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This contributor to Wikipedia is female, so don't call her male!
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BornSophie Smith

Modus OperandiEdit

I used to edit as an IP user. I used to edit under usernames I forgot or whose passwords I forgot. A generator gave me this one. My natural habitat is in entertainment, fashion, and politics articles. Sometimes sports. Porn stars are people too.

I make sure This Is Us (beginning with season 4 I shall commence making individual pages for episodes in real time), Atlanta, and (occasionally) Shameless have up to date episode descriptions.

I’m not here to be liked. I’m not here for the community. I’m not here to agree with anyone. I don’t get paid, let alone to give a fuck. This is nothing but a hobby. I’m simply here so that the millions of people who come to Wikipedia for information on whatever subject exists are getting the level of quality that they should expect. If Drake ever makes it to Good Article status (it may take years at this rate), despite countless attempts of amateurs and vandals to ruin his page and major contributors being blocked, I’ll consider retiring from this dreadful website.

Now for those of you who don’t know 🤬💩 about fashion: the NMODEL notability category is at best nebulous. If you want to fix that, then go to the NPEOPLE talk page and discuss. RESEARCH and learn about fashion sources before you make uneducated and downright stupid opinions. Mere mention does NOT make a model notable; but sometimes, a blurb such as from Vogue, the New York Times, etc. can be used to confirm a job. Acquire the wisdom to know the difference. Working for famous brands or designers doesn’t make a model notable UNLESS a reliable source has singled it out as an achievement. And for fuck’s sake, if I have to scream this from the mountaintops: MODELS.COM IS A RELIABLE SOURCE FOR MODELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pages I plan to create if or when they accrue enough significant coverage
Pages I've created so far
Pages I plan to work on in the forseeable future
  • restoring Matthew "Matty" Healy to the rightful position of having his own article instead of relegation to being a redirect
  • Love Beauty and Planet
  • Alex Binaris
  • Jordan Daniels
  • Kaila Wyatt
  • Licett Morillo
  • Luisana González
  • Betty Adewole
  • Lex Herl
  • Eline Lykke
  • Angeline Nanni
  • Angélica Erthal
  • Zarina Nares
  • Isabella Emmack
  • Jeanne Damas
  • Marte Mei van Haaster
  • Ansley Gulielmi
  • Maeva Giani Marshall
  • África Peñalver
  • Ambar Cristal Zarzuela
Pages I've helped create or started the drafts of

☝🏾 means I usually wrote the unfinished draft yet someone else decided to publish it separately

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Women in Green goals:Edit

  •   Bekah Brunstetter – who wrote my favorite episode of This Is Us (thank you Dan Fogelman for spotlighting it because I never would have paid attention to the credits) and I decided this writer needed a Wikipedia article.
  • Heidi Cruz – While I have polar opposite political beliefs, I find her education and business career of particular interest. Any "political wife" earning twice as much as a U.S. Senator must be doing something right. We never hear about their jobs anyway....
  • Gisele Bündchen — The alpha and the omega. She’s the blueprint.
  • Karlie Kloss – The American supermodel of this generation. Period.
  • Rihanna – Until she ends her musical hiatus I only a sporadic edits and make sure the page isn't getting vandalized and what not, but other than that it's a Level 5 Vital article so a Good Article is a must. I don’t care about her music as much as the person, to be honest. I’m not one of those people begging for a new album because I recognize she has earned the right to expand her career.
  • Cara Delevingne — No other English supermodel has accomplished so much in this decade.

I will probably also one day work on Billie Holiday, Audrey Hepburn (inexplicably, not a good article yet!), and one of The Catherines™ (Aragon, Parr, Howard).

(Indefinite, miscellaneous to do list probably to be dealt with in December):Edit

Finish binging the entire series so far of She's Gotta Have It because the article is so God-awful it needs to be TNT’d. And fix Adriana Lima's Level 5 vital article page littered with egregiously bad sources and obsolete embedding. Add the heaps of career information missing to Cara Delevingne; improve prose.