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Welcome to WikiProject Feminism, a project which addresses articles related to feminism and maintains the Feminism Portal. If you plan to be active in editing articles relating to feminism, please add your name to the members list. Proposals, suggestions, and activities are discussed on the WikiProject Feminism talk page. For background on the project, read our WikiProject report from The Signpost.


The scope of WikiProject Feminism includes articles about feminism, women's rights, women's health, the history of women's rights, notable women's rights activists, concepts related to feminism, the history of feminism, notable feminists and philosophers, and works of feminist writers, thinkers and scholars.

  • Our goal is to find, expand, create and identify all the substantive topics in feminism and women's rights and to expand the presence of these topics on Wikipedia.
  • If you have knowledge of, an interest in, or simply want to help improve articles pertaining to feminism, you are welcome to join.
  • This project does not extol any point of view, political or otherwise, other than that of a neutral documentarian. You don't have to identify as a feminist to join this WikiProject.
  • WikiProject Feminism welcomes participants of all genders, and is not sexist, racist, classist, ableist, biphobic, homophobic, or transphobic. As with the rest of Wikipedia, trolling (posting intentionally provocative or disruptive comments) will not be tolerated.

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  • 09 Apr 2024Hofstra University rape hoax (talk · edit · hist) AfDed by Joeykai (t · c) was closed as delete by Liz (t · c) on 16 Apr 2024; see discussion (8 participants)

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Below are some ongoing projects created by members of WikiProject Feminism:

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The following is a list of notable feminism-related topics that have no articles on the English Wikipedia:

See also: WikiProject Feminism open tasks

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