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Hello! I am an administrator and arbitrator here at Wikipedia. I mostly busy myself in writing and reviewing articles over at Featured Article Candidates, but I do a smattering of Good article nominations and peer reviews as well. If you need any of the above, ping me on my talk; if you want to talk privately, shoot me an email (under "Tools" to the left of this page).

Useful links/templates: PageViews Graph, MakeRef, watcher, PageStats, {{Di-disputed fair use rationale-notice}}, {{Dfu}}, WebCite, (Checklinks), Check my edits (and your own) with WikiChecker.

Images: If you want a custom free image for any use, contact me. You can see some of the images I've done for featured topics or similar at Commons, here.

Barnstars: See /Shiny Things

Some on-wiki writings I recommend, in no particular order: