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Emma de Guader, Countess of Norfolk

Emma de Guader was the wife of Ralph de Guader and the daughter of William FitzOsbern, Lord of Breteuil and later first Earl of Hereford of a new creation, who was a cousin and close adviser of William the Conqueror.[1] William's opposition to their marriage led to the unsuccessful Revolt of the Earls.


Emma was first named Emma de Breteuil, born to William Fitz-Osbern and his wife Adeliza, the daughter of Roger I of Tosny and his wife Adelaide (the daughter of Ermesinde of Carcassonne, regent-countess of Barcelona). She was born in or around 1059 in Breteuil in Normandy.[2] In 1075, Emma, Countess of Norfolk defended Norwich Castle when it was under siege. She eventually negotiated safe passage for herself and her troops in exchange for her castle.[citation needed] Emma died some time after 1096 on the road to Palestine during the First Crusade with her husband.[2] Emma's daughter, Amice, married Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester.