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Welcome to the Nevada WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to Nevada.

  • The goal of this WikiProject is to provide complete coverage on subjects related to Nevada, by expanding articles on people, places, and things resident or native to Nevada.
  • This project proposes to work with all pages related to the state of Nevada, its history, geography, and people.

All these articles should be included in the Category:Nevada or one of its subcategories.



Open tasks

  • Current collaborations:
Improve to GA - Lake Tahoe;
Improve to B - Black Rock Desert, Nellis Air Force Base
New articles needed -

Cleanup automated list


Articles for deletion

Categories for discussion

Featured list candidates

Peer reviews

Articles to be split

Articles for creation



Active participants


To join WikiProject Nevada, edit this section and add the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest to the bottom of the following list of participants. Participants should also place participant identification on their user page.

  1. John Carter 23:24, 26 February 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  2. Flatterworld 21:54, 29 September 2007 (UTC) I've created articles for each of the current Nevada State Senators - see Nevada State Senate[reply]
  3. Rik 09:59 2 June 2008 (UTC) I've done a lot creating and expanding articles for sports in Nevada - see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  4. Leave Message or Yellow Evan home or User:Yellow Evan/Sandbox 03:51, 29 October 2008 (UTC)[reply]
  5. BoldSolitude 7:02, 23 November 2008 (UTC) I'm currently working on creating pages for all casino's in Nevada, defunct and current. I have also created articles on Nevada landmarks associated with casinos.
  6. SchnitzelMannGreek-interested in Native-Americans and Las Vegas hotel related topics. Feel free to assign me stuff on my talk page but I'll start working at it by my self soon 03:50, 1 July 2009 (UTC)[reply]
  7. WM-86 WM-86 Love the states (and this one) in the Mountain Time Zone. Looking to revert vandalism and fix grammar mistakes.
  8. User:DocOfSoc One of my fav states. Lived in "Obscure" Yerington, Reno and Las Vegas.08:22, 19 November 2010 (UTC)[reply]
  9. Marlinite (talk) Contribute to all states. I'll contribute to towns and counties, and create articles for ghost towns.
  10. Nevadaresident Long-time resident of southern Nevada, 11 June 2011
  11. INeverCry 20:33, 21 July 2012 (UTC) Northern NV[reply]
  12. Shieldwolf, 60+ year resident of Las Vegas, specialty Newspaper & Politics of mid century Nevada (1940-1970)
  13. Jjfloyd Interest in the history, anthropology and archaeology of Nevada. Helping to run a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Nevada topics October 2015
  14. FloyFavorite, interested in Nevada history, Northern Nevada culture, accuracy, correct grammar and good citations.
  15. DJ Cane, mostly geographical features in northern Nevada.
  16. Cxbrx (talk · contribs) 23:15:14, 12 January 2020 (UTC) , geographical features and history[reply]
  17. CactusJack (talk · contribs)
  18. Koridas (talk · contribs) 04:04:58, 11 June 2020 (UTC)  I've lived in so many places in Nevada, including Fallon, South Lake Tahoe, and Sparks.[reply]
  19. WaddlesJP13 (talk · contribs) 20:48:54, 21 August 2021 (UTC)  Former Las Vegas resident in Virginia, interested in creating articles for communities, roads, and parks in Nevada.[reply]

Former participants


Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. Aaron Araujo 03:26, 30 March 2013 (UTC) I'm a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.[reply]
  2. ThinkBlue 01:52, 09 June 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Participant identification


WikiProject Nevada participants should place one of the following lines of Wikitext on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject Nevada participants.

Wikitext userbox where used
[[Category:WikiProject Nevada participants]] none linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject Nevada}} linked pages
{{Template:User WP Nevada}} linked pages
{{Template:User WP Nevada|invite}} linked pages

For other Nevada user templates see Category:Nevada user templates.



Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Nevada articles by quality statistics


Articles on Nevada-related subjects, not necessarily improved to Featured Status by this WikiProject.

  Good articles (GA)


The following articles have either been recognized as good articles or are currently under review for good article status:

New articles


Please feel free to list your new Nevada-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box the Main Page. Please also make sure that each new article created is put into one of the categories for Nevada, so that the articles will appear there. The following articles are listed by the bot: This list was generated from these rules. Questions and feedback are always welcome! The search is being run daily with the most recent ~14 days of results. Note: Some articles may not be relevant to this project.

Rules | Match log | Results page (for watching) | Last updated: 2024-06-17 21:09 (UTC)

Note: The list display can now be customized by each user. See List display personalization for details.

Did you know (DYK?)


Formerly recognized content

  Former featured articles
  Delisted Good Articles



Collaboration and review

Assessment - rates articles for both quality and importance to this project.
Collaboration of the week
Peer review




  • {{Nevada-stub}} - Stub template for articles relating to Nevada. To be placed on the bottom of the article page.
    • {{Nevada-struct-stub}} - Stub template for articles relating to buildings and structures in Nevada. To be placed on the bottom of the article page.
  • {{Nevada-geo-stub}} - Stub template for articles relating to Nevada geography. To be placed on the bottom of the article page.

NOTE: Stubs are managed by the Stub-sorting WikiProject. Before creating a new stub, you should propose it at Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals. See Wikipedia:Stub for general guidelines on proposing stub templates and categories. DO NOT simply create new stub templates, as these will be deleted.

County Templates


They should be placed in the matching county articles and cities located in the county.

{{Churchill County, Nevada}}
{{Clark County, Nevada}}
{{Douglas County, Nevada}}
{{Elko County, Nevada}}
{{Esmeralda County, Nevada}}
{{Eureka County, Nevada}}
{{Humboldt County, Nevada}}
{{Lander County, Nevada}}
{{Lincoln County, Nevada}}
{{Lyon County, Nevada}}
{{Mineral County, Nevada}}
{{Nye County, Nevada}}
{{Pershing County, Nevada}}
{{Storey County, Nevada}}
{{Washoe County, Nevada}}
{{White Pine County, Nevada}}

Other templates


{{WikiProject Nevada}} should be placed on the talk pages of relevant articles to put them under the project's radar.

{{WikiProject Nevada}} looks like this:

 Nevada Unassessed (inactive)
 This article is within the scope of WikiProject Nevada, a project which is currently considered to be inactive.
???This article has not yet received a rating on Wikipedia's content assessment scale.

{{Black Rock Desert}}

{{Protected Areas of Nevada}}


{{User WikiProject Nevada}}
{{User Nevada}}
 This user is interested in the U.S. State of Nevada.
{{User interest Nevada}}

Award Templates

  The Wikiproject Nevada Barnstar
message SchnitzelMannGreek. 00:35, 5 August 2009 (UTC)[reply]






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