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Welcome to the American cinema task force of WikiProject Film! This is a joint task force run between WikiProject Film and WikiProject United States.

Scope edit

American cinema may include not only domestic films, but also films made by American filmmakers outside of the country, films produced or co-produced by American companies, and foreign films shooting within the USA. However per Wikipedia:WikiProject Film#Scope, this task force should not include articles about actors, directors and filmmakers. Those articles are covered by adding parameters for the Actors and Filmmakers and Screenwriters projects accordingly.

Participants edit

Active members edit

To join the American cinema task force, edit this section and add # {{User|yourusername}} and any comments to the following list of members in alphabetical order by username. Please add your username to Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Participants also.

  1. 0mtwb9gd5wx (talk · contribs) early Hollywood; geographic list of LA County production facilities with list of owners and tenants; Robert Brunton Vogue Films, Inc. Pickford-Fairbanks Studio
  2. Atlantis77177 (talk · contribs)
  3. Afong10 (talk · contribs) Award-winning, popular (box officer toppers) films; specialize in film scores (WP:ALBUMS)
  4. AgentOrangish (talk · contribs) / Prefer Bollywood to Western cinema.
  5. Al Fecund (talk · contribs) / I like adding to articles of favorite and/or topical films.
  6. andersonenvy (talk · contribs) / Interest in New York independent films.
  7. Ashsebs (talk · contribs) I love films so much so I felt like I needed to pave the way with my knowledge by contributing
  8. Avocado J (talk · contribs) / I love sc-fi films. I Seen around 2000+ movies.(English only)
  9. sana1991 (talk · contribs) I love wikipedia and i want to create some entertaining news pages.
  10. Bovineboy2008 (talk · contribs) / Focus on films from 2000 on and list-class articles.
  11. Bill william compton (talk · contribs) / Broad interests.
  12. Callmemirela (talk · contribs)
  13. Captain Assassin! (talk · contribs) / I love creating new articles, especially for incoming.
  14. Captain8track (talk · contribs) / I am what you can call a noob to wikipedia, but I would like to make this a hobby and maybe add more movie articles.
  15. CHCSPrefect (talk · contribs) Dreamworks Studios are American so I guess this is my area.
  16. Cinemaniac86 (talk · contribs) / My interests lie primarily with Oscar-buzzy films, mainly indies; I specialize in correcting cast/awards errors into facts.
  17. Cullen328 (talk · contribs) Historical dramas, biopics, documentaries
  18. DocOfSoc (talk · contribs)} / Documentary
  19. Dpm12 (talk · contribs) I'm a film buff, and just pretty much work on articles for films I like or am interested in.
  20. Dannydizzy (talk · contribs) / I like adding to articles to films I like
  21. deanlaw (talk · contribs) General article edits and commons classification.
  22. Dibyendutwipzbiswas (talk · contribs) / I'm a crazy movie addict. Seen around 700 movies and counting...
  23. Dovebyrd (talk · contribs)
  24. Danger Ashu (talk · contribs)
  25. Elpe (talk · contribs) / Finding photos of silent era stars and films. Creating infoboxes: person and filmography.
  26. Ericmalibu (talk · contribs) / Grad of UCLA Film School. Expert on Hitchcock, film noir, screwball comedies and documentaries. Passionate about American cinema: 1928 - 1978.
  27. Erik (talk · contribs) / I try my best to make mainstream American films, which probably get plenty of traffic, as presentable as possible.
  28. Eschoryii (talk · contribs) / I watch 15 movies per week and edit anything I may have viewed
  29. Excelsior16 (talk · contribs) / I love films and creating the pages for upcoming films.
  30. E2e3v6 (talk · contribs) / I love movies so much. I like to suggest improving articles on some movies. I like helping on other stuff too.
  31. filmsage25 (talk · contribs) / Analysis of Plot Themes
  32. Filmsofthegoldenage (talk · contribs) / typically old hollywood film
  33. Hyblackeagle22 (talk · contribs) / I am an aspiring filmmaker and specialize in Sci-fi, Psychological thrillers, Mind-bending movies.
  34. Iambatman2022 (talk · contribs)/I'll try to improve articles based on Hollywood films.
  35. igordebraga (talk · contribs) / Mostly mainstream movies, helped a few get GA status.
  36. Informationageuser (talk · contribs) / Thematic analysis and critical response. Primarily American movies and television.
  37. Jake78541 (talk · contribs) / I like film from all ears and genres. Mostly specialize in fiction.
  38. Jamodalamo (talk · contribs) / I like dissecting plots.
  39. Jaydubya93 (talk · contribs) / studied film at uni
  40. JGKlein (talk · contribs) / I have a passion for film history and trivia.
  41. jlechem (talk · contribs)I like to focus on sci-fi,fantasy,horror films
  42. jordancelticsfan (talk · contribs) / Mainly any great American films.
  43. JPemb (talk · contribs) / Area of focus is: Documentaries, Science Fiction, and Film Makers.
  44. Lugnuts (talk · contribs) / Just through the sheer volume of films I create that are American.
  45. MartinLeaf (talk · contribs) / An attorney keeping an eye on unfair media/film manipulation, especially hate messages, primarily through embedded subliminal content.
  46. MervinVillarreal (talk · contribs) /I'm interested in action movies.
  47. MikeAllen (talk · contribs) Mostly newer, just released films. Try to get them up to par with the film MOS and also keep the box office totals and RT/MC scores up-to-date.
  48. Millahnna (talk · contribs) /I'm mostly a genre nerd and my current focus is plot summaries.
  49. MisterShiney (talk · contribs) /I wonder around here and there making improvements that I see.
  50. MyMagicdoor (talk · contribs) /Software and Hardware supporting post poduction
  51. Nehrams2020 (talk · contribs) / Work mainly on American films, and have brought several up to GA/FA status.
  52. Nicholas0 (talk · contribs) / Adding missing images, infoboxes, and templates and filling in gaps in filmographies.
  53. nico92400 (talk · contribs) / I'm involved especially in horror films.
  54. NSNW (talk · contribs) Broad interests include comedy/drama, fantasy, and science fiction genres
  55. otr500 (talk · contribs) / Broad interests to include history and films based on true stories.
  56. Pedro thy master (talk · contribs) / 2000 films of interest
  57. Pinikadia (talk · contribs) /Mostly interested in silent, experimental and underground films.
  58. Politika6969 (talk · contribs)I like to help with focus on political films
  59. Reelback96 (talk · contribs) Wide variety of interests in film, specifically interested in independent dramas from the 70s and 90s. Love the Coen Bros.
  60. rlp17 (talk · contribs) Music is my passion. Whether it be in a song, a video, sheet music, MIDIs, documentaries, etc. Created the Re:Generation article from scratch (and it was my first), so I think I've got the process down. Am prone to challenging edits (#lol)
  61. Rudybowwow (talk · contribs) Indie films and filmmakers, plays
  62. Rusted AutoParts (talk · contribs) Major motion pictures
  63. Saif ansari (talk · contribs) Any and all films, with a major knowledge of Indian Cinema and Bollywood Films also good Knowledge of World Cinema and Film history, also expert in Film Awards and Trivia.
  64. sheldon.andre (talk · contribs) Will work on professional and indie films and companies. Usually shorten the plot to fit the WP:FILMPLOT standard, and make any constructive edits needed.
  65. Sinclairindex (talk · contribs) / I primarily work on American film and prefer films with some historical importance. I spent 25 years in the motion picture industry.
  66. SirEdimon (talk · contribs) / Any thing related to film.
  67. Sjones23 (talk · contribs) / Any type of film, especially including production and film scoring
  68. SolarFlash (talk · contribs) / particularly interested in 1990s films
  69. Strugglebussing (talk · contribs) I'm currently taking a class in which we will improve a Wikipedia article, and while my focus will be Far From Heaven, I hope to continue improving upon other films I've come to adore over the years with the same quality. I have a particular fondness for Melodrama.
  70. Table at dorsia (talk · contribs) Anything on Video Tape.
  71. The HVF (talk · contribs) Any films regarding paranormal, comedy, sci-fi , horror and action
  72. TheLastAmigo (talk · contribs) / I work mainly on film awards and American film history.
  73. Tommyt (talk · contribs) / Specialize mainly in film synopses. I also believe that the best way to see a film is in a darkened theatre with others.
  74. Trillfendi (talk · contribs) / Usually new releases and dark comedies.
  75. Tuxedoguy (talk · contribs) / New York Cinema and Independent film lover. Also enjoy film history in general and focusing on film language and analysis
  76. Vestrian24Bio (talk · contribs)
  77. Webster100 (talk · contribs) / Mostly major American films, and more obscure information about them.
  78. Wildroot (talk · contribs) / Work mainly on American films as well, and have brought over 20 articles to GA status.
  79. Diamondgurl77 (talk · contribs) / documentaries, indie films, filmmakers.
  80. Aichik (talk · contribs) / Western and East Asian films, all documentaries.
  81. ChamithN (talk · contribs)/I prefer western cinema and interested in improving related articles
  82. Monochrome Monitor (talk · contribs) American cinema history, particularly 1910-1945, film criticism, silents, cinematography. I also love Weimar cinema and early Swedish/French cinema.
  83. CAPTAIN RAJU (talk · contribs) I create a American old comedy/horror films
  84. DENAMAX (talk · contribs) Maxim Stoyalov
  85. Reginaex (talk · contribs) Love film, here to help in my small way - especially with classic and art-house (and a tidbit of horror.
  86. HarutoTanaka95 (talk · contribs) I love American films, especially comedy and documentary.
  87. Kire1975 (talk · contribs) I'm American. I love all films. Lately been focusing on film festivals.
  88. Bruno Rene Vargas (talk · contribs) Independent films, horror and thriller movies.
  89. Film Fanatical10069 (talk · contribs) Large budget action, Sci-Fi and some gritty independent films.
  90. Wickedwiki2 (talk · contribs)
  91. AgencyX Deadpool (talk · contribs)
  92. BMA-Nation2020 (talk · contribs) Liked animation films and good action comedy films as well.
  93. Cm27 (talk · contribs)

Member userbox edit

You may place {{User American cinema task force}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

This template will add your user page to:

You may also place {{User WikiProject Film}} on your user page.

Tagging and assessment edit

American cinema task force assessment statistics


Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding both parameters to the project banners at the top of its talk page:

This will automatically place it into Category:American cinema task force articles.

Template edit

Categories edit

To-do edit

  • Tag articles. See this bot request for more.
  • Recruit interested editors.
  • Collect categories, resource links, and templates.
  • Expand the open task listing above.
  • Add things here!

Resources edit

Annotated bibliography edit

Please use the following format when adding works:

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** Content:
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** Reviews: 
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