IMG Models is an international modeling agency headquartered in New York City and with additional offices in London, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and Sydney.[1] It is a subsidiary of the talent management company International Management Group. The company merged with William Morris Endeavor in 2013.[2] The agency represents more than half of the highest paid supermodels.[3] Ivan Bart is the current President, and Lisa Marie Benson is the Vice President.[4][5]

IMG Models
IndustryModeling agency
FounderMark McCormack
Area served
North America, Europe, Australia
ParentIMG (company)


IMG Models was founded circa 1987 by sports agent Mark McCormack.[6] In 1994, Ivan Bart joined the company as the creative director and later became IMG Models' president in 2013.[7] Tyra Banks and Niki Taylor joined, followed by Angela Lindvall, Bridget Hall, Carolyn Murphy, Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss.[8]

In September 2012, IMG decided to reintroduce their men's division, after its dismantling in 2007.[9]

In 2013, Bart decided to sign models without regard to traditional height, weight, race, or age requirements, or other factors that historically have prevented diversity in model casting.[10]

In 2014, IMG Models began a scouting initiative on Instagram called #WLYG (We Love Your Genes).[11] Models that have been discovered through this process include Lameka Fox,[12] Alyssa Traoré,[13] and Gizele Oliveira.[14] They also have done online scouting via their website.


Notable models currently represented by IMG include:


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