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Renaming discussion for "List of male performers in gay porn films" articleEdit

I have suggested that the article List of male performers in gay porn films be changed to List of male performers in gay pornographic films. Porn is slang and Wikipedia generally uses the term "pornography" for categories and articles, as it does with the main gay pornography article. Adding notice here to alert editors. Bohemian Baltimore (talk) 03:04, 13 November 2019 (UTC)

Netflix films by languagesEdit

What do others think of the language sub-categories that are here? I don't think they should exist, but I wanted to check first to see if there is a precedent for such a thing. Thanks. Lugnuts Fire Walk with Me 19:30, 15 November 2019 (UTC)

Looks like WP:OVERCAT to me. We don't have Warner Brothers films by language for example. Let me know if you start a WP:CFD. MarnetteD|Talk 22:08, 15 November 2019 (UTC)
@MarnetteD: done - discussion is here. Thanks. Lugnuts Fire Walk with Me 09:59, 16 November 2019 (UTC)

Frozen 2 stylizationEdit

There is a discussion over the presentation of Frozen 2's Roman numeral stylization in the lead, and if small caps should be used to represent the poster's style. Please share your thoughts on the article's talk page. Sock (tock talk) 06:58, 17 November 2019 (UTC)

Film awards at Cannes page movesEdit

Please see this discussion. Thanks. Lugnuts Fire Walk with Me 10:52, 17 November 2019 (UTC)

List of accolades received by Star Trek (film)Edit

This list has double infobox. The first one should be removed but I don't know which data is up to date. Eurohunter (talk) 11:23, 17 November 2019 (UTC)

Request for review of article about disability film "Malou"Edit

Dear ladies and gentlemen, after watching the award-winning disability short film Draft:Malou (film) in Basel I was searching for its English wikipedia article and found a draft that is under review for far more than two months. According to the help information I kindly would like to ask the possibility of a review. I think that would be an enrichment for all searching users. The given plot is currently concealing the story twist at its end, but Malou sets an important message in favor of all disabled human beings in order to embolden them pursuing their dreams and to turn the public spotlight on the unequal opportunities. Thank you very much! Kind regards Sly.bourbon (talk) 12:29, 18 November 2019 (UTC)

Digital exhibitionEdit

Can someone take a look at the stub Digital exhibition, find out what it's actually about, and add more context? It reads like pseudo-advertising, thrice-translated fluff. --Animalparty! (talk) 17:28, 21 November 2019 (UTC)

Better film poster for infoboxEdit

For David Crosby: Remember My Name, which is the better film poster for the infobox -- and why? [This one], for the main theatrical release, or [this one], for the world premier at the Sundance Film Festival? Mudwater (Talk) 19:49, 23 November 2019 (UTC)

AFAICT, article sources favor the main release poster, so I'd go with that.--Aquegg (talk) 20:26, 23 November 2019 (UTC)

I had changed to the poster to the original one, [this one], for a couple of reasons. Firstly it's much better and better for the aesthetics of the Wikipedia page. The second theatrical release poster, IMHO, is awful. Secondly, and more practically, it's the original release poster for its official premiere. It just seems overall the better and more appropriate poster to use.Hollydude (talk) 16:42, 24 November 2019 (UTC)

@Hollydude: Thanks for explaining. In my opinion the main or standard theatrical release poster should be used, because it would be more widely or generally associated with, or identified with, the movie. One might find it less or more aesthetically pleasing, but that's individual taste. This would be for movies in general, and also specifically for David Crosby: Remember My Name. Also I'm hoping that more editors will post in this section with their thoughts. Mudwater (Talk) 16:57, 24 November 2019 (UTC)

Apollo 13 filmEdit

A couple of us are working on the Apollo 13 article in preparation for the 50th anniversary. I imagine that the accompanying film will receive a very large amount of views during that time. I can provide sources and any help that I can, but I have little experience developing articles on films. Any help from anyone here, or advice even, would be great. Generally a GA-quality article (even without the GA stamp) would be a great benefit to our readers. Kees08 (Talk) 16:52, 25 November 2019 (UTC)

The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood ExtraEdit

Hello all. FYI, I've nominated The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood Extra for featured article status. It's a little-known but fascinating (IMO) little short film (15 minutes in length) from 1928 that was influential on American avant-garde cinema. Any feedback at the FAC page would be most welcome. Thanks! — Hunter Kahn 18:45, 25 November 2019 (UTC)

Film WorldEdit

I am currently in possession of a borrowed copy of the 1968 Film World and am willing to provide copies of articles to anyone who wants them. The volume has been digitized here, if anyone wants to do a keyword search for films, personalities, etc. of interest to them. There are also a number of more broadly focused topical articles: there are a number of articles about the role of sexuality in film, for example, and a number of articles about the state of film in specific countries at that time. Compassionate727 (T·C) 20:19, 25 November 2019 (UTC)

Batman in filmEdit

Batman in film, an article that you or your project may be interested in, has been nominated for an individual good article reassessment. If you are interested in the discussion, please participate by adding your comments to the reassessment page. If concerns are not addressed during the review period, the good article status may be removed from the article. AIRcorn (talk) 21:18, 30 November 2019 (UTC)

Up There pageEdit

There is a 2019 Up There film which is charting on iTunes. May warrant a disambiguation (or new) page between the 2019 film and the current 2012 film page.[1] [2] [3]


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Is the BBFC accurate/reliable for upcoming film names?Edit

With the upcoming Ghostbusters film, the BBFC listed its upcoming trailer which is expected to be out in this or next week or so. LOTS of traditional RSes have picked up on this to report the film as "officially" titled "Ghostbusters: Afterlife". eg [1]. My understanding is that that title at BBFC could still be a placeholder, and if anything, we should wait for official word from Sony, or if the trailer does get released, its title from that. We're fighting a bunch of people editing and page moves because of this so want to see if we can rely on the BBFC here or not. --Masem (t) 18:04, 3 December 2019 (UTC)

My understanding is that the BBFC will just catalog films under the titles they are submitted with, so in this case the title actually comes from the distributor who submitted the trailer. If that is Sony then the title has come from Sony. That doesn't mean the title isn't a place-holder though. You could literally submit a trailer under any name; personally I don't think it counts for a whole lot unless they have actually classified the film itself. Betty Logan (talk) 06:15, 4 December 2019 (UTC)
That was my understanding that its not "official". --Masem (t) 06:28, 4 December 2019 (UTC)

Grand Illusion renameEdit

Discussion has started at Talk:Grand Illusion#Requested move 3 December 2019 to rename La Grande IllusionGrand Illusion. Betty Logan (talk) 06:18, 4 December 2019 (UTC)

Non-autoconfirmed user making broad changes to R-rated grossEdit

There is a non-autoconfirmed user making broad changes to the highest-grossing R-rated films based on Box Office Mojo rankings for The Matrix Reloaded. The sources clearly disagree on the gross, and I would appreciate a more familiar editor to help mediate this. See also Deadpool, Deadpool 2. Etzedek24 (I'll talk at ya) (Check my track record) 20:50, 4 December 2019 (UTC)

To expand on this, do we use original releases or all releases to determine these rankings? Etzedek24 (I'll talk at ya) (Check my track record) 20:53, 4 December 2019 (UTC)
We use the lifetime gross for the all-time charts and the infobox. However, I am convinced Box Office Mojo's figure is wrong. They have updated the website and have counted some of the figures twice. You can find a fuller explanation at Talk:List_of_highest-grossing_films#Finding_Nemo_mistake? where we notified them their figure for Finding Nemo was wrong and they corrected it. I will email them and ask them to double check their figure for The Matrix Reloaded. Betty Logan (talk) 23:20, 4 December 2019 (UTC)
Appreciate it. I was sure that SOMEONE here would have caught the error if it truly had that high of a gross some time ago. If other editors wish to restore WP:STATUSQUO on the other pages I would not protest since I have already reverted once. Etzedek24 (I'll talk at ya) (Check my track record) 00:16, 5 December 2019 (UTC)
And it looks like the edits have been reverted due to the anonymous user evading a block. Etzedek24 (I'll talk at ya) (Check my track record) 04:42, 5 December 2019 (UTC)
Looking through the BOM data there seems to be many other errors too: [2]. Some of the data is definitely wrong (because I am able to corroborate it) and some of it I suspect is wrong. A lot of their data seems to have been corrupted when the site was redesigned. The problems seem to occur when a film had a reissue, and in some cases they have counted the reissue gross twice. This is what they did on Finding Nemo and they appear to have done it with The Matrix Reloaded. What a mess. I would strongly urge editors to not "correct" data if they discover it has been randomly changed. Some of the corrections may be legitimate but they need to be checked against other sources to make sure. Betty Logan (talk) 10:24, 5 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Box Office Mojo have now corrected the lifetime gross for The Matrix Reloaded to $741 million: [3] (which is identical to the figure Variety has for it and is almost identical to the figure at The Numbers. If anybody comes across more suspect figures that BOM have suddenly changed then please list them here so I can check them. Betty Logan (talk) 09:01, 6 December 2019 (UTC)
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