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(waves) I'm Victoria Short. I live in Central Wisconsin, am starting a photography business, own five horses, and read science fiction, history, and genealogy books. I also spend a bit too much time playing games on my computer.

I'm interested in working on horse articles as well as Medieval England, specifically the Anglo-Norman period. Right now, I'm focusing on getting the medieval bishops up to snuff. When I'm sick of that, I fiddle with Quarter Horse and Arabian articles. Also working on the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame. After that, I think some of the Anglo-Norman kings need serious help.

I studied Medieval English history at college, specifically the Anglo-Norman period, and have a great fondness for King William II Rufus. I'm not fond of Archbishop Anselm of Canterbury in return, which is why I'm not working on Anselm's article. I kinda feel that Stigand got a raw deal in life, and think that King Henry I of England, Rufus' younger brother, managed to do things his older brother did but doesn't get the bad press that Rufus did. Helps if you live forever, I guess.

My horses are Arabians, purebred and partbred, except for two American Quarter Horse mares. The others are one purebred gelding, one purebred mare, one half-Arabian broodmare, one half-Arabian colt and one three-quarters-Arabian filly. The purebred gelding did Working cow horse for two years, but right now is back with us trying to turn himself into a mud horse. The two broodmares are taking the year off and being lazy, no babies next spring for us! The other adult mare is slowly calming down, finally. Things are pretty busy right now, so while I'm working on Wiki, I'm not always able to respond quickly to concerns.


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  1.   Stigand   27 September 2008
  2.   Go Man Go Created   7 January 2009
  3.   Ælfheah of Canterbury   30 April 2009
  4.   Paulinus of York   29 May 2009
  5.   Carucage   Created   7 February 2010
  6.   Thomas of Bayeux   12 August 2010
  7.   Chicado V   Created   7 November 2010
  8.   Laurence of Canterbury   29 December 2010
  9.   William Longchamp   12 January 2011
  10.   Lightning Bar   Created   23 January 2011
  11.   Thoroughbred   10 March 2011
  12.   Mellitus   24 April 2011
  13.   Alexander of Lincoln     30 June 2011
  14.   Hemming's Cartulary   Created   30 August 2011
  15.   Hubert Walter   21 September 2011
  16.   William de St-Calais   17 November 2011
  17.   Justus   5 January 2012
  18.   Richard Barre   Created   4 February 2012
  19.   Baldwin of Forde   18 February 2012
  20.   Miss Meyers   Created   24 May 2012
  21.   Hygeberht   5 July 2012
  22.   Gregorian mission Created   10 August 2012
  23.   Augustine of Canterbury   2 September 2012
  24.   Appaloosa   5 October 2012
  25.   William Warelwast   9 November 2012
  26.   Theobald of Bec   2 December 2012
  27.   William the Conqueror   25 December 2012
  28.   Deusdedit of Canterbury     21 March 2013
  29.   Fairfax Harrison   Created   20 April 2013
  30.   Middle Ages   12 September 2013
  31.   Walter de Coutances   16 November 2013
  32.   Easy Jet   20 December 2013
  33.   Gilbert Foliot     6 March 2014
  34.   Wilfrid   24 April 2014
  35.   Liber Eliensis   Created   22 August 2014
  36.   Geoffrey, Archbishop of York   12 December 2014
  37.   Robert Burnell   5 April 2015
  38.   Broad Ripple Park Carousel   13 September 2015
  39.   Barbara L   Created   1 November 2015
  40.   Robert de Chesney   Created   19 December 2015
  41.   Robert of Jumièges   29 June 2016
  42.   Norman conquest of England   14 October 2016 (950th anniversary of the battle...)
  43.   Pain fitzJohn   Created   28 December 2016
  44.   Jersey Act   Created   13 January 2017
  45.   Hugh de Neville   Created   14 March 2017
  46.   Battle of Hastings   14 October 2017
  47.   Nigel, Bishop of Ely   11 December 2017
  48.   William of Wrotham   Created   7 January 2018
  49.   Urse d'Abetot     14 April 2018 Created
  50.   Monroe Edwards   Created   27 June 2018
  51.   Hilary of Chichester Created   4 July 2018
  52.   John de Gray   29 September 2018
  53.   Roger Norreis   Created   19 October 2018
  54.   Ralph Neville   26 July 2019
  55.   William de Corbeil   12 October 2019
  56.   Ealdred   23 September 2020
  57.   Jacob Gens Created
  58.   Gerard, Archbishop of York
  59.   Green children of Woolpit - help before FAC
  60.   William Cragh - help before FAC
  61.   Second Crusade - help at FAR
  62.   Penda of Mercia - help at FAR


  1.   List of members of the Gregorian mission Created   3 October 2011
  2.   List of Archbishops of Canterbury (save and ongoing maintenance)


  1.   Reginald de Warenne   Created
  2.   Peter de Maulay   Created
  3.   George Wilkes   Created
  4.   William Pantulf   Created
  5.   Richard Basset   Created
  6.   Ralph Basset   Created
  7.   Robert of Ghent  
  8.   Josce de Dinan   Created
  9.   William de Chesney   Created
  10.   Liudhard medalet   Created
  11.   William de Braose, 2nd Baron Braose Created
  12.   Walter de Beauchamp (nobleman)   Created
  13.   Ralph d'Escures
  14.   Roger de Pont L'Evêque
  15.   Hugh Nonant Created
  16.   Thurstan
  17.   Boniface of Savoy (archbishop)
  18.   Oswald of Worcester
  19.   Robert of Melun  
  20.   Robert de Bethune   Created
  21.   Hugh de Puiset
  22.   Ranulf Flambard
  23.   William of York
  24.   John Peckham
  25.   Richard of Dover
  26.   Hugh of Wells   Created
  27.   John de Breton   Created
  28.   Robert Winchelsey
  29.   John of Tours
  30.   Skipper W   Created
  31.   Hervey le Breton
  32.   Savaric FitzGeldewin
  33.   William T. Porter   Created
  34.   Epikleros
  35.   Wulfstan II, Archbishop of York
  36.   Oda of Canterbury
  37.   Horse
  38.   Æthelwig   Created
  39.   Hugh Bardulf   Created
  40.   Poco Pine   Created
  41.   Leofric (bishop)
  42.   De Iniusta Vexacione Willelmi Episcopi Primi   Created
  43.   Berhtwald
  44.   Joe Daniels (horse)   Created
  45.   Leges Henrici Primi   Created
  46.   Luke McLuke   Created
  47.   Jænberht
  48.   Cuthbert of Canterbury
  49.   Reginald fitz Jocelin
  50.   Wulfred
  51.   Æthelhard
  52.   Burchard du Puiset   Created
  53.   Walter de Clare   Created
  54.   Nicholas de Sigillo   Created
  55.   Washington Park Race Track
  56.   Robert Bloet  
  57.   John Joscelyn   Created
  58.   John of Tynemouth (canon lawyer)   Created
  59.   Tatwine
  60.   Æthelnoth (archbishop of Canterbury)
  61.   Osbert de Bayeux   Created
  62.   Regenbald   Created
  63.   Roger Gale (antiquary)   Created
  64.   Springbok (horse)   Created
  65.   William de Blois (bishop of Lincoln)   Created
  66.   Hugh Foliot   Created
  67.   Hugh de Mapenor   Created
  68.   Plegmund
  69.   Pipe rolls  
  70.   Richard Swinefield   Created
  71.   Robert Foliot   Created
  72.   Garrett's Miss Pawhuska  
  73.   Ralph de Luffa
  74.   Æthelric II
  75.   Council of Reims (1148)
  76.   Jocelin of Wells
  77.   Ælfric of Abingdon
  78.   Romanus (Bishop of Rochester)
  79.   Honorius of Canterbury
  80.   James the Deacon
  81.   Peter of Canterbury  
  82.   Wighard
  83.   Nothhelm
  84.   Harry Bassett   Created
  85.   Bregowine
  86.   Æthelred (bishop)
  87.   Simon of Southwell   Created
  88.   Walter de Lacy (died 1085)   Created
  89.   Gilbert de Lacy   Created
  90.   Cynesige
  91.   Americus (horse)   Created
  92.   William de Chesney (sheriff)   Created
  93.   Bosa of York
  94.   Germanus of Winchester
  95.   Robert of Cricklade   Created
  96.   Gervase de Cornhill   Created
  97.   Henry de Cornhill (sheriff)   Created
  98.   Hugh de Cressy   Created
  99.   Osbert fitzHervey   Created
  100.   Roger le Poer  
  101.   Athelm
  102.   Wulfhelm
  103.   Ceolnoth
  104.   Ecgbert (bishop)
  105.   Æthelbert of York
  106.   Ranulf de Broc
  107.   Gisa (bishop of Wells)
  108.   Alan de Neville (forester)   Created
  109.   Geoffrey Talbot   Created
  110.   William de Warenne (justice)   Created
  111.   William Meschin   Created
  112.   Clement of Llanthony   Created
  113.   Sybil (wife of Pain fitzJohn)   Created

For amusementEdit

  • Of the 58 articles I've nominated for FA, 41 are on individual people, 6 are on individual horses, 2 are on horse breeds, 2 are on medieval written works, 2 are on medieval events, 1 is on the Middle Ages as a period of history, 1 is on a medieval tax, 1 is on a medieval battle, 1 is on a modern horse regulation, and 1 is on an antique carousel. Of the individual people - 34 are clerics, and 7 are on layman. Of the 33 clerics, 18 are archbishops, 13 are bishops, 1 was an abbot, and 2 were archdeacons. Of the 18 archbishops, 12 are Archbishops of Canterbury, 4 are Archbishops of York, 1 is an Archbishop of Rouen, and 1 is an Archbishop of Lichfield. Of the laymen, 3 are medieval Norman noblemen, 1 is a medieval English king, 1 is on an American railroad president, 1 is on an American slave trader and forger, and 1 is on a Jewish head of a Nazi-era Ghetto.
  • Of the 113 articles I've nominated for GA (that aren't FAs - 51 of my FA nominations were GAs beforehand), 98 are on individual people and 8 are on individual horses. Of the remainder, 2 are on medieval written works, 1 is on a medieval artifact, 1 is on a medieval church council, 1 is on an ancient Greek institution, 1 is on a medieval administrative document, 1 is on an animal species, and 1 is on a racetrack.

(Note that I don't count in the above either the co-noms that Malleus has graciously included me on nor the rescue work I've done at Featured Article Review.)

The obvious lesson to draw is that I obviously have too much time on my hands.


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  1. Myth of the flat Earth
  2. category:Pseudohistory
  3. Template:Anglo-Saxon saints
  4. Template:Cultural assimilation
  5. Yaffa Eliach

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Yes, it's an idiotic ideal. We'll see how close I get to it.

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  1. History of the world - 60 entries - Level 1 - 1635 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/3 unref, 34 outdated sources
  2. Ancient history - 74 entries - Level 2 - 1315 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/2 to 2/3 unref
  3. Ancient Rome -111 entries - (Level 3) - 2845 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/4 to 1/3 unref, mostly primary sources, 1 top tag, section tags
  4. Reformation - 109 entries - (Level 3) - 2535 views a day over the last 30 days (page move recently) - 1/2 to 2/3 unref, inline tags
  5. History of Europe - 63 entries - (Level 3) - 939 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/2 to 2/3 unref, inline tags, 9 outdated refs
  6. Viking Age - 41 entries - (Level 3) - 2309 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/2 to 2/3 unref, top tag, section tags
  7. Hundred Years' War - 104 entries - (Level 4) - 3143 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/4 to 1/3 unref
  8. Wars of the Roses - 63 entries - (Level 4) - 4054 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/2 to 2/3 unref
  9. Eleanor of Aquitaine - 52 entires - (Level 4) - 1736 views a day over the last 90 days - 2/3 to 3/4 unref, large trivia section
  10. Religion in ancient Rome - 38 entries - (Level 4) - 897 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/2 unref
  11. Harold Godwinson - 63 entries - - 1926 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/2 unref
  12. Thomas Becket - 47 entries - - 1475 views a day over the last 90 days - 1/4 unref, trivia section

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Name Begin date End date Start work diff Start work status Current article status Goal Pageviews avg last 90 days
Cnut the Great 1018 1035 Start B   FA 2000ish
Harold Harefoot 1035 1040 Start B   FA 450ish
Harthacnut 1040 1042 Start B   FA 650ish
Edward the Confessor 1042 1066 Start B   FA 1800ish
Harold Godwinson 1066 1066 Start B   FA 1800ish
Edgar the Ætheling 1066 1066 Start Start   GA 200ish
William the Conqueror 1066 1087 Start   FA   FA 5000ish
William II of England 1087 1100 Start B   FA 800ish
Henry I of England 1100 1135 Start   FA   FA 2000ish
Stephen, King of England 1135 1154 (NA) Start   FA   FA 1400ish
Empress Matilda 1135 1145 Start   FA   FA 1400ish
Henry II of England 1154 1189 (NA) Start   GA   FA 3100ish
Richard I of England 1189 1199 (NA) B B   FA 3500ish
John, King of England 1199 1216 (NA) Start   FA   FA 3200ish
Henry III of England 1216 1272 Start   FA   FA 2100ish
Edward I of England 1272 1307 (NA) B   GA   FA 3700ish

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Succession of diocesesEdit

Name of constituent see Became this see When
Wells Bath
Selsey Chichester
Mercia Coventry
Lichfield Coventry
Chester Coventry
Lindisfarne Durham
Cornwall Exeter
Tawton Exeter
Crediton Exeter
Lindsey Lincoln
East Angles Norwich
Elmham Norwich
Sherborne Salisbury
Sarum (Old Sarum) Salisbury
Hexham York
Ramsbury Salisbury
Dorchester Lincoln
Leicester Lincoln
Ripon Lincoln

Figure out which is correct See of X or Diocese of X, and make sure all bishoprics conform and have articles.

Big table 'o DiocesesEdit

All bishops to 1500 created All bishops to 1500 persondata, wiki stuff All bishops to 1300 weblinked All bishops to 1500 format tweaked All bishops to 1300 book cited All bishops to 1500 succ. box updated All bishops to 1500 replace Handbook & Heads All bishops to 1500 names double checked vs Handbook
Archbishop of Canterbury done done done done done done done done
Archbishop of York done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Bath and Wells done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Carlisle done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Chichester done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Durham done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Ely done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Exeter done done done done done done done done
Bishop of Hereford done done done done done done done done
BIshop of Lincoln done done done done done done done
Bishop of London done done done done done done done
Bishop of Norwich done done done done done done done
Bishop of Rochester done done done done done done done
Bishop of Salisbury done done done done done done done
Bishop of Winchester done done done done done done done
Bishop of Worcester done done done done done done done
Bishop of Hexham done done done done done done done
Bishop of Ramsbury (ancient) done done done done done done done
Bishop of Lindisfarne (Saxon) done done done done done done done
Bishop of Cornwall done done done done done
Bishop of Dorchester (historic) done done done done done
Bishop of Lindsey done done done done done
Bishop of Leicester done done done done done
Bishop of Crediton done done done done done
Bishop of Selsey done done done done done
Bishop of Sherborne done done done done done
Bishop of Dunwich (ancient) done done done done MISSING
Bishop of Elmham done done done done MISSING
Bishop of Thetford done done done done done
Bishop of Sodor and Man
Bishop of Bangor
Bishop of Llandaff
Bishop of St Asaph
Bishop of St David's
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Rouen
Roman Catholic Diocese of Bayeux
Roman Catholic Diocese of Coutances
Roman Catholic Diocese of Évreux
Roman Catholic Diocese of Lisieux
Roman Catholic Diocese of Séez

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