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This navigational template offers a variant to several floating box templates that link to books, portals, and Wikipedia's sister projects but also typically cause formatting issues because of their size and alignment.

It is intended be placed at the end of an article, after the references, external links, navboxes, authority control template, and before any categories.


No single parameter is required, however, at least one book, portal, or sister project should be utilized with the use of this template. Since Wikipedia articles typically are in the domain of one or more WikiProjects, and since WikiProjects often have a portal, almost every article should list at least one portal. None of the parameters should be capitalized.


When copying all parameters in either the vertical or horizontal layouts, delete those which are not needed. If no links are needed for a particular type, such as "books", that part of the template will not appear on the page.

All parameters, horizontal
{{subject bar|b = |b-search = |commons = |commons-search = |d = |d-search = |n = |n-searc h =|q = |q-search = |s = |s-search = |species = |species-search = |v = |v-search = |voy = |voy-search = |wikt = |wikt-search = |book = |portal = |spoken = }}
All parameters, vertical
{{subject bar
 |b              = 
 |b-search       = 
 |commons        = 
 |commons-search = 
 |d              = 
 |d-search       = 
 |n              = 
 |n-search       = 
 |q              = 
 |q-search       = 
 |s              = 
 |s-search       = 
 |species        = 
 |species-search = 
 |v              = 
 |v-search       = 
 |voy            = 
 |voy-search     = 
 |wikt           = 
 |wikt-search    = 
 |book           = 
 |portal         = 
 |spoken         = 

Sister project parameters

Other parameters

Use book1 up to book10 to link to a book
Use portal1 up to portal10 to link to a portal
To provide a link to the spoken Wikipedia, provide the name of the sound file, omitting the File: prefix


Example page: Lemur

{{Subject bar|commons = y|commons-search = Category:Lemuriformes|species = y|species-search = Lemuriformes|book = Lemurs|portal1 = Primates|portal2 = Madagascar}}

Example page: Ring-tailed lemur

{{Subject bar|book1 = Lemurs|portal1 = Primates|portal2 = Madagascar|commons = y|commons-search = Category:Lemur catta |species = y|species-search = Lemur catta|n = y|n-search = Ring-tailed lemur|wikt=y|wikt-search = Lemur|b = y|b-search = Ring-tailed lemur|q = y|q-search = Ring-tailed lemur|s = y|s-search = Ring-tailed lemur|v = y|v-search = Ring-tailed lemur|voy = y|voy-search = Madagascar}}

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