Daily call sheet

The daily call sheet is a filmmaking term for the schedule crafted by the assistant director, using the director's shot list. It is issued to the cast and crew of a film production to inform them of where and when they should report for a particular day of filming.[1]

The production schedule is listed by call time, the time when people are expected to start work on a film set.

Information found on call sheetsEdit

Call sheets include other useful information such as contact information (e.g. phone numbers of crew members and other contacts), the schedule for the day, which scenes and script pages are being shot, and the address of the shoot location. Call sheets also have information about cast transportation arrangements, parking instructions and safety notes.

Call sheets may also provide logistical information regarding the location. It is common to find such items as weather information, sunrise/sunset times, local hospitals, restaurants, and hardware stores on call sheets.

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