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Welcome to the Filmmaking task force of WikiProject Film! We are a task force which aspires to comprehensively cover and standardize articles involving the technologies and disciplines involved in all stages of professional filmmaking.

Scope edit

Our focus is on all aspects and departments involved in the making of a film from development along to release.


  • equipment and resources used in the process of filmmaking
  • jobs frequently involved in filmmaking
  • technical concepts and processes used with or developed for films
  • commonly practiced techniques directly applicable to film work
  • companies and suppliers directly concerned with the film industry

Topics explicitly outside of task force scope edit

Goals edit

Specifically, we are interested in:

  • standardizing the articles as much as possible through infoboxes, templates, and consistent terminology
  • providing verifiable citable references for all pertinent information
  • coordinating our work using guidelines, recommendations, and review
  • acting as the focal point of discussion regarding filmmaking articles
  • creating consensus on stylistic issues
  • engaging industry professionals - preferably from a wide range of fields and geographic regions
  • removing systematic bias - such as excessive or exclusive focus on a particular region's industry or a certain type of filmmaking (i.e. features, television, commercials, music videos, shorts, etc.)
  • welcoming anyone with a serious interest in the topics

Participants edit

Active members edit

To join the Filmmaking task force, edit this section and add # {{User|yourusername}} and any comments to the following list of members in alphabetical order by username. Please add your username to Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Participants also.

  1. Bartleby (talk · contribs) (Editing)
  2. Bharathprime (talk · contribs)
  3. Binba (talk · contribs) (Film & video AC, Non-linear and linear editing, formats & conversions, telecine & CC, location sound)
  4. Black_Mesa (talk · contribs) (Writing, Directing, Editing, Low-Budget Film-making)
  5. Bradtcordeiro (talk · contribs) (Post-Production)
  6. Cate (talk · contribs) (Editing, film crew)
  7. cauri (talk · contribs) (Production, Distribution, Writing, Directing, Post-Production)
  8. Chris Kenny (talk · contribs) (Digital cinematography)
  9. Cinjun (talk · contribs) (Production & Post-Production)
  10. Cmacd123 (talk · contribs) (Older 16mm technology)
  11. Cocoma (talk · contribs) (PowerPoint animation Many years of experience in PowerPoint industries, especially on animations factor. Able to work on areas ranging from general to programming PowerPoint.)
  12. cvanp (talk · contribs) (general filmmaking enthusiast, film school in a year or so. Directing, low budget/guerilla techniques)
  13. DCGeist (talk · contribs) (producing, editing, distributing, cinema as a business)
  14. Djdickmutt (talk · contribs) (non-linear digital editing)
  15. DocKino (talk · contribs) (Film history)
  16. Fadookie (talk · contribs) (Editing, Audio, Production. Student at Chapman Film School.)
  17. Feureau (talk · contribs) (Directing, Special Effects (particularly CGI since I use Maya+Renderman for living)
  18. Filmmaker2011 (talk · contribs) – Direction and Cinematography.
  19. GHcool (talk · contribs) (film crew, procedures, art and craft of editing, art and craft of production, art and craft of sound mixing, definition of key terms)
  20. Girolamo Savonarola (talk · contribs) (camera, labs, projection)
  21. Griffithfk (talk · contribs) (Film business: Development, Finance, Distribution, Marketing)
  22. Humbleradio (talk · contribs) Directing, Acting, Writing, Post Production, Sound, Scoring. Also digital production.
  23. iluvcapra (talk · contribs) (Sound designer, assistant sound editor)
  24. Janke (talk · contribs) (animation, special effects)
  25. Janibanani (talk · contribs) Cinematography
  26. Jhawkinson (talk · contribs) (Projection, standards)
  27. Jim Stinson (talk · contribs) Film and video production, current and historical; mostly techniques and methods.
  28. JJ1214 (talk · contribs) (Enjoy filmmaking tech, gear, indie film, documentaries, books about filmmaking craft.)
  29. JMalky (talk · contribs) (editing, amateur filmmaking)
  30. jslasher (talk · contribs) (Kinopanorama, widescreen, film music and composers, independent record labels, phonograph cylinders)
  31. Lordwow (talk · contribs) (Film student. Producing, Editing, Low-Budget Shooting)
  32. Lyrelyrebird (talk · contribs) (Sound: recording, editing, mixing, music, dialog, sound design and effects, women in audio)
  33. Matthewrbowker (talk · contribs) (willing to help wherever needed)
  34. Megapixie (talk · contribs) (diagrams and photographs)
  35. NftaDaedalus (talk · contribs) (Sound: recording, editing; 3D imagery)
  36. Nowhereman86 (talk · contribs) (Non-linear editing, composite editing, writing, directing, film production)
  37. nycdi (talk · contribs) (general interest, producing, writing, directing, acting)
  38. OldCommentator (talk · contribs) (15+ yrs in industry,[1] film-crew organization, art department, production design, stop-motion, mocap)
  39. Ottovonguericke (talk · contribs) (Cinematography, Guerilla Filmmaking, Student at Chapman Film School.)
  40. Pedant (talk · contribs) (screenwriter, camera operator, editor, animator, motion graphics artist, dilettante)
  41. Petertorr (talk · contribs) (HD DVD, Independent film making
  42. Rahulkrish5 (talk · contribs) (Cinematography)
  43. Robling (talk · contribs) (Color Grading, Telecine, Unix System Administration, Wiki for TKColorist Internet Group)
  44. Reincarnut (talk · contribs) (HD filmmaking, Guerrilla filmmaking)
  45. RobertMfromLI (talk · contribs) (filmmaking, (I am a) Gaffer, Production (I am a Line Producer), lighting and grip equipment, production positions)
  46. rrhobbs (talk · contribs) (Location Scouting, Location Manager)
  47. Saif ansari (talk · contribs) Any and all films, with a major knowledge of Indian Cinema and Bollywood Films also good Knowledge of World Cinema and Film history, also expert in Film Awards and Trivia.
  48. Stephen B Streater (talk · contribs) (Logging, editing, reviewing, publishing - particularly over the Internet)
  49. Taric25 (talk · contribs) (Subtitle (captioning) & Closed captioning)
  50. Thephotoplayer (talk · contribs) (Color processes, sound processes, stereoscopic photography, laboratory work, technical history)
  51. Thomprod (talk · contribs) (For film production: history, preservation, technical details. For television: Non-linear and linear video editing including Avid Media Composer, TV production, remote switching and broadcasting, computer graphics)
  52. Gozor136 (talk · contribs) (Before 1918, Phonoscènes)
  53. tonsofpcs (talk · contribs) (Broadcasting/TV: Video and Film seperation -- they are different mediums and the difference need to be kept clear, even if Film now tends to be converted to video for edits)
  54. Triethylborane (talk · contribs) Primarily self-taught photography and videography enthusiast with a working knowledge of some technical concepts.
  55. WikiCats (talk · contribs) (Broadcasting/Television Production - Technical Producer, Australia) (A Farmer)
  56. Cliffton Wint (talk · contribs)

# {{User|Lexwalt}} (Broadcasting and Digital Journalism, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Editing, Directing, Sound Design, Gaffing, Camera equipment)

Former members edit

  1. Walloon (talk · contribs) (silent era, history of color and sound)

Member userbox edit

You may place {{User Filmmaking task force}} on your user page to display the following userbox:

This template will add your user page to:

You may also place {{User WikiProject Film}} on your user page.

Tagging and assessment edit

Filmmaking task force assessment statistics


Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding Filmmaking-task-force=yes to the {{Film}} project banner at the top of its talk page (see the project banner instructions for more details on the exact syntax). This will automatically place it into Category:Filmmaking task force articles.

Templates edit

Feel free to add other useful and project-related templates. For main project templates, see the sidebar.

Infoboxes edit

What to type What it makes
{{Infobox Movie Camera}}
WikiProject Film/Filmmaking task force

Navigational templates edit

What to type What it makes
{{Cinematic techniques}}
{{Film Editing}}
{{Film crew}}

Stub templates edit

What to type What it makes

Userbox edit

Place this userbox on your user page to let people know you are a member of WP:FMK!

What to type What it makes
{{User Filmmaking task force}}

Categories edit

To-do edit

Requested articles
Agfa AnscoAlienbrainAnimo (redirect should be deleted) • Antimatographaperture plateArgentine Society of CinematographersArriflex 16BLArriflex 16MArriflex 16STArriflex 235Arriflex 35BLArriflex 765Arriflex IIArriflex IIIArriscanArritechno 35Association of Brazilian CinematographersAssociation of Czech CinematographersAustrian Association of CinematographersAvid CinemaAvid InterplayAvid MCXpressAvid MojoAvid VideoshopAvid Xpressbackfocusbacklit animationBelgian Society of CinematographersBirtacBritish Film CommissionBulgarian Society of Cinematographerscasting agencyChampion Motion Picture CompanyChimera (filmmaking)Cinema Camera ClubCinema ProductsDanish Society of CinematographersDeLuxe LabsDeutsche Universal-Film AGDigital Cinema Distribution MasterDolby Digital Surround EXDS NitrisDVCPROHDElite Opticsfilm composerFinnish Society of Cinematographersfluid headFusion camerageared headGeorge Kleine Productionshigh-speed filmingHungarian Society of Cinematographersimage plane (dab this to computers as well) • In-ThreeIndian Society of CinematographersInternational PicturesIsco OpticIsraeli Cinematographers AssociationItalian Society of CinematographersIwerks 70Japanese Society of CinematographersJoe Dunton CameraKinarri 16Kinarri 35Korean Society of Cinematographersfilm lightingMatthews Studio EquipmentMexican Society of Cinematographersmotion juddernegative cut listNetherlands Society of CinematographersNorwegian Society of CinematographersObie lightOnation StudiosPathéscopePhoto-SonicsPick-up shotPolish Society of CinematographersPrizmacolorproduction buyerRex Motion Picture CompanyRussian Guild of CinematographersSchneider Opticsscratch removalscratch test (dab needed) • scrubbingSlovenian Association of CinematographersSociety of Cinematographers in EstoniaSouth African Society of CinematographersSovcolorSpanish Society of CinematographersSpirit DatacineStatic ClubSuperScopeSuperScope 235Swiss Cinematographers SocietyUnity IsisUnity MediaNetworkuniversal captureViper FilmStream
  • Change {{WikiProject Filmmaking}} talk page tags to {{Film|Filmmaking-task-force=yes}}.
  • Tag articles.
  • Recruit interested editors.
  • Collect categories, resource links, and templates.
  • Expand the open task listing above.
  • Editors willing to "adopt" GA-Class and A-Class articles in order to guide them through peer review and/or FAC are wanted. We've been steadily adding new featured articles and want more. These articles are deemed to be the closest in their current state to reaching featured status, and thus are low(er)-hanging fruits for the picking.

Resources edit

  • Add things here!

Annotated bibliography edit

Please use the following format when adding works:

* <!-- bibliographical infomation -->
** Content:
*** <!-- optional content summary -->
** Reviews: 
*** <!-- commentary on work by historians & other reputable sources -->
** Editor comments: 
*** <!-- personal commentary by editors -->

Articles edit

You can find a complete list of articles tagged by the project at Category:WikiProject Filmmaking articles.
Also you can take a look at the bot search result feed User:AlexNewArtBot/CinemaSearchResult tracking down recently created film and filmmaking-related articles. The feed is shared with Wikipedia:WikiProject Films/New articles. You can put the feed to whatever place you want by using {{subst:User:AlexNewArtBot/Announcement|Cinema}}.

Showcase edit

The following is a listing of articles (and other types of content) within the scope of the task force that have been noted for their outstanding quality. Members are encouraged to peruse these at their leisure, as they serve as excellent examples of different writing and organizational styles that one may wish to emulate.

Please note that the task force does not necessarily claim any authorship or credit for creating these. While many were written by members—sometimes with extensive input from the task force as a whole—others were created by uninvolved editors, or predate the existence of the project itself, and are listed here merely because they fall within our scope.

Featured articles edit

Featured pictures edit

Featured lists edit