Los Ángeles Azules

Los Ángeles Azules are a Mexican musical group playing the cumbia sonidera genre, which is a cumbia subgenre using the accordion and synthesizers. This results in a fusion of the sounds of cumbia from the 1950-1970s with those of 1990s-style electronic music.[1]

Los Ángeles Azules
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Background information
OriginMexico City, Mexico
GenresMexican cumbia
Years active1983 (1983)–present


The group got together in 1976 but started officially in 1983, playing the onda grupera genre, formed by the siblings of the Mejía Avante family: Elías, Alfredo, José Hilario, Jorge, Cristina and Guadalupe.[1]

The group went through various periods of popularity and various styles. In 2013 they had a huge hit with Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar, re-recorded many hits with guest vocalists including Carla Morrison, Lila Downs, and Ximena Sariñana. In 2014 they launched a new musical genre cumbia sinfónica as they performed their greatest contemporary hits with the Mexico City Symphony Orchestra. Their subsequent album Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar Edición de Súper Lujo reached #5 on the Mexican regional music charts.[1]

In 2018, they played on the Coachella Stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, making it the first time a traditional cumbia group has played at the popular festival. [2]


  • Bailando Monkey (1964)
  • Ritmo... Alegría... Sabor!, Vol. 1 (1982)
  • Los Ángeles Azules, Vol. 2 (1983)
  • Los Ángeles Azules, Vol. 3 (1984)
  • Cumbia de la Tostadita, Vol. 4 (1985)
  • Cumbia de las Chispitas, Vol. 5 (1987)
  • Los Ángeles Azules, Vol. 6 (1988)
  • Y Valió La Pena Esperar, Vol. 7 (1989)
  • Y Esta... Si Es Cumbia, Vol. 8 (1991)
  • Mis Primeros 15 Exitos de Colección (1997)
  • Entrega de Amor (1993)
  • Sin Pecado (1995)
  • 15 Hits (1995)
  • 12 Éxitos Instrumentales (1995)
  • Inolvidables (1996)
  • 15 Exitos de Colección (1996)
  • Dance Mixes (1997)
  • Confesiones De Amor (1998)
  • Una Lluvia De Rosas (1999)
  • Alas Al Mundo (2002)
  • En Vivo, Azul Vivo (2002)
  • Nunca Te Olvidaré (2004)
  • Interpretan Éxitos de Juan Gabriel (2006)
  • Tu Juguete (2007)
  • A Ritmo De Cumbia (2012)
  • Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar (2013)
  • Viernes Cultural (2014)
  • De Plaza En Plaza (2016)
  • Esto Sí Es Cumbia (2018)


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