List of highways in Turkey

Devlet yolu
Il yolu
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Otoyol network in Turkey. Motorways in use, under construction and projected.
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Maintained by Karayolları Genel Müdürlüğü
Formed1950, 1968[1]
Highway names
Otoyols:Otoyol XX (O-XX)
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The three types of intercity roads in TurkeyEdit

• Motorways are controlled-access highways that are officially named Otoyol. But it isn't uncommon that people in Turkey call them Otoban (referring to Autobahn) as this types of roads entered popular culture by the means of Turks in Germany. They also depend on the General Directorate of Highways except those that are financed with a BOT model.

• State roads (Devlet Yolları) are historical and free road network called State roads that are completely under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways except for urban sections (like the sections falling within the inner part of ring roads of Ankara, Istanbul or İzmir). Even if they mostly possess dual carriageways and interchanges, they also have some traffic lights and intersections.

• Provincial roads (Il Yolları) are highways of secondary importance linking districts within a province to each other, the provincial center, the districts in the neighboring provinces, the state roads, railway stations, seaports, and airports.

  • Motorways: Motorway 3.633 km (March 2022)
  • Dual carriageways: 28.200 km (March 2021)
  • State Highways 31.021 km (2021)
  • Provincial Roads 34.153 (2021)
  • Motorway Projects‐Vision 5250 km (in 2023)


State roadsEdit

The numbering of state roads is as indicated below:

  • D0XX, D1XX, D2XX, D3XX, D4XX: West–east roads (numbered west to east )
  • D5XX, D6XX, D7XX, D8XX, D9XX: North–south roads (numbered north to south)

West – east reference mainEdit

West – east intermediateEdit

North – south reference mainEdit

North – south intermediateEdit

Provincial roadsEdit

Provincial roads (İl yolu) in Turkey are maintained by the KGM. These roads serve as secondary roads to the State Roads (D.XXX) and mainly connect small towns (every disctrict's capital town is accessible either by a state or a provincial road) or acting as alternate routes to the trunk roads.

A provincial road is governed under the responsibility of the respective Turkish provincial government, and bears the license plate number of that province in the road identification number's first half. (Example 35-04 List of provincial roads in Izmir Province)

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