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Welcome to WikiProject South Carolina.

This WikiProject was formed to foster better articles on the U.S. state of South Carolina with a spirit of cooperation. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on formatting and layout of articles, which can be discussed at the project's talk page To participate, simply add your name at the participants section.

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This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to the U.S. State South Carolina, its cities, counties, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on South Carolina in a fair and accurate manner.

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To join WikiProject South Carolina, edit this section and insert the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest into the following list of participants in alphabetical order. Participants should also place participant identification on their user page.

  1. User:JeremyAGibbs
  2. bburk
  3. Billcasey905
  4. User:BlueChainsawMan
  5. User:Brotester
  6. User:Cdtew
  7. User:Cjmclark
  8. User:Clariosophic
  9. User:Contributingfactor
  10. DarthWyyrlok((-red)) (talk) 20:45, 12 March 2015 (UTC)
  11. User:DunvarLid I will focus on updating State politicians
  12. User:ElliotDonut10
  13. User:Elwire
  14. User:Fibinachi
  15. User:FrankieG123
  16. User:Geomapboy2
  17. Iamanadam
  18. Islandisee
  19. User:IvyJohn
  20. JaimeAnnaMoore
  21. JamieS93
  22. Jebbikrebbi (talk · contribs) 03:35:37, 5 January 2022 (UTC) 
  23. User:Lwalt
  24. User:Mikhailov Kusserow
  25. Muttnick (talk · contribs) 19:45:11, 13 April 2019 (UTC) 
  26. Parkwells
  27. User:Phosphoreux - Energy
  28. ProfessorKaiFlai (talk · contribs) 00:24:55, 3 July 2021 (UTC)  ProfessorKaiFlai interested in civil rights and preservation
  29. PseudoSkull (talk · contribs) -- I am from the Greenville area, so this is where most of my contributions go.
  30. Seduisant
  31. User:Setokira
  32. User:Uviolet
  33. WM86
  34. User:ThePrayerGarden
  35. User:jawilliams329
  36. User:Umfundisi
  37. ProudGamecock
  38. MisterNails
  39. Magic88888
  40. KDTW Flyer
  41. User:Upstatelee18 November 30, 2016
  42. Jcthom4 (talk · contribs)
  43. SouthernKangaroo (talk · contribs) 15:02:04, 31 October 2019 (UTC) 
  44. AbeautyfulMess06 (talk · contribs) 22:34:33, 21 January 2020 (UTC)  Upstate, mostly from the Clover / York area to Chesterfield.
  45. evanoco (talk · contribs) May 4th, 2020 - Focus on adding images and info of various rural areas, natural environments, and small towns around South Carolina, mainly in the coastal plain.

Former participantsEdit

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. User:Chuchunezumi - Inactive since May 23, 2010
  2. User:Clemson3564 - Inactive since April 15, 2009
  3. User:Crtrue - Inactive since September 15, 2009
  4. User:Darkspots - Inactive since November 24, 2008
  5. User:DJGristle - Inactive since August 22, 2008
  6. Ëvilphoenix - Inactive since July 28, 2007
  7. User:Gamehope - inactive since August 14, 2007
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  12. User:MoodyGroove - Inactive since December 15, 2009
  13. User:nationalboard - Inactive since April 22, 2008
  14. User:Pollinator - Mostly inactive, did one edit January 8 2011 before that nothing since September 3, 2007
  15. Reliable Forevertalk 23:34, 13 November 2008 (UTC) - Inactive since 2009
  16. User:Rocketmaniac - Inactive since June 16, 2010
  17. User:Skinto - Inactive since 2006
  18. User:Sea-Islander - Inactive since 2009
  19. User:Sk8terguy27 - blocked
  20. User:Stonerp - Inactive since August 3, 2010
  21. User:windhamdavid - Inactive since 2009

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For other South Carolina user templates see Category:South Carolina user templates.

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  To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject South Carolina: edit·history·watch·refresh· Updated 2015-06-19

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

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1910 Cuba hurricaneJohn AdairJohn C. CalhounCarolina PanthersColumbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial half dollarHurricane ConnieBenedict Joseph FenwickWilliam GibsonSouth Carolina-class battleshipJames Thompson (surveyor)Benjamin Tillman

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List of Clemson Tigers head football coachesList of municipalities in South CarolinaList of birds of South Carolina

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1910 Cuba hurricane1958 Mars Bluff B-47 nuclear weapon loss incident2003 Carolina Dodge Dealers 4002012 Bojangles' Southern 5002014 United States Senate special election in South Carolina2021 Myrtle Beach BowlOsceola Macarthy AdamsAdoptive Couple v. Baby GirlEdmondston–Alston HouseRonnie AmadiAmazon Venture oil spillKip AndersonAshtabula (Pendleton, South Carolina)Mike AyersB.B. Kirkland Seed and Distributing Company warehouseBattle of Flint RiverBiggin Church RuinsBlack Bike WeekGloria BlackwellValerie BolesChadwick BosemanJohn Covert BoydMartha BrattonBurt-Stark MansionKitty CalhounCampbell's Covered BridgeCarnufexCarolina DogCarolina wrenLefebvre's Charles Town expeditionCollege of CharlestonCharleston Female SeminaryChrist Church (Greenville, South Carolina)Nick CiuffoSeptima Poinsette ClarkClemson–Georgia Tech football rivalryCleveland School fireElizabeth Colbert BuschColumbia, South Carolina, in the American Civil WarTom CorbinCotton Press (Latta, South Carolina)Lawrence CowanJoseph CrewsJoe Cunningham (American politician)Ruth CuppDarlington Record ClubJohn Henry DevereuxDaja DialJ. J. DickisonDorsey DixonChas DoddDrayton HallMarguerite DunlapCassandra Pickett DurhamEdisto Island during the American Civil WarThomas Elfe HouseThomas ElfeStephen Elliott (botanist)Disappearance of Heather ElvisEmanuel African Methodist Episcopal ChurchClarence ErvinWilliam G. FarrowBenedict Joseph FenwickFenwick HallMamie Garvin FieldsFig IslandFirst Baptist Church (Columbia, South Carolina)First Presbyterian Church (Columbia, South Carolina)Lavinia FisherIra Roe FosterFurman–Wofford football rivalryGeorgia v. South Carolina (1990)Gervais Street BridgeWendell GilliardGranby, South CarolinaAlvin GreeneGreyhound Bus Depot (Columbia, South Carolina)Haig Point Range LightsNikki HaleyHampton–Preston HouseJohn Milton HawksHilton Head white-tailed deerJuanita Redmond HippsHobcaw BaronyJosephine Groves HollowayHot and Hot Fish ClubHouse of Peace SynagogueIndian Fields Methodist CampgroundChad StaggsWilliam Johnson (judge)J. Charles JonesHenry C. KellersKevin Kelley (American football)Disappearance of Tammy KingeryMatt William KnowlesJim LanderNikki LaneBilly LavalHugh LeathermanLiberty Colored High SchoolRobert McGowan LittlejohnLong Creek AcademyLowndes GroveFrancis LubbockMarsh Hen MillClyde MayesEarl MazoEdward McClarenMedway (Mount Holly, South Carolina)Priddy MeeksDelano MeriwetherMillwood (Richland County, South Carolina)Bud Moore (NASCAR owner)Myrtle Beach BoardwalkJ. C. NicholsonNukegate scandalOconee County CageOld Brick Church (Fairfield County, South Carolina)Dolphin D. OvertonPaleontology in South CarolinaParis Mountain State ParkThomas Payne (soldier)David Pearson (racing driver)Siege of Pensacola (1707)J. Johnston PettigrewPoinsett State ParkEdward PortaJohn Jonathon PrattEleanor C. PresslyPrice's MillPrice's Post OfficePrince George Winyah Episcopal ChurchMarv RackleyJoseph H. Rainey HouseJason RatcliffRedneck ShopRichland LibraryRodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQMichael Roth (baseball)Lottie B. ScottKilling of Walter ScottWilliam Seabrook HouseRod ShealyModjeska Monteith Simkins HouseSintax the TerrificPeter SkewesSmith Tobacco BarnHorace SmithySouth Carolina Governor's MansionSouth Carolina Inter-State and West Indian ExpositionSouth Carolina v. Catawba Indian Tribe, Inc.Siege of St. Augustine (1702)Ruth StokesStoney Creek Independent Presbyterian Chapel of Prince William ParishTom StouchStrawberry Chapel and Childsbury Town SiteStephen Atkins SwailsSword of State of South CarolinaWilliam Tennent IIIErskine ThomasonJames Thompson (surveyor)Viola ThompsonPaul ThurmondElizabeth TimothyBrett TothTown of Mt. Pleasant v. ChimentoTrinity Episcopal Cathedral (Columbia, South Carolina)United States Custom House (Charleston, South Carolina)WBAW (AM)WBSC (AM)WCOS-TVWDABKelly WearstlerSedric WebberWedge PlantationBobby WeedWest Point Rice MillWGVL (TV)Ionia Rollin WhipperMatt WietersRichie Williams (Canadian football)Alan Wilson (South Carolina politician)Hastings Arthur WiseWoodburn (Pendleton, South Carolina)Henry Woodward (colonist)WPDF-LPWyche PavilionYadkin–Pee Dee River BasinYamasee War

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Lamar Parks

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Tornado outbreak of March 3, 20192021 PGA ChampionshipPhillip Adams (American football)Chadwick BosemanCharleston church shootingHurricane DorianHurricane FlorenceDonald FowlerLaMarr HoytHurricane IreneHurricane JoaquinHurricane MatthewJ. Charles JonesHugh LeathermanJohn Mack (civic leader)Charles McGee (painter)October 2015 North American storm complexDavid PattenDavid Pearson (racing driver)Marion Hartzog SmoakSamuel E. WrightSam Wyche

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1910 Cuba hurricaneJohn AdairJohn C. CalhounCarolina PanthersColumbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial half dollarHurricane ConnieWilliam GibsonSouth Carolina-class battleshipJames Thompson (surveyor)Benjamin Tillman

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History of South Carolina

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Atlantic Coast Line RailroadDarius Rucker

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  • Aiken Standard (2008-on)

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See also: WikiProject South Carolina articles


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See also: List of counties in South Carolina


See also: List of cities in South Carolina


See also: List of towns in South Carolina


See also: History of South Carolina

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  Notable South CaroliniansEdit

See list at the South Carolina article


If the priority articles in the top of this page don't interest you, you can always expand one of these stubs.

Wikiproject South Carolina NoticeboardEdit

Requests for assistanceEdit

Newest requests at the top please.
  • Article I previously created on former Second Lady of the United States and South Carolina native Floride Calhoun may be of interest to this WikiProject. --TommyBoy (talk) 04:28, 4 September 2014 (UTC)
  • Please review this information regarding the First European Settlement: San Miguel de Gualdape which might be misspelled > WikiProject Spain:Talk page [1] Spanish reference: Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón [2] Heosphoros (talk) 07:43, 7 July 2012 (UTC)

Tasks for completionEdit

  • South Carolina State Parks pages to need to be created. I have an infobox template that can help. Use Devils Fork State Park as an example. There is a category on that page of the list of South Carolina State Parks. Only 6 have been created, so we have a lot of work to do. Clemson3564 03:34, 7 May 2007 (UTC)
If you would like to help with this, see also: List of South Carolina state parks. MoodyGroove 18:22, 29 June 2007 (UTC)MoodyGroove
You can add a SC state park navbox to your article by putting {{South_Carolina_State_Park_Navbox}} at the bottom of your page. Be sure and edit the navbox page, inserting your new page into the proper region. - Jirt 18:41, 8 July 2007 (UTC)
All state parks pages have now been created. I didn't notice the Lee State Natural page at the time I created the Lee State Park page - it's now known on the official state park documents as Lee State Park so perhaps the Natural Area page should be redirected to the State Park page or vice versa? - Ultraviolet (talk) 01:35, 10 September 2013 (UTC)


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