Honorific nicknames in popular music

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Honorific nicknames in popular music are often religious, familial, or (most frequently) royal and aristocratic in nature and are used as a form of expression in the media, or to identify the significance of an artist by fans. Honorific nicknames were used in classical music in Europe as early as the early nineteenth century, with figures such as Mozart being called "The father of modern music" and Bach "The father of modern piano music".[1] They were also particularly prominent in African American culture in the post-Civil War era, perhaps as a means of conferring status that had been negated by slavery,[2] and as a result entered early jazz and blues music, including figures such as Duke Ellington and Count Basie.[3]

In American culture, despite its republican constitution and ideology,[4] honorific nicknames have been used to describe leading figures in various areas of activity, such as industry, commerce, sport and the media; father or mother have been used for innovators, and royal titles such as king and queen for dominant figures in a field.[5][6] In the 1930s and 1940s, as jazz and swing music were gaining popularity, it was the more commercially successful white artists Paul Whiteman and Benny Goodman who became known as "The King of Jazz" and "The King of Swing" respectively, despite such genres of music originating from African American culture.[7] These patterns of naming were transferred to rock and roll when it emerged in the 1950s. There was a series of attempts to find (and a number of claimants to be) the "King of Rock 'n' Roll", a title that became most associated with Elvis Presley.[8] This has been seen as part of a process of the appropriation of credit for innovation of the then new music by a white establishment.[9] Different honorifics have been taken or given for other leading figures in the genre, such as "The Architect of Rock and Roll", by Little Richard from the 1990s,[10] but this term, like many, is also used for other important figures, in this case including pioneer electric guitarist Les Paul.[11]

Similar honorific nicknames have been given in other genres, including Aretha Franklin, who was literally crowned "Queen of Soul" by disk jockey Pervis Spann on stage in 1968.[12] Madonna and Michael Jackson have been closely associated with the terms Queen and King of Pop since the 1980s.[13] Some nicknames have been strongly promulgated and contested by various artists[14] and occasionally disowned or played down by their subjects.[15] Some notable honorific nicknames are in general usage and commonly identified with particular individuals.


Individual titles

Pakistani singer Ahmed Rushdi, the first regular pop singer of South Asia
American trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong is known as "The King of Jazz trumpet"
American singer Christina Aguilera is known as "The Voice of a Generation"
American musician James Brown was known as the "Godfather of Soul", "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business","Mr Dynamite", and "Soul Brother number one".
American singer Ruth Brown has been referred to as the "Queen of R&B"
Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung has been deemed the "God of Songs"
Cuban singer Celia Cruz has been called the "Queen of Salsa"
American entertainer Cher, widely known as the "Goddess of Pop"
American singer Ella Fitzgerald is known as the "Queen of Jazz" and "America's First Lady of Song"
American singer Aretha Franklin has been identified as the "Queen of Soul"
Philippine entertainer Sarah Geronimo, widely known as "Popstar Royalty"
American clarinetist Benny Goodman is known as the "King of Swing".
Due to her vocal ability, American singer Whitney Houston has been often referred as "The Voice".
American singer Mahalia Jackson is known as the "Queen of Gospel"
American composer and pianist Scott Joplin was dubbed the "King of Ragtime".
American Blues guitarist and singer Elmore James is known as the "King of the slide guitar".
American singer Michael Jackson is most often identified as the "King of Pop".
American musician B.B. King is known as the "King of the Blues"
American DJ, record producer and remixer Frankie Knuckles is known as the "The Godfather of House".
American singer Kenny Loggins is known as the "King of the Movie Soundtrack" for his contribution to movies.
English singer Vera Lynn is widely acknowledged as the "Forces Sweetheart" for her services during the Second World War
Jamaican musician Bob Marley is known as the "King of Reggae"
American singer Madonna has been referred as the "Queen of Pop".
Australian singer Kylie Minogue has been referred as the "Princess of Pop".
American actress and singer Liza Minnelli has established herself as "The Queen of Broadway".
Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza is known as "Voice of Asia" and "Asia's Celine Dion"
English singer Ozzy Osbourne has been identified as the "Godfather of Heavy Metal" and the "Prince of Darkness"
Italian singer Luciano Pavarotti has been identified as the "King of the High C's"
American singer Donna Summer has been referred to as the "Queen of Disco"
The nickname "The Boss" has been synonymous with American singer Bruce Springsteen.
English musician Pete Townshend has been referred to as the "Godfather of Punk"
Japanese singer Hikaru Utada has been identified as the "The Diva of the Heisei period".
Canadian musician Neil Young is known as the "Godfather of Grunge"


Artist Title Country Source
Rushdi, AhmedAhmed Rushdi Father of South Asian Pop Pakistan [16][17]
Aitken, LaurelLaurel Aitken Godfather of Ska Jamaica [18]
Kansiime, AnneAnne Kansiime African Queen of Comedy Uganda [19]
Aaliyah Princess of R&B United States [20]
Queen of Urban Pop [21]
Acuff, RoyRoy Acuff King of Country United States [23]
Adamou, IviIvi Adamou Pop Queen Cyprus/Greece [24][25]
Teen Idol
, AdeleAdele Queen of Soul United Kingdom [26]
Princess of Pop [27]
Christina Aguilera Princess of Pop United States [28]
The Voice of a Generation [29]
Álvarez, PaulinaPaulina Álvarez Empress of the Danzonete Cuba [30][31]
Amuro, NamieNamie Amuro Queen of Japanese Pop Japan [32]
The Japanese Madonna [33]
Andrews, JulieJulie Andrews Britain's Youngest Prima Donna United Kingdom [34][35]
Arden, DonDon Arden The English Godfather United Kingdom [36]
Mr. Big [36]
Ashford, AnnaleighAnnaleigh Ashford The New Queen of Disco United States [37]
Armstrong, LouisLouis Armstrong King of Jazz Trumpet United States [38]
Atkins, ChetChet Atkins Mr. Guitar United States [39]


Artist Title Country Source
Erykah Badu First Lady of Neo-Soul United States [40]
Queen of Neo-Soul [41]
Godmother of Soul [42]
Joan Baez Queen of Folk United States [43]
Beck King of Slackers United States [44]
Harry Belafonte King of Calypso United States [45][46]
Chuck Berry King of Rock and Roll United States [47]
Father of Rock and Roll [48]
Beyoncé Princess of R&B United States [49]
Queen Bey [50]
Björk Queen of Avant-Garde Iceland [51]
Queen of Experimental Pop [52]
Queen of Experimental Music [53]
Mary J. Blige Empress of Soul United States [54]
Queen of Hip Hop [28]
Queen of Hip Hop Soul [54][55]
Queen of R&B [56][57]
BoA Queen of K-Pop South Korea [58]
David Bowie The King of Glam Rock United Kingdom [59]
The Master of Reinvention [60]
The Picasso of Pop [61][62][63]
Brandy Princess of R&B United States [64]
The Vocal Bible [65][66][67]
Moya Brennan First Lady of Celtic Music Ireland [68][69]
Garth Brooks King of Country United States [70]
Arthur Brown The God of Hellfire United Kingdom [71]
Chris Brown Prince of R&B United States [72][73]
Chuck Brown Godfather of Go-Go United States [74]
Dennis Brown Crown Prince of Reggae Jamaica [75][76]
James Brown Godfather of Soul United States [77][78][79]
Hardest-working Man in Show Business [78]
King of Soul [80]
Soul Brother No. 1. [79]
Mr. Dynamite [81]
Ruth Brown Queen of R&B United States [82][83]
Solomon Burke King of Rock 'n' Soul United States [84]


Artist Title Country Source
Laura Canales Queen of Tejano United States [85]
Mariah Carey Queen of Pop United States [86][87]
Songbird Supreme [88]
Queen of Christmas [89][90]
Roberto Carlos The King of Latin Music Brazil [91][92]
Carlos do Carmo King of Fado Portugal [93]
Ceca The Queen Serbia [94]
Ray Charles The Genius United States [95][96]
The High Priest of Soul [97]
Edison Chen Asia's Eminem Hong Kong [98]
Clifton Chenier King of Zydeco United States [99]
Cher Goddess of Pop United States [100][101][102]
Queen of Reinvention [103][104]
Queen of Comebacks [105][106][107][108]
Queen of Camp [109][110][111]
Jacky Cheung God of Song Hong Kong [112]
Leslie Cheung Gor Gor (Big/Elder Brother) Hong Kong [113]
Jay Chou King of Chinese Pop Taiwan [114]
Ciara Princess of Crunk & B United States [115]
Eric Clapton God United Kingdom [116]
Slowhand [116]
Kelly Clarkson The Original American Idol United States [117][118][119]
Pop Princess [120][121][122]
Queen of Covers [123][124][125][126]
George Clinton Father of P-Funk United States [127]
Keyshia Cole Princess of Hip Hop Soul United States [128]
Sam Cooke King of Soul United States [129][130][131]
Alice Cooper Godfather of Shock Rock United States [132][133][134][135]
Celia Cruz Queen of Salsa Cuba [136]
Dick Curless Baron of Country Music United States [137]
Miley Cyrus Teen Queen United States [138][139][140]


Artist Title Country Source
Daddy Yankee King of Reggaetón Puerto Rico [141][142]
Damares Queen Bee Brazil [143][144][145][146]
Ray Davies Godfather of Britpop United Kingdom [147]
Vinjamuri Anasuya Devi Queen of Folk India [148]
Lana Del Rey Queen of Indie Pop United States [149]
Mac DeMarco Prince of Rock Canada [149]
Dr. Dre Father of G-Funk North America [150]
Amr Diab Father of Mediterranean Music Egypt [151][152]
Neil Diamond The Jewish Elvis United States [153]
Dick Dale King of the Surf Guitar United States [154]
Bo Diddley The Originator of Rock and Roll United States [155]
Celine Dion Queen Celine Canada [156][157]
Queen of Pop [86][158]
Fats Domino King of Rock and Roll United States [159]
Lonnie Donegan King of Skiffle United Kingdom [160]
Rockin' Dopsie Crown Prince of Zydeco United States [161]
Tommy Dorsey Sentimental Gentleman of Swing United States [162][163]
Duncan Mighty Port Harcourt First Son Nigeria [164]
Rocío Dúrcal Queen of Ranchera Spain [165]
Bob Dylan King of Folk United States [166][167]
The Crown Prince of Folk [168][169]
God of Folk [170]
King of Folk-Rock [170]


Artist Title Country Source
E., SheilaSheila E. Queen of Percussion United States [171][172]
Edwards, NokieNokie Edwards King of Guitars United States/Japan [173]
Eldritch, AndrewAndrew Eldritch Godfather of Goth United Kingdom [174]
Elliott, MissyMissy Elliott Beat Slayer United States [175]
First Lady of Hip-Hop [176][177]
Hip-Hop Goddess [178][179]
Hip-Hop Heavyweight [180][181][182][183][184]
Puff Mommy [185][186][187]
Queen of the Beats [188][189][190]
Queen of Hip Hop [191]
Queen of Hip Hop Dance Music [175]
Queen of Female Rappers [192][193][194]
Queen of Rap [195][196][197]
Enya Queen of New Age Ireland [198][199]
Darren Espanto The Rising Total Performer Canada and Philippines [200]
Lali Espósito Reina de Pop Latino Argentina [201]
Estefan, GloriaGloria Estefan Queen of Latin Pop Cuba [202]
Cesária Évora Barefoot Diva Cape Verde [203]
Queen of Morna [204]


Artist Title Country Source
Brenda Fassie The Black Madonna South Africa [205][206][207]
Pops Fernandez Concert Queen Philippines [208]
Vicente Fernandez King of Ranchera Mexico [209]
Ella Fitzgerald First Lady of Song United States [210][211]
Queen of Jazz [212]
Foley, RedRed Foley Mr. Country Music United States [213]
Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul United States [28][214]
Alan Freed King of Rock and Roll United States [215]


Artist Title Country Source
G-Dragon King of K-Pop South Korea [216][217][218][219]
King of K-Rap [220]
Juan Gabriel King of Latin Pop Mexico [221]
Lyca Gairanod Little Superstar Philippines [222]
Marvin Gaye Prince of Motown United States [223]
Prince of Soul [224]
Gloria Gaynor Queen of Disco United States [225]
Muma Gee Queen of African music Nigeria [226]
Sarah Geronimo Popstar Princess Philippines [227]
Popstar Royalty [228]
Rachelle Ann Go Fierce Broadway Songstress Philippines [229]
Marika Gombitová Queen of Slovak Pop Music Slovakia [230][231][232]
Songstress of the 20th Century [233][234]
Benny Goodman King of Swing United States [235]
Vern Gosdin The Voice United States [236]
Ellie Goulding Queen of Movie Soundtracks United Kingdom [237][238][239]
Grande, ArianaAriana Grande Princess of Pop United States [240][241]
Amy Grant Queen of Christian Pop United States [242][243]


Artist Title Country Source
Hagen, NinaNina Hagen Godmother of Punk Germany [244]
Haley, BillBill Haley King of Rock and Roll United States [215]
Hamasaki, AyumiAyumi Hamasaki Empress of Pop Japan [245]
Hegerová, HanaHana Hegerová Queen of Czechoslovak Chanson Czech/Slovak Republic [246][247][248]
Hikawa, KiyoshiKiyoshi Hikawa Prince of the Enka World Japan [249]
Hirose, KohmiKohmi Hirose Queen of Winter Japan [250]
, Billy HolidayBilly Holiday Lady Day United States [251]
Hooker, John LeeJohn Lee Hooker King of the Blues United States [252]
Houston, WhitneyWhitney Houston Pop Princess United States [253]
The Voice [254]
Hui, SamuelSamuel Hui God of Songs Hong Kong [255]
Hurricane, AlAl Hurricane Godfather of New Mexico music United States [256][257]


Artist Title Country Source
Enrique Iglesias King of Latin Pop Spain [258]
La India The Princess of Salsa Puerto Rico (United States) [259]
Rhoma Irama King of Dangdut Indonesia [260]
Gregory Isaacs Cool Ruler Jamaica [261]


Artist Title Country Source
Juliana Kanyomozi Uganda's Music Queen Uganda [262][263]
Pop Princess [264]
Janet Jackson Princess of Pop United States [265]
Queen of Pop [266]
Queen of R&B [267]
Queen of Radio [268]
Jaya Pinoy Queen of Soul Philippines [269]
Philippine Queen of Soul [270]
Ayi Jihu The Chinese Madonna China [271][272]
Mahalia Jackson Queen of Gospel United States [273]
Michael Jackson King of Pop United States [274][275]
Elmore James King of the slide guitar United States [276]
Cui Jian Grandfather of Chinese Rock People's Republic of China [277]
Blind Lemon Jefferson Father of the Texas Blues United States [276]
Joan Jett Godmother of Punk United States [278]
Robert Johnson Grandfather of Rock and Roll United States [279]
Al Jolson The World's Greatest Entertainer United States [280]
Janis Joplin Queen of Rock and Roll United States [281][282]
Sharon Jones Godmother of Soul United States [283][284]
Scott Joplin King of Ragtime (writers) United States [285]
Louis Jordan King of the Jukebox United States [286]
José José The Prince of Song Mexico [287]
Jully Black Queen of Canadian R&B Canada [288]


Artist Title Country Source
R. Kelly King of R&B United States [289]
King of Pop-Soul [290]
Keys, AliciaAlicia Keys Queen of R&B United States [291][292]
Khaled King of Raï Algeria [293]
B.B. King King of the Blues United States [294][295]
Chaka Khan Queen of Funk United States [296]
Khánh Ly Barefoot Queen Vietnam [297]
Maurice Kirya King of Mwooyo Uganda [298][299]
Gladys Knight Empress of Soul United States [300][301][302]
Frankie Knuckles Godfather of House United States [303]
Joseph Koo Godfather of Cantopop Hong Kong [304]
Kyla Queen of R&B Philippines [305]


Artist Title Country Source
Patti LaBelle Godmother of Soul United States [306]
High Priestess of Good Vibrations [307]
Queen of Rock 'n' Soul [308]
Lady Gaga Queen of Pop United States [309]
Princess of Pop [310][311]
Lady Saw Queen of Dancehall Jamaica [312][313]
Lamar, KendrickKendrick Lamar King of the West Coast United States [314]
Lambert, AdamAdam Lambert The New King of Queen United States [315][316]
Last, JamesJames Last Last king of easy listening Germany [317]
Lavigne, AvrilAvril Lavigne Pop-Punk Queen Canada [318][319]
Pop Rock Princess [320]
Princess of Pop [321]
Punk Rock Princess [322][323][324]
Kuh Ledesma Pop Diva Philippines [325]
The Renaissance Woman [326]
Paul, LesLes Paul Architect of Rock and Roll United States [11]
Liberace Mr. Showmanship United States [327]
Lil B The Based God United States [328]
Lil Brianna Princess of the South United States [329]
Lil Jon King of Crunk United States [330]
Lil' Kim Queen Bee United States [331][332]
Lil' Mo Godmother of Hip-Hop and R&B United States [333][334]
Lisa Lisa Queen of Latin Hip Hop United States [335]
Little Richard Architect of Rock and Roll United States [336]
King of Rock and Roll [337]
Logan, JohnnyJohnny Logan Mr. Eurovision Ireland [338][339][340]
Loggins, KennyKenny Loggins King of the Movie Soundtrack United States [341][342]
Lorde New Queen of Alternative New Zealand [343]
Dave Lombardo The Godfather of double bass United States [344]
Love, TobyToby Love King of Crunkchata United States [345]
Lynn, LorettaLoretta Lynn First Lady of Country United States [346]
Queen of Country [347][348]
Lynn, VeraVera Lynn Forces sweetheart United Kingdom [349][350]
Miguel, LuisLuis Miguel The Sun of Mexico Mexico [351]


Artist Title Country Source
Madonna First Lady of Pop United States [352][353]
Queen of Pop [354][355][356]
High Priestess of Pop [357]
Queen of Reinvention [358][359]
Queen of Controversy [360][361]
Magalona, FrancisFrancis Magalona King of Philippine Rap Philippines [362]
Makeba, MiriamMiriam Makeba Mama Africa South Africa [363]
Bamboo Mañalac Rock Maestro United States [364]
Teena Marie Ivory Queen of Soul United States [365]
Lady T [365]
Marley, BobBob Marley King of Reggae Jamaica [366][367]
Maurício, FernandoFernando Maurício King of Fado and Mouraria Portugal [368]
Mazelle, KymKym Mazelle First Lady of House United States [369][370][371][372]
Martina McBride Celine Dion of Country United States [373]
McEntire, RebaReba McEntire Queen of Country United States [347][374]
Mendoza, LydiaLydia Mendoza Queen of Tejano United States [375]
Menzel, IdinaIdina Menzel Broadway Queen United States [376]
Mercury, DanielaDaniela Mercury Queen of Axé Brazil [377]
Sparrow, MightyMighty Sparrow Calypso King of the World Trinidad and Tobago [378]
Minaj, NickiNicki Minaj Queen of Rap Trinidad and Tobago/United States [379][380]
Queen of Hip Hop [381]
Minnelli, LizaLiza Minnelli Queen of Broadway United States [382][383]
Queen of Hollywood [384]
Minogue, KylieKylie Minogue Goddess of Pop Australia [385][386][387][388]
Princess of Pop [389]
Queen of Pop [388][390][391][392]
Misia Queen of Ballads Japan [393]
Queen of Japanese Soul [394]
Misora, HibariHibari Misora Queen of Japanese Pop Japan [395][396]
Monica R&B Princess United States [64]
Monroe, BillBill Monroe Father of Bluegrass United States [397]
Moore, Rudy RayRudy Ray Moore Godfather of Rap United States [398]
Moroder, GiorgioGiorgio Moroder Father of Disco Italy [399]
Morrison, JimJim Morrison King of Orgasmic Rock United States [400]
Mui, AnitaAnita Mui Queen of Canto Pop Hong Kong [401][402]
Madonna of Asia [403]
Müren, ZekiZeki Müren Sun of Art Turkey [404]
Murphy, PeterPeter Murphy Godfather of Goth United Kingdom [405]
My Tam (Mỹ Tâm) The Queen of V-Pop Vietnam [406]


Artist Title Country Source
Emilio Navaira King of Tejano United States [407]
Stevie Nicks Queen of Rock and Roll United States [408][409]
Thanh Nga The Queen of Cải lương (Vietnamese Renovated Opera) South Vietnam [410]
No I.D. The Godfather of Chicago hip hop United States [411][412]
Noor Jehan Queen of Melody British India/Pakistan [413]
Ted Nugent Motor City Madman United States [414]


Artist Title Country Source
Odetta Queen of American Folk Music United States [415]
Onyeka Onwenu Queen of African pop music Nigeria [416]
Elegant Stallion [417]
Orelsan The Boss of French rap France [418]
The French Eminem [419][420][421][422]
Ozzy Osbourne Godfather of Heavy Metal United Kingdom [423]
Prince of Darkness [423]
Johnny Otis Godfather of Rhythm and Blues United States [424]


Artist Title Country Source
Papin, ImeldaImelda Papin Sentimental Songstress Philippines [425]
Park, JayJay Park Fresh Prince of Seoul United States/South Korea [426][427]
Parton, DollyDolly Parton Queen of Country United States [347]
Patton, CharleyCharley Patton Father of the Delta Blues United States [428]
Pavarotti, LucianoLuciano Pavarotti King of the High C's Italy [429]
Peniston, CeCeCeCe Peniston Queen of Dance United States [430][431]
Perkins, CarlCarl Perkins King of Rockabilly United States [432]
Peters, BernadetteBernadette Peters Queen of Broadway United States [433][434]
Pop, IggyIggy Pop Godfather of Punk United States [435][436]
Prado, PérezPérez Prado King of Mambo Cuba [437]
Presley, ElvisElvis Presley King of Rock and Roll United States [438]
Presley, Lisa MarieLisa Marie Presley Princess of Rock and Roll United States [439]
Psy King of YouTube South Korea [440][441][442]


Artist Title Country Source
Ivy Queen Queen of Reggaetón Puerto Rico/United States [443][444]
Queen of Rap [445]
Queen of Latin Hip-Hop [446]
Queen of Urban Music [447]
Reggaetón's First Lady [448]


Artist Title Country Source
Joey Ramone Godfather of Punk United States [449]
Ray, JohnnieJohnnie Ray Prince of Wails United States [450]
Redding, OtisOtis Redding King of Soul United States [451]
Reed, LouLou Reed Godfather of Punk United States [452]
Redžepova, EsmaEsma Redžepova Queen of Gypsy Music Macedonia [453]
Regis, SherynSheryn Regis Crystal Voice of Asia Philippines [454]
Rihanna Caribbean Queen Barbados [456][457]
Pop princess [458]
R&B Princess [459][460][461]
Rivera, JenniJenni Rivera The Diva of Banda Mexico/United States [462]
The First Lady of Corrido
Rodgers, JimmieJimmie Rodgers Father of Country Music United States [463]
Rodrigues, AmáliaAmália Rodrigues Queen of Fado Portugal [464]
Rozalla Queen of Rave Zambia [465]
Robinson, RossRoss Robinson Godfather of Nu Metal United States [466]
Rubio, PaulinaPaulina Rubio The Mexican Madonna Mexico [467]
Todd Rundgren God United States [468][469][470]


Artist Title Country Source
Janella Salvador OPM Pop Sweetheart Philippines [471]
Sandara Park BoA of the Philippines Philippines [472]
Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas [472]
Sandro The Gypsy Argentina [473]
Argentine Elvis [473]
Sandy Princess of Brazilian Pop Brazil [474][475][not in citation given]
Romeo Santos King of Bachata United States [476]
Chuck Schuldiner Father of Death Metal United States [477]
Shirley Scott Queen of the Organ United States [478]
Gil Scott-Heron Godfather of Rap United States [398]
Selena Queen of Tejano Music United States [479]
Queen of Latin Music [480]
Seo Taiji President of Culture South Korea [481]
Shakira Queen of the World Cup Colombia [482]
Shin Jung-hyeon Godfather of Rock South Korea [483]
Frank Sinatra The Chairman of the Board United States [484]
The Voice [485]
Nina Simone Queen of Soul United States [486]
High Priestess of Soul [487]
Siouxsie Sioux Godmother of Goth United Kingdom [488]
Siti Nurhaliza Voice of Asia Malaysia [489]
Asia's Celine Dion [490]
Shila Amzah Asia's Sweetheart Malaysia [491][492]
National Treasure of Malaysia [493]
Princess of Music [494]
Bessie Smith Empress of the Blues United States [487]
Patti Smith Godmother of Punk United States [495]
Sy Smith The Underground Queen of R&B and Soul United States [496][497][498]
Barbra Streisand Mother of Divas United States [499][500][501]
Diva of Divas [502][503][504][505][506]
Britney Spears Princess of Pop United States [28][507]
Queen of Pop [508][509]
Phil Spector First Tycoon of Teen United States [510]
Spice Queen of Stage Jamaica [511]
Queen of Dancehall [512]
Dusty Springfield White Queen of Soul United Kingdom [513][514]
Bruce Springsteen The Boss United States [515]
Candi Staton First Lady of Southern Soul United States [516]
Gwen Stefani Pop Princess United States [517][518][519]
Stevie B King of Freestyle United States [520]
George Strait King of Country United States [521]
Yma Sumac Queen of Exotica Peru [522]
Donna Summer Queen of Disco United States [28]
Taylor Swift Country Pop Princess United States [523]
Pop Princess [524]
Sylvester Queen of Disco United States [525]


Artist Title Country Source
T.I. King of the South United States [526][527]
Alan Tam Principal (Tam) Hong Kong [528]
Koko Taylor Queen of the Blues United States [529]
Thalía Queen of Latin pop Mexico [530]
Queen of Telenovelas [531]
Empress of Beauty [532]
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Godmother of Rock and Roll United States [533]
Irma Thomas Soul Queen of New Orleans United States [534]
Timaya Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa Nigeria [535]
Justin Timberlake Prince of Pop United States [536][537]
President of Pop [538]
Dick Todd King of the Jukebox United States [539]
Pete Townshend Godfather of Punk United Kingdom [540]
Gloria Trevi The Mexican Madonna Mexico [541]
Tina Turner Queen of Rock United States [28]
Shania Twain Country Pop Queen Canada [542][543]
Queen of Country Pop [544]
Jolin Tsai Queen of Chinese Pop Taiwan [545]
Asia's Dancing Queen [546]
The Asian Madonna [547]


Artist Title Country Source
Hikaru Utada Diva of the Heisei period Japan [548]
Usher King of R&B United States [549][550]
Mr. Entertainment [551][552]
Carrie Underwood Country Music's Reigning Queen United States [553][554]


Artist Title Country Source
Regine Velasquez Asia's Songbird Philippines [555]
Viguen Sultan of Pop Iran [556]
Rhonda Vincent Queen of Bluegrass United States [557]


Artist Title Country Source
Liza Wang Big Sister Hong Kong [558]
Dionne Warwick Princess of Pop United States [559]
Dinah Washington Queen of the Blues United States [560][561]
Paul Weller Modfather United Kingdom [562]
Kitty Wells Queen of Country United States [563][564]
Paul Whiteman King of Jazz United States [7][215]
Marijohn Wilkin The Den Mother of Music Row United States [565]
Jackie Wilson Mister Excitement United States [566]
Tony Wilson Mr Manchester United Kingdom [567][568]
Robbie Williams King of Pop Rock United Kingdom [569]
Wendy O. Williams Queen of Shock Rock United States [570]
Faye Wong Diva of Asia Hong Kong/People's Republic of China [571]
Heavenly Queen [571]
Tammy Wynette First Lady of Country United States [572][573]


Artist Title Country Source
Xuxa Queen of Children Brazil [574]


Artist Title Country Source
Yuri The Mexican Madonna Mexico [575]
"Weird Al" Yankovic King of Parody United States [576][577]
Neil Young Godfather of Grunge Canada [578]


Artist Title Country Source
Jimmy Zámbó The King Hungary [579][580]

Group titles

Artist(s) Title Country Source
Aerosmith America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band United States [581][582]
Anthrax Big Four of Thrash United States [583][584][585]
The Beach Boys America's Band United States [586]
The Beatles Fab Four United Kingdom [587]
BIGBANG Gods of K-Pop South Korea [588]
Kings of K-pop [589][590][591][592][593]
Nation's Boy Band [594]
Daft Punk Godfathers of French House France [595]
Dusty Springfield Five Mighty Pop Divas of the Sixties United Kingdom [596]
Aretha Franklin United States
Martha Reeves
Diana Ross
Dionne Warwick
Five Stairsteps First Family of Soul United States [597][598]
The Jackson 5 First Family of Soul United States [597]
Jacky Cheung Four Heavenly Kings of Chinese Pop Hong Kong [112]
Leon Lai
Andy Lau
Aaron Kwok
Girls' Generation The Nation's Singers South Korea [599]
The Nation's Girl Group
Queens of Girl Groups [600][601]
Princesses of K-pop [602]
Mỹ Linh (Đỗ Mỹ Linh) Four Divas of Vietnam Vietnam [603]
Thanh Lam (Đoàn Thanh Lam)
Hồng Nhung (Lê Hồng Nhung)
Trần Thu Hà
One Direction The World's Biggest Boyband United Kingdom / Ireland [604][605]
R.E.M. America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band United States [606]
The Rolling Stones World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band United Kingdom [607]
Shinee Princes of K-pop South Korea [608][609][610][611][612][613]
TVXQ The King of K-pop South Korea [614]
Gods of K-Pop [615][616]
Asia's Star [617][618][619]
Sun of Asia [618][619][620]
Kiss The Hottest Band in the World United States [621]
U2 The Biggest Band in the World Ireland [622][623]
BoybandPH The Kings of Kiligities Philippines

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