Category:Requests for unblock

This category allows administrators to quickly locate current requests for unblock from blocked users; these requests may come from users if they are suffering from collateral damage caused by an unrelated block, or from users who would like a block removed or reduced.

If you are a blocked user who would like to be unblocked, place the {{unblock}} template on your user talk page, accompanied with a reason. If you are unable to do that for some reason, fill out the form provided by the Wikipedia Unblock Ticket Request System. More information can be found in the Guide to appealing blocks.

Information for administrators

Per the blocking policy and block appeals guidelines, unless exceptional or expedient circumstances apply, administrators should not unblock a user without prior discussion with the blocking admin, nor should they review an unblock request where they have a conflict of interest, whether by having set the original block or by participating in disputes relating to it. Administrators also must not review any requests or lift any block marked {{checkuserblock}} ; other unblock requests which should be left for consideration only by CheckUsers are range blocks, and those concerning blocks for sockpuppetry.

In general, an unblock request should be removed and replaced with an appropriate response, when unblocking or reviewing a block.

The list of pages in this category are also on a bot-generated list at User:Cyde/List of requests for unblock.

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External links and toolsEdit

  • In order to just read the archives, you'll need to subscribe to the list and then disable the mail delivery option at the same link. List membership is moderated at this time, but please note you do not need to subscribe to request unblocking.

UTRS appealsEdit

The Unblock Ticket Request System is now publishing basic information about appeals and the backlog level. Administrators interested in helping out should login here for the Beta version.

Appeal Number Appellant Filed on Status
#52815 GamerBoyMike 2022-01-02 00:41:06 OPEN
#53149 2022-01-10 10:36:58 OPEN
#53227 2401:4900:30d0:f826:1d47:bf36:5c43:f68 2022-01-12 00:34:57 CHECKUSER
#53255 2022-01-12 12:46:01 CHECKUSER
#53351 2022-01-14 07:35:51 OPEN
#53499 2022-01-18 00:32:19 OPEN
#53647 2022-01-21 05:38:28 OPEN
#53672 Andrewl1995 2022-01-21 16:01:43 OPEN
#53684 Catgirllover4ever 2022-01-22 00:06:32 OPEN

Summary of pending on-wiki appealsEdit

If you wish to view the unblock request and any interaction, click on any username or IP address in the leftmost column of the table below to visit the blocked individual's talk page.

User Request time Blocking admin Block date Block reason Block expiration Last user edit Timestamp
AlexanderWM1 2022-01-12T11:42:02Z Longhair 2021-10-07T17:01:48Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Drm310 Jan 12 17h27 UTC
AvocetCreative 2022-01-12T11:57:05Z Longhair 2021-09-03T21:41:09Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity AvocetCreative Jan 12 11h57 UTC
Crangis McTesticle 2022-01-20T05:15:22Z Oshwah 2022-01-20T05:12:43Z {{uw-ublock}} <!-- Username violation, soft block --> infinity 331dot Jan 20 08h41 UTC
DiqueLord 2022-01-21T21:42:30Z 331dot 2021-11-07T21:42:38Z {{uw-ublock}} <!-- Username violation, soft block --> infinity DiqueLord Jan 21 21h42 UTC
Furhatrobotics 2022-01-10T21:02:42Z Cullen328 2022-01-10T19:43:39Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Furhatrobotics Jan 10 21h02 UTC
Godavari Biorefineries 2022-01-13T12:00:16Z Orangemike 2022-01-08T02:25:38Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Drm310 Jan 14 19h33 UTC
Gryphonrobotics 2022-01-19T21:35:03Z Cullen328 2022-01-18T21:37:54Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity 331dot Jan 19 23h48 UTC
Kirsten from Thar Process 2021-11-30T18:57:24Z Mz7 2021-11-20T00:40:41Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity MarioGom Jan 11 16h07 UTC
Landscanllc 2021-12-16T00:19:51Z 331dot 2021-12-15T08:34:10Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity TolBot Dec 31 21h22 UTC
Mr.VaiBH 2022-01-04T16:51:13Z Materialscientist 2021-08-10T18:19:37Z {{uw-spamublock}} infinity 331dot Jan 14 09h41 UTC
MrMaster ultra 2021-12-14T06:13:35Z The Anome 2021-11-05T10:42:02Z {{uw-uhblock}} infinity MrMaster ultra Dec 14 06h15 UTC
Port Warwick 2022-01-11T15:19:25Z Red Phoenix 2022-01-07T17:06:48Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Port Warwick Jan 11 20h37 UTC
Postscript159 2021-11-16T07:02:10Z Justlettersandnumbers 2021-11-10T10:09:45Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Valereee Jan 10 18h37 UTC
SamH777 2022-01-07T13:56:57Z Alex Shih 2017-09-05T09:02:34Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- ([[WP:SUPG|SUPG]]) --> infinity SamH777 Jan 13 21h21 UTC
TempleOS 2021-12-10T01:24:26Z Beeblebrox 2021-12-10T01:19:49Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity AnomieBOT Jan 4 14h59 UTC 2022-01-20T18:16:32Z Yamla 2022-01-18T14:14:46Z {{CheckUser block}} 2022-07-18T14:26:38Z Jan 20 18h16 UTC
A.greco21 2022-01-11T23:29:33Z Justlettersandnumbers 2021-12-23T13:02:21Z [[WP:PAID|Undisclosed paid editing]] in violation of the WMF [[WP:TOU|Terms of Use]], failure to disclose even after being asked to do so infinity A.greco21 Jan 11 23h29 UTC
Alex m30x 2022-01-21T12:32:51Z Fastily 2022-01-16T02:52:07Z Abusing [[WP:Sock puppetry|multiple accounts]] infinity Alex m30x Jan 21 12h32 UTC
Angelgreat 2022-01-09T19:54:00Z Ferret 2021-10-20T15:39:59Z [[WP:Disruptive editing|Disruptive editing]], it's clear that issues with copyright, unattributed copying, and unsourced/unreliably sourced/OR editing continues unabated. infinity Angelgreat Jan 20 19h01 UTC
Annox05 2022-01-21T20:27:38Z Bbb23 2019-08-30T13:46:58Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to contribute to the encyclopedia]] infinity Jpgordon Jan 21 22h49 UTC
Azadmard101 2021-12-29T07:44:08Z EvergreenFir 2021-12-29T07:28:41Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]]. POINT/POVPUSHING plus ethnic insults infinity Azadmard101 Jan 9 14h04 UTC
Blue Mango Juice 2022-01-22T13:00:14Z Sro23 2022-01-21T16:55:38Z Abusing [[WP:SOCK|multiple accounts]] 2022-01-31T16:55:38Z Blue Mango Juice Jan 22 13h00 UTC
DaxMoon 2021-12-02T19:12:19Z David Gerard 2021-11-27T11:07:54Z Using Wikipedia for [[WP:Spam|spam]] or [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]] purposes infinity DaxMoon Jan 22 12h27 UTC
Desertambition 2022-01-16T13:30:42Z Ymblanter 2022-01-08T11:29:36Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]] infinity Toddy1 Jan 21 12h03 UTC
Devastatedpillar 2021-12-22T01:24:52Z Doug Weller 2021-12-18T11:12:31Z Persistent addition of [[WP:INTREF|unsourced content]] continued number changes after warning - these seem to be vandalism. infinity Devastatedpillar Dec 22 01h24 UTC
EGL1234 2021-12-13T10:16:09Z Ponyo 2021-03-24T23:26:41Z {{checkuserblock-account}} infinity EGL1234 Dec 13 10h16 UTC
Elshad Iman (Elşad İman) 2022-01-13T21:40:39Z Bradv 2021-10-21T03:51:10Z Abusing [[WP:SOCK|multiple accounts]] infinity SineBot Jan 14 10h16 UTC
Enlighten777 2021-12-26T23:35:26Z TheSandDoctor 2021-12-15T17:02:32Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional edits --> infinity Valereee Jan 12 18h25 UTC
Error404forever 2021-11-30T08:31:55Z TheresNoTime 2021-11-19T03:24:47Z Abusing [[WP:SOCK|multiple accounts]] infinity 331dot Dec 16 11h32 UTC
Film Fanatical10069 2021-12-12T16:08:42Z Dennis Brown 2021-11-12T00:10:57Z Abusing [[WP:Sock puppetry|multiple accounts]] infinity Film Fanatical10069 Jan 1 18h54 UTC
Flesek Bbb23 2021-11-20T19:42:19Z Abusing [[WP:Sock puppetry|multiple accounts]] infinity Flesek Jan 13 22h07 UTC
Fragglestomp 2022-01-20T22:50:16Z Floquenbeam 2021-09-01T21:55:17Z being an obvious sock, here only to disrupt the Kubrick article (esp. see first edit) infinity Fragglestomp Jan 20 22h50 UTC
Godsentme1 2021-12-28T23:32:19Z Orangemike 2021-12-24T19:40:44Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]] infinity 331dot Jan 3 10h36 UTC
Grigorie77 2022-01-21T11:12:54Z Maxim 2021-12-30T17:02:42Z {{checkuserblock-account}}: Sabrina.ok infinity Grigorie77 Jan 21 11h12 UTC
Haoreima Djsasso 2021-03-26T19:57:51Z Abusing [[WP:Sock puppetry|multiple accounts]]: Goutamkumar Oinam infinity Haoreima Jan 22 07h14 UTC
Hotblonde007 2022-01-06T14:44:44Z GeneralNotability 2022-01-06T00:56:17Z [[WP:PAID|Undisclosed paid editing]] in violation of the WMF [[WP:TOU|Terms of Use]], probably Mariah200 based on behavior? infinity Hotblonde007 Jan 14 03h06 UTC
Ihardlythinkso 2022-01-21T13:27:21Z El C 2021-01-27T16:47:03Z [[WP:Disruptive editing|Disruptive editing]] infinity Ihardlythinkso Jan 21 13h27 UTC
JG436 2022-01-17T17:47:42Z Diannaa 2021-12-11T14:02:41Z [[WP:Copyright violations|Copyright violations]] continue in spite of three warnings infinity Diannaa Jan 22 03h15 UTC
Jienum Bbb23 2021-11-25T14:30:08Z edit-warring, abuse of noticeboards, personal attacks, POV editing, and adding unsourced or unreliably sourced material infinity Jienum Jan 19 21h00 UTC
JonathanMoore94 2022-01-05T17:03:40Z Widr 2022-01-05T15:43:12Z Using Wikipedia for [[WP:Spam|spam]] or [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]] purposes infinity 331dot Jan 5 19h49 UTC
JsfasdF252 2022-01-16T22:06:51Z Xaosflux 2021-05-18T12:09:04Z (per community consensus at []) infinity 331dot Jan 17 09h55 UTC
Lbxtoken 2022-01-20T17:18:48Z Jauerback 2022-01-20T17:05:30Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Drm310 Jan 21 04h39 UTC
Lemon9998 2022-01-10T15:27:36Z Jpgordon 2020-11-26T15:18:59Z Violations of the [[WP:Biographies of living persons|biographies of living persons]] policy infinity HickoryOughtShirt?4 Jan 18 05h11 UTC
Leonardo22arya 2022-01-20T13:57:24Z Maile66 2022-01-20T12:59:51Z [[WP:Spam|Promotion]] / [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account infinity SineBot Jan 22 03h41 UTC
Lotayef 2022-01-10T18:15:11Z RoySmith 2022-01-06T18:30:44Z Abusing [[WP:SOCK|multiple accounts]] infinity Lotayef Jan 10 18h15 UTC
Michael J Wimmer 2022-01-20T00:32:54Z HickoryOughtShirt?4 2022-01-19T22:11:44Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]] infinity Michael J Wimmer Jan 20 15h48 UTC
Mikey'Da'Man, Archangel 2022-01-20T17:35:24Z El C 2022-01-02T22:30:02Z [[WP:No personal attacks|Personal attacks]] or violations of the [[WP:Harassment|harassment]] policy infinity Mikey'Da'Man, Archangel Jan 20 17h35 UTC
Minembo 2022-01-10T02:55:40Z Edgar181 2018-08-09T00:11:02Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to contribute to the encyclopedia]] infinity Minembo Jan 10 02h55 UTC
Mohamed Mailan 2021-12-02T04:28:29Z GeneralNotability 2021-09-18T15:05:18Z [[WP:PAID|Undisclosed paid editing]] in violation of the WMF [[WP:TOU|Terms of Use]]; off-wiki evidence sent to paid-en queue infinity Mohamed Mailan Dec 2 04h28 UTC
MountainTraveler 2021-12-28T20:42:21Z Doug Weller 2021-12-28T20:00:37Z [[WP:No personal attacks|Personal attacks]] or [[WP:Harassment|harassment]] and misuse of edit summaries, can be unblocked when editor agrees to stop infinity Daniel Case Dec 29 05h02 UTC
NASCARfan0548 Zzuuzz 2021-07-19T05:20:11Z {{checkuserblock-account}} infinity NASCARfan0548 Jan 22 03h14 UTC
Nisar Ibrahim 2021-12-20T02:48:04Z Bbb23 2021-12-19T19:10:33Z [[WP:Spam|Spam]] / [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account infinity Nisar Ibrahim Dec 20 23h13 UTC
Otávio Astor Vaz Costa 2022-01-04T06:36:24Z Favonian 2021-10-23T17:52:13Z Abusing [[WP:Sock puppetry|multiple accounts]] infinity PhilKnight Jan 4 09h16 UTC
Pagwghd33 2021-11-30T18:17:38Z Nick Moyes 2021-09-09T22:29:10Z [[WP:Copyright violations|Copyright violations]] failure to adjust behaviour after previous warnins and blocks. See [[Special:DeletedContributions/Pagwghd33]] infinity FireflyBot Jan 6 01h02 UTC
PerryPerryD 2021-12-06T17:56:00Z HickoryOughtShirt?4 2020-02-20T22:09:36Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity Valereee Jan 2 16h59 UTC
Pizzafan300 2022-01-22T00:02:28Z Maxim 2021-06-18T18:41:31Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]] infinity Pizzafan300 Jan 22 00h02 UTC
Prince ovy 2022-01-16T18:29:10Z GeneralNotability 2022-01-16T01:13:21Z {{checkuserblock-account}} [[User:Vedbas]] infinity GeneralNotability Jan 19 02h19 UTC
Prodrummer619 2021-12-13T20:10:39Z JJMC89 2021-10-22T21:09:50Z [[WP:NFCCP|Non-free content policy]] violations infinity Prodrummer619 Dec 25 19h43 UTC
Pugetbill 2022-01-14T22:22:47Z JJMC89 2022-01-11T21:27:00Z [[WP:NFCC|Non-free content policy]] violations infinity Pugetbill Jan 14 22h22 UTC
RemoteMyBeloved 2022-01-18T08:17:49Z SQL 2022-01-16T20:03:38Z Block Evasion infinity RemoteMyBeloved Jan 19 12h00 UTC
RLMStern 2021-12-17T15:47:47Z Bbb23 2021-12-13T17:36:13Z [[WP:Edit warring|Edit warring]] infinity RLMStern Dec 17 15h47 UTC
Roseveitch Bbb23 2021-12-17T18:43:00Z [[WP:Spam|Spam]] / [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account infinity Valereee Jan 4 15h40 UTC
Samoht99 2021-12-15T18:43:29Z Doug Weller 2021-12-10T16:30:52Z [[WP:Disruptive editing|Disruptive editing]] lots of warnings, no replies, adding self-published blog as well. infinity Samoht99 Jan 6 15h33 UTC
SerYoga 2022-01-06T13:55:57Z NinjaRobotPirate 2021-04-12T03:00:15Z {{checkuserblock-account}}: [[User:Serijvip]] infinity SerYoga Jan 6 13h55 UTC
Sharma666 2021-12-26T07:32:49Z NinjaRobotPirate 2021-06-26T03:47:05Z {{checkuserblock-account}}: [[User:Nobodyfornow]] infinity Sharma666 Dec 29 18h04 UTC
Sloth1979 2021-12-15T01:27:29Z Hut 8.5 2021-12-14T20:01:44Z [[WP:Copyright violations|Copyright violations]] infinity Valereee Jan 4 17h41 UTC
Stantyan 2021-12-15T18:16:03Z Nihonjoe 2019-03-06T18:01:45Z [[WP:Spam|Spam]] / [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account infinity Stantyan Dec 16 06h38 UTC
Talimenam 2022-01-18T14:37:56Z Jpgordon 2021-04-28T03:27:51Z {{checkuserblock-account}} infinity Talimenam Jan 18 14h37 UTC
Tenn9760 2021-12-21T16:47:07Z ST47 2020-08-27T05:43:10Z {{checkuserblock-account}} infinity Lavalizard101 Dec 21 17h40 UTC
Timmy96 2021-12-30T11:46:27Z JBW 2021-11-13T14:17:43Z [[WP:Disruptive editing|Disruptive editing]] infinity Timmy96 Dec 30 11h46 UTC
UKReproducibilityNetwork 2022-01-18T10:08:53Z Explicit 2022-01-17T13:33:23Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- Promotional username, promotional edits --> infinity UKReproducibilityNetwork Jan 18 10h08 UTC
Vamlos 2022-01-19T17:03:52Z Drmies 2022-01-18T23:07:36Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]], after ANI thread infinity Cabayi Jan 22 08h02 UTC
Weatherextremes 2022-01-04T16:19:47Z Bbb23 2021-12-31T18:40:00Z Violation of the [[WP:Three-revert rule|three-revert rule]] at [[Climate of Greece]] 2022-03-31T18:40:00Z Weatherextremes Jan 16 19h59 UTC
Words & ideas 2022-01-06T12:44:21Z Materialscientist 2021-08-24T08:56:38Z {{uw-spamublock}} infinity 331dot Jan 7 02h26 UTC
Youjay878 2021-12-22T04:25:43Z MER-C 2021-12-20T12:57:28Z [[WP:Spam|Spam]] / [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account infinity Onel5969 Dec 23 19h58 UTC
Youngkyf 2022-01-08T13:02:18Z Yamla 2022-01-07T17:06:00Z Clearly [[WP:NOTHERE|not here to build an encyclopedia]] infinity Youngkyf Jan 11 15h14 UTC
Youngnoah 2022-01-07T15:11:54Z Bbb23 2022-01-07T02:58:05Z [[WP:Disruptive editing|Disruptive editing]]; promotion infinity Bbb23 Jan 12 22h23 UTC
Arnoldwillsrutland HJ Mitchell 2021-12-02T12:51:57Z {{uw-spamublock}} <!-- ([[WP:SUPG|SUPG]]) --> infinity TolBot Dec 31 21h23 UTC
Ax8 MER-C 2020-06-03T16:39:01Z [[WP:Spam|Spam]] / [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account infinity Ax8 Jan 4 14h57 UTC
Beautifulcalmdriving Tide rolls 2021-10-26T13:09:26Z [[WP:Edit warring|Edit warring]] infinity Beautifulcalmdriving Jan 17 00h04 UTC
Coldstreamer20 JJMC89 2022-01-13T18:03:58Z [[WP:NFCC|Non-free content policy]] violations infinity JJMC89 Jan 21 03h39 UTC
GalactosemiaAtaxia GeneralNotability 2021-12-11T17:24:27Z [[WP:NOTADVERTISING|advertising]]-only account - almost exclusively adding links to a website they have a COI with. They declared eventually, but it's too little too late. infinity GeneralNotability Dec 12 21h45 UTC


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