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Welcome to WikiProject North Dakota! We are a WikiProject dedicated to developing and expanding Wikipedia content related to the U.S. state of North Dakota.

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If you would like to bring something to the attention of the project, please leave a comment at the project's talk page. If you would like to join the project, simply add your name below. Feel free to review the project's "to-do list" and check out the project templates we use. For a directory of North Dakota-related content on Wikipedia, visit the "List of North Dakota pages".

Since WPND is a collaborative effort, feel free to make edits to any of the project's pages.


Purpose and scopeEdit

The purpose of WikiProject North Dakota is to enhance and expand North Dakota-related content on Wikipedia. This includes improving both the quality and quantity of such content. Quality is improved by making appropriate additions to and revisions of existing articles. Quantity is improved by the sensible creation of new articles for worthy subjects. A list of pages currently monitored by WikiProject North Dakota can be found here.



The following is a rough outline of the criteria that is currently being used to rate the importance of articles. This outline is merely a suggested set of criteria and changes can be made.

Top importance

  • North Dakota
  • "X of North Dakota" (where X = things like music, politics, geography, etc.)
  • Cities with pop. 30,000 or greater
  • Missouri River and Red River (major rivers that played a key role in ND's development)
  • UND and NDSU
  • Highly notable areas (Badlands, Teddy Roosevelt National Park, RRV, etc.)

High importance

  • Cities with pop. 10,000 to 30,000
  • Larger counties
  • Air Force bases
  • Prominent elected government offices
  • Lists of prominent politicians
  • Other public colleges and universities
  • Highly notable buildings/places (State Capitol, Peace Garden, etc.)
  • Less notable areas (Prairie Pothole Region, etc.)

Mid importance

  • Cities with pop. 1,000 to 10,000
  • Smaller counties
  • "X of [City]" (i.e. "History of Grand Forks")
  • Prominent elected politicians (Governors, US Senators, US Representatives)
  • State government departments, agencies, etc.
  • All other elected and appointed government offices
  • Lists of less prominent politicians
  • Non-politicians highly associated with the state (Lawrence Welk, etc.)
  • Notable buildings and structures (Engelstad Arena, airports, TV masts, etc.)
  • Major media outlets
  • Private colleges and universities

Low importance

  • Townships
  • Cities with pop. less than 1,000
  • All CDPs, unincorporated communities, and defunct cities
  • Most politicians and government officials
  • Most non-politicians associated with the state
  • Minor media outlets
  • Elections
  • Military units
  • Most buildings
  • Most organizations
  • Most sports teams


WikiProject North Dakota now publishes a monthly newsletter. Read the current WPND newsletter.

To-do listEdit

edit·history·watch·refresh   To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject North Dakota:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


Please add {{WikiProject United States|class=|importance=|ND=yes|ND-importance=Low}} to the talk pages of North Dakota-related articles, categories, templates, etc. This produces...

WikiProject United States / North Dakota (Rated Project-class)
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This page is supported by WikiProject North Dakota (marked as Low-importance).


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Stub templatesEdit

Please use the following stub templates on appropriate North Dakota-related articles:

{{NorthDakota-stub}} produces...

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Active participantsEdit

To join WikiProject North Dakota, edit this section and add the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest to the bottom of the following list of participants. Participants should also place participant identification on their user page.

  1. Alexwcovington (talk · contribs) (August 29, 2005) - I think I'll put my name here just so everyone's on the level. Just one or two more people and we should have enough to get going.
  2. Weatherman90 (talk · contribs) (February 2, 2006) - I am from Bismarck myself, so I will focus on improving that article. I could also help with any other cities in eastern North Dakota if needed. I once had a person ask me if we have elecricity here...hopefully I can do something to educate those people! I will also take charge of pages for the past governors of ND. - update
  3. Trishymouse (talk · contribs) (February 7, 2006) - I will volunteer, silly person that I am. I grew up in St. Vincent, MN but live in Fargo now. St. Vincent in right across the Red River from Pembina, ND. While everyone else seems interested in the larger and more famous aspects of North Dakota, I rather like the more obscure and rural, and dare I say it, historical...
  4. Misternuvistor (talk · contribs) (February 8, 2006) - I'll definitely lend a hand, I'd be quite honored to assist. I could definitely add info regarding the music scene amongst the younger folk in the state (I noticed The AMP, regarding to such, is mentioned in the Music of North Dakota article), as well as other ND-related subjects, such as the State Capitol & the ND Heritage Center, and adding stub tags (if needed) to ND politician articles...
  5. jolomo (talk · contribs) (May 14, 2006) - My people are all from central NoDak and I have some historical references but only make it to the state once or twice a year (i.e. few photos)
  6. Rickabbo (talk · contribs) (August 1, 2006) - I've live in Grand Forks all my life, and I edit mostly Television station pages and media stuff. I'm a newbie, so bare with me.
  7. Milk the cows (talk · contribs) (October 10, 2006) - I'm from North Dakota, and my old username was Grejlen, so I'm not a newbie.
  8. R9tgokunks (talk · contribs) (January 4, 2007) - North Dakota native (Burlington/Minot/Bismarck areas; much time spent in Fargo, Grand Forks) with extensive geographical knowledge of the state.
  9. Bookworm857158367 (talk · contribs) (February 11, 2007) -- I am from North Dakota and currently live in Minot. I'll add what I can.
  10. Tazzaler (talk · contribs) (February 20, 2007) -- I am from North Dakota, I lived in Bismarck, now currently in Germany. Also Planning to move back in a couple of years to attend college at NDSU. I hope I can contribute a great deal to all North Dakota subject, and particularly ones that pertain to Bismarck, Lincoln and Lisbon.
  11. Amwyll Rwden (talk · contribs) (March 05, 2007) -- I have lived in Germany for the past 15 years or so now, but I grew up in Kulm. I look forward to helping the great state of N.D. be better represented on Wikipedia.
  12. Ndstate (talk · contribs) (March 23, 2007) -- I have been a consistent user of wikipedia for years so I thought I would start to contribute. I am mostly familiar with the eastern part of the state so I will work on these articles.
  13. Clariosophic (talk · contribs) (July 2, 2008) -- I'm interested in ND places on the National Register of Historic Places.
  14. Dcmacnut (talk · contribs) (July 19, 2008) -- Actually been with the project for a while. Live in Bismarck, and am working on maps of counties, township articles, and unincorporated communities.
  15. Myrtle T Turtle (talk · contribs) (August 17, 2010) -- Unable to do much since I'm new, but I'll make sure to do what I can to help out with this WikiProject. Able to edit some simple SVG's, update simple templates, and update articles regarding Sargent County.
  16. LinkTiger (talk · contribs) (September 27, 2011) -- Originally from Hillsboro; went to school at Jamestown College; and currently live and work in Mandan. I am very interested in improving information about those places I am familiar with as well as articles about the politics and elections of North Dakota.
  17. Jimmyjohnson90 (talk · contribs) (January 13, 2013) -- I am from North Dakota, and contribute to pages related to the state when I can.

Former participantsEdit

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. MatthewUND (talk · contribs) (June 17, 2005) - I would be very interested in helping out with any aspect of the project you would like me to. I am not overly familiar with the western part of the state, but I would be willing to work on Fargo articles or whatever. I have done almost all that I can think of doing with Grand Forks and UND, but I suppose there is always something else to do.
  2. Poppyhaitian~enwiki (talk · contribs) (August 29, 2005) - I am pretty familiar with the western part of the state. So, I will let our differences slide and I will join you on your crusade to educate the world of the greatness of our state of North Dakota. No longer will we have to quietly by as the ignorant people ask us if Mount Rushmore is in North Dakota. No! We shall let them know of our true monuments like Salem Sue and the Jamestown buffalo!
  3. Opes (talk · contribs) (February 2, 2006) - I actually made ND along with God. God proposed the idea to me, and I was like, " Yeah, ok." Tell me something you want done, and I will do it. UPDATE: I will work on History of North Dakota Granted I'm not a history major, but I do know quite a bit about the subject.
  4. Mitchberg (talk · contribs) (March 23, 2006) - I'd love to help; I live in the Twin Cities, but am a Rugby native who grew up (through college) in Jamestown. My dad got the eastern half of the state in the divorce, and mom got the west. I can do some history, music (in the seventies and early eighties), media (I grew up in NoDak radio) and of course the greater Jamestown area.
  5. Leopold Samsonite (talk · contribs) (March 24, 2006) - I grew up on the western part of the state near Watford City, ND, so I can give as much information as I can.
  6. Driken (talk · contribs) (April 2, 2006)
  7. DavidA (talk · contribs) (February 12, 2006) - Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. I certainly would be happy to help, though I'm really the newcomer here. My wife's a Minot native, so I'll see if I can get any leads from her too.
  8. Doubleplusungood (talk · contribs) (March 28, 2006) - I look forward to assisting in any way I can with this project.
  9. JWGreen (talk · contribs) (July 27, 2006) - I have lived in Grand Forks for most of my life, and my family is from the Cavilier/Bathgate/Neche area. I also work for the Summer Performing Arts Company in Grand Forks. I am looking forward to contributing!
  10. NDCompuGeek (talk · contribs) (December 29, 2006) - I live in the thriving metropolis of Des Lacs (population ~200), roughly 15 miles NW of Minot. I'll try and add what I can, where I can, and be as useful as I can....
  11. Distortionmaster20 (talk · contribs) (January 4, 2007) - I was born in Miami, Florida and have lived most of my life in Everett, Washington. Twice a year I go out to North Dakota to visit my Grandparents. Personally I love the state and I hope to make good contributions to the page whenever I can.
  12. Bschott (talk · contribs) (January 4, 2007) - I have lived in North Dakota most of my life from Flasher, to Bismarck, to Whapeton, to Minot, to Fargo. I'm very willing to add what I can where I can.
  13. chrisbg99 (talk · contribs) (April 21, 2007) -- I'm from Hannaford and this seems like something interesting to be a part of.
  14. TRBUFF (talk · contribs) (August 5, 2007) -- I am a native North Dakotan from Sheyenne, North Dakota. I'd love to work on a project like this to embolden North Dakota Articles; whether they be about large cities or small towns.
  15. Deiussum (talk · contribs) (January 22, 2008) -- I lived in Fargo, North Dakota for the first 31 years of my life. I'm currently living in San Jose, CA but plan on moving back to Fargo this spring/summer. I'm hoping to research local histories and maybe come up with some Wikipedia worthy stuff. Currently I'm most interested in the history of various forts and hope to help expand on that.
  16. Bowie60 (talk · contribs) (June 11, 2008) -- I'm from Pennsylvania, and I primarily research and write biographies. Since many of my planned subjects do have North Dakota connections, it seemed reasonable to join up.
  17. Gatetwelve (talk · contribs) (June 22, 2009) -- I am from Minot, and would love to be able to contribute to the state's historical information.
  18. I am present here (talk · contribs) (February 27, 2013) -- I'm interested in North Dakota and specific subjects, and I would like to help out with anything regarding North Dakota.
  19. Ndlibraryadvocate (talk · contribs) (July 20, 2013) -- Promoting Libraries in North Dakota one Wikipedia article at a time.
  20. Fimatic (talk · contribs) (November 28, 2014) -- Although I don't live in ND, I've found myself making numerous articles and improving the coverage of some articles relating to North Dakota.
  21. BlueHenState28 (talk · contribs) (April 4, 2015) -- I'm not from North Dakota, but lately, I've been reading many books and Internet articles about the state. I'm also drafting an article about North Dakota that could be published on Wikipedia.

Participant identificationEdit

WikiProject North Dakota participants should place one of the following lines of Wikitext on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject North Dakota participants.

Wikitext userbox where used
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{{Template:User WP North Dakota|invite}} linked pages

For other North Dakota user templates see Category:North Dakota user templates.

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