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Wikipedia:WikiProject Film/Avant-garde and experimental films task force

Welcome! This task force is a collaboration with WikiProject Film and has been created to better organize and manage articles that fall under the sub-genre of Avant-garde and experimental. There are a lot of articles that fall in this category, but haven't been identified as such on their respective articles; this is one of the main reasons for creating this task force. If there is an article that you suspect that falls under this sub-genre of film, please edit it accordingly; always with references of course.



  • To establish style and content sub-guidelines through consensus that comply with Wikipedia's general policies and guidelines as well as the WikiProject Film guidelines
  • To assess the reliability of sources and to assist in finding more reliable alternatives
  • To identify and gather common sources for referencing.
  • To help procure free and/or non-free images for articles.
  • To notify other editors of ongoing discussion at an individual article, while being conscious of groupthink
  • To identify incubated articles to prepare for rollout when the time comes
  • To recruit new editors working on such articles into the task force and WikiProject Film as well.


  • Ideal approach to crediting source material.
  • Presentation of actors and roles in "Cast" section, like when to use or avoid table formatting
  • Proper selection of film's poster image due to such films having many variations
  • Preferred kind of non-free images (esp. with characters' film appearances shown in characters' articles)
  • Appropriate and inappropriate information for an article's "Marketing" section, to ensure a NPOV


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