Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user has been on Wikipedia for 7 years, 6 months and 8 days.
Flag of Canada.svgThis user lives in Canada.
LH ←This user is a southpaw.
14This user's favorite number is 14.
Sunrise over the sea.jpg This user believes that the meaning of life is to live a happy life.
MapL.pngThis user enjoys travelling.
CSThis user is a couchsurfer.
This user has set foot in 3 continents of the world.
This user has set foot in 21 countries of the world.
Flag-map of the United States.svgThis user has visited 10 of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.10
Flag of Europe.svg
This user has visited 12 of the 28 EU Member States.
Flag of Canada.svgThis user has visited 1 of the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada.1
Aiga railtransportation 25.svgThis user supports public transit.
Virgo.svgThis user is a Virgo.
Rabbit.svgThis user was born in the Year of the Rabbit.
Alchemy earth symbol.svgThis user has an Earth Sign.
Samsung LogoThis user owns a Samsung smartphone.
Close-up photo of a 3.5-inch floppy disk.jpgThis user still remembers these.
Spotify logo with text.svgThis user contributes while using Spotify.
Logo of Google Drive.svgThis user uses Google Drive.
This user watches CNN.
Netflix 2015 logo.svgThis user watches Netflix.
JKLThis user watches Jimmy Kimmel Live
M.D.This user watches House.
Triquetra on book cover.jpgThis user watches Charmed.
STAR WARSThis user is a Star Wars fan.
AThis user supports the Avengers.
Sciences exactes.svgThis user is interested in
Nuvola apps edu science.svg
This user loves Harry Potter series.
G This user is a Gryffindor.
Pizza.jpgThis user prefers pepperoni pizza.
BergerCookies.jpgThis user loves Berger Cookies
IceCreamSandwich.jpgThis user likes Ice cream.
Hamburger sandwich.jpgThis user loves hamburgers.
This user loves
Microphone 2.jpg This user loves pop music.
No smoking symbol.svg
This user does not smoke.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 600.jpg
This user thinks that
Pit Bulls aren't more dangerous than other dog breeds.

GoldenRetrDark6 wb.jpgThis user is
a Golden Retriever lover.
QRThis user's favourite airline is Qatar Airways.Oneworld logo.svg
1,500+This user has made more than 1,500 contributions to Wikipedia.
Cscr-featured.svgThis user has written or significantly contributed to featured lists on Wikipedia.
Today's featured article request.png1 of this user's featured lists has appeared on Today's featured list.
Bruno Mars b&w (cropped).jpg
This user is a fan of Bruno Mars
Meryl Streep at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2016 (32801846044) (cropped).jpg This user admires Meryl Streep.
Tom Hanks 2014.jpg This user admires Tom Hanks.
en-4This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.
tl-3Ang tagagamit na ito ay nakakapag-ambag ng Tagalog sa mataas na antas.
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