested in the Cal state Highway system and geography and geology of California mainly, but I'm willing to work on everything California related. I'm not very active on Wikipedia however. WP:CAL 24 July 2009
Moreau36 talk Native of Los Angeles, lived part of my life throughout Southern California. Work mostly on city/town/unincorporated community articles. WP:SOCAL, WP:WLA 19 November 2006
NorCalHistory talk Historical topics specifically; other topics where I can help 7 September 2006
notecardforfree talk I will be working on articles related to California's history, and articles related to the East Bay 3 July 2007
Ronbo76 talk enjoy historical articles about California. WP:SFBA 12 January 2007
sanji1119 talk 14 July 2007
Schmiteye talk San Francisco Bay Area, The Peninsula and San Mateo 9 July 2006
Stevey7788 talk working on cities and towns in California 7 August 2005
ThinkBlue talk Use to live in California; and working on Projects relating to the state. 28 June 2007
TrinidadCAMikeMorgan talk Trinidad predominately -native since 2005. Happy to help with Humboldt County and surrounding areas within the Far Northern Coast also known as the Redwood Empire. WP:CAL 1 June 2011
Valley2city talk Let me put it this way, the first part of my name has to do with San Fernando 23 July 2017
Vgpclub talk 2 January 2007
Wikimania1011 talk San Francisco Bay School Districts and Schools, Santa Cruz Area articles WP:SFBA 16 March 2007
WTGDMan1986 talk former California native since 1987, wishes to remove vandalism and wikify dates. 28 October 2006
Zhukora talk Death Valley, Scotty's Castle, the inhabitants of said castle, and the tangled web they weave. 31 March 2008
Zzyzx11 talk Generally, all settlements and regions around the entire state 13 August 2006
Zhukora talk Death Valley, Scotty's Castle, the inhabitants of said castle, and the tangled web they weave.
Golakersandkobe24 talk cities in ca 17 January 2009
Hydrogen Iodide talk Just about anything California-related, mountain passes, Sierras, San Francisco Bay Area, redwoods, skyscrapers, etc. WP:SFBA 22 March 2007
Michael93555 talk Greater Kern County, And Surrounding Areas in Southern California 17 April 2009
KingYDT talk 20 December 2008
ferretstew talk S.F. Bay Area (especially East Bay), Santa Cruz area, Central Valley (esp. San Joaquin Valley). 26 July 2009
Sdimmarco talk I live in California. I am interested in things happening around the San Diego County area. 2 February 2010
CentralValleyCitizen talk Articles related to California's Central Valley. Mainly those in the Merced area. 10 November 2009
SoCal L.A. talk Southern California: L.A., OC, & SD. WP:WLA 14 December 2009
Emargie talk 19th Century California. 11 May 2010
Native94080 talk Native to South San Francisco (zip code 94080) and the general bay area. 27 January 2010
Keown100 talk history, geography, architecture, landmarks, travel, Los Angeles, Orange County 5 April 2009
Chrishomingtang talk mainly San Francisco Bay Area WP:SFBA 14 October 2008
DillyLynn talk Santa Barbara County, California 29 October 2010
Roxy:Pkid talk Ishi 13 April 2010
JimCubb talk Various; Calif. native; (this is a place for me to come when I am momentarily fed up with Category:Biography articles without listas parameter 27 August 2009
Hangman860 talk 10 August 2011
Marcia Wright talk All conservation-related subjects of people, places and laws in California. 18 January 2008
Studiedgenius talk 18 August 2009
Critical Chris talk I live in Oakland and enjoy editing articles on Oakland's neighborhoods. I've formally submitted the article on Oakland's Lakeside Apartments District for peer review. Also, I believe the original assessment of this article underestimated the neighborhoods the present Oakland's Planning Commission is revising height and zoning regulations around the entire Central Business District, to include next to areas of primary historic importance. 7 February 2008
Stevenazar talk working on San Francisco Bay Area and Cupertino 15 June 2010
Taifarious1 talk Contributing to California Articles from 10,000km's away! Creator of Wikiproject Los Angeles WP:WLA 12 October 2007
SashimifanSF650 talk Bay Area 2 July 2011
Gmcbjames talk California ceramic industry and Southern California studio potters. 22 July 2011
Starstriker7 talk Sacramento and Los Angeles-related subjects WP:CALSCHOOLS 15 July 2009
Lvi56 talk Socal, IE, Riverside County 15 September 2010
Tarastar42 talk Helping improve articles relates to the SF East Bay, currently working on Contra Costa County, California. Also interested in creating a new article about the East Bay Green Corridor. WP:SFBA 17 June 2010
Forgebench talk San Fran Area and other oddities in CA. 1 January 2010
Butros talk Southern California mass transit 26 March 2010
IceCreamAntisocial talk Natural history, agriculture, geography. 23 August 2009
Vegas30 talk learning California history WP:SFBA 19 February 2012
Cameron11598 talk California Law Enforcement, Aviation in California and the Central Valley. 28 September
Queenqpawn talk I live in California, and grew up there. Interested in parts of East Bay Regions. 21 April 2008
koman90 talk Greater San Deigo County, And Surrounding Areas "none" 12 March 2009


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