Wikipedia editor (n.) Someone who will not leave a burning building until you show them the newspaper article documenting how many people were killed by the fire.

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I'm a computer science professor at UC Irvine, in Orange County, California. See my home page or blog or even my Wikipedia article for more about me.

Much of my Wikipedia editing is on mathematics articles, but I've also edited articles on computer science, academic biography, the arts, and California geography, among many other topics. I've also contributed many diagrams and photographs to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

As an employee of a public university I believe that public outreach is part of my job description, and in that sense that my edits here to subjects within my professional expertise are paid edits. However, the topics and content of my editing here are wide-ranging and entirely self-directed. I neither participate in, nor condone, paid edits for specific articles or specific content.


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Graph Algorithms
Graph Drawing
Fundamental Data Structures
Matroid Theory
Perfect Graphs

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