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Roger d'Abetot (sometimes Roger of Abitôt[1]) was a medieval English Sheriff of Worcestershire.

Roger d'Abetot
Sheriff of Worcestershire
In office
1108 – c. 1114
Preceded byUrse d'Abetot
Succeeded byOsbert d'Abetot

Roger was the son of Urse d'Abetot, his predecessor as sheriff.[2] He also held the custody of Worcester Castle, another office he inherited from his father.[1] He may also have been a constable in Henry I's household, as his father had been.[3] Along with the offices, Roger also inherited the barony of Salwarpe in Worcestershire.[4] He was banished from England in around 1110[1] or in 1114 by King Henry I, and lost his office because of this.[2] His lands were also forfeit.[5] According to the medieval writer William of Malmesbury, Henry exiled him because Roger ordered that a royal official be killed.[1]

The office passed to Osbert d'Abetot, who may have been Roger's uncle, before eventually ending up with Roger's brother-in-law Walter de Beauchamp.[6]


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