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This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to the U.S. State of Minnesota, its cities, counties, geography, transportation, culture, history, and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Minnesota in a NPOV and accurate manner.

This WikiProject was formed to coordinate the development of better articles on the U.S. state of Minnesota. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on formatting and layout of articles, which can be discussed at the project's talk page.

Location of Minnesota in the United States


Article AlertsEdit

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Current projectEdit

Please help with the category of Unassessed Minnesota articles. As of July 10, 2020, there are approximately 206 articles remaining to be assessed.

Core articles/High-level articlesEdit

Article Class Rationale Quality Comments
Minnesota Top WP:CORE   FA Excellent - appeared on the Main Page May 11, 2007
Climate of Minnesota Top WP:CORE   FA Excellent - appeared on the Main Page February 17, 2011
Culture of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B Help!
Demographics of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Economy of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Geography of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Flag of Minnesota Top WP:CORE C Needs much more work. Help!
Geology of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
History of Minnesota Top WP:CORE   FA Excellent - appeared on the Main Page May 11, 2008
Minneapolis Top WP:CORE   FA Excellent - appeared on the Main Page July 20, 2008
Minneapolis–Saint Paul Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Mississippi River Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Music of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B Demoted from FA. What needs to be done to improve it?
Natural history of Minnesota Top WP:CORE Start Good but small, direct copy from Minnesota
Politics of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Saint Paul, Minnesota Top WP:CORE   GA Not too shabby...FA, anyone?
Sports in Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Transportation in Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
University of Minnesota Top WP:CORE B A good one to work on
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Top WP:CORE   GA GA once again!
Anoka County, Minnesota High A High-level article Start Help!
Bloomington, Minnesota High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Dakota County, Minnesota High A High-level article C Much improved, keep improving it
Duluth, Minnesota High A High-level article B Delisted from GA :(
Eugene McCarthy High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Fort Snelling High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Hennepin County, Minnesota High A High-level article C A good one to work on
Metro Blue Line (Minnesota) High A High-level article B A good one to work on
History of Minneapolis High A High-level article   GA Potential FA?
History of Saint Paul, Minnesota High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Hubert Humphrey High A High-level article B A good one to work on
I-35W Mississippi River bridge High A High-level article   GA Good collaboration
Iron Range High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Lake Minnetonka High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Lake Superior High A High-level article B A good one to work on
List of Governors of Minnesota High A High-level article B A good one to work on
List of Minnesota state parks High A High-level article B A good one to work on
List of Minnesota state symbols High A High-level article   FL Fantastic, you betcha - appeared on the Main Page November 24, 2014
List of National Historic Landmarks in Minnesota High A High-level article B
List of people from Minnesota High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Mall of America High A High-level article B Still needs some work.
Mankato, Minnesota High A High-level article Start Help!
Mayo Clinic High A High-Level article Start Clinic and medical school needs work!
Template:Minnesota High A High-level article Template This is good as-is
Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party High A High-level article Start Help!
Minnesota State Capitol High A High-level article   GA Potential FA?
Minnesota State Fair High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Template:Politics of Minnesota High A High-level article Template This is good as-is
Ramsey County, Minnesota High A High-level article Start Help!
Rochester, Minnesota High A High-level article Start Help!
Saint Anthony Falls High A High-level article B Help!
St. Cloud, Minnesota High A High-level article Start Help!
St. Paul Pioneer Press High A High-level article Start Help!
Star Tribune High A High-level article Start Help!
United States congressional delegations from Minnesota High A High-level article B A good one to work on
University of Minnesota system High A High-level article B A good one to work on
WCCO-TV High A High-level article B A good one to work on
Walter Mondale High A High-level article C A good one to work on
Washington County, Minnesota High A High-level article Start Help!


Importance ScaleEdit

The criteria used for rating article importance are not meant to be an absolute or canonical view of how significant the topic is. Rather, they attempt to gauge the probability of the average reader of Wikipedia needing to look up the topic (and thus the immediate need to have a suitably well-written article on it). Thus, subjects with greater popular notability may be rated higher than topics which are arguably more "important" but which are of interest primarily to students of Minnesota.

Article importance grading scheme
Label Criteria Examples
Places Things People
Top Subject is a "core" or "key" topic for Minnesota, or is generally notable to people other than residents of Minnesota. They define and determine the subject of the Minnesota WikiProject. Minnesota University of Minnesota Amy Skubitz
High Subject is notable in a significant and important way within the field of Minnesota, but not necessarily outside it. Bloomington, Minnesota I-35W Mississippi River bridge Barkhad Abdi
Mid Subject contributes to the total subject of the Minnesota WikiProject. Subject may not necessarily be famous. Apple Valley, Minnesota Breck School Keith Ellison
Low Subject is not particularly notable or significant even within the field of Minnesota, and may have been included primarily to achieve comprehensive coverage of another topic. Climax, Minnesota Baldwin Lake Charlemagne Tower

Project divisions and current tasksEdit

Use these pages to gather information and resources for use in developing Minnesota-related articles. Tasks should be listed as subpoints under the relevant item.

New article patrolEdit

The "Alex New Article Bot" logs all new articles with "Minnesota" and other related words to a page. This is the workflow for dealing with them

  1. The bot logs new articles to User:AlexNewArtBot/MinnesotaSearchResult, with the newest articles at the top
  2. Review the pages checking for notability, copyvios, wikify etc.
  3. If the article falls under WP:MN and is relevant then add WikiProject Minnesota template as {{WikiProject Minnesota}}.
  4. Strike the article through showing it has been reviewed

General Minnesota resourcesEdit

  • General — General information on Minnesota
  1. Add {{WikiProject Minnesota}} to Minnesota article Talk pages ... someone using AWB could probably do this most easily
  2. Add {{Minnesota-stub}} or other appropriate stub notices (see below) to stub articles.
  3. Identify articles needing images
  1. Populate the list with ALL Minnesota articles.

Minnesota physical assetsEdit

  • Government — Governance, as well as federal, state and local politics in relation to Minnesota
  • Places — Cities, towns, counties, landmarks, and important structures
  1. Add City Infobox and photo to biggest cities (see Minneapolis, Minnesota for example)
  2. Improve Minnesota#Important cities and towns
  3. Photographs needed: List of MN places that need photographs
  4. Provide missing geocoordinate data
  1. Improve Transportation in Minnesota
  • Parks — State parks and forests, local parks, and other natural areas

Minnesota lifeEdit

  • People — Minnesota natives and those residents who have shaped Minnesota
  1. Clean up List of people from Minnesota.
  2. Make sure people in Category:People from Minnesota are included in List of people from Minnesota.
  • Culture — Music, art, sports, media, etc.
  • Commerce — Companies and general commerce in Minnesota
  • History — history of Minnesota during and prior to statehood


Active membersEdit

To join WikiProject Minnesota, edit this section and insert the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest into the following list of members in alphabetical order. Members should also place member identification on their user page.

  1. Adanielch - University of Minnesota, William Mitchell College of Law, politics in Minnesota
  2. Adposteriori (talk) 19:41, 4 March 2018 (UTC) - University of Minnesota Law School, Minnesota law & politics
  3. Appraiser - working on Twin Cities historical sites, parks, 19th century explorers
  4. Archivist100 (talk) 19:43, 29 October 2010 (UTC)
  5. Atom - Twin Cities Area, State parks, regional parks
  6. Aunva6 (talk) 23:35, 23 February 2013 (UTC)
  7. Awickert - East side of St. Paul, Minnesota geography and geology, state and regional parks
  8. Axiom71 (talk) - Born in St. Paul, MN. Reside in Red Wing. Reading local history and interested in history of region and state.
  9. Azeroth - I try to follow the passenger rail developments
  10. Baron Dave - can help with SF fandom and some on Fresh Air Radio in Mpls
  11. BenFranske
  12. Bobamnertiopsis - Minneapolis stuff, especially history in south Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Public Library branches.
  13. Bobak - urban planning, stadiums, misc. (I live in downtown Minneapolis and can get pictures in a jiff if people need them; I am also an administrator.)
  14. Boon0044 - Saint Peter/Mankato/New Ulm area, state and local media, southern suburbs
  15. User:Botpo - Ecology
  16. Brienne of Tarth - politics, Minneapolis history, Hennepin and McLeod county history/happenings, art and music
  17. BWes - Western Suburbs
  18. C3F2k
  19. Calebrw (talk) - South Minneapolis. Rice County. Northfield and the surrounding area. I can take requests on my talk page for pictures in those areas.
  20. Chem8700 - Department of Natural Resources
  21. ClarityKTMpls - Midwesterner through and through. Happy to help with all that makes our state awesome.
  22. Comm260_ncu — Long-distance running in Minnesota; marathons, half-marathons, cross country, DIII sports
  23. Czycha (talk)
  24. Dane
  25. Daveswagon - working on Central Minnesota locations and topics
  26. Davumaya - Focus is on article recording and minneapolis & south burbs
  27. DrGregMN - Ghost towns
  28. Dynamic Doyle (talk)- Wikipedia user since September 2013. Avid bicyclist and manufacturing engineering technology student in Minneapolis and Mankato. Works at Star_Tribune Fleet Garage. Also loves finance/accounting, R&D, design, art, fluids (gas/liquids), classical music, and advocating for education.
  29. eagleeye
  30. Eamesheard (talk)
  31. ebbillings (talk) 22:26, 9 November 2017 (UTC)
  32. Elkman - also helping out with history, lakes and bridges
  33. Emika22 (talk) - MN history, culture; Dakota and Goodhue counties
  34. ErikTheBikeMan (talk) I can help out with requests for pictures in the metro area.
  35. Erutuon — interested in Minnesota native plants and nature in general
  36. False Prophet helping with sports teams and main page sports section
  37. Gandydancer - Duluth and Iron Range and Minnesota state parks
  38. Gephart - Suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, as well as high schools and high school athletic related articles
  39. Gnosbush
  40. Gobonobo T C - Co-operatives, politics
  41. Gopherbone - University of Minnesota, Golden Gopher athletics
  42. Grandmasterka - Topics relating to inner-city Minneapolis. I would also like to bring Minnesota State Fair up to Featured Article status. (I am also an administrator.)
  43. GreatLakesShips - Great Lakes shipwrecks.
  44. greyduk - Minnesota lakes and other random information.
  45. Grika - I've begun a project to create pages for all Minnesota Synagogues, any help would be appreciated - List of Minnesota Synagogues
  46. Gtadoc - Medicine and medical education, and taking some pics of Rochester
  47. Gutworth - I'd be glad to do research for any article
  48. Mr. Guye - I live in Robbinsdale. I will likely focus on Minnesota politics and government. How am I not already a member of this WikiProject? I care about my state's articles!
  49. GWST11 - Athletes in Minnesota
  50. HeirloomGardener - I started working on Norwood Young America and Stiftungsfest, and I could help out with other places in that area
  51. Hlodynn
  52. innotata
  53. Iulus Ascanius - I like to clean, organize, and add basic info to articles on small cities and towns
  54. Hurrmic (talk) residing in Southeast Minnesota, specifically Winona, Winona County (but a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  55. Jace (talk) - Lives in north Minneapolis. I can help out.
  56. Jakeschneider220 - best in articles related to southwest Minnesota
  57. JayJay - Assesing and re-assesing articles
  59. John Hoffoss contributing from Minneapolis.
  60. Jonathan Kovaciny
  61. Jonathunder - can help with tasks which require admin tools, and happy to take requests for photographs in southeast Minnesota
  62. Jordano53 - NRHP listings in Minnesota, as well as topics related to Morrison County
  63. Joseph507357 (talk Live in Minnesota.
  64. Jrt989
  65. KDTW Flyer - Wisconsin Native, working on airports
  66. Keeper 76. Born and raised. "over 30 years experience". NorthWoods or Northburbs, let me know where to help.
  67. kewlgrapes - I live in Rochester and frequently drive I-90 to Worthington. Happy to take pictures upon request.
  68. Kris10z. MN history & pop culture fanatic, U of M student, would like to help with the Minnesota History Center page.
  69. Ksax - I will take pictures of some outstate places, please ask!
  70. KyrKazakh - Extremely new to Wikipedia, interested in improving geographical articles about the southeast part of the state.
  71. Legolover26- I live in Minnesota and am from Minnesota and will look for ways to be of help.
  72. LindaMorman - Politics, particularly creating/expanding entries on members of the State Legislature
  73. Malepheasant - mostly in overlap with WikiProject Rivers
  74. Marauder09 - I'll help out, I live in Minnesota.
  75. matt91486 - Intending to work on state Reps and Senators in addition to the random sports figures.
  76. MatthewUND - I live in Grand Forks, ND, but I will help with northwest MN...particularly the Red River Valley. I can also serve as a liason between WPMN and WPND.
  77. Mattwj2002 - I live in the Twin Cities. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know, I like to take pictures!
  78. Mazzmn - SE Minn articles & images, and random tangents.
  79. McGhiever - working mostly on parks
  80. Minnecologies - forests/nature, will likely die trying to flesh out state forests and ecoregions
  81. Minnemeeples (talk) - Anything Minnesota but with a focus on Minneapolis history, geography, and current events.
  82. Moncrief - open to general editing tasks
  83. Mrfeek - Politics, history
  84. Mrtobacco
  85. Myotus - Museums and local history organizations, Minnesota history especially local histories, historical sites.
  86. Natalie Erin I can help with most general stuff and can provide requested free-content photos in the metro area.
  87. Natemann133 A former intern in the Minnesota State Senate and Minnesota House of Representatives. Also a die-hard Minnesota sports fan and U of M graduate. I frequently edit/create member pages for members of the Minnesota House and Senate.
  88. Nathanm_mn
  89. Nirobbins (talk)
  90. Nsteffel - History, politics, beer.
  91. Nthyden - Minnesota Lynx, UMN School of Public Health
  92. Okabena EnAvant New user; interested in southwest Minnesota cities/history/geography, metro area, transportation history, natural history.
  93. Our Bold Hero
  94. paul2520 (talk) - LGBT issues, general tasks & editing help
  95. Peter Beard (talk) - Mostly stuff in the metro area; history, photos - whatever's missing, really.
  96. P.Haney - Anything high school related as well as St. Paul related.
  97. Peterk17700 - West Metro articles and pictures
  98. Pikachu Bros.
  99. pvspencer22
  100. Qwestify
  101. RachelWex 18:03, 15 May 2017 (UTC)
  102. RadManCF
  103. Randomeditor1000 (talk) - University pages in MN, urban planning, transportation, city pages,
  104. Ravedave - work on Minnesota and park articles mostly
  105. Rehcsif - Western 'burbs, parks, general misc.
  106. ReverendG
  107. Rhelmerichs
  108. Ruby2010 - recently overhauled the list of colleges and universities. Plan to eventually work on my undergrad (St. Thomas). History and politics interest me too.
  109. Russian F - Culture and history of Minnesota, Northern Minnesota
  110. Rx StrangeLove I'm taking requests for photography in and around the Twin Cities, as well as some outstate areas when I travel.
  111. Ryan Vesey Currently working on some southwest Minnesota articles, trying to create articles for all of the Senators and Representatives from the region
  112. RyguyMN
  113. sabeen557 - Some on history and parks, cities that are near me, and write and supply pictures for the Minnesota State Fair (In the summer, it looks bad now)
  114. Sabiona
  115. Sable232 Highways, anything else that comes to mind.
  116. SageSolomon Minnesota native, born and raised, living in the west-metro. Interested in the Cities and Towns, Geography, History and Politics.
  117. SeanNovack (talk) History, Politics, and sports
  118. Shaded0 (talk) 03:08, 19 December 2016 (UTC)
  119. Showers
  120. Simcor06 History, Culture and Commerce
  121. Skyler13 (talk)
  122. Smith03
  123. Station Attendant - Southeast, highways.
  124. Steve 1521 (talk)
  125. SunTunnels (talk) - Southeast and NRHP.
  126. SusanLesch (talk)
  127. SWMNPoliSciProject (talk) Preparation, modification and expansion of articles primarily relevant to government, politics and world affairs.
  128. Thanatosimii State parks and the North Shore, mainly.
  129. The.dharma.bum - mostly in the St. Croix River valley, Washington County, etc.
  130. Thegracekelly (talk) - government, politics, law enforcement
  131. TickleMeTrotsky - Duluth area, geology, miscellany
  132. Tommie91 - I'm a very knowledgeable sports fan, especially Minnesota teams. Also a Minnesota history fan.
  133. Trish Lewis - St. Vincent, Minnesota History
  134. UBeR - Created glacial history of Minnesota. Can help on weather or hydrology related articles pertaining to Minnesota. Also have general knowledge on many Minnesota related topics.
  135. Umtc2011
  136. Unidiode
  137. Voot 42 - Infrastructure, politics and random articles.
  138. WeijiBaikeBianji (talk) - University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Law School, fifth-generation Minnesotan. Will look around for miscellaneous tasks mentioned on the project page.
  139. WildFan48 - Minnesota sports of any kind
  140. William E Ostrem (talk · contribs) 02:32:06, 21 June 2021 (UTC)  - Wide interests, literature, sports, Twin Cities
  141. Willy11009 - Rochester related articles
  142. Wkaardal - SW Minnesota, Redwood Falls and Redwood County, UofMN, Historic and Major Landmarks, History
  143. Woogums - history
  144. WTGDMan1986
  145. WxGopher - Almost exclusively editing weather articles, though occasionally Minnesota sports articles too.
  146. Zappa26 - Can do whatever, currently working on state Senators and Representatives.
  147. Zenlax - born in Minnesota and currently call it my second home.
  148. ZJH
  149. GM - Interest in Dakota County history, List of longest streams of Minnesota, List of rivers of Minnesota
  150. CptFulton - Interest in adding photographs of small towns in the Twin Cities area

Former membersEdit

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. Drew Geraets - will work on adding photos to MN pages
  2. Dskluz - resident, works on general stuff related to Minnesota
  3. FabianWilcox (talk) New user - would like to help with historical and geographic topics

Member identificationEdit

Members of WikiProject Minnesota should place one of the following on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject Minnesota members.

Wikitext userbox where used
[[Category:WikiProject Minnesota members]] none linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject Minnesota}} linked pages
{{Template:User WP Minnesota}} linked pages
{{Template:User WP Minnesota|invite}} linked pages

For other Minnesota user templates see Category:Minnesota user templates.


At least one Minnesota meetup has been held every year since 2005. See the meetup talk page to see planned meetups and discuss future events.


U.S. city infoboxEdit

U.S. county infoboxEdit

Minnesota templateEdit

  • {{Minnesota}} - Template for Minnesota regions, counties and cities; placed at the bottom of article pages


{{User WikiProject Minnesota}}
{{User Minnesota}}
 This user is interested in the U.S. State of Minnesota.
{{User interest Minnesota}}


  The Minnesota Barnstar
Put your message here.

{{subst:The Minnesota barnstar|1=Put your message here. ~~~~}}

WikiProject MinnesotaEdit

{{WikiProject Minnesota
 |class= (choose one: FA, A, GA, B, Start, Stub, Dab, Template, Cat, NA)
 |importance= (choose one: Top, High, Mid, Low, NA)
 |needs-infobox= (choose one: Yes No)
 |attention= (choose one: Yes No)

Template stating this article is a part of this wikiproject. It is also used to rank and rate pages for wikipedia 1.0. Placed on the top of talk pages, not on article pages. When pages are rated they are automatically placed into subcategories of Category:Minnesota articles by importance or Category:Minnesota articles by quality. In those categories automatic summary and statistics pages are created by User:Mathbot.Those categories also have criteria for how ranking is performed.

Cleanup listingEdit

Stub noticesEdit

Please place stub notices at the bottom of article pages.

Requested photosEdit

For Minnesota-related articles needing a photograph, use {{Image requested|in=Minnesota}} in the talk page, which adds the article needing a photo to Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in Minnesota. You can help Wikipedia by uploading freely licensed photographs for these articles to Wikimedia Commons.

The Free Image Search Tool may be able to locate suitable images on other web sites.

The Image Existence Checker shows articles in this list that have images.

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