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Hello! Thanks for coming by. Pretzels? More pretzels? An 1881 timeline of human history? A Wikipedian since 2007, I've created several dozen navigational templates (although they don't appear on mobile), randomly added visual art/space exploration/baseball edits to totally unrelated articles, and haphazardly tossed handfuls of code into 1960s pages, American history articles, religious ramblings and other odds and ends. A few italic runs, category walks, and a bit of writing and page distributions have occurred between fits of popcorn.

Navigational templates (not visible on mobile) Edit

Some maps I've thrown together or expanded about painters, sculptors, U.S. Founding Fathers, Suffrage Mothers, and other creators. Navigational templates remind me of maps, coherent guides to the important and interesting Wikipedia articles about a subject, articles well researched and collectively written by hundreds, and in many cases thousands, of Wikipedian volunteers.

Work on 1960s Civil Rights Movement history Edit

Well, time to edit! Edit

If you haven't yet joined your expertise, interests, and spare-time and/or space-time curiosities with Wikipedia, feel assured that most of the time it ably fulfills its intended purpose as an accurate place to share knowledge. Knowledge which you consider interesting, fun, and important to chronicle in any field of endeavor. Knowledge that you can back up with sources and present in a neutral voice, like a robot.

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